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May 11, 2007



What I am saying is she or someone better be reporting those donations as income right




World Bank. http://www.americanthinker.com/2007/05/the_attempted_putsch_at_the_wo.html>Putsch


Yes..I'm still catching typos..I KNOW there is no August 222,2005. Niters.

Jeff Dobbs

Happy John Edwards Full Financial Disclosure Day
(how weird is that, that's JEFFD Day)

May your days be merry and bright.

(disclosure: I don't believe there will be a smoking gun but will enjoy the show nonetheless)

Jeff Dobbs

Comey was Schumer's boy too so his influence,the senior senator from New York has been marginalized.

Oh and Comey will be testifying in front of the house judiciary committee today.

Jeff Dobbs

oops, Senate judiciary committee today (via politico)


I keep hearing liberals poo-poo the Fort Dix Six plot as a Bush plot to keep terror on the front page. Nothing there. Move along. It makes me wonder what they would have said on 9/10 if the FBI had arrested 19 men with box cutters planning on hijacking 4 airplanes and flying them into the WTC, the Pentagon and the WH. I too would have had a moment of WHAT? But it happened. Just as they planned. And we failed to connect the dots. But when we reach out and connect dots, John Doe has to worry about being sued. Good job, liberals.


If Bloomberg makes a run for the WH, who will he hurt? Republicans or Democrats? He is not Ross Perot. He is more liberal than some Dems running. Any thoughts?


Sue- I think he just hurts himself. He is too much of a nanny. Maybe he could win NY and LA/California.


I think Bloomberg hurts the right, since he is a republican. I know Mr. Right is all hepped up about his candidacy and the word is that everyone in NY is too. But then again, we aren't all New Yorkers (thank goodness).

And with Hagel on the ticket you have two republicans, altho I don't know of too many republicans that agree with Hagel. So who knows?

Other Tom

Can anyone imagine any Republican voting for Chuck Hagel over any Republican candidate?

Jeff Dobbs

Yay Obama! Don't be a (Wal-Mart) hater.

Obama said Wal-Mart's business model for managing its inventory efficiently is something "we should admire,"

But wait...

… though he quickly added that, "as profitable as they are, there's no reason they can't afford to pay" their workers a living wage.

…there's more

And, he said, "I won't shop there," though he left it unclear whether he boycotts the retailer along with many union members or just dislikes their merchandise.

…oh well. Nice try.


Debate tonite. I'm probably the only one excited about it because I like that stuff. 9:00 EST on Fox


I think Bloomberg hurts the right, since he is a republican.

In the same sense Arnold is a republican. And to me, I'm not sure why either are republicans. But anyway, I don't think he will take away conservative republican votes. He might possibly drain some of the center votes, from both republican and democratic candidates. And I think that would make his entering the race a wash for both sides.


Can anyone imagine any Republican voting for Chuck Hagel over any Republican candidate?

He was elected from somewhere. By republicans.

Jeff Dobbs

If Bloomberg makes a run for the WH, who will he hurt?

From the NY Sun on Mar 29. They say Clinton

Mayor Bloomberg's decision to confront New York's two senators on their vote for a retreat in Iraq couldn't be timelier, coming as it does at one of the most fraught moments in the entire war debate... "The issue here," he said, "— we ask our young men and women to go over and to fight, and if you have a deadline knowing they're pulling out, how can you expect them to defend this country? How can you expect them to go out and put their lives at risk? I just think that's untenable and that this is not a responsible piece of legislation."
It's hard not to think that such talk, coming from a centrist like Mr. Bloomberg, puts Senator Clinton in an awkward position. The standard analysis would be that she is running to the left in the primaries with a scheme to tack back to the center after the nomination. Suddenly Mr. Bloomberg is holding out the prospect that when she tries to tack back to the center, she is going to find that the center has already been taken. It doesn't lay a glove on President Bush or Mr. Giuliani, at least not at the moment, but it kind of fences off Mrs. Clinton.


I think Bloomberg should adopt some kids and satisfy his mothering instincts that way . *puffing on cigarette*. I hate nannies!
As for Hagel, besides his own vote, I can't imagine he'll get many more. Certainly not from Reps.


Perhaps Bloomberg is gay. Now wouldn't that be a trip for the WH?


Chuck Hagel's high water mark so far in any poll I have seen has been 1%. I dont know, but suspect that the polls like to use round numbers, and that his support might actually have to be rounded up to get to 1%. So if he is upset, its probably cuz Republicans are almost unanimously ignoring him. So who gives him enough money to get on the ballot in 50 States as an independent? I just dont see it.

Bloomberg is a lifelong Democrat who switched parties simply because it was an unimpeded path to the Mayor's office. He makes Arnold look positively Libertarian. He might have some support in NY, but since when does anyone think a Republican is going to carry NY against any of the current possible Dems? Even Rudy probably cant carry NY, certainly cant against Hill.

So if a very rich, lifelong Democrat and pretty liberal New Yorker runs, he will take votes away from Republicans? OK I want some of whatever yall are firing up.


To quote Instapundit:

What a ticket. Where will they put all the surplus charisma?

Can I get a HEH?


So who gives him enough money to get on the ballot in 50 States as an independent? I just dont see it.

Hagel is rumored to be in talks with Bloomberg to form a ticket. I wonder which one gets to use the line 'why am I here'?



Jeff Dobbs

JPod still reading here?

Gives his thoughts on Sue's question on the Corner


Another pundit has already named the new party the "Clueless Self-Absorbed Party". Seems about right to me.


Wasn't Perot's "The Wedding Party"?


Fox is reporting that Jerry Falwell collapsed and is gravely ill. I'm not sure what impact on anything that news has.

Jeff Dobbs

Well, of course it did. Without the bold leadership of John Edwards learning about (pillaging) the poor, what else could be expected...Happy JEFFD Day!

Fortress Net Falls
May 15, 2007 9:00 a.m.

Fortress Investment Group LLC, the first hedge-fund manager to go public in the U.S., on Tuesday reported a 52% drop in first-quarter net income.

The financial-services company -- which specializes in private-equity funds, hedge funds and publicly traded alternative investments -- posted net income of $62.1 million, compared with $130.1 million a year earlier. Per-share figures weren't provided. Revenue increased 13% to $416.3 million.


Good catch, Jeff.
The Townhouse is really slaving away in unison today. They are reporting breathlessly on the very old news that Gonzales got Ashcroft to overrule Comey's objections to the "wiretapping" of jihadis.

Comey's testimony today reveals what a snake he is and how deep inside Schumer's pocket he is. Schumer of course, having found nothing on the Gonzales fishing expedition now is arguing that he must resign for shockingly representing the President against the sainted Comey.

I . really. hate. these. people.

Jeff Dobbs

Dang. I can't get to this at work...

Part of me wanted to keep this to myself until I could watch it, but my love for each of you and all of you demanded I share.

Breitbart.tv Exclusive:
The confrontation over Cuba continues. Michael Moore has challenged Fred Thompson to a health care debate. At issue -- Moore's trip to Cuba and Thompson's criticism of that trip. Moore noted Thompson's evident favor for Cuban cigars as a possible violation of the trade embargo. Now, Thompson responds. Cigar in hand.

Other Tom

Sue, Hagel was elected in Nebraska. But he was elected to the Senate, running as a Republican against a Democrat. My question about whether any Republican would vote for him assumed that he would be running for President, and running against the Republican candidate.

In other news...

Here's an interesting IBD TIPP poll:

"A majority (54%) of the 903 adults surveyed last week disagree with Reid's assessment that the war is lost, with 30% disagreeing 'strongly.' Meanwhile, 78% say Iraq should be stabilized before troops are withdrawn. Fully 48% believe this is 'very important.'"


h & R--you are too fast for me, I just had the url in my sweaty fingertips.
I heart Fred!


So now Jerry Falwell is being reported dead. Does that have any impact on the right? I'm not religious so it has no impact on me, but what about on the election?


Jerry Falwell has died (R.I.P.) Where will the media go now to get absurd quotes that make all Christians look wacko?


Ahhh well I like that response even tho it wasn't responsive.


DogSwamp comments on Falwell

Lou Costello says: May 15th, 2007 at 10:43 am Wait till he finds out 9ll was an inside job executed by his neocon heroes!

Gnome de Plume says:
May 15th, 2007 at 10:44 am
It is part of the plan to take the focus off the DOJ.

GabrielOak says:
May 15th, 2007 at 10:44 am
LC @ 23: You’re kidding, right?

LS says:
May 15th, 2007 at 10:45 am
No, I’m not kidding, but MSM isn’t reporting it.



Pat Robertson.

Other Tom

Bad news for Pelosi, Ried and Wasman from Gallup:

"PRINCETON, NJ -- A new Gallup Poll finds continued low levels of public support for both Congress and President George W. Bush. Twenty-nine percent of Americans approve of Congress, down slightly from last month's reading (33%) and this year's high point of 37%, while Bush's approval rating is holding steady at 33%. Both the ratings of Congress and the president are slightly lower than their respective 2007 averages. Approval ratings of Congress are higher among Democrats than Republicans, while Bush's ratings are much higher among Republicans."


Are you guys following the Comey Schumer shenanigans reported at the Politico?

Other Tom


Clarice, I guess they'll go exclusively to that damn fool Pat Robertson.


Does that have any impact on the right?


It could hurt Romney. Rumor was Fallwell was looking into the possibility of supporting him. I don't know about the impact on other candidates. Fallwell had 'slim pickins' to choose from to begin with.

Jeff Dobbs

Other Tom, Byron York noted that Gallup poll earlier today -- the congressional disapproval numbers are now one point higher than they were right before the 06 election.



I think that might be a double edged sword. Falwell seemed to be almost as unpopular as he was popular in a lot of circles.


Politico, apparently didn't read the WSJ editorial way back (before the Libby trial) that detailed this very thing - I guess the beltway can be stunned and startled repeatedly about the same stunning and startling revelations...over and over again

In dramatic testimony, Comey disclosed that then White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales and former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card had traveled to the hospital in an attempt to get then Attorney General John Ashcroft to reauthorize the program, but Comey, who was acting attorney general at the time due to Ashcroft's illness, blocked the effort, leading to a showdown with Card.

Comey said he, Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller and other senior DOJ officials were going to resign their posts because the NSA program was reauthorized without Justice Dept. approval, but backed off after President Bush personally intervened in the dispute.


Not amongst Christians. His target audience. And the percentage of voters that could topple Romney's chance.

Jeff Dobbs

The Comey story was in a NY Times article....from January 2006

They have a lot of gall (bladder*) to feign surprise about it now.

*Ashcroft was in the hospital for gallbladder surgery, get it? snicker, hahaha


It seems I can't even remember what I can't remember.


They recycle outrage all the time. The secret prison story didn't work the first time around. So, they wait a few months, maybe a year and re-run it and voila'...instant outrage this time around.


Everything old is new again, guys. They are counting on readers having the attention span of a gnat.


They are counting on readers having the attention span of a gnat.

Well most of the remaining subscriber base is probably accurately described by that moniker.


"They are counting on readers having the attention span of a gnat."

Heh. I was going to say I would rather have the attention span of a gnat than a leftard Gnat Brain, so went to google to look up Gnat Brain.

Good lawd. No wonder nutrooters are so enamored of Allah.

"Mostly considered as an ordinary and insignificant creature, even the gnat is worthy of being examined and pondered on since it bears the signs of Allah."



Well, that explains it. I am terribly allergic to gnat bites.


As am I. And I'm really hoping karma is not a bitch. I have swatted and killed many pesky gnats. I guess next time I do it I need to say "Allah is great"

I was pretty close on the single brain cell factor. Lefty gnats actually have many eyes yet no brains. Imagine.

Jeff Dobbs

Geraghty on that Fred Thompson response to Michael Moore.

Fred Thompson vs. Michael Moore on Cuba: Response in Two Hours, One Take


Michael Moore takes a shot at Fred Thompson in a letter, posted on Drudge.

Fred Thompson clobbers him in a video response.

As a web campaign professional unaffiliated with any campaign tells me, "It took just under seven hours to put together a smooth-looking video response, and he responded in the same venue that the attack came from (Drudge/Breitbart). The most new media savvy candidate in or out of the race for President."

UPDATE: I just heard from a guy I'll call Thompson Associate Three: "He turned it around in under two hours, and he did it off the top of his head essentially in one take."


Time to celebrate! 568 days, give or take, and the 110th Congress is fini.

By then we should have the Endangered Gnat Act in place. As well as Minimum Gnat Wage. Gnat Affirmative Action. Gnat Children's Act. Gnat Congressional Hearing 2000 scheduled.


H & R, this guy is made for us. Just promise me you won't take any appointment if he's elected...unless he creates a beer czar or something like that.


Well I have to admit that in a war of wits, M. Moore is essentially an unarmed man. Maybe he can get his buddies in Congress to pass a "wits free zone" law so that he does not constantly embarass himself.


What about a witless zone?


The Fred Thompson response to that human scum is absolutely beautiful. Any other politician would have ignored the human scum. Not Fred. He ignored the human scum's baiting, not dignifying the charges, and made fun of the human scum with great style and wit.

Since the media is THE biggest enemy to a good world, we need someone like Fred who can beat the media at its own game.

Pres Bush is legendary for being a bad communicator. He and the Vice President seemed to have figured that they could just ignore the media and handle grown-up things without their blessing. But when the media tears you down day after day non-stop for several years, and your poll numbers are low because of it, it becomes harder and harder to govern.

Even ignoring Iraq, take the economy. The President gets no credit for an economy better than even Clinton's bubble years. He'll mention good economic news for one sentence in a press conference and act like he's ashamed of it almost, like he expects to be attacked.

I remember very well the way economic news was handled during Clinton. Every day it was Wow, this economy just keeps getting better and better and it is so wonderful that we may just very well never have a recession again.

Anyway, you have to get the message through to the dunderheads watching mainstream TV or you get no credit for anything you may accomplish.

Fred can get the message through. And he's obviously the only candidate that fully understands the travesty of the Libby case, although Romney is better than the others.


When speaking of The Gnat, PBUH, you mustn't forget to show your respect. All Gnats, PBUH. Pesky ones included.

Where will the media go now to get absurd quotes that make all Christians look wacko?
Well, if you were paying attention, you noticed that after 9/11 three Christians said that 9/11 was God's punishment for America: Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Bill Clinton.

So the media still has 2 sources left, anyway...

Jeff Dobbs

Just promise me you won't take any appointment if he's elected...unless he creates a beer czar or something like that.

I promise. ***Unless*** the appointment requires Senate confirmation. I will accept any nomination by anyone anywhere at anytime for anything if it means being able to appear before a Senate committee for confirmation.


Well, basically in less than 5 minutes, Thompson reduced Moore into a quivering JabbatheHut:

1) Cigar in hand - Mocking Moore who also smokes cigars
2) "I don't have time for you" As if anyone with more than a Gnat Brain would.
3) "Think about it Michael" - Mental Hospital. Nuance. He shoots! He scores!

Less than 5 minutes was -again- all it took to deflate that assbag.


*Ashcroft was in the hospital for gallbladder surgery, get it? snicker, hahaha--

badumpbump cheee


What I love about the Fred Thompson mastery of the internets for message is...HE OWNS IT NOW.

Anyone who tries to replicate his brilliant stratergery looks lame for copycatting and since it's 99% likely they won't have the experience and charisma working it for the camera and they don't say anything not written by their pollster it's doomed to be compared, criticized and silly.


FYI, this happened today...

Reviewing the Raid

There are few privileges as absolute as the right of Congress to remain free from the reach of the executive branch.

That, in essence, is what Robert Trout argued at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit today urging the three-judge panel to declare a 2006 FBI raid on the congressional office of Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) unconstitutional.

"Don't look at the degree of interference. Don't look at whether it took 10 minutes or 10 seconds," Trout said. "If it is legislative in nature, it is absolute."

Instead, Trout suggested, Jefferson should have had a right to look through his office for documents needed to be turned over before anything was handed over to the government review team.

But, noted Chief Judge Douglas Ginsburg, that method created logistical problems of its own. How long would Jefferson have? What would happen to his office in the meantime? And how could the government be assured that Jefferson (who stuffed $90,000 in cash in his freezer) would not conceal evidence from investigators?

"The court should be reluctant to embrace an interpretation that is impractical," Ginsburg said.

Not only that, deputy solicitor general Michael Dreeben argued, but there would be no need for special review procedures because the raid did not violate the separation of powers between Congress and the executive branch. The separation "should not extend this far," he told the court.

But, Judge Judith Rogers noted, "the question is is not that the office can't be searched but the manner in which it can be done."


Yup! And he'll need folks who understand it to volunteer. I have, and if accepted, I plan to enlist you.Gird your loins!


-- And how could the government be assured that Jefferson (who stuffed $90,000 in cash in his freezer) would not conceal evidence from investigators?--

IIRC, an FBI agent swore in an affidavit that Jefferson was actively trying to conceal and remove material while they were raiding his LA home (or something like that).

I am sure (would hope) the government lawyers raised this after the Ginsburg question.


Gnat Brain , PBUH.


PBUH, Michael Moore - Giant among Gnats.


Aye Karumba

The judge presiding over Conrad Black's criminal fraud trial scolded the government's star witness against the former media mogul on Tuesday as defence lawyers continued to peck away at his credibility.

"I have told you multiple times over several days: Restrain your answers to the question posed," Judge Amy St. Eve told former Black business partner David Radler, who was on the stand for a sixth day facing often withering cross-examination.

She told Radler's lawyer, Joseph Duffy, to tell him to be responsive to questions....

..."Did you tell investigators that any savvy buyer would have requested a non-compete?" from two other companies controlled by Black, Newman asked Radler.

"Yes, I did," Radler said.

"You said you didn't see anything wrong with ... a non-compete?" Newman asked.

"As part of a larger explanation," Radler replied, trailing off.

Radler, clearly frustrated at not being allowed to give fuller explanations, suggested Newman ask another of Black's co-defendants the question,*** prompting an objection from prosecutors*** and the judge's admonishment.

At other points Radler responded with convoluted answers such as "If it has to be yes or no then I can't answer" and "I can't answer the question without saying what I think the question was."

Black's lawyer, Edward Greenspan, during three earlier days of cross-examination made Radler admit repeatedly that he had lied about aspects of the case in the past, and suggested that he was still lying.

That line of attack continued on Tuesday. Newman got Radler to admit that in earlier testimony he underplayed the role of Hollinger's Canadian lawyers and auditors when the company's board was told about certain payments that benefited Black.

Newman asked if Radler wanted to correct himself.

"I do want to correct my previous testimony," Radler said.



Oh bruhhhther.

Via Ace-

Newsweek implying Bush is mentally ill - Why you ask?


"The tip-off for denial is perpetual optimism, a pathological certainty that things are going well."

"When he was 7, his baby sister died of leukemia. Bush, while certainly not denying her death, tried to cheer up his grieving mother, saying everything would be OK."

This is it in a gnatshell for the idiots of the left.

They have no conception of Optimism. Those of us that prefer to live our lives optimistically are in denial and hence "mentally ill".

Psychoanalysts and Psychiatrists that are PAID to diagnose Mental Illness implying Optimisim is denial and mental illness. HAH.

Priceless. I wish it was Friday. This would be the jumping off point for Martini Uno.


I saw one piece yesterday with a shrink diagnosing Hillary as a classic narcissistic personality--now for that, there's evidence.

I think any shrink who engages in this folderol should lose his license to practice.


All the reports I've read indicate the prosecution's case against Black is stupid..In the meantime they'd seized virtually all his assets and the papers he owns have lost great value. Once again Fitz has apparently granted immunity to the perp, Radler, and nailed the victim.
OTOH it appears at lease one member of the jury --a gum chomping blonde--is paying no attention to the case at all and the clerk bumped from the jury a likely Black sympathizer based on a fake call where the caller pretended he was the man and said he couldn't make the trial.


Mark Steyn's got more on today, but this is precious from yesterday (and dovetails with the prosecutions objections today - BTW the above was of the morning session - so there will be more)

Eddie Greenspan wrapped up his cross-examination of David Radler by revealing to the jury that the star witness' 29-month "unbelievable sweetheart deal" gets even sweeter once Radler is transferred from the care of the Northern District of Illinois to Corrections Canada. The rat will serve just six months and probably at Williamhead, which boasts "86 acres of landscaped grounds with a mini-golf course", or the Ferndale Institution, which has a "golf therapy program".

"As a non-golfer, it won't help me," said Radler.

Prosecutor Sussman was not happy about the country-club line of questioning about the snitch's deal, and angrily objected twice that Mr Greenspan had no good-faith basis for what he was asking. The judge overruled the objections and at the recess slapped down the prosecution harder than she ever has before. "Don't make that objection again in front of the jury," she rebuked him. "It's not proper."

Mr Sussman flushed and exited the courtroom.

Radler protested that even "ten days" in jail is no sweetheart deal. After ten days on the witness stand, ten days of mini-golf should be very relaxing. The English humorist Alan Coren once wrote a book called Golfing For Cats. Maybe Radler could write Golfing For Rats.


Jeff Dobbs

Dammit. Today is not JEFFD Day.
(John Edwards Full Financial Disclosure Day)

Other candidates filed by Tuesday's deadline but did not make their reports public. The FEC makes the disclosures publicly available after they have been reviewed by its office of general counsel, a process that can take several days.

Another day without knowing how much Pink Sapphire pillaged off the poor.

It's ok, I'm patient


More on the "Expert" used by Newsweek--from the freeper 24/7 research service:

NEW YORK, NY 10021

06/11/2003 500.00 23991383033

Total Contributions: 500.00

14 posted on 05/15/2007 2:18:59 PM PDT by feedback doctor (Hate is not a Family Value; It's a liberal value)
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To: RatherBiased.com
Sulkowicz has had a problem with Bush that dates back several years. Here's what he had to say in 2004 after Bush beat Kerry:
'Dr. Kerry Sulkowicz, a psychoanalyst and clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University's School of Medicine, believes "people are genuinely worried that Bush is our leader." He said virtually all of his patients this week said they feel depressed about the fate of the country. "They feel helpless and dismayed by Bush's staying power."


"people are genuinely worried that Bush is our leader"

This brings me back to a show called "Girls Behaving Badly". Was watching with my hubby and I could barely stand it -

They were basically "punking" a gay dude - with the help of his lover - by interpreting his dreams. The punkers were telling him his dreams were implying he was a closet Heterosexual.

Guess what his dreams were about? GWB. How much GWB scares him. He's so scared he's just waiting for the "nuke" to drop on his head.

In honor of my husband who patiently listens to me rant about these idiots, I kept my mouth shut. Hubby thinks I get a little too "vocal" about the leftards, and I should really try and listen to BOTH sides. He's so sweet.

And I sat through that crap listening to this gay maroon wetting his pants over GWB.

I'm now wondering who his shrink might be.


OT - Vegas Bomber Update

Muderer/Bomber - Illegal Immigrant with false ID and in possession of a gun.
Murderer/Bomber Accessory - Illegal Immigrant.
Victim - Illegal Immigrant.
Girlfriend of Murder and Victim - Illegal Immigrant.

What happens in Vegas sometimes doesn't stay in Vegas.


***Girlfriend of MURDERER and Victim****


"The Day of the Jackass".

It might be sunspots,but the liberal left seems more deranged than usual.


"It might be sunspots"

Hmm. SF is foggy today. Drat it all. SF foggy in May. Blasted global warming.


Yes,Global Whining also.


Reading about the Comey testimony today, I see a man in love with having been the acting Attorney General.
Just like with the Plame case.
He might be right about what happened, he might be wrong, but he is certainly not a man without self-interest.

I love the part of the vignette where Comey is afraid the WH will manipulate Ashcroft in the hospital-- so he makes sure to get there FIRST. He's not afraid of stressing Ashcroft, he's just afraid he won't win.

Jeff Dobbs

If you will allow me a little more fun with Pink Sapphire...

It Takes a Pillage

It was supposed to be such a big day, I had so much fun planned and so much festivity prepared, I ain't gonna let it ALL go to waste.

I'm just a little bitter about having gotten the manicure this morning for the fête


A good manicure is never wasted, h&r.


Hillary didn't even file today--Rules are for other people..little people H & R.

Jeff Dobbs


Good point but if one must endure ridicule for his manicure, he at least should have gotten to enjoy the release of Pink Sapphire's financial reports.

I woulda clocked some of those smart a**es, but, mighta ruined a nail.


Loe your hair.Got any gel I can borrow?


A must read (linked by instapundit) CNN_the Changing News Network.
(It's worth bookmarking)

< a href=http://www.claytoncramer.com/weblog/2007_05_13_archive.html#6757811905066984528>CNN


Comey, building his case:
COMEY:...The attorney general was taken that very afternoon to George Washington Hospital, where he went into intensive care and remained there for over a week. And I became the acting attorney general.

COMEY:..And over the next week -- particularly the following week, on Tuesday -- we communicated to the relevant parties at the White House and elsewhere our decision that as acting attorney general I would not...


And as he laid back down, he said, "But that doesn't matter, because I'm not the attorney general. There is the attorney general," and he pointed to me, and I was just to his left.

COMEY: I was very upset. I was angry. I thought I just witnessed an effort to take advantage of a very sick man, who did not have the powers of the attorney general because they had been
transferred to me.

I thought he had conducted himself, and I said to the attorney general, in a way that demonstrated a strength I had never seen before. But still I thought it was improper.
COMEY: Me me me! I was the acting Attorney General!!! (ok, this quote is fake)

But then, after TWO partial days of this living nightmare:
COMEY: .. I went to the Oval Office -- as I did every morning as acting attorney general -- with Director Mueller to brief the president and the vice president on what was going on on Justice Department's counterterrorism work.

We had the briefing. And as I was leaving, the president asked to speak to me, took me in his study and we had a one-on-one meeting for about 15 minutes -- again, which I will not go into the substance
of. It was a very full exchange. And at the end of that meeting, at my urging, he met with Director Mueller, who was waiting for me downstairs.

He met with Director Mueller again privately, just the two of them. And then after those two sessions, we had his direction to do the right thing, to do what we...

SCHUMER: Had the president's direction to do the right thing?

COMEY: Right.

We had the president's direction to do what we believed, what the Justice Department believed was necessary to put this matter on a footing where we could certify to its legality.

And so we then set out to do that. And we did that.

All that, and it turned out fine. What a sad ending.


I tell you that Bush-Gonzales duo are a couple of evil bastards.


clarice- he was forced to defend his position. It doesn't get much worse than that.

His love of being acting attorney general reminds me of when Gov Jim Guy Tucker went to DC for Bill Clinton's 1st inaguration. Arkansas law required he appoint an acting Governor for the few days he was out of town.
So he did, and the Acting Governor pardoned a couple guys on death row.


Boy Howdy - Have you ever seen such a whiney bunch of wussies? GWB didn't treat me like I wanted. Waah. Cheney called me low level. Waah. Rove is such a big meanie bastard. Waah.

No wonder they need a bunch of DNC pimps to perpetuate their alleged importance.


Schumer looked even stupider--especially after Specter got Comey to admit that there was nothing illegal about what Bush wanted or what was done.


Ok, OT - I am the proud auntie.

Simon (Frenchie )and Penny (Bull Terrier Mix) Oregonians.



"Schumer looked even stupider"

He has become redundant hasn't he?



Did you hear the line of the night at the debate?

Please say you did.


"Have you ever seen such a whiney bunch of wussies? GWB didn't treat me like I wanted. Waah. Cheney called me low level. Waah. Rove is such a big meanie bastard. Waah."

Trying to bring down the VP and the President's adviser seems a high price for a bruised ego,nonetheless,such betrayals are common throughout history.Somewhat unprecedented in Western countries during war time,but it has been known.


Hey H & R are you writing material for Mike Huckabee now? Cuz when McCain went on a riff about Congress spending money like a drunken sailor, Huckabee corrected him and said "Congress was spending money like John Edwards in a beauty shop." Now that is damn funny!

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