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February 21, 2007




They have been consistently careless about putting our troops in harm's way.

The purpose of troops is not to engage the enemy, but to act as neutral peacekeepers, I take it.

What country do you live in, btw?

hit and run

Hell,H&R,you Britney Spears?

You can't prove that I'm not.


"They have been consistently careless about putting our troops in harm's way."..

Syl, I'm glad yu answered that. Everytime I hear that I can't understand that stupidity. Let's add firemen and cope--"The authorities are always putting firemen and copes on harm's way". See, Seman, how idiotic that is?
That's their job.


**copS...not Copes...********


You can't prove that I'm not.

That's not what you told me in Nantucket!

hit and run

The purpose of troops is not to engage the enemy, but to act as neutral peacekeepers, I take it.

Mark Steyn on the Corner earlier today:

Baby Boomerang Pop Culture [Mark Steyn]

This is one for Jonah: The Flash’s mighty enemy from Australia - Captain Boomerang! I link to him only because it’s been a while since I saw a guy bent on world domination while wearing "a boomerang-print miniskirt and an old air hostess hat", though Colonel Gaddafy in his pillbox hat surrounded by Austin Powers-like Libyan totty comes close.

But it does raise the old question of what it is about superherodom that makes it so hard to create non-American long-underwear guys. Whatever the problems with Captain Boomerang’s coffee-tea-or-me get-up, he’s as nothing lameness-wise to Captain Euro:

Captain Euro has taken a difficult vow: "To use, wherever possible, intellect, culture and logic - not violence - to take control of difficult criminal situations." Captain Euro is a diplomatic hero - the symbol of European unity and values… Euro combines his acquired language and technology skills with his international 'savoir faire' and his natural investigative curiosity, to protect Europe and carry Europe's message of goodwill around the world.

His arch-superfoe is the enemy of European unity, Doctor D Vider, "a former financier". Hmm.

02/21 09:15 AM

hit and run

That's not what you told me in Nantucket!

You made me feel pretty.


What I Didn’t Find In Africa…The Sequel

Like a sequel to a lousy movie, Wilson’s first trip to Niger didn’t get much attention. Little is known about his 1999 trip. But by piecing together what we do know, maybe we can connect some dots. For starters, the first trip, like the 2002 trip, was made at his wife’s recommendation. And like the first one, no report was written.

Page 39 of the SSCI - “The former ambassador had traveled previously to Niger on the CIA's behalf (Redacted). The former ambassador was selected for the 1999 trip after his wife mentioned to her supervisors that her husband was planning a business trip to Niger in the near future and might be willing to use his contacts in the region (Redacted). Because the former ambassador did not uncover any information about (Redacted) during this visit to Niger, CPD did not distribute an intelligence report on the visit.”

The SSCI doesn’t shed any light on why Wilson took that first trip, but Wilson tells Wolf Blitzer on July 14, 2005 that it was uranium-related.

“BLITZER: What would have been so bad if your wife would have recommended you to go to Niger for this investigation.”

”WILSON: Of course, from my perspective, it wouldn't have been bad at all. This was a legitimate request to answer a national security question. I was well qualified to do so. Indeed as the Senate Select Committee report says, I had made a trip in 1999 to Niger to look into other uranium-related matters, so I was well known to the CIA.”

What happened in Niger in 1999 that prompted the CIA to send Wilson? Well for one thing, the President of Niger, General Ibrahim Bare Mainassara was murdered in a coup d’etat in early April, 1999. This coup was carried out by the head of his own Elite Presidential Guard, Daouda Malan Wanke. Wanke’s military spokesman Ibrahim Assane Mayaki (where have we heard that name before) called this murder an “unfortunate accident.” Mayaki, who was the Prime Minister under Mainassara’s regime, was re-appointed to the same position by Wanke.

Who else traveled to Niger in 1999? Christopher Hitchens of Slate.

“In February 1999, Zahawie left his Vatican office for a few days and paid an official visit to Niger, a country known for absolutely nothing except its vast deposits of uranium ore. It was from Niger that Iraq had originally acquired uranium in 1981, as confirmed in the Duelfer Report. In order to take the Joseph Wilson view of this Baathist ambassadorial initiative, you have to be able to believe that Saddam Hussein's long-term main man on nuclear issues was in Niger to talk about something other than the obvious. Italian intelligence (which first noticed the Zahawie trip from Rome) found it difficult to take this view and alerted French intelligence (which has better contacts in West Africa and a stronger interest in nuclear questions). In due time, the French tipped off the British, who in their cousinly way conveyed the suggestive information to Washington. As everyone now knows, the disclosure appeared in watered-down and secondhand form in the president's State of the Union address in January 2003.”

And from The Times Of India, AQ Khan traveled to Niger in the same month of the same year that Zahawie did!

“We left Dubai for Khartoum on 21 February 1999. The education minister of Sudan received the group and we were lodged at the State Guest House. After making a short stopover in a Nigerian city we reached Timbuktu on 24 February 1999. After spending a couple of days we were on our way back and our first stop was Niamey, capital of Niger.”

Zahawie and AQ Khan both traveled to Niger in 1999, as did Joe Wilson on a uranium-related matter. Evidently Wilson’s mission was a failure…or was it? Let’s take a look at his second trip to Niger also on a uranium-related matter in February 2002.

Page 36 of the SSCI begins with a chapter called Niger, and states “Reporting on a possible uranium yellowcake sales agreement between Niger and Iraq first came to the attention of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) on October 15, 2001.” The report claimed that the uranium sales agreement had been in negotiation between the two countries since at least early 1999 and had been approved by the State Court of Niger in late 2000. At the time all IC analysts believed the report to be limited and lacking in detail. CIA, DIA, and DOE all thought the report possible with INR the only agency regarding the report as “highly dubious.” Only the CIA wrote a finished intelligence product on the report (Senior Executive
Intelligence Brief [SEIB], Iraq.• Nuclear-Related Procurement Efforts, October 18, 2001).”

It’s very possible that this initial report was in fact the real deal, tipping off the IC that their collective asses were about to be hung out to dry, so to speak. Here’s what I think.

Please refer to page 36 of the SSCI. It begins by claiming that “reporting on a possible uranium yellowcake sales agreement between Iraq and Niger first came to the Intelligence Community on October 15, 2001. The report stated that the agreement had been in negotiations since at least early 1999 and was approved by the state court of Niger in late 2000

Now read what the CIA wrote when they published their SEIB on October 18, 2001, concerning this Italian report.

According to a foreign government service, Niger as of early this year planned to send several tons of uranium to Iraq under an agreement concluded late last year.

Iraq and Niger had been negotiating the shipment since at least early 1999, but the
state court of Niger only this year approved it, according to the service.

Now either the foreign government service (SISMI) is so incompetent, they didn’t realize what year it was, or the CIA is lying when they claim they received that report on October 15, 2001. If the agreement was concluded in late 2000 and the state court of Niger “only this year approved it,” the CIA had to receive that report in 2000!

The IC didn’t receive another report until four months later, plenty of time to procure forged documents to conceal their malfeasance and/or complicity. Wilson was told by Mayaki that an Iraqi delegation wanted to discuss uranium sales. Wilson lied about in his op-ed. Think about that!


That's one of the best theories on it I've read, Rocco.


Thanks clarice


Jeff, honey

Don't you by your own vaunted principles think that Toensing should have disclosed her close relationship with the defense when she published? It's not that she should have pretended to be impartial; it's that she did.


She has a close relationship with defense precisely because of her knowledge that the IIPA did not apply.

Nice try though.


Think about this...
Valerie Plame is outed in '94 and known to Russian and Cuban Intel communities.
Val "outs herself" to Joe before they are married.
And, so, MAYBE...there was a Plan, including....
Joe becomes a consultant (paid??) to Kerry 2004 campaign.
Joe wants to help Kerry win
Joes doesn't like Condi's remarks about status.
Joe wants "recognition" from the trip.
Joe wants Val to be able to retire sooner with better benefits.
Joe conspires with some Bush haters....."How can we get Bush/Cheney?"
Joe conspires with Valerie to "use her outing as a way to accomplish "the Plan."
Joe writes op-ed pieces, goes on TV shows to covertly promote "the Plan."
Fitz believes he is "doing justice" to help Joe and Val...
And the saga may just be in its infancy...


"You can't prove that I'm not."

Where's your mole?

hit and run

Where's your mole?

Which one?


The one we had a name for.


again...how was super duper secret knockworst Val outed?

In chronological order

during her 3rd date with Joe

when she suggested him for Niger trip

when CIA did not require Joe to sign non disclosure

when Joe lied to Kristoff and Pincus

Armitage blabbing to Novak

Harlow blabbing to Novak

Wilson blabbing to Corn

voila....but lets blame the 21 year old on the beach

Posted by: windansea | February 21, 2007 at 07:13 AM

When Plame-Wilson donated $1000 to the Gore campaign listing Brewster-Jennings as her employer

When Plame-Wilson spoke to Kristof and Pincus (re:filings)

When she suggested Wilson for his 1999 trip to Niger

When she attended the ATC party at the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC in Feb 1997

When she gave an interview with Vanity Fair detailing mostly self-serving or false information

When she was given official cover at the US Embassy-Athens in her first assignment

//this is off the top of my head. pete says were gullible, but he's the one who believes someone from the Iran-Conta mess


hit and run

The one we had a name for.

Is that a mouse in your pocket?


You showbusiness types are so fickle.

hit and run

I never said I was Britney.

hit and run

To you

(to Jane is another matter. If I was in Nantucket, which I am not saying I was)



Barney Frank


I hope you are not implying that Jane
was once a young girl from Nantucket.

hit and run

::cutting and running::


Now what on earth would be wrong with once being a young girl from Nantucket?


There was a young man from Nantucket,who bought as harp just to pluck it,it sounded so bad and it drove him half mad,in the end he simply said,"I'm not bothering with that anymore.

Ralph L.

All this talk of girls from Nantucket reminds me of my favorite from Florence King.
Tipsy rake: I could sure use a little p---y.
Florence: So could I, mine's as big as a bucket.


I love Florence King.

Ralph L.

I gave my brother's m-i-l "Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady", not having read any of her work outside NR, and not knowing she'd been a "writer of erotic fiction". Thankfully, that dear elderly lady is broad-minded.


"Erotic fiction"? I've only read her hilarious essays.

Ralph L.

When she was younger, she claims she wrote porn for a living, and gives examples in the book.


I found http://www.cicentre.com/Documents/DOC_Classified_Leaks.htm>this interesting tidbit while doing Tom's homework assignment.

Only Morison alone might say so—and he was pardoned by Bill Clinton (who also vetoed the “Shelby Amendment” anti-leaks law in the FY01 Intelligence Authorization Act), as our past President was just leaving office last year.

http://www.fas.org/sgp/news/2001/02/wp021701.html>Clinton pardons Morison

President Bill Clinton ignored a recommendation from the CIA last month when he pardoned former Navy intelligence analyst Samuel L. Morison, the only government official ever convicted of leaking classified information to the media.

Ralph L.

It's a funny book, but there is a little too much discussion by her female relatives about the delicate Upton family womb. I said "claims" above because some of her story is almost too wacky to be true.


I thought that book was really funny.

She's an atheist, gun toting, pro smoking lesbian. I expect growing upin the south when she did must have been a tribulation for both her and her family.

One of her typical remarks: “I'd rather rot on my own floor than be found by a bunch of bingo players in a nursing home"



I actually posted this first on the other thread but to update, in my readings on military history, I don't know when it started but Civil War soldiers always referred and said that they had "seen the elephant" after they had their first taste of combat.

Barney Frank

Flo King is wonderful, but I'm wondering if age or DC or some such is catching up with her. She wrote a glowing review of Olbermann's imbecilities in the American Spectator a couple of months ago. Had to read it twice to make sure she was serious.
Sadly, she was.


I think she is quite old.I'll have to read it and see.
Early on she wrote the best analysis of Bill Clinton I've ever seen.

Ralph L.

I'd heard somewhere that she'd left Fredricksburg for the Seattle area.

Ralph L.

Barney, was it the style or the substance of KO that she liked?


Sue's fixed link....for the Pete's and Jeff's

President Bill Clinton ignored a recommendation from the CIA last month when he pardoned former Navy intelligence analyst Samuel L. Morison, the only government official ever convicted of leaking classified information to the media.

It so fittingly Clinton --he likes eavesdropping -Eschelon,-pardons classified leakers and has Sandy NSAdvisor "Socks and scissors on docs" Berger smuggling, destroying classified and doing dead drops for him, light on Saddam (could care less if pilots are routinely targeted patrolling the no-fly), light on terror acts, no interest in Sudan's offer to pluck Osama - no interest in Al Queda - that's the bridged version.

So let's threaten ABC with revoking their broadcasting license?

Talk about Nazi's.

Ralph L.

At least Morison did his time.

I forget, why did they threaten ABC?


http://www.heritage.org/Research/NationalSecurity/IB70.cfm>Heritage Foundation

I have forgotten what the homework assignment was. My eyes have glazed over. Tom, what was the question?



Tom Maguire

Fitzgerald opted to let them all off the hook because he couldn't guarantee acquitals

Can't say he didn't try...

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