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February 26, 2007



Power out at the Courthouse!


Thanks, TM. Not only was his coverage excellent but he was instrumental in getting the bloggers permission to cover the trial. He was also a great gentleman, sharing what info he had w/ others.


Okay - dumb question alert.

The jurors wore their V-day T-shirts before they went out to deliberate.

The jurors wore their V-day T-shirts on V-day, which by all accounts is Feb 14th.

The jurors have been deliberating for 2.5 days.

Today is Feb 26th.

What happened to the other 10 days?

Nick Kasoff - The Thug Report

Don't say too many nice things about the guy, or he's likely to end up unemployed. As it is, you just blew his chances of getting hired at the New York Times.

Nick Kasoff
The Thug Report


Jane, the power is really out?
No fri, sat or sun sessions and I think a holiday--does that add up?


OT but I forgot to tell you--Fri night we had dinner w/ friends and I was joking about the diapered astronaut--only to find out she was one of our friend's date to the jr. prom...

Aldon Hynes

Yes, the power is out. Working on laptops with batteries... WiFi is on UPS... Don't know how long it will last.

The media room is eary... like war games, one person says... Various jokes going around...

Let’s tell ghost stories…
That will teach them to boot an art curator from the jury…
I guess this means the jury is in the dark too….


Jim Angle reported that the power is out.

V-day was a Wednesday - did they wear the shirts before the closings?

Monday was a holiday.

Tuesday was close.

Wed: instructions

Deliberations, Thursday, Friday Monday.

Sheesh 12 days and 2.5 days of deliberations. That's really amazing.



Holy hell-the "one" that got away.


OK folks, here is the scoop on Intrade.

It is true that the Libby contract at Intrade (representing at least one guilty verdict) did trate as low as 45.5 today, but now it is back up to 76.0, near its average for past few weeks and near all time high.

The reason that Intrade traded so low today is that to win at Intrade, there needs to be at least one guilty count. If there is a mistrial or a hung jury or an acquital or eave a plea agreement, then the contract expires at 0.0.

So during the hour or two this morning when it was unclear if there would be a mistrial, then it was a good bet to bet against the contract, and that's when it went down to 45.5. But now that we know that a mistrial will not happen due to today's jury problem (at least not likely), the contract is up again

The contract will expire at 100 if (including but not limited to):
* I.Lewis Libby is found guilty in relation to one or more of the particular charges at trial.

The contract will expire at 0 if (including but not limited to):

*I.Lewis Libby is not found guilty of one or more of the relevant charges e.g Clarification added November 08,2005:
Libby is found NOT GUILTY OF ALL of the charges brought against him.

*All charges are dropped /case 'thrown out of court' (case dismissed)

*There is a mistrial

*There is a plea agreement [including a No Contest ("nolo contendere") plea]


Yeah, roanoke--HEH


Yeah, Jane, they wore the shirts before the closings. No court Friday, Monday a holiday, two days of closing. Two more days of another weekend. Thus, 2.5 days, plus today.


I have really enjoyed reading Mr. Apuzzo's articles. Clearly the best AP writer, bar none. Unless his editors are reading this. In that event, what a partisan, lefty hack he is.


Everytime Rus was talking to Dowd yesterday, he had an expression like he was wearing a diaper. "Next week: MTP from space!"


Lights out - no money per the judge - maybe they didn't pay the bill??



While your suggestion is funnier, there was a big storm in Washington yesterday.


I notice that Cheney has been more visible lately. I think this shows that, no matter what the verdict, Cheney will be more involved and more vocal. I sense, therefore, that he's not afraid of the Mighty Fitz coming after him. I like how he took on Pelosi and now he shows up in Pakistan.


Pelosi can expect more of the same as long as she has her foot planted firmly in her mouth.Next her excuse for tattling to President Bush is that Cheney is being mean to her. Grow up and fight your own battles Nanc. No one likes a cry-baby.

Sara (Squiggler)

Jane, they wore them for Valentine's Day during the trial, not just before they went out on deliberations.


Alci - I jest. :)

Sara (Squiggler)

Jane, it was around the time that the Russert false affidavit was being discussed.


I guess you mean this MATT APUZZO.


During the trial I \ emailed our AP state bureau chief to compliment Matt's reporting on the Libby trial. He passes such emails on to the appropriate editors.

Although it's best if I not print his email address here. I'll be happy to forward any emails to the bureau chief to forward to Matt or his editor.

Helen Croom

You did such a great job slandering Sarah Pslin., CONGRATULATIONS............You really did the liberals proud! A new meaning for S&P......Spin and Distortion. The report says Palin acted WITHIN her authority to fire Monegan......Alaska is an AT WILL State,,,,,,ofcourse you knew that. An employer can fire anyone for any reason at any time in this state.


Maybe 'spin and propaganda', Helen?

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