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January 19, 2007


Jos Bleau

Whaddaya mean no damage?

Sherlock Google at DKos found a death count back in 2005! Ok, it's more like 'pretended to see' than actually 'found, but still ...

See here


And this ask.metafilter thread was able to get an unknowable but large current death toll, not even including future wars and terror attacks that Plame would have prevented, but now can't.


shaman ∞

Cheney and Libby committed treason-
You can't damage these bastards enough.


Plame preventing future wars and terror attacks? Wow, read the new Bond, he's doing frontal nudity for gays in the next one.

Andrea Mitchell. No real damage. Maybe she doesn't watch the news.

Woodward. No one pulled out overseas. No pyhsical danger to anyone. Maybe this is why he went overseas to explain his Plame knowledge? They're dead. Most were from other countries so it's okay. Resettled? Maybe it's no damage. He mentions Aimes, but maybe that has more to do with the one yesterday.

Did the CIA employee have CIA legal cousel for the jury selection?

Hillary is doing the ME. Afghanistan, more troops. Iraq, don't like Malaki, bring troops home. Sounds like Chayes. NATO partner: be out of Afghanistan by summer and out NATO by the end of the year.

The NGO worker sounds alot like Plame or Chayes, but, hey, it's Hillary, so it's okay.


The KOS story is new. If he is talking about the Mercy Corps employee(who became a provisonal authority employee upon death)who was hired under Sarah Chayes, she was assassinated by a sniper as she went to bulldoze a man's house with the Judges permission. There's more to the judge thing now with NSA not be renewed(ceasing to exist by not renewing the charter)and it will be jdges running the old NSA(DOD) program. She knew what she was doing, knew it was a setup, and probably knew the risk.

KOS,Chayes, Joe Wilson, the dead woman(who's name I can't find anymore, but there was aspecial write up in an RPCV magazine)and Shayes from the Intelligence Committee are all RPCVs. There was an assassination in Jordan. Foley was a USAID employee and was assassinated also, RPCV.

Alot of them were killed in Iraq in the military. One woman was the oldest serving or something and they shot her right after the article.

Yesterday they killed an NGO worker in Iraq and rumor is she is one too, but Hillary is there, so that may be the motive, to send a message, she worked for an all dem NGO.

The point to the assassinations would be that Plame was already blown by Aimes. He was RPCV too and that's how he got in trouble. Plame knew who. Plame got alot of people killed later and it wasn't leaks, unless the assassinations were to point to her husband, Joe, as knowing who Plame was and her histroy with PC, Aimes, and Howard. All those are RPCVs and that is who she married. That can be considered a job in that world and Joe's dad was a diplomat(CIA) in Spain while he grew up- see 'bask' bombings. She probably also knew that Aimes and Howard had the same CAItrainer,thatpersonsupposedly joined PC as a retired teacher a few years ago and went to Morrocco-that is supposed to be illegal. Morrocco makes more sense because of Chayes. Jordan makes more sense when you consider that Plame's boss was another foley at CIA(denied later) and Plame supposedly went there around that time.

So, KOS comes out with that article and they kill a dem working for a dem NGO in Iraq-Clinton is there and Afghanistan and is considered evidence that NATO partners should leave, so that's probably why she was killed.


Shouldn't have to say it, but it was Armitage, not Libby.

Of course their was ZERO damage from Libby.

Foo Bar

Here is Ms. Priest from November 2005 (with a hat tip to Jim E):

I'm sure I'd tip my hat to Jim E if I met him, but are you sure you're giving credit where credit is due ?


If Mathews, MSNBC, et al. were TRULY mad. They would be truly mad at Armitage.
THEY ARE NOT! Therefore their real issue is not the leak, but the hatred they have for this adminstration.


Yikes! I walked into a Haldol commercial!


And you just noticed that,cathy?


Something tells me that Cathyf has the perspicacity to make sense of it...enquiring minds are waiting Cathyf.

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