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June 28, 2007



He's just following limp-dick Willie's lead. Bill was never man enough to confront the 'vast right wing conspiracy', only Ms. Rodham had the balls for that. Seems the same for the Anania-Edwards family (and don't forget the Ketchup-Kunt).

Do you think that they're kind enough to give their 'men' the 'reach-around'?


I heart JG to the max. He is the most brilliant and witty commentator online--or offline for that matter.


Wasn't it Elizabeth Edwards who had some relapse of cancer and made an ostentatious declaration the this would not inhibit the Presidential aspirant? Am I halucinating? Why is she performing the role of Dick Cheney for the campaign if she is so ill? Was that whole thing overblown?

Other Tom

What astounds me is that this wimp is still in the running at all. Who in the hell supports his candidacy, and why? Can anyone imagine this guy as president of the United States?


I blogged this and it's not up yet--I am calling Edwards "the man behind the skirt".


Maybe Elizabeth had to call Ann because John had just had his nails done and couldn't dial the phone.


Oh sure it's easy to make fun of Edwards, and people may laugh but ... Well at least he made a legitimate he made an attempt to learn about poverty. In fact his concern for poverty and the average family's carbon footprint are well known.


When Ann Coulter had its sex change did it keep its dick?

It's blatantly obvious that Coulter is about Coulter selling books to the pudding heads who read them. It will say anything no matter how irresponsible or fictional to make money for itself (a he to a she via mediocre sex change surgery I believe).

How many of you have walked up to someone who has lost a child and told them they have a fictional bumper sticker that says vote for me because of it. That's Coulter sellig books.

And although I hate to pan appearances, that blond thing behind Coulter on Mathews looked very cretinesque. If you're in college and a Coulter fan girl or boy, your future is dim.
Has your wife or girlfriend ever taken up your cause?

I know I repeat this but if you want a Republican President you have to be concerned with the terrible material you have now. Put a fork in McCaine and Rudy 911. They're way over.

Romney will be easy for Obama to beat.


I think Coulter would be the expert in the 'reach around' if it kept its dick during the obvious sex change operation.


It's been my experience that any cancer is not overblown and if you have had or will have one you'll quickly agree.


Boy H&R should really be here for this!

Jeff Dobbs

Yes, but time to head up to the ski area for a picnic.

The tough task ahead, getting all the little cousins to agree to the seating arrangements for the car ride.

How many of you have walked up to someone who has lost a child and told them they have a fictional bumper sticker that says vote for me because of it.

Since that's what the Edwards WERE DOING (as was Al Gore, Cyndy Sheehan, and the Jersey Girls) why isn't it appropriate to tell the truth about people who try to gain political advantage with their personal tragedies?


I haven't had time yet to read the school decisions but read somewhere that Roberts said "Tje best way to end discrimination based on race is to end discrimination based on race."


"When Ann Coulter had its sex change did it keep its dick?"

No, she called it Chi Chi and bought it a computer.


"The best way to end discrimination based on race is to end discrimination based on race."

I love love love love love Roberts.

Oh and the decision is 185 pages. Take your time Clarice.


Shit! Another mud wrestling match with Jane.(I saw him first!)

Rick Ballard

Other Tom,

Although I would have enjoyed the President replying to Leahey's lame subpoena with "What Dick told you - doubled", Beldar does a great job on the longer version.

Rick Ballard

"Another mud wrestling match with Jane."

Dibs for Flares on the pics.

Jeff Dobbs

Another mud wrestling match with Jane.(I saw him first!)

In the words of the incomparable Jane:

Boy H&R should really be here for this!


double thwacks all around..


Rick, thanks for the Beldar tip--I blogged it..(TIP:Ignore all legal advice given by NRO)


Ann Coulter's response to the Edwards campaign is priceless. She has a very good point and I am afraid that the LLL media will not print it.


Jeff Dobbs

Breaking News: Cheney Resigns



Mud wrestling,"Marquis of Glastonbury Rules"?

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Romney will be easy for Obama to beat.

In your wildest wet dreams.


I knew Ann wouldn't have to ask her big brother to beat up John Edwards:

I doubled the ratings of the lowest-rated cable news show on Tuesday by agreeing to go on for a full hour to promote my new paperback version of "Godless" -- a mistake I won't make again. As I was walking to the set, minutes before airtime, it was casually mentioned to me that Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards, might call in. For the first time in recorded history, the show's host did not interrupt a guest, but let Elizabeth Edwards ramble on and on, allowing her to browbeat me for being mean to her husband.

Say, did any TV host ever surprise Al Franken, Bill Maher or Arianna Huffington with a call by the wife of someone they've made nasty remarks about? How about a call to John Edwards from the wife of a doctor he bankrupted with his junk-science lawsuits?

....Manifestly, I was not making fun of their son's death; I was making fun of John Edwards' incredibly creepy habit of invoking his son's tragic death to advance his political career -- a practice so repellant, it even made John Kerry queasy.

I'm a little tired of losers trying to raise campaign cash or TV ratings off of my coattails, particularly when they use their afflictions or bereavement schedules to try to silence the opposition.


Schumer is comparing the executive privilege assertion re the records on the US Attys tovWatergate and COnyers is reminding everyoone that Fielding was WH counsel then.
Of course, they had no problem with Bush asserted it to protect Clinton's pardon records.

Put those jerks on tv 24/7...


Another mud wrestling match with Jane.(I saw him first!)

Harummph, may I remind you Ms. Feldman that you are a married woman, AND Roberts is too short for you! He's definately too short for me too, but hell, that only counts when you are standing.

Bring on the mud!

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Do you believe this poll? I think this is another example, like the Ron Paul poll takers, where some have answered in a way to skew the results.

Rob at Say Anything says:

Not sure what to make of this, other than to say that the fact only 69% of poll respondents could name the current Vice President speaks volumes about the intelligence of people who respond to these polls in the first place.

Because you can’t tell me that some 93 million Americans don’t know who the Vice President is. I refuse to believe it.


The first time my sister saw John Edwards on tv she said he was too slick by far. And gross. When I asked her why he was gross she said he licks his lips and his hair is dirty. I hadn't noticed his lick lipping habit but after she mentioned it, I couldn't watch him without being grossed out myself. Anyone else notice the constant lick lipping?

Rick Ballard


That's how pit vipers smell - their olfactory nerves are tied into the tongue.

It's completely natural for Silky to lick his lips as often as he does.

Jeff Dobbs

Bring on the mud!







Will you be here to live blog the democrat debate with me?

Jeff Dobbs

No. (un)FORTUNATELY!!!! I have other priorities. Pulled pork and Uno Attack are on the docket for tonight.

Oh, and a most beautiful sunset over the Big Hole Mountains....

Pulled pork? I'm hungry!

I'm not thirsty, though, I'm well lubed at this point......

(I may check in after a couple hours, but it is less than 50%...)


Well have a blast!

Jeff Dobbs

OK, before I leave...pre-emptive live-blogging of the dem debate (Jane, I will MISS your liveblogging if I don't come back...and miss YOU even more):

Hillary: All us dems are in unison and Bush sucks.

Obama: I'm a breath of fresh air, and Hillary is hallitosis

Edwards: Obama and Hillary are as bad as Bush.

Richardson: I'm a governor. Governor of NM.

Biden: Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave (Madagascar reference)

Kucinich: I have a hot wife. So you can all kiss my [redacted].

Others: Hey, look at me!


Okay, Welcome to the democrat debate, which when you think about it, can't possibly be a real debate because absolutely no one knew about it - and it's being hosted by "Tavis Smiley' who I absolutely thought was Al Franken's stage name


Can we award prizes for (a) the most softball question(b) the most artful deflection by a questioner to give Hillary the most time(c) Kucinich's dumbest response and(d) Edward's smarmiest moment---for example?


Yes! I though Tavis Smiley was the guy that doggone, people like him.

So we get a Jane Liveblog of the debate? Oh goody!


Watch Edwards' lips. If you can stand it. ::grin::


Here we have the president of Howard university, another swagert, but clearly a different one. Blah blah blah.

Tom Joiner (never heard of him) the host of the Tom Joiner show (never heard of it) says he is making black history and american history. (This should be good)

Oh dear, now Tom Joiner's bio. he's a scorpio - I couldn't make that up.

So tonite it is going to be all about the power of black America - a group of people who have consistently and steadfastly refused to grab any power. And now he is talking about what they deserve.


They hug, while we waste more time before the debate begins - I could have emptied the dishwasher. blah blah blah

Now tavis is telling us what we want, and we all want it - to live in a Nation that lives up to its promise - and still no candidates while he pushes his latest book.

Oh pulease!

Ahh so now we get to it - where do democrats stand on what blacks want? I wonder if Hillary will use her black accent?

I wonder if Edwards will assume all blacks are poor.

Tavis wants to know the depths of the candidate's love for blacks.

And still no candidates.


More introductions - just not of the candidates. Tavis wants to cherish the children - well that's nice.

Oh Sheesh now we have Deval Patrick, my governor introducing the candidates. He's busy bankrupting the state. And first he gives a speech. What a joke he is.

First Hillary, Joe, Bill, John, Mike etc etc.


I think Hillary has brought her A-game. Uh-oh.


The candidates refuse to take their places.

Is race still the most intractable issue in America particularly because of that horrid SJC decision. Hillary - well we have a woman running for president but blacks have been let behindd by Katrina, and this decision turned us back to Brown v Board of education. The maek is not finished and I hope the rest of the candidates bolster what I say. (Gawd she is crafty)

Biden - Roberts and Alito have turned the Ct upside down and the next choice is the most important decision on earht.

Richardson: race is a major issue - it is dealing with bigotry and racism - the next president will reaffirm AA and integration and lead, (Oh Pulease)because race for a latino is a fact of life

Edwards, thanks so much for having us. and finally we can talk about inequality because I live for that issue. It is completely pervasive. Wow so now the 2 Americas are split on racial lines - so John are you saying all blacks are poor? (Gawd I would be pissed if I were black) oh and we need to count black votes because of course we never do.

Barack: Howard U made me what I am. And that is because of Thurgood Marshall (oh dear)What is good for African Americans is good for all Americans. Opportunities remain separate. Black s have some responsibility and thers is a social responsibility which is the reason he is running for president. SO now we know.

Dennis: He is sharing Barack's remarks. (How is that possible) You can't pull yourself up by your bootstraps if they steal the boots. (Is that happening) He wants a constitutional amendment to guarantee education and get rid of war.

Mike - this is the fairest debate we have had thus far (how does he determine that) let's get rid of the war on drugs. (And how will that help the blacks) oh so they won't go to jail but rather just remain stoned on the sidewalk where they belong.


Chris: Education and discrimination - the shame of resegragation is recurring. (I didn't know that) SJC took a major step backwards and he will reverse the decision. (Pray tell how?)

Lot's of clapping for the question.

Next question: Education and poverty - unemployment rate of black hs graduates is 33% greater than the unemployment rate of white HS drop-outs.

Biden: Blacks start behind. We need earlier schools and help for single mothers. (So why isn't being a single mother the problem?)

Richardson: No one asks how we are going to pay for the war. Education should be the formost priority. We need a minimum wage for teachers. One out of 2 latino and black kids drop out. (What teacher makes the minimum wage?

Edwards - poverty is the entire purpose of his life - yeah right. We need to start much earlier than 4 years old for schools, we have to make work pay for youong men graduataing from HS - increase the minimum wage and stop those predatory lenders.

Obama - he wants to start education at birth. WOW. He wants after school programs - so clearly the parents have no role at all. And we have to recognize these childern as "our children".

Kucinich: The war is bad.


Gravel: Al Sharpton likes Gravel. He wants to give out more scholarships,and hire more teachers with money from the war. everyone is guilty and they all clap at that.

Dodd: Education is the most important issue. YIKES! Now he tells us why he is the best on this issue - 5 terms in the senate. (then why haven't you solved it?) He has walked the walk.

Clinton: It takes a village and the village has failed. She has fought for 35 years to raise the standards for the poor and minority. This is the most important issue, and there is discrimination in the work place.


Education and Poverty: Black high school graduates have higher unemployent rate than white college dropouts.

Biden: Achievement gap exists when children start school. More forcus on early childhood development.

Richardson: Improve access to education. Minimum wage for teachers. At risk programs, more parental involvement, universal preschool, better food. Access to college.

Edwards: Poverty is my issue. Misrepresents Biden's statement.

Obama: "It starts from birth." Retain teachers, more money for afterschool programs. Not enough expected of "our children." We need someone in White House who will recognize them as our own children.

Kucinich: Peace.

Gravel: Like Kucinich, less money for DOD. Blame the members of congress.

Dodd: I worked on child-care legislation. "Senator of Decade" according to head-start. Equal opportunity through education.

Clinton: I've worked on these issues in Arkansas and Senate. Don't forget about harmful effects of discrimination.



Richardson: Not ready for primetime.

Edwards: "disproportionate impact on African-American community." More government funding.

Obama: Broad strategy needed for addressing problems that afflict the black community.

Kucinich: Non-profit health care


Anyone ask if any of these candidates send their kids to public schools or ever has?


Black teens are 69% of the kids diagnosed with aids. What is the plan?

Richardson: We have to use needles. (Yikes) We have to have education and we need funding.
Bush did a good job on Millenium funding.

Edwards: Black women are 25 times more likely to be infected with Aids than whites. We need public funding for finding a cure. We need to fund that treatment is available, we need to make sure medicaid cover. (Not a word about prevention)

Obama, adds prevention, and the stigma in the community. He blames that on homophobia - while Richardson blamed it on needles I assume. AIDS is a function of poverty. W need universal health care.

Kucinich: It's time to get real about health care and education in America, particularly sex education. Health care is a basic 'right"/ End "for profit medicine" Michale moore is right.

Gravel: The scourge is the war on drugs (and he takes another toke)

(Al Sharpton appears to be there with a date)

Dodd: We need school based clinics for sex ed. Every citizen needs to educate every child. (Yeah that will go over well - "hey kid, let's talk sex")

Clinton: Hillary praises the moderator. If HIV AIDS were the leading cause of death for white women there would be an outcry. (Standing ovation) She's already working on everything everyone else suggested. And she is going to fix the bad states too - because in the '90's they addressed it and apparently cured it.

Biden: A policy of neglect and denial by whites who don't educate blacks (what?) You have to know that it's okay for blacks to wear condoms, and the community is in denial. Confront the men and the women letting them know there are alternatives.


The saddest thing is it sounds like the audience is buying this dribble.


If you guys want me to stop, let me know because I get carried away.



Gravel: End the wars (drugs, Iraq).

Dodd: School based clinics. Better access to health care in black community. We can all make a difference.

The 44th President of the United States [Clinton]: We'd pay attention if young white women died from AIDS more than anything else. I'm working on it. "Back in the 90's" hint, hint.

Biden: "Neglect." I got tested for AIDS, Senator Obama got tested for AIDS. That's not "unmanly."

Obama (response to Biden): My wife and I both got tested.


Health care is a basic 'right"/

Kind of like abortion is a basic right. It says so right in the constitution and if it doesn't, they'll find it.

Does anyone think for one minute that lifestyle might have something to do with HIV Aids? And unwed mothers?



I don't want you to stop. I enjoy your commentary much more than I would enjoy actually having to sit through their drivel.


Taxes: Are the rich not taxed enough?

Edwards: Get rid of the tax cuts, and raise taxes.

Obama: Let the Bush tax cuts lapse so we can have universal health care. Poeple aren't looking for charity (then why are their hands out?) Katrina happened before the hurricane. YIKES

Kucinich: We know the highest brackets don't pay enough and there is too much business off shore and the war is bad.

Gravel: Wipe out the income tax and put in place a retail sales tax.

Dodd: Tax should reflect morality - the clintons were wonderful and we want to get back to those days (is that an endorsement of Hillary

Clinton - the economy was a lot better in the 90's and Bush tilted everything to the rich. Tax Warren buffet

Biden: eliminate the tax cut for the wealthy. In 2000 there was a shift in the burden to wage earners and it should be invessters. Biden calls himself an average guy. Tax investment

Richardon. Now we have to rebuild the economy. He would reward companies and have tax free holidays for technology start ups.


So far, I'd say Hillary has been the standout performer tonight. I expect, though, that the opposition researchers at the RNC are high fiving over what she just said about Buffett: "And he's honest enough to say, look, tax me because I'm a patriotic American."


Jane, your summaries are great.


Dodd: "We'll get better justice with Democrats in the White House."


Obama: The criminal justicce system is not colorblind. And the president must send a signal - to who? It requires political courage.

Kucinich - we will end mandatory minimums. Rehab, end the death penalty.

Gravel: money=justice

Dodd: madatory minimum is bad, eliminate distinction between crack cocaine and the rest and I want be bad like Bush

Clinton: go after ratial profiling, diversion, mandatory minimums, cocaine, and a better attorney general - I guess like Reno.

Biden: Get rid of diversion and again on the cocaine - what is that abotu?

Richardson - 68% of people in jail are monorities. 1 in 3 blacks in jail is wrong. It's poverty and they need unions.

Edwards agrees with all of it. Plus we are meaner to blacks and there is clearly no relationship to anything they are doing.


Because the guidelines aren't binding anymore, there is no such thing as a mandatory minimum, right?


This is why I switched party affiliations. Personal accountabilty. Democrats don't understand that concept. And sadly, some republicans don't either. ::sigh:: Maybe I'm really a libertarian. Why don't we start up a true liberatarian that could possibly win?


I nominate Jane for official JOM debate reporter. Great work!


Oh dear, someone wants a federal law based on UN human rights resolution to the citizens of New Orleans.

I mean really,

Kucinich says yes!

Gravels says the war is bad and the problem with katrina.

Dodd will do it. Because it is all Bush's fault.

Clinton: She has proposed a 10 point agenda because Bush has criminal indifference.

Biden: we don't need the UN (phew) it's an American problem and we should guarantee the recovery

Richardson: He supports it and wants to atone for it and for the future. Atone? Oh please. Pay off the loans.

Edwards: He cares about this personally and deeply - like all of them it appears. Somoene in the WH will report to him every day about what he did in NO (had beignets at cafe de monde etc)

Obama: It's all Halliburton's fault. And the presidnt needs to be in touch before. Obama understands that NO peple were neglected BeFORe!



I've missed the first 2 but Hillary is already and expert on the issue. End the tax breaks, help americans compete blah blah blah, global warming.

Biden: Take the burden off corp with universal health care.

Richardson: Upgrade science and math. Trade agreements. No slave labor. Be nicer to teh private sector.

Edwards says he saw it in his father's mill. and how devastating that was. (WHat?) We need trade agreements. We need to eliminate tax breaks

Obama moved to chicago to work with churchces. (who knew) there was never a federal effort to fix the loss of jobs.

Kucinich also has experience with grass growing where they once made steel. He will cancel nafta and WTo - so there.

Last question: Darfur


Darfur? Well, shit, they just said they would end war. Make it unconstitutional. How the heck are they going to do anything about Darfur?


Edwards answer on Darfur: What if we helped educate 100 million children around the world?


Why are we morally bad for not going to Daarfur.

Dodd. We have lost our moral authority. But we should protect peole being slaughtered. He prefers having them slaughtered in Iraq.

Clinton: Move the peacekeepers into Sudan, no fly zone (ala Iraq) and then we can surrender, but first we will shoot down their planes/

Biden - we don't have to wait to go to Iraq. We stood by and watched this carnage, because the people in darfur don't have oil or what Joe?

Richardson: Fighting genocide is more important than sports so cancel the Olympics.

Edwards: No fly zone, blah blah, how do we establish ourselves as a good guy. Educate everyone in africa.

Obama: We must look at Africa before a crisis with trade and opportunity.

Kucinich: Africa is being exploited by corp and if Darfur had oil we would have occupied it.

Gravel - no drug convictions - just kidding. Most of the people on this stage have no judgment.

What an ending!!!!!


That was a great ending, Jane. Thank you for your tireless efforts. How would you grade the candidates performances?


Off Bold, off!



I was too busy transcribing to rate them. Frankly I think they are all so hopelessly wrong that it's like a bad comedy. I think Hillary held her own and Barak was probably more in tune.


Nothing on immigration? The hottest topic going and they didn't even touch it?


Jim Geraghty at NRO rated it for us.

The winner of this debate? Anyone who skipped watching it.

Rick Ballard

"The hottest topic going and they didn't even touch it?"


Sorry, wrong bloc.

Be thankful there wasn't a reparations riff or they would have promised the present value of 40 acres and a mule paid in diamonds.


Fine work Jane. I really, really enjoyed it.


I don't remember anything on immigration, Sue. From a purely political standpoint, what was so impressive to me about Hillary's performance was that she captured the thoroughly Democratic crowd while simultaneously giving answers that will probably appeal to moderate voters. Fred, Rudy, or Mitt is going to have quite a challenge next fall.

Obama, on the other hand, managed to lose the crowd when pointed to areas in which he felt the black community needed to improve. In my view, he said things that, while they might help him if he reaches to the general election, made it difficult for him to get much traction tonight. The lack of questions about Iraq, a strength for him and a weakness for Hillary, really hurt him also.

I wasn't able to focus very well on Edwards' responses tonight. I wasn't impressed, but I wasn't in 2004 either and Democrats still liked him.

Bad spin: Hillary will be tough to beat in the general election. Good spin: the words "tax me because I'm a patriotic American" escaped her lips.


This, from a woman who took a tax deduction for donating her husband's used underwear to charity.


This, from a woman who took a tax deduction for donating her husband's used underwear to charity.



Seriously.>Underwear deduction


Thanks Jane & Elliott!



Okay. I'm going to read the link you provided but before I go I just have to say, who the hell would want Bill Clinton's used underwear? Ewwwweeeee....


OMG. It's worse than I thought.

Former president Bill Clinton once made public a tax return on which he deducted $2 apiece for donated underwear.

I donate to the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, Goodwill all the time. And I never, ever, ever use the value of my used clothing for a tax deduction. It wouldn't be prudent, folks. It is a gift to someone who is needy. If you want money for your used clothing, have a garage sale or take it to a consignment shop.



As to the topic of this thread, I don't like Ann Coulter. Or I should say I don't like her style, I don't know her personally. I understand it, but I don't care for it. I agree with lots of what she says but I don't like her delivery. Having said that, I was very disappointed in her replies to Mrs. Edwards. She should have taken that bitch down and could have done so very easily with any number of things the Edwards have said that wasn't civil, starting with their republican neighbors and right on up to the idiot blogger they had that they couldn't quite decide to get rid of right away.

Hmmm...very Ann Coulterish of me, wasn't it?

I blame it on Clarice and the underwear story. It put me in a bad mood.


Night, y'all.


Senator Clinton was talking about Warren Buffett when she said: "And he's honest enough to say, look, tax me because I'm a patriotic American." I'll check the transcript when it becomes available to make sure I got that right.


I don't deduct it either, Sue and I donate a lot every year.
As I recall the receiving charity said they had no use for used underwear.No one wants it.

Jeff Dobbs

Jim Geraghty at NRO rated it for us.

The winner of this debate? Anyone who skipped watching it.

Posted by: Sue | June 28, 2007 at 10:36 PM

I WIN!!!! I WIN!!!!


Jeff Dobbs


Night, y'all.

Me 2. Sunset about to happen and whoa, the pulled pork is mouth watering.........kids in bed and we's about to start playing L-R-C.


This one's for YOU Hit!

Fred saves the best line for the last!


Thanks Jane and Elliot. What a great read.

Who is running for President that doesn't know the Sudan does have oil?


Too bad Juan Williams wasn't asking the debate questions.


"He's definitely too short for me too, but hell, that only counts when you are standing."

Jane, you made me laugh.

"Richardson - 68% of people in jail are monorities"

Or more accurately, moronities. Crooks are stupid. At least the ones that get caught.


"Rick, thanks for the Beldar tip--I blogged it..(TIP: Ignore all legal advice given by NRO)"

Someone won't be linked for a while.


These people are so stupid, they make my hair hurt. Do they not now that there is
oil in the Sudan,it's in the South; where there are 5,000 Chinese troops. it belongs to Petrochina (which Corzine's Goldman Sachs did a public offering for)TotalElf Auqatina,Lukoil,etc. The Janjaweed need to
hunted down by air if necessary; The Egyptian army, could get involved; Sudan
was a virtual province of Egypt for about
a half century; since Tel el Kebir & Omdurman. Of course, one should know that
Al Queda has already staked out Sudan as
a target; Osams did live there for about
5 years; the'98 missile strikes on the El Shifa plant, fell on the 100th anniversary
of Omdurman.


Thanks! That was a fun read. I like Juan Williams. Disagree with him sometimes, but he seems honest and fair.


In retrospect the debate was a little startling. The candidates pandered to the primarily black audience by pretty much saying, every other sentence, that blacks were incompetant, couldn't raise their kids, had to be helped by white people, needed a free ride and I think implied they were all on cocaine with all the crack v cocaine talk.

And it is also clear to me that the candidates, at least some of them got the questions in advance.

Juan Williams would have indeed been better, or Bill Cosby who seems to have the same take on things. It really sort of made me ill.

Jeff Dobbs

This one's for YOU Hit!

Thank you much.

And Jane, love the live-blogging. It's a great read even the next day.

TM - you should consider opening up a thread for each debate to give Jane her own space to shine...


I agree--she can be our own EW! (Ducking to avoid thrown ashtray)


Thanks guys. I really like doing it, but my typing sucks.

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