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February 23, 2007



I wonder which news would be more welcome for the Tour: Landis didn't dope, or their lab (screwed) up? Neither reflects well.

But it would be cool if they could show Landis didn't dope. If I recall, his B sample came back positive also. Assuming there was tampering, wouldn't those be kept apart, so someone tampering with A wouldn't also have access to B? Or is that part of how the Lab may have screwed up?


From the article it appeared that two technicians had access to both samples and that the samples were identified with Landis at the time rather than simply by number.


God they must hate when America beats them...at everything. The only manly thing the French have left is the Foreign Legion. "FOREIGN" Legion: Isn't that ironic? (is ironic the right word)


Yet another incompetent or worse French lab? This is not the first time we've seen this kind of malicious conduct in respect to American cyclists - see the nonsense last year.

Steve White

Is 'Greg' the new nickname for Floyd Landis? Just asking ...


Greg is the new Floyd


So where does Floyd go for his reputation and father-in-law?


I believed him when he denied the doping charges

I hope he sues the french lab for gazillions


A double embarrassment for the French--an American beats them again at their own game and their lab fiddled to smear him.


As a friend of mine just said, the French are as good at testing as they are at fighting Nazis.


For the bestest and (exhaustingly) mostest updates on the continuing Floyd saga, visit www.trustbut.com.

Meanwhile, as of my last viewing, Levi Leipheimer continued to lead the Tour De Kali, whilst Ivan Basso, ahem, gets used to, ahem, that thin West Coast air or something....


Greg Lemond

Floyd Landis...


Thanks for the link, ducky.


That is indeed a bit of happy news!

Sister Twisted

Was Greg Landis Floyd's evil twin that day?

tom maguire

'Greg is the new Floyd'

LOL. OK, I have the hinky keyboard, but I'll fix it -maybe...

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