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June 18, 2007



Webb really is meshuga..and he's all theirs , thank heavens. First the stupid behavior at the WH , now this. Let me guess:One term macaca.


Agreed,this guy is a real piece of work! He has his underlings cart his guns around and then allows him to be arrested. I think George Allen is a stand up guy that got railroaded by a slick democratic campaign to make him look ridiculous. I believe Webb did vote to fund the troops. That's the least he can do for his son after trashing the war effort.

Anonymous Lunatic

"If being a member of the NAACP is a civil right, why would anyone feel the need to hide the fact that they're a member?"

JM Hanes


Your "away we went" link is a hoot!


Sullivan is lucky anyone is still reading his stuff.

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