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March 17, 2007



Priceless,Abbott and Costello with the wonderful okd concert hall routine,everybody did it,but they were the best.Love the business with the baseball bat.

hit and run

I am in love with YouTube.

I said the exact same thing this morning to my wife.

Only, not about movies.

We'll be coming down the road

Funny I would be looking for Tartan Army videos on March 17th?

Jim C.

Johnny Carson did a similar sketch when Reagan was president, including "Yassir" and "Hu".



Hey, the Friedman (Unit) is memorialized.

Friedman Unit

Ralph L.

Sferris, you mean Tom Friedman had his unit bronzed?


Friedman got his unit neologised. Hep save the Freidiman Unit.


From FindLaw:

(4) The term "covert agent" means -
(A) a present or retired officer or employee of an
intelligence agency or a present or retired member of the Armed
Forces assigned to duty with an intelligence agency -
(i) whose identity as such an officer, employee, or member
is classified information, and
(ii) who is serving outside the United States or has within
the last five years served outside the United States;

Ms. Plame testified (a) she was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency, (b) her identity was classified (as was confirmed during yesterday's hearing), and (c) she had indeed served overseas within the past five years. It would appear that she meets every qualification of a "covert" agent. Are there some secret initiations rites I'm missing?


Good night wingnuts.


Look at what you did.

03/17/07 Reuters: Police pull 2 tortured bodies from the Tigris river

03/17/07 Reuters: Sunni Mosque destroyed by explosives

03/17/07 AP: Roadside bombs target police patrols in Hillah, Mosul killing two and wounding three

03/17/07 DoD Identifies Army Casualties (part 4)
Pfc. James L. Arnold, 21

03/17/07 DoD Identifies Army Casualties (part 3)
Sgt. Emerson N. Brand, 29

03/17/07 DoD Identifies Army Casualties (part 2)
Staff Sgt. Terry W. Prater, 25

03/17/07 DoD Identifies Army Casualties (part 1)
Staff Sgt. Blake M. Harris, 27

03/17/07 DoD Identifies Army Casualty
Spc. Forrest J. Waterbury, 25

03/17/07 DoD Identifies Army Casualty
Spc. Joshua M. Boyd, 30

03/17/07 MNF: Improvised explosive device strikes MND-B patrol - 1 killed

03/17/07 MNF: Roadside bomb strikes MND-B patrol - 4 killed

03/17/07 MNF: MNC-I Soldier a casualty

03/17/07 NYTimes: Iran Is Playing a Growing Role in Iraq Economy

03/17/07 LATimes: Protesters in Baghdad say, 'No America!'

03/17/07 kfmb: Wounded Veteran Gets New Specialized Van

03/17/07 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills policeman in Baghdad's Harthiya district

03/17/07 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills 1, wounds 4 in Hilla

03/17/07 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills policeman in Mosul

03/17/07 Reuters: Nine bodies found in Baghdad

03/17/07 Reuters: Mortar fire kills 3 in Baghdad

03/17/07 Reuters: Two bodies found in Mosul

03/17/07 PA: Former Iraqi PM Hammadi dead

03/17/07 AP: Soldier Convicted Of Negligent Homicide

03/17/07 KUNA: Policeman killed in Mosul

03/17/07 AP: Suicide bomber kills 6 in Fallujah

03/17/07 AFP: Iraq bombers poison 350 with dirty bombs, kill two

03/16/07 VOI: Mortar fire killes 1, wounds 12 in Hilla

03/16/07 VOI: Gunmen kill member of the Missan Chamber of Commerce

Tom Maguire

I'm sorry, Pete - I did that by linking to a Who's on First video?



"I'm sorry, Pete - I did that by linking to a Who's on First video?"

That's the nature of bad decisions. Thay follow you into the most unlikely of places.


Correction: Chlorine Blasts Killed 8

Jack Moss



1. Statue didn't apply. Otherwise Joe would be in jail because he in fact outed her first.

2. 30 year vet at Langley, NO one has covert status at Langley.

3. She perjured herself she had not be out of the country in the last five years. That's was result of the CIA's testimony to the Fitzgerald grand jury.

By the way for the rest, those with intelligence, apparently Chris Rock had a Michael Richards moment, on SNL.


Time for troll night shift. :D


You really should play hard to get more.


"Time for troll night shift"

So what's it pay? Not bad work, if you can get it.


I love how the trolls carry over the last thread meme into a totally unrelated post.

I guess they believe persistence makes perfect.

Or at least something like that.



Are you another poster who does similar data dumps here but in a sock?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Oh Pete and let me remind you they are a set of signature data dumps.

I find it unlikely you would stumble across this tactic by accident.


Okay, here's a little fyi:

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu, a hill in the Hawke's Bay region of the North Island, in New Zealand, is credited by The Guinness Book of World Records with having the longest place name in the world.

Now spell it out loud.


Well well. Just did a little reading about the protests across the country today (attended one myself). Wow, those pro war demonstrators sure got verbally abusive in DC. Guess who is going to earn the radical label this time around?

Oh how I hope they went back home to brag to their fellow citizens of the abuse they heaped on those who have stood against this illegal and perverse war. Oh how I hope they committed themselves even deeper to their support of BushCo for all to see. They are the twenty-nine percenters ... destined to be reviled by America and America's history.

Twenty-niner's. Dig in. By all means. Dig in.


Abusive doubtful but clean if this quote is correct:

"An interesting side point: the grounds where the vets congregated were clean, no trash; the grounds where the protesters congregated - well, they apparently don't know how to use trash cans"


As the Australian Foreign Minister (Alexander Downer) pointed out earlier this year, the terrorists know that whenever they commit these barabarous acts that the blame for those barbarities will be assigned to Bush.

Note our friend Pete's post above.

Not at them.

Note our friend Pete's post above.

So their incentive to commit more acts is increased since the pressure is on Bush. It's his acts that cause the crimes; not the acts of those who actually perpetrate the crimes.

Note Pete's post above.

And they're absolved of culpability.

Note Pete's post above.

BDS they call it.


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