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January 24, 2007



Cheney was hunting?


Bush didn't call?


A great speech. But nothing will happen.

A post at DKOS made a nasty comment:

"So, um, why did Bush try to feel up Pelosi's breast?"

Webb's rebuttal speech was a "If you do or else we will tell you [Bush] how to run Iraq better". It was also a "I told you so", a signal of Nyah, nyah, nyah for the next two years.

Go to Hugh Hewitt's website to email McConnell, Ensign, and gopsenators to begin filibuster these non-binding resolutions.

The Democrats did not stand up when Bush talked about Iraq but the difference between what Bush talked about last night and his previous SOTU's was that he finally spoke about the "radical Islamofasiscm". He finally honed in on the real reasons why we are at war against Global Jihadism and why we need to win in Iraq.

I'm glad that he finally spoke so bluntly and realistically about the war in Iraq (not war against Iraq - big difference).

Dan Collins

Try adding Welbutrin.


pRESIDENT bUSH DID A GREAT JOB LAST NIGHT WITH THE speech. Dems try to oppose his plan for Iraq at their own risk. Why do you think Hil is still wobbly? She's waiting to see how the Surge goes and then she will weigh in. Always the opportunist.


I didn't watch it and doubt that I will read anything much on the coverage. And will not miss anything of import.

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