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June 27, 2007



WEll gee - if the schools teach only one side of an issue and pretend it is truth,

And the media only reports one side of an issue and pretend it is truth,

What else would you expect?


I have my rather wordy bumper sticker ready:

Upset that Social Security is a financial disaster? Don't blame me.

I supported George Bush's reform measures while you were swooning over Michael Moore and Howard Dean. Now suck it up!


One of my favorite things in life is listening to these kids moan and bitch when they get their first real paycheck and see how much is deducted for taxes.

Life has a way of teaching young people what they didn't learn in school.


OT, but is anyone reading Steyn this morning? He's on quite a roll!


This is bloody bizarre! The prosecutor's latest:

Motive of the year

Mark Steyn | June 27, 2007 | 11:46:39 | Permalink

Yesterday, Ron Safer wondered: "Why would Mark Kipnis risk everything for nothing?"

Today prosecutor Sussman rose to the challenge: "Maybe he wanted to be the next Peter Atkinson."

No disrespect to the current Peter Atkinson, but that's got to be the least likely motive ever advanced. Even Mr Sussman seemed to sense this might be a stretch and retreated to his catchphrase: "But you know what? Maybe it was just the Hollinger corporate culture?"

So, feeling stupid, I thought "who?" and went and googled "Peter Atkinson". And I really have no idea whick Peter Atkinson the prosecutor is talking about. There is a British MP by that name. A biochemistry professor. A geology professor. A lawyer. A real estate agent. A rental-car agency owner.


Well Dean Barnett shows something interesting about the poll that Nagurney failed to mention:

"What I found really interesting about the poll was Question 62. The question in question asked, “As a result of the United States' military action against Iraq, do you think the United States is more safe from terrorism, less safe from terrorism, or hasn't it made any difference?”

31% said “more safe”, 19% said “less safe”, 47% said “no difference” and 2% said “don’t know.” All I can say is, “Huh?” After being pounded over their young heads for half a decade that Iraq has been a fiasco on every level, the kids lean in the direction that it has made us more safe? Maybe the headline to this poll should be, “Old media’s influence increasingly marginalized.”"


Thanks,cathy, I hadn't been there yet today.


I am a university professor and I frequently have reason to ask my students the source of their news. Almost 100% of them get all of their news from the Internet news sites. Second most popular are the cable news channels, but they seldom say Fox News. It's usually CNN and much less frequently MSNBC (horrors!). Most disturbing is the not minor percentage who get their news mainly from the Daily Show.

The great "youth vote" is always touted by the Democrats before the elections and it seldom really shows up. May be this will be the election that is different, but I doubt it.


Peter Atkinson is one of the defendants.


"As a postscript to his re-rebuttal, Mr Sussman just announced the government was withdrawing the charge of tax fraud against Peter Atkinson in respect of Hollinger's 1999 tax return. So they're now frantically rewriting the charge sheet just ahead of the judge's jury instructions." Steyn

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Twice as likely to be hurt on the job. Serves 'em right for being for those Luciferian dems.

Christ's final victory over lucifer was ceasing existence, absolution. Of course, someone had to do that to a human.......


ah yes, Peter Atkinson...

...as if for the first time...


Now do these 51% sound like they are heading "left" ?

61. Regardless of whether you think taking military action in Iraq was the right thing to do - would you say that the U.S. is very likely to succeed in Iraq, somewhat likely to succeed, not very likely to succeed, or not at all likely to succeed in Iraq?
6/15-23/07 Age 17-29
Very ......10
Somewhat ..41
Not very ..28
Not at all 19
DK/NA ......3

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