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May 30, 2007



WEll well well - H&R finally getting what he deserves! You go guy!


I am unable to understand the Democrat Language. I don’t understand how you can support the troops by withholding financial support. I don’t understand how you can be patriotic by agreeing with the enemy. I don’t understand how we can fight al Qaeda by redeploying away from them. I don’t understand how you can learn about poverty by consulting for a hedge fund.

I don’t even understand the way they use the word consult. I was a consultant for a while, but companies paid me to teach them. I didn’t know I could charge them for teaching me stuff.


Taranto has been able to acquire a taste for H&R. :-0

Good job, Hit-man.

Jeff Dobbs

TM, thanks, ::blush:: And especially thanks for using the term "regular commenter", rather than "obsessive" or "addicted"

H&R finally getting what he deserves!

I can assure you that I am neither tarred and feathered nor in jail.

Other Tom

I yield to no man in my high regard for the estimable regular commenter H&R. (I'm an unyielding kind of guy.)


Wasn't it Edwards who called for Memorial Day to be used as an anti-war protest day:

ORCAS ISLAND, San Juan County — Vandals burned dozens of small American flags that decorated veterans' graves for Memorial Day and replaced many of them with hand-drawn swastikas, authorities said Monday.

Charred flag tatters were found still attached to 33 small flag standards at Woodlawn Cemetery, while 46 of the standards were found empty Sunday, authorities said.


I do not know how to use the cheap mabinogi ; my friend tells me how to use.


When you have LOTRO Gold, you can get more!

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