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February 14, 2007



Did Mike Nifong write this post?

"A white freshman coed was raped at a black fraternity party"

That statement declares with absolute certainly that a rape did occur. I guess nothing's been learned from the lacrosse team "rape hoax."


Yes- where is the urgency to explore whether the black man may have been unfairly targeted by the prosecutor? Where are his character witnesses? Where are the bloggers examining every bit of evidence to determine the trustworthiness of the white woman?

Ralph L.

I hope she wasn't striping to pay her tuition.
Tom does say "alleged assailant," but you're right, we can't be certain about actual rape yet. No suspect has been identified, according to MK Hamm.
I live in Burlington, about 30 miles west of Durham, and it wasn't in Monday's or Tuesday's papers here.

You'd think young women would be more careful around drunk men, but some have to learn the hard way.

Ralph L.

I mean stripping. Well, striping, too.

Gary Maxwell

In case there is an question on the reporting of the frat, Phi Beta Sigma is a nationally chartered black fraternity. There would not be any white members of the fraternity in my opinion. The Dean of Pledges lived next door to me in my dorm and I met all pledges and most members of the chapter at my school at that time. No white members then, and frankly they would not have been welcomed if any had tried to pledge.

Gary Maxwell

Sylvia exploring hypocricy? Lord that is rich. Why dont you start into your frat culture harangue again? At least this time it is a fraternity.


The suality of treatment by the University, local press and victims' organizations is undeniable.Per the Duke Chronicle:
"Some maintained all along last spring that their protests were not about race but about men’s violence against women. Still others tried to fan racial and class tensions by saying that if these were black men accused of raping a white woman, the man would be in jail. Well, now we know two things: it was always about race for the pot bangers and the Group of 88 professors at Duke, and it is demonstrably true, after Sunday’s incident, that a black man can be accused of raping a white woman and still be on the street. "




Another Nifong casualty. His posturing to the media and unethical conduct will more than likely make future rape cases hard to prosecute.

Ralph L.

Clarice, the accused students may be able to exploit the "suality" of the University, and the Durham County government.


HEH--I was waiting to see who the first wise ass would be, Ralph........

Ralph L.

The end of that quote reminds me of a long story.
In 1904, a disgruntled black employee of my great-grandmother's hotel got drunk and burned it down. They told my grandmother, then 6, that he died in jail before trial. I realized only recently that he was probably murdered for burning the white widow out of house and livelihood. Things have changed a lot down here, thank God.

In the panic of the fire, someone handed my grandmother a horse to hold on to when they emptied the livery stable. My great grandmother had a new hotel built and running in six months. She looked very intimidating in photos from her old age.

abe shorey

Tom, as Duke lax has been in the headlines, for off field activity, I'd like to make more folks aware of the actions of a former player: http://www.newsday.com/news/local/longisland/ny-lisold0211,0,4925726.story

A gentleman, a patriot, and a player; may he rest in peace, God bless his soul, his family.

Nike Mifong

I'm currently working ona way to have the entire black male population of Duke to submit to a DNA test.

I've already shown pictures of only black male Duke students to this rape victim, you know, to make it easier to choose a good rapist - remember these days even blacks have money too.

Even if she wasn't raped, I'll make sure I get one of them Duke boys! This time a black one!

Phi Beta Sigmas do NOT respect women!

It's fair to question the climate at that party seeing as how the Phi Beta Sigma chapter’s advisor, and Sigma national legal team member Courtney Fauntleroy, is all too willing to spread the following to his frat brothers and his sister sorority.

Below is one of the posts he's made.

Not exactly a gentleman, as he has encouraged members of the Sigmas' sister organization to recruit more strippers for membership on one of the message boards he's moderated. Sigmas routinely say much worse to women on the boards -- led by their 30- to 40-year-old alumni members.

From: "Courtney Fauntleroy" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 06:53:34 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [ZPBSTimesBIGPHATLIST] Sigma Chants

Do to the large number of personal requests from folks I am going to go ahead and send the chants I know or have heard in the form of an attachment. I warn anyone offended by sincere vulgarity not to open this. The words of these chants do not necessarily reflect the attitudes and beliefs of Courtney the Sigma in the year 2002. Most are relics that belong to a Sigma once known as Big Brother Osiris #5.

For those who easily offended, DO NOT open this attachment.

I claim no responsibility for any misuse of these by others.

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Window to the Wall
From the window, to the wall…
Till the sweat drips off my balls,
Till the bitch breaks down and crawls,
Shoot off skeet, skeet, young ladies,
Shoot off skeet, skeet, hot damn.
Shoot off skeet, skeet, young ladies,
Have sex with a Sigma Man.
Blue, Blue Phi, Go-Go-GOMAB!

Window to the Door
From the window, to the door
Till the pussy can’t take no more,
Till the dick get good and sore,
Shoot off skeet, skeet, young ladies,
Shoot off skeet, skeet, hot damn.
Shoot off skeet, skeet, young ladies,
Have sex with a Sigma Man.
Blue, Blue Phi, Go-Go-GOMAB!

Ocean to the Bay
From the Ocean to the Bay
DST just wanna get laid,
Gonna fuck me an AKA,
Bitch put away your attitude,
Sigma Gamma Rho we’ll fuck you too!

Hard on to the Nut
From the hard on to the nut,
Till my right hand slaps her butt,
Till I shoot off in her guts,
Shoot off skeet, skeet, young ladies,
Shoot off skeet, skeet, hot damn.
Shoot off skeet, skeet, young ladies,
Have sex with a Sigma Man.
Blue, Blue Phi, Go-Go-GOMAB!

My Nuts
To the QUES! My nuts, My nuts!
To the Kappas, we fucked all your sluts!
To the Alphas, we’re watching our butts!
To the Iotas, who gives a fuck!

Unknown Title
I said the monkey didn’t make, the dog didn’t last!
The rabbit died first so we cooked his ass!
The only animal to make it cross the burning sands
Was the mighty Camel humpin’ to Sigma land!
Move back mutha fuckers the real frat is here!
Move back mutha fuckers the real frat is here!

Unknown Title
Not Bobos, but Nikes!
We don’t run, we fight!
We’re not Old Spice but Drakar!
You know who the fuck we are!
We are the true, not fake,
We give the hoes back aches!
We are the Blue, the White
And we don’t like the pussy tight!
Cause we do it like this!
And we do it like that!
We break hoes backs, and that’s a fact!
Blue Phi You Know!

More Untitled
The smoke the bomb, the drink the wine
Those dumb mutha fuckers can’t count to nine!
Do this (throw up Que sign), Do this (throw up Que sign)
The talk much shit, they drop the canes
They so confused they can’t say they name!
Do this (throw up Kappa Sign), Do this (repeat)
The were the first, they drop the bricks
Those gay mutha fuckers wanna suck our dicks!
Do this (throw up Alpha sign), Do this (repeat)

(This is a response to a Kappa Chant)
You might call me a ho, You might call me a trick
While you was talkin’ that shit, I was fuckin’ your bitch!
My who, my frat, my WHOLE DAMN FRAT!
While you was talkin’ that shit, we were workin’ our dicks!

In the Mix
Phi Beta Sigma in the mix, WHOOO!
We got big ole dicks, WHOOO!
Gotta hold ‘em like this (spread your arms wide), WHOOO!
And not like this (throw up Kappa sign), WHOOO!
And when we get tired, WHOOO!
Gotta drag ‘em like this (stroll forward like you are dragging a heavy rope)!

Wine, Women and Neckbones
Wine, women and neckbones-sure sounds good to me!
Wine, women and neck bones-I got frat from sea to sea!
(or you can say this instead or as a second chorus)
Wine, women and neckbones-that is what I miss!
Wine, women and neckbones-now it’s time to diss!
Hey all you Alphas, they say that you are gay!
From the way you talk and the way you switch,
You should have pledged AKA!
(Repeat Chorus)
Hey all you Kappas, claiming to be so fly!
You were started by a white frat,
Guess that’s why they call you Phi Nu Pi! (I would come up with a better part here, I always hated this one)
(Repeat Chorus)
Hey all you Omegas, claiming to be the shit!
You call yourselves some Que dogs,
I guess that makes your mom a Bitch!
(Repeat Chorus and fight with the Ques)

What If?
What if the Alphas weren’t so cold, messed around and lost their home, would the Pink and Green give them a loan?
What if, what if, what if?
What if a Kappa stepped on a crack, dropped his cane and broke his back, would their step shows still be wack?
What if, what if, what if?
What if the Ques were as they seemed, messed around around and stepped out of the dream, then they could really beat the football team,
What if, what if, what if?
What if the Iotas were nationwide, what if the Iotas were statewide, what if the Iotas were campus wide?
What if, what if, what if?

Whoosh, Whoosh
Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh to Alpha,
Go to hell with Omega Psi Phi!
Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh to Kappa,
Phi Beta Sigma’s passin’ by!
No Alpha, No Kappa, no Que Psi Phi,
I’m being faithful to Phi Beta Sigma till the day I die!

Throw Down My Hat
To the Alphas, if I was in your frat, I’d throw down my hat, and get my money back!
“Ice, ice baby, too cold, too cold,
Ice, ice baby, that shit is old!
Ice, ice baby so what so what?
Ice, ice baby, who gives a fuck?
Ice, ice baby, that shit ain’t right!
Ice ain’t black and gold, ice is Blue and White!”
To the Kappas, if I was in your frat, I’d throw down my hat, and get my money back!
K-A-PSI, Phi Nu Pi, anyway you spell it P-U-S-S-Y!
To the Ques, if I was in your frat, I’d throw down my hat, and get my money back!
(I don’t even remember this part, just fill in one that relates)

In the Mornin’
Nothing could be finer than to be in her vagina in the mornin’
(That’s it at this point you make up your own line and just repeat the above chorus, we USED to do this at probates, here is an example of what USED to be done)
I number FIVE, oh Yeah, I like to fuck, oh yeah,
I like a nasty trick slut who likes to suck, oh yeah!
In the mornin’ (Repeat chorus)

More Untitled
Tittie in my mouth and ass in my hand,
Nobody fucks like a Sigma man!
But if I die, before I come,
Leave your legs spread open so my frat can get some!


Tittie in my mouth and ass in my hand,
Nobody fucks like a Sigma man!
But if I die, before I come,

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