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February 21, 2007


hit and run

Yikes Boris. The hit man analogy hits the nail on the head. You hit a home run with that one. You'd think that would hit the dems upside the head with a 2x4, but will it hit home with them? A hit or miss proposition at best. I like the word hit. But gotta run.

Carol Herman


Perhaps, you've noticed? This trial had LIBERAL BLOGGERS inside the court house. But unlike FIRE, it didn't catch on.

DECODER RING: Drudge has his pulse on mainstream America. And, he says this trial is not being followed by anyone not part of the "in crowd." So, it doesn't register on the scale where most Americans notice.

Hmm? With the first time in American history we have LIVE BLOGGERS at a trial, and what does DRUDGE notice? LACK OF AUDIENCE.


To borrow from Podhoretz' line today, where he "advises" the left that listening to Hollywood only supplies them with VOTER REPELLENT ...

I though the REAL NEWS was onto something.

And, I get my real news from Drudge.

Sure, partisans have fun fighting; if you think of carville and bagala as entertainment, go ahead. See if I care.

Meanwhile, the DOWNWARD trend is going to get more noticeable ... not less so ... ahead.

Can people who run blogs make money? Glenn Reynolds pockets about $40,000 each month. Money he doesn't have to share with anyone else on his faculty; where he also earns small change in comparison, doing his day job. He's a lawyer who teaches.

While Russert is a lawyer who lies for a $5,000,000 annual living. Gee, the left really pays off it's top wage earners, huh?

But Glenn Reynolds doing well.

Which means there's a REAL INTERNET. And, then there are the dogs. That FIRE up. And, go away.

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