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January 30, 2007


Dan S

Clarice, if you're having computer problems, might I suggest writing in Notepad and saving regularly, then cutting &pasting from that into JOM? I use that method when I am in similar circumstances. It also avoids the accidental early and double posts and such that can happen when network issues throw monkey wrenches everywhichway.


I've lost the main media page which references all the blogging done on this trial. Can someone give me a link or at least tell me the name. I know, I'm an idiot.


Thanks, Dan--I did the last post on word and saved it until I got on..

Dan S

The advantage of notepad over Word, if you can stand notepad at all, is it's small and quick. Word eats resources (big ones) and is a lot slower at saving and all... but the better fonts can be helpful if your eyes are as bad as mine!


Favor Wordpad myself.


To make notepad readable for aging eyes, go under Format -> Font and then when the panel comes up make the number bigger.

(I know all sorts of old eyes tricks!)


hold down the control key, use the scroll thingy on your mouse - changes the size of almost all text.


It seems to be a wireless network adapter..I will post when I get home--Judy was obviously cooperating with the prosecution--and cross is taking her testimony apart.


Thanks for the quick update Clarice. We're all over at the David Gregory post.


Worst day of my life--the computer signalled I was one--I'd compose a post and then-bam-Id lose it and then I had to try to remember what that was and listen to the next bit. At the end, I realized I was better off on battery. I hate this.
Will try to post something on Miller later. (Yes, it was about 80 in the court and no, I didn't go in pjs..It's quite cold outside.

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