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February 01, 2007



Aunt Nancy (Pelosi) is not going to be happy with Gavin.



At least this one is of age.
The substance abuse part is interesting, though.

Other Tom

Gavin Newsome's distresses are Other Tom's successes. I suppose this will put an end to any national aspirations this scumbag might have (but don't bet on it). In the Bay Area, it won't hurt him a bit.


Are mixed sex liaisons legal in California?


This is the kind of story the public can really concentrate on..Not something hard like the Libby case.

It is delicious. Maybe Newsom will just start issuing marriage licenses to Polyandrists.


The shocking thing for me was learning Gavin Newsom had been married to Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle.


confronted the mayor after his wife, Ruby Rippey-Tourk, told him of the affair as part of a rehabilitation program she had been undergoing

I have to think that that was just poorly worded.

If not, that's a helluva rehabilitation program.

Offered, perhaps, by the Willam J. Clinton Clinic?



"This is the kind of story the public can really concentrate on..Not something hard like the Libby case."

Clarice HA

Saw a quote over at Maggie's Farm this morning which sums up the Libby case for me:

"Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."

Edward R. Murrow


I live near SF. The leftwing talk show uberbat Bernie Ward was already dumbing down the story by saying Newsome was getting divorced, or already was and that Ruby's marriage was on the skids, so basically it was two consenting adults - what's the big deal?

Not one word about her husband who just hapens to think this is a very big deal. What are friends for anyway, AND he basically aimed his sights on Ruby because of her substance abuse - it must be her fault.

Some lefties are truly despicable.

sammy small

The important question to SF voters...was it unprotected sex or not.

Dave in W-S

Love the quote (my bolding):

Alex Tourk "confronted the mayor on the issue this afternoon, expressed his feeling about the situation in an honest and pointed way, and resigned..."

Ouch! I wonder if the bruises will show.


Hey wait!

Not so fast.

I am still waiting for the "trans-" word to come up. It can't just be heterosexual, that is just so droll, so yesterday. There must be at least a transvestite, or trans-sexual, or trans-dresser, or trans-convert, or trans-hippy, or trans-ition, or something else quirky in the relationship to legitimize this "trans-versity."


Trans-fats? LOL

Peg C.

I thought San Fran had lost its ability to be parodied. LOL!


OMG Dere's GAYS in dat dere city!!!!


I seem to remember msnbc giving Newsom some good press, when he quickly followed MA's example regarding same sex marriage.

A friend of mine told me that Newsom's wife worked for MSNBC, and thus his actions appearred coordinated.

Wonder if MSN is going to cover this story. Who am I kidding?


is there trans-fat in sex lubricant?

just asking...


I live in SF (there are a few Republicans here), and I read this as a very local story. Gavin Newsom is single, 39, a restaurateur, who likes to go out and dates a lot of women.

There is another current local story about him rushing to a late-night shooting of a police officer from a social event, where a number of people at the hospital claimed he’d been noticeably drinking.

It makes for a nice salacious local scandal that he was sleeping with a staffer's wife, and has some election implications as that staffer was running his re-election campaign. But that's about it.

BTW here Newsom is considered a moderate and an Establishment politician. It's the Green party that is the serious left wing electoral threat in this town.

Uncle Bigbad

It's about time San Francisco had a heterosexual scandal.

Patrick R. Sullivan

While in Europe they merely write a letter to the editor demanding an apology.

Gabriel Sutherland

He's attained permanent moral authority with the homosexual community. Other than the winery farmers with urban palaces, the homosexual community is the largest campaign contributor in San Francisco.

Trying to thwart California law was just his attempt to cement his political future. Democrats think Newsom has much higher political aspirations. This can only help him build a Klenis bio.


As someone else noted, apparently the only two straight guys in San Francisco had one of them cheating on the other's wife?

Hmm, if I recall my auto history correctly, I believe that the first two automobiles built in America collided with one another.

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