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February 11, 2007



Thought I had opened Brothers Judd by mistake. Well done.



Carol Herman

Who could tell if it doesn't work? You want believers to change their minds? HA!

On the other hand, to keep up with the laughs, Glenn Reynolds not only links to here for analysis on the Libby Trial, he also links to Steve Martin's list, which informs you of "72 Virgins." You have to scroll to find it.)

Princeton just didn't choose the right candidates. That Steve Martin list? About as accurate as you get when you canvass men and compile your list.

richard mcenroe

Now where will the WAPO turn for its Libby GJ leaks?


Reminds me of the Psychic Network going bankrupt.

Carol Herman


What's gonna be next? A study showing fewer people are wearing tin foil hats?


hey..don't knock ESP

I have stories


Where's Art Bell when you need him?

Good Lt

They should have seen this coming


Jay Currie


MSM will be headhunting you to write headlines.

Cecil Turner

You really oughta be ashamed of yourself.





KC Johnson has news on the Duke Campus Culture Initiative ("thought police")and its Vice-Chair, Larry Moneta. You may remember him as the U. Penn administrator who prosecuted racial harassment charges against the male student for calling a black sorority member a "water buffalo."

Looks like Duke is working overtime to reduce admissions and alumni contributions.


They were an odd group--at one point they had discovered that ESP could affect a computer program (e.g., I guess, your mind-rays could make Word crash or change a spreadsheet calculation).

Christopher Fotos

Whoa--are Tom and Clarice blogging from the courthouse this week?

Christopher Fotos

end ital, I hope.


Just Clarice, I think. She got her WIFI connection to work and has posted briefly on the Russert Equiv. thread.


The group also discovered that the ESP effects their experiments measured did not diminish with space or time.

In other words, if they did an experiment and then had a psychic, a month later, say, use his mind-rays to change the experiment, the experiment would change.

I thought this was their neatest result. Most of their "science" relied on misunderstanding mathematics (they had no idea what "random" meant), but this particular result also relied on their not having the slightest clue about scientific methodology.

I mean, I suppose it's fair that a so-called scientist might not understand mathematics, but he probably should understand what an experiment is...

Dan S

TM clearly isn't espish. We don't have a new thread.

A psychic

I knew you were going to say that.

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