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February 15, 2007



So let me be the first to ask.
Is there any news?


Libby Thread - Friday Afternoon


Lew Clark

You were mentioned on Ace of Spades HQ. That's bigger than the NYT!

It is Friday Afternoon in that "special place" where the MSM get their facts.

Rick Ballard


"Tomorrow's news today." is the JOM motto. We're always way ahead.

tom maguire

News? I can barely check the weather.

Back later.

M. Simon

I'll still visit even when Friday comes on Thursday. Or is it the other way around?

Could you do a post on that? LOL

M. Simon

Ace mentions me every once in a while.

I guess I've hit the bigtime.

M. Simon

Heck I got a mention at American Thinker once.


posted on the other thread, am posting here too:

Oh. My. Gawd. Olbermann not only renewed his contract with MSNBC, he is going to cross-over and "report" for NBC News too!


Gary Maxwell


I sense a Joe Namath moment here. In fact his book title " I cant wait for tomorrow, cuz I get better looking every day" seems like at least a great subtitle for this thread!

Other Tom

I suspect the exquisitely insightful Prof. Juan Cole has loaned Tom his time machine.


The Moody Blues would be mortified!


WOuldn't do to cite to the best bloggers and blog on the subject, especially one which has pantsed Neil Lewis daily.

Next time, invite the pros at the NYT to your pad full of swampettes, salami and crackers so he can still feel cuperior to someone.


***Superior*******(p.s. there was no link to the AT so readers could actually see what I wrote.)


Cheney the New York Times.



Have you found any flights out of the snow?


John Dickerson on Slate today:

"There was applause, like the tentative clapping at the end of a wedding. What to make of this? I think it's good news for Scooter Libby. This has been a tedious case, with lots of little irritating details, and yet the jury is still upbeat. And uncynical. Valentine's Day is the most contrived holiday in the calendar, and the jury seemed ready to press sugared hearts into the palms of strangers. People with this kind of cheeriness could be open to the human side of Scooter Libby—the dedicated if fabulously forgetful fellow portrayed by the defense. The one questionable juror is the art curator who in the backward style of old newsmagazines speaks. She wore no red shirt."


more Dickerson:

"Just after 4 p.m., the defense rested and the day dribbled to a close. The air has come out of this case so completely I wouldn't be surprised if the court reporter finished the day's entry by typing: pffffft."


jwest, Saturday morning I escape out of Dodge.

Dickerson has summed up this lady juror well. I saw her in the voir dire and described her voice and theatrical speaking style as something straight out of The Little Foxes.


How in the world could they not mention you. Don't they realize you were Time's 2006 Man of the Year?



Now that your name has been connected in print to the defense of one of the handmaidens of the Iraq catastrophe my question is: What will you do next to sabotage your reputation and career (assuming you have one)?

I have some suggestions!


"And it is remotely possible that I am not on the Times's Christmas card list because of my Wake Up Calls to Neil Lewis, which has become a regular feature."

Also, I would note that the last "wake up call" was directed at Neil Lewis AND SCOTT SHANE, who is the author of today's front pager.


Heck, pete, when you put it like that? Aren't you saying that he should be convicted on foolish charges after a laughable"investigation" because you disagree politically with him? I think you are.
Free Mumia in reverse.
Leftists are so funny.

Old Dad


Others are, perhaps, too polite to tell you, but let me do you a favor and let you in on a little secret.

Your posts here suggest that you are humorless and mean spirited. In other words, a prick. That's no way to go through life.


.......don't Pete, don't reply. Quit now while you're behind.

You are vastly overmatched here, vastly.

Good 'un Clarice.

Rick Ballard

"Leftists are so funny."

Shh. Don't discourage Pustule Pete. Every time he fires his popgun in comments, intelligent readers are reinforced in their certainty regarding the complete intellectual bankruptcy of the left.

Go Pete, go!



"I have some suggestions!"

I have one for Clarice too...if you want to drive your self-appointed enemies crazy, follow up on the Plame/Aluminum tubes story. Throw in some Joe at EPIC on WMDs.

That knowledge will make their minds explode.


You have summed up pete exactly clarice. I would love to hear from him when the Libby verdict comes down. Either way it should provide a humorous post. Stll defending NYT pete? You poor lost lamb... All roads don't lead to NYC. I know New Yorkers think that way but we in the Midwest-who can survive big time snow- are laughing at these clueless people of which you are one.

Sara (Squiggler

Yikes! This Anna Nicole Smith case is crazy. Televised judge hearing where everyone is yelling at each other over who gets the decomposing body, crime scene investigators at the house, etc. Why can't someone just snag one of the baby's dirty diapers and get the DNA from it?

Rick Ballard

"That knowledge will make their minds explode."

Implode, we're talking about a vacuum.


Sara, I really, really, really, really don't care about that case. Really.


If you get a kick out of reading really crazy leftists, check out this article by Lawrence O”Donnell:


He almost makes the FDL folks look sane.



"Where to bury the body" disputes are more common than you might suspect, but everything else about the Anna Nicole case is bizarre beyond belief. And interesting. Jurisdiction issues alone are wild.


Doesn't look like Larry O'Donnell agrees with Byron York's piece today at National Review.

Wouldn't it be nice to see Larry have another meltdown on Hardball once the verdict doesn't go his way?


pete, was born too late. In the 60's guys like that with the Manifesto tucked under their filthy army surplus parkas and straggly beards and angry with the immoral world of corporate bloodsuckers and wrmongers had a certain appeal to less intelligent coeds. These days I suspect the hot chicks go for MBA candidates and the lefties really get the dregs..


jwest .... "great minds ...


Closing arguments are next Tuesday, then Wednesday the jury decides?

"End Game", by AJStrata:

link: http://strata-sphere.com/blog/index.php/archives/3371

"Too many today forget the horrors of the last year of WW II, when Europe was nearly destroyed as the Allied forces pushed the Nazis back into Berlin. The bombings and killings were horrific. The destuction on a scale never before seen on Earth. It was similar in Japan, just more abrupt because the atom bomb arrived to do in a week what took months to do in Europe.

The point is the end game of a war is when the fighting is at its most intense. I had the data once before, but 1945 was one of the most deadly years of the war (if not the most deadly). The intensity at the end makes sense if you think about it. One side is cornered and is fighting back with all they have. And the other side, after giving up on all the fantasies about quick and easy endings, keeps pummeling the one in the corner so as to end the fighting once and for all. I was surprised to read that in WW II, , 80% of the deaths were on the Allied side - the winning side.

So for all the neophytes and slackers on History who are destined to repeat history (or continue to be surprised by how many things repeat themselves) the headlines out of Baghdad might impart a different view than from what history has shown happens when these world wide conflicts of ideals come to a head:


How is this so-called Iraq catastrophe any different from the last year of WWII?

We're putting a squeeze on AQ!




Clarice:"Dickerson has summed up this lady juror well. I saw her in the voir dire and described her voice and theatrical speaking style as something straight out of The Little Foxes."

How funny. Definately not one to wear a groupspeak t-shirt! I'm with her. It has to be one of the silliest moves I've ever heard of from a jury. "Hey, look at us! Aren't we cute!"

They are there to determine a man's future--not have a freaking baby shower. You just have to wonder how serious they are.

Though, when you consider how ridiculous Fitz's case has been...

And JD has a point. If they are going to be all teddybears and cuddles, it's hard to believe that they would send Libby to jail on such a flimsy pretext.


No comments? The things(Hermans) come over to JOM because they don't allow comments on their own blogs? Why not start your own blogs with comments?

Sara (Squiggler

Clarice, I'm with you on the ANS case, but you can't get away from it with the wall to wall TV coverage. My only question is why someone doesn't just get a diaper and be done with all this wrangling. Pay the nanny if they have to or go dumpster diving.



The aluminum tubes controversy would be a good issue to jump into.

Eriposte at the Left Coaster has volumes of raw data, quotes and reports – all misinterpreted and twisted in a tinfoil hat narrative. The basics are there waiting for logic to be applied.

(posted on wrong thread previously)


Hey TM, there's still the civil trial to look forward to (if you believe there will be a trial), Tenet's book, and surely some noisemaking by various House Committees over the next few years.


Of course there is always the mystery of why ANS does not what the ID of the daddy known. Why did she move to the Bahamas. Is it out of US jurisdiction? Strange case!

Sara (Squiggler

I'm such a hopeless romantic, I thought the tee shirt wearing was a nice gesture. I think one of the jurors made them up and gave them as a Valentine rather than a card. I would have worn one, I think.

Prediction: Hung jury 11 for not guilty, 1 guilty.


Sure wish I could have observed the jury listening to the Armitage/Woodward tape.


Lurker:"How is this so-called Iraq catastrophe any different from the last year of WWII?

We're putting a squeeze on AQ!"

Amen L. They always talk about "Vietnam" (without of course mentioning the MILLIONS who died after we pulled out of SE Asia, and the democrat congress cut the purse strings so that So. Vietnam and Cambodia had nothing to defend themselves with)and never talk about Germany, Japan or Korea.

They can talk all they want to. We are not leaving Iraq. It would be a complete disaster not only for Iraq, but for this country as well. Every serious person in DC knows it--despite what the polls say.

And if you want to know some of the reasons why, just listen to John Burns' (the only decent reporter at the NYT) interview with Hugh Hewitt.

Christopher Fotos

Here's a direct link to Dickerson's piece in slate, being discussed above. Question: Is it not strange he doesn't mention the "we may have no more unanimity" comment? (Or am I missing it?)

Sara (Squiggler

ordi: I'm not sure ANS was making any of her own decisions. Howard K. Stern seems very sleazy to me. His phony breakdown on camera the other day was truly a GAG moment. He writes her will as her lawyer, names himself executor, gets her to put his name on the birth certificate and then holds the baby hostage. It stinks to me. Now that is about as invested in the case I care to be.

Other Tom

Hell, it's a slow day--why not another Ssidney Blumenthal side-splitter? I recall when this character (more Uriah Heep than Pecksniff, I think) wrote a book about the Clintons after they left Washington. It may have been "The Clinton Wars." I doubt it was read by a dozen people other than those assigned to review it, but among those who did it shot to the all-time pinnacle of fawning sycophancy. The universal reaction of the reviewers was great whoops of derisive laughter--even the New York Times cackled lewdly at his sucking-up. One of the pleasures of another Clinton administration would be that we can watch this clown perform yet again.


Had I been on the jury, I , too would have passed on the tshirt thing as being, well, hokey and fashion backward..and I think Libby's innocent. Reading entrails, however, is not a speciality of mine.
But what do I know? I think the ANS case is of NO, i mean NO, interest to me.


"Dickerson's piece in slate, being discussed above. Question: Is it not strange he doesn't mention the "we may have no more unanimity" comment?"

Unanimity was FDL's take. Not official record.

Thanks for the link. That article by Dickerson was one of the best I've read in a while. Informative yet entertaining. Great metaphors.

Other Tom

Even Clarice might like this one: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17132327/site/newsweek/

(It begins, " A media watchdog group today blasted the major news networks for failing to provide enough coverage of Anna Nicole Smith’s death in the 72 hours following the blonde bombshell’s passing.")


Al Gore


10-2 for conviction. Hung up.


OT: "One of the pleasures of another Clinton administration would be that we can watch this clown perform yet again."

Shut your mouth!

I actually have Blumenthal's sugar-coated door stop(822 pages)in paperback. Here are the blurbs on the back:

"A fascinating behind the scenes account"

Hillary Clinton

"A roaring good read...extremely educational and should have a lasting effect on people's understanding of many events of the 1990s"

Former President Bill Clinton.

I swear to the gods, I am not making that up.

Vomit inducing, isn't it.


My perspective on ANS is different than most because I have an incurable cancer and my children will soon have to deal with the loss of their mother; difficult, even in the best of circumstances. I can't imagine her child being confronted someday with all that is being rumoured about her and her indiscretions. Regardless of how we live our lives, our children deserve so much more.

Christopher Fotos

Actually--I don't think it was FDL's take. It was--pardon me--FDL's report of a David Schuster email. I don't think even Shuster would just fabricate this:

When the jurors came in 45 minutes ago for the final evidence presented in this case, 13 of the 14 juros (12 jurors and 2 alternates) were wearing bright red t-shirts with a large white heart on the front. The shirts appeared to be new… The one juror not wearing a red shirt was an elderly woman who works as an art curator. A man on the jury, who is a retired school teacher originally from north carolina, then read a statement to the court. The man said the jury wanted to "thank the clerks, marshalls, and judge for all of the accomodations made" for the jury during this trial. The juror then said the entire jury understands their responsibilities in this case and that their "unanimity may now go no further." "But on behalf of the jury," said this man, "we want to wish everybody a Happy Valentine's day."

To say this moment was awkward would be an understatement. All of the attorneys, and the judge, appeared on the edge of their seats. At the conclusion of the juror's statement, the attorneys nervously and politely clapped…and the judge sheepishly thanked the panel for being "a very attentive jury." Then, the judge moved on…

Much remarked upon yesterday of course. Anyway I'd be interested to hear the considered opinion of Plamiacs as to the reliability of that quote, especially since I posted about it including a rare--prized, even--photoshop


More Schizophrenia on the way!

Rick Ballard

As long as it's open thread Friday (for the truly avant garde) - how long will it take Mrs. Clinton to destroy Obama? Will she take him out on personal peccadillos or lack of experience or ???

I'm betting that Mrs. Clinton goes dirty and personal. That's always been her style and if she goes for lack of experience it will leave her open to exposure of the fact that she has never accomplished anything of merit in her entire life.

[Remember - it's Mrs. (or Sen.) Clinton - Hillary! is a PR construct for the weak minded.


Javani, thanks for the link to Dickerson. It was a fine piece.
sad, I am so sorry to hear that. Really, breaks my heart.

Chris, you're asking me to choose between Dickerson's account and Shuster's? Really?

Shuster who reported that Libby tore up a key piece of evidence? Shuster who spend more time combing his hair than listening to the case and who has to operate on emailed notes probably sent to him by Corn and Wilson?


Well, to pete, it's not really about Iraq. It's not really about war either. It's about pete and what he feels.

I was devastated when Whoopie admitted it. I have always liked and admired her, even through the Bush bashing.

But Whoopie said it: "It's about how I feel." and when asked why doesn't she think of the consequences of pulling out of Iraq she said it wasn't her job to do so. That what she feels about it is the most important thing.

Well, at least she is being honest and is self aware. And I hand her that. Pete, on the other hand, is totally clueless.



I agree with your take on HKS! He is the type of guy that gives lawyers a bad name. (Clarice is NOT in that group)

The way HKS controled ANS to part of what I was aiming at. Why does he want the daddy know? Shoot with as STRANGE as ANS was the daddy maybe her currently decrease son. ugh!!!!



I'm so sorry.

hit and run

but you can't get away from it with the wall to wall TV coverage.

You would hope it would be easy to get away from it by logging on to JOM.


Chris--why would the juror have said the jury's unanimity would go no further, when they weren't even unanimous about the tshirts? makes no sense when you think of it, does it?


Do I have this about right as to what is before the jury?


Libby testified Russert brought up Plame. Libby testified he was surprised because he had forgotten Cheney told him.

Russert testified he didn’t. Further he testified it was impossible since he did not know who Plame was at that time.

Russert also testified that if Mitchell or Gregory knew, then he would know.

Fleischer testified that Gregory knew because Fleischer told him.

Hello Reasonable Doubt, you arrived at the party early.

Further, in Russerts grand jury testimony, sorry no, in his FBI interview, since he wasn’t actually called to testify before a grand jury where he would not have been allowed to have a lawyer present which most people in America know, which any lawyer certainly should know, which any newsman certainly should know, which anyone who hangs around Washington hoi-polloi certainly should know, but which Russert testified under oath as a licensed lawyer, a network bureau chief, and a veteran of 30 years hobnobbing with Washington elite, that he did not know, Russert said it was possible that the subject of Wilsons wife might have come up.

So at a time closer to the actual events, it wasn’t impossible in Russerts mind that Wilsons wife was mentioned. It was only later that it became impossible even though if he did not know about Plame at the time of the Libby conversation, presumably he was aware of that fact at the time of the FBI interview where he burned a source over the phone to an unknown third party under no protest and he should have said it was impossible then as well. Interestingly, the prosecution refused to turn the notes of said interview over to the defense.

Reasonable Doubt, my how big you’ve grown.

M. Simon


A. Q. Kahn Libya Iraq

Works for me.


RB: "I'm betting that Mrs. Clinton goes dirty and personal."

Rick honey, that has got to be the OED definition of a sucker bet.

If Obama has passed gas in public in the last 20 years, we'll soon know about it. Unless, of course, he's already told the Clintons that his campaign is not really serious, and he just wants the VP slot--way of herding the far left into the fold, and snuffing out Nadar who could slice off 2-4% again. I'm not counting that out.


Thanks Jane. JOM gets me through the chemo but some days are so ADD I can't concentrate. Also explains why some of my points really stink.

M. Simon


A. Q. Kahn Libya Iraq

Works for me.


Has anyone in the MSM or on the nutroots blogs commented yet about Shuster's big "scoop" that TM talked about earlier?


why would the juror have said the jury's unanimity would go no further, when they weren't even unanimous about the tshirts? makes no sense when you think of it, does it?

There is a college kid I tutor who likes to use big words to impress people, problem is, he hardly ever uses them correctly. Could this juror be similar?



I don't think your points stink. I think they are great, concise and witty and I always look to see what you have to say when i see you in the JOM recent comment sidebar. I am glad you jumped in at JOM and it too breaks my heart to hear of your illness. I hope you know how much we appreciate you.

M. Simon


Here is some humor and help:

Penn and Teller On Drugs

They say pot is good for chemo. Check out the bit by Grinspoon. A Harvard Prof.

Sara (Squiggler

A. Q. Kahn Libya Iraq

Works for me.


Me too.


80% of the deaths were on the Allied side - the winning side.

And the vast majority of those were Russian. The Germans were very good at killing Russians, they just wouldn't give up. I think the number is something like 25 million at the battle of Stalingrad alone. 50 million deaths worldwide becuase of WWII. Kind of put operations in Iraq in perspective, I think. We should do whatever necessary to avoid that kind of bloodshed ever again.


sad, do not give up hope. Advances in treatment are remarkable. (My nephew is now clear of an aggressive brain cancer which normally gave those who had one year to live--it's two years and not a trace because of an amzing new drug.
His mother, when both her children were young had a form of stomach cancer she was told would allow her only a few more years of life--that was 20 years ago and she is well and marathon running.

Just love your family, keep optimistic and enjoy everything as much as you possibly can. That's not just soppy pollyannish talk.

M. Simon

unanimity will go no further

Perhaps it was ironic.

Sara (Squiggler

Sad -- I am so sorry to hear you are so ill. My prayers will include you from now on. The pot suggestion is a good one.

Christopher Fotos

Chris, you're asking me to choose between Dickerson's account and Shuster's? Really?

Yeah, really, I know---but even on Planet Shuster, it seems unlikely that he'd make up a quote like that about a public incident where a host of other reporters and observers could contradict him. And I haven't seen anyone else who was there question it--granting that is not decisive.

As for the one juror not wearing the T shirt in the midst of a statement about unanimity, yeah, I noticed that, it's about as consistent as anything else in this case.


SAD, Bless you dear. I am amazed by your courage and grace. Thank you for sharing something so personal.

And don't say silly things about your "points." You are a wonderful contributor to this forum.

And I agree with you about ANS. It is a shame that the baby should suffer because of her mistakes. I just hope that horrible HK Stern (obviously her drug pusher--and an addict will do anything for a reliable fix...) doesn't get to keep that poor little girl.

Sara (Squiggler

Pofarmer, Obama would say those lives were "wasted." Giant GAG!

Christopher Fotos

Oh, and as an indicator that the flame of Plamaniac obsession still burns brightly, about 5 minutes after I shamelessly posted that link to my site to the "no further unanamity" photoshop, 30 Just One Minute readers arrived at my site. (That's a lot for my site, absent JOM or Insta-type links)


The person who SHUSTER says made the unanimty remark is a retired school teacher and I suspect he knows unanimous is not 11 out of 12.

My vote is with Dickerson--everyone got the other quote from Shuster via fdl..maybe he made it up to keep Matthews from killin himself on the set.

Cal, damn fine outline on the Russert counts.
And the Cooper sounts are even weaker.



Photoshop, laughed I did.


China also lost millions in WWII


Thx Clarice.

I was worried I mixed up Gregory and Dickerson or suchlike.


OK, ok, I missed the Shuster quote. Where should I look?

hit and run

sad--I am at a loss for words. May strength and peace and courage be yours in immeasurable quantities.

Other Tom

Most encouraging thing I saw in the Dickerson piece was that when the juror spoke, he was looking at the defense table.


I am going to second Sara's prediction

Prediction: Hung jury 11 for not guilty, 1 guilty.


Yes, I thought so too. Eye contact is a big indicator - eye contact with loves shirts on? Even better.



Maybe we should trade our cancer for some credentials!

JOM is not here to provide psychotherapy. See a psychiatrist.


Thanks all, I will never give up, I have to much to live for. That said it is leiomyosarcoma metasteses to the liver. Unless there is a miracle in time I need to keep putting my affairs in order.

Gave up my career 19 years ago with birth of my oldest but have been a champion of women with careers the whole time. JOM is such an extraordinary collection of brilliant women it seemed too good to be true yet here we are a couple of years later and JOM is indeed the real thing. Tom and male contributors, love ya too but I'm all about the great broads here.

Dan S


And the one will be on record as saying, "guilty, Guilty, GUILTY! Cheney is GUILTY, I tell you!"


Murray Waas has a new article out which is a must read for Plameologists. http://news.nationaljournal.com/articles/0215nj1.htm>Link

In the leak investigation of the NSA intercepts, the FBI agent in charge of the probe, Jack Eckenrode, repeatedly complained to senior Justice Department officials that he was stymied because he could not compel interviews or grand jury testimony from the journalists who received the leak. Without obtaining such testimony, Eckenrode said, he stood little chance of identifying the culprit and bringing any charges.
Two senior Justice Department officials at the time, Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson and Criminal Division head Michael Chertoff, refused to approve subpoenas for the journalists. They also argued that Eckenrode's case was circumstantial, according to sources close to the investigation. It is unclear whether then-Attorney General John Ashcroft was involved in decisions on whether to subpoena journalists. Chertoff, now secretary of Homeland Security, declined to comment for this story. Thompson, who is no longer at Justice, did not return a phone call seeking comment.
Eckenrode and other investigators kept pressing the argument that they could not know whether they had a good case unless they compelled the testimony of journalists. Some investigators voiced concerns that two GOP political appointees -- Thompson and Chertoff -- had turned them down on subpoenas for a probe whose chief suspect was a Republican senator.
Later, when Eckenrode was placed in charge of the Plame investigation, he privately complained that once again he was coming close to cracking the case, only to have prosecutors fail to bring any charges because of their inability to question journalists.
Eckenrode scored an early success in the Plame investigation by convincing NBC Washington bureau chief and Meet the Press moderator Tim Russert to speak to him. The FBI agent worked Russert the same way Russert might work a news source: Eckenrode mentioned that he had met Russert when his church group had taken a tour of NBC's Washington studios, and he spoke about how both of them came from Irish-Catholic backgrounds.
What Russert had to say to Eckenrode was central to the Plame probe because Libby was telling the FBI that when he talked to reporters about Plame working at the CIA, he was merely repeating rumors that Russert had told him about Plame during a July 10, 2003, telephone conversation.
Russert responded that Libby was lying -- that, in fact, he and Libby had never discussed Plame at all.
But when Fitzgerald attempted to take Russert's testimony under oath, Russert initially refused and NBC sought to quash a subpoena from prosecutors. For Eckenrode, it was a replay of the NSA leak case, when a Fox News correspondent had identified Sen. Shelby as his source to the FBI, only to refuse to testify under oath.


You would hope it (ANS) would be easy to get away from it by logging on to JOM.

Yes, please. I turn it off off off. PLEASE don't bring it here.


Speaking of "Sen. Clinton" (or just "Clinton" in AP feeds now) and Obama, here's a good one. Too bad the online version doesn't have a pic of the dapper Jackson like the paper did today.

Christopher Fotos

Jane---here's the Shuster quote from an email from Shuster to Jane Hamsher:

the man said the jury wanted to "thank the clerks, marshalls, and judge for all of the accomodations made" for the jury during this trial. The juror then said the entire jury understands their responsibilities in this case and that their "unanimity may now go no further." "But on behalf of the jury," said this man, "we want to wish everybody a Happy Valentine's day."

(Don't mean to belabor this--just didn't want to ignore Jane. If you just want to go by the odds and a record of good judgment, place your bets on Clarice. One obvious thing I didn't consider is that bias be damned, Shuster might have just mis-heard something. I'll figure it out somehow. Are official actual transcripts made available at some point?).

Photoshop, laughed I did.

Excellent Top! That makes two!

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