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February 08, 2007


Sara (Squiggler)

Anna Nicole Smith has died.


Carol, from way up the thread, when you are speculating on how Imus would treat Russert if he shows tomorrow:

Imus is fairly deferential to Russert, almost more than he is to just about anyone else. I think he likes him and respects him. Whereas he thinks - or thought in the past - very openly, that Chris Matthews is a big goon. Though he may like him more now that he and Chris are completely on the same side against the Iraq War.


That is very tragic news, it looks like she may have committed suicide. She was a mess for sure, but this is not what anyone would have wanted for her.

Florence Schmieg

Sheppard Smith ranks among the dumbest lights on cable news.


Amen, Florence. But what he reads is what his staff produces, and especially given his low wattage, they should get him smarter staff.

Thread Herder

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Caution: the moving walkway is coming to an end.
Please watch your step.

Dan S

Heh, he's high "whatage?" though.

Shep, got it?



--Anna Nicole Smith has died.--

It's the shocking not shocking story. What a tragic life - she and her son dead within months with a brand new baby left alone.

Very sad.

Florence Schmieg

I have been wondering about that last question from Wells. Is he stressing that because he wants the jury to spend the weekend remembering that Libby did not leak anything to Russert?? Since the whole brouhaha is about supposed leaking to reporters, that would be a beneficial statement for the Libby side. Either that or is he trying to set up for some defense witness to come? Don't see what that could be that would help Libby, so I think the former explanation makes sense.

hit and run

Charlie can't post and some are seeing blue again




Hey, where's Syl?!?!!!???!!!


Hmmmm. The same day Russert's embarrassing cross would be fodder for the 24 hour news networks and then, all of a sudden, a tabloid queen dies? I want an immediate accounting of all of Russert's interns!

Barney Frank


--How little you remember..and Wells will remind us at closing. The FBI summary of the earliest Russert comments (original notes mysteriously missing) is that it was possible Ms Wilson's name came up in those conversations..It's only now that he says it would have been "impossible" and then Wells will play with the jesuitical parsing.--

Not sure if this was to me or theo, but it sounded like a misread of what I said. In fact it's pretty much exactly what i did say.
If your post was to Theo then please disregard.

Assuming anyone comes back here after the grim threadherder has this way come.


In other news, if anyone has stock in TrimSpa, I'd sell right about ... now!

Your constant over-reading of Russert is your fault, not his. He said under oath it was "impossible" for him to have told Libby since he didn't know it. That's pretty non-vague.
Didn't know what? That Wilson's wife was named "Plame"? That Wilson's wife worked for the CIA? The Wilson's wife worked somewhere in the counterproliferation bureaucracy? That Wilson's wife suggested sending Wilson to Niger?

It appears that Russert has repeatedly and consistently denied telling Libby the first, second and fourth of those. Except that we just spent 8 hours listening to Libby's grand jury testmony where he claimed that Russert told him #3...


--Either that or is he trying to set up for some defense witness to come?--

Remember, don't ask unless you the answer? I suspect Well's did know what answer Russert would give(as he already had said similar) and would like that to be that last thing said.

Maine guy described Well's as pretty heavy handed today (frustrated even) . I don't know, but I don't think Wells "does" aggressive and frustrated unless he wants to.

I think he wanted to make a strong impression of Russerts testimony- hammering Russert. Imagine during defense - an email or Andrea or Gregory contradicts TR in some major way - the jury is left thinking no wonder Wells was so aggressive and they will definitely remember the exchange.

He did a variation of that yesterday. Started out aggressive - Tim "unflappable" - Well's appears heavy handed, not getting anywhere...after lunch? Boom.


BF, It was just a cross post--By the time I typed up all those anti spam thingies you'd already caught it--It was a response to a prior post.

Other Tom

"That's why he gets paid the big bucks!"

No, Martin, he gets paid the big bucks for knowing stuff like the Best Evidence Rule.



Russert had EVERY reason to lie about the conversation. If he admitted asking about Wilson's wife, he would be asked to reveal how he found out about her.
This would involve either betraying a colleague, (who like Miller might have to do jail time to avoid revealing a source) or doing some time himself.
Either could terminate his career.


Well it doesn't look like the judge is buying the Martin angle, too many "inferences" for his taste.

I don't see it as too difficult.

Libby says Russert said "all the reporters"

Mitchell said "all the reporters"

Mitchell works for Russert.

Russert could have heard that from Mitchell.

What are the chances Libby picked Russert out of the blue, a person who oversaw Mitchell?

Dan S

"What are the chances Libby picked Russert out of the blue, a person who oversaw Mitchell?"


100%! After all, Rove has NSA tapping all their conversations so he can coordinate responses, right?

kepa poalima

it appears vnjagvet is still smarting from losing to the kids from the jesuit school's debate team


I meant "Mitchell angle" above

Sorry Martin!


For all the money it costs to fund our government, and all the money it costs to train FBI agents, and others to take notes, it would seem to me that it would be time to use tape recorders/video recorders to get the statements correct.

What bothers me is that FBI agents assigned to prosecutors, such as Fitz, know he wants someone to prosecute, and maybe, just maybe, "shade" what they write down. Think about what Russert said....he did not even recognize his own statements. Could it be that they were "embellished?"

Sara (Squiggler)

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