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February 06, 2007



I've always thought that cloture is a move to end debate?

Great Banana

I don't recall the times being against a filibuster in the past. I guess they only like it when the dems use it.


Which Collins and Coleman voted in favor of cloture.

hit and run

I'm not obsessed or anything, but when I saw that title, I instinctively was going to "correct" Tom and say it should be "Plenty of Plame to Go Around".

Which, may yet be a post title...for a Mitchell appearance on the stand?


You crack me up! I thought the same thing.
Kudos to the Repubs for putting Harry{illegal land deal like Whitewater} Reid on the ropes. Trent Lott on Fox news was back to his old fighting spirit. Take that dems!

hit and run

maryrose - actually, I do feel a little guilty because I really am (in the last few days, actually) starting to become obsessed with the trial. For months I suppose I've been commenting here - mostly because this is such a great group of people that tolerate the levity I try an add. I always had an interest in the Plame Kerffufle, but in the beginning it was only at the Tom's posts level.

And now? I awoke this morning going over yesterday's trial in my mind.

And that's BEFORE thinking of the next joke I could make on this board!!!!!!

What is my world coming to!!!!!!


Republicans on Monday blocked Senate debate on a bipartisan ...

A line that we will probably see a lot of in the future.

But it is important to understand the meaning of the words, using the Barry-Byrd Unabridged Dictionary of DC Terminology.

The word "debate" should be given special attention. The word "debate" when used by Senators (and to a lesser degree Congressones) has nothing whatsoever to do with what happens on the floor of the Senate. Us lesser mortals may believe that this is what they do on the floor of the Senate, but, in the proper framing, the word "debate" is what happens when Senators and their staff leak their entire position on a bill or item of public policy, with ready to publish text, to the WaPo and NYT. You debate in the media, not like the Greeks on the floor of the Senate.

Now given this correction in the use of the term "debate", we can now see that the phrase takes on a new, clearer, meaning

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