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June 02, 2007




Not much court time, eh?

Settled much?


Guaranteed he has more legal experience than you do Tic.

BTW - why is it you have so much problem with the return key? Can't you just type rather than breaking so many sentences in the middle? Or is it that you are just not very tech-savvy? Like not knowing how to use word processor technology almost 30 years after it came out. LOL.


It's off topic, but this is probably the most coherent article ever written on global warming.


Jeff Dobbs

"People are hungry for change"
--Senator Barack Obama, campaign stop in Seattle, June 2, 2007

Reached for comment, John Edwards said, "All I've got is a hundred. Can anyone break a hundred?"


Just in time,this was turning into MySpace for Plutonians.
There is another ,more simple,theory for Global Warming,the likelihood of it being true decreases in direct ratio to the number of the Great and Good who believe it.


re: balderdash--

Former governor of the State of Washington--Dixie Lee Ray wrote two excellent books on the science of global warming in the late '80's--"Trashing the Planet" and "Environmental Overkill". She heavily discounts computer models as does the "balderdash" article.


The balderdash piece came just in time for me. I was about to invest in a Dutch Co. that was planning to come to the U.S. and build ‘sea walls’. ( I’m in California this week and they don’t like it when I use the other word). Any way, it was a close call.


If you look again at that picture Peter UK linked to up above, it appears that Sandy Burglar has some white papers attached to his groin area.

Other Tom

Cleo, I was known for trying cases in lieu of setting them. Going to trial was the cornerstone of my practice. It was the reason I went to law school, and the reason I became a litigator.

And all of this is relevant to...?

JM Hanes

Derailing threads is the Semanticleo version of counting coups. The more inane the catalyst, the more amusing the exercise, non?


I'm watching the debate so you don't have to.

So far Bush has made us less safe - and done nothing right, except maybe, just maybe tightened up the financial markets. But if we don't work on Afghanistan we will be attacked again -

Obama the clueless

Jeff Dobbs

Hey, me too Jane!

Kinda. It's on, in the background.

Kucinich just say he wants us to go back to 9/10.


Hey H&R - Edwards sure looks pretty tonire doesn't he? he's pontificating that cutting off $$$$$ for the troops is oh so presidential.

Oh and Obama opposed the war from the start.

Rick Ballard


How much Compazine do you take before watching? Any side effects?

Jeff Dobbs

Edwards isn't just pretty.

He's hot.


Hillary is quite determined to let us know they are all in this together. That's 3 times she has said that.

Rick, for some reason I love the debates. I know, I'm weird.

Jeff Dobbs

Hey Rick, here's a shocker. I'm stone cold sober.

Yeah, Hillary is playing the uniter not a divider.


Richardson looks exactly like a bulldog tonite. The troops can fight genocide in Darfur, but not Iraq. (I presume the difference is skin color)


JM Hanes,
No, I really think Semanticalien is trying to make contact with us here on Earth,not easy for a methane breather that's lost its space helmet.


Finally! A debate I can watch.
Nothing is going to happen in Iraq after we leave.

Jeff Dobbs

You know, I have a soft spot for Biden. Not on policy grounds.

He may not be hot like Edwards, but

"He's got a great personality"


technical glitch-

A major in the national guard wants to know if the mission in Iraq was a waste of time. Kucinich avoids the question. "Bring em home". The war belongs to the democrat party who were elected to end the war.

Biden: "Bush lied, we don't have a majority so we can't end the war".

" The only one who has emboldened the enemy is George Bush."

Clinton, do you regret not reading the NIE?

I was thouroughly briefed. I was just sending inspectors and diplomats. I did not count on that he had no intent to leave it to the insepctors. Why are we arguing about the past?


I really like Biden.
He's weird, and his policies aren't always good, but I actually think he'd make a good president.

This whole I thought GWB was only going to send in the insepctors bit is schlock.


Do you guys want me to stop this, because if it is bugging you I will.

Edwards also does not regret not reading the NIE. he had the info, but he was wrong.

Other Tom

You got it, JMH. It's a slow Sunday, always a good time to pull the wings off a few flies.

The balderdash piece is great. I also strongly recommend this one:


This guy is truly doing humanity a great service--he is putting together a compendium of pieces by distinguished scientists who are most definitely not part of Al Gore's "consensus." And these scientits, unlike so many who sign the various petitions and full-page newspaper ads, are engaged in disciplines that are directly relevant to the basic isssue.

Probably the most insidious feature of the whole Al Gore crusade is his studied and strenuous effort to foreclose debate. He and his crazed disciples begin with the repeated proposition that the time for argument is over, there is an unprecedented consensus that we face an immediate crisis, and the few remaining dissenters are necessarily corrupt. This is as dangerous a notion as one can advance in a matter involving scientific inquiry.

Galileo faced a consensus that was far more universal than any concerning global warming--a consensus that was entirely wrong. As of the late nineteenth century there was a virtually universal consensus that Newton's Laws were the last word concerning the motion of objects. Einstein disagreed. Guess what?

But by now there is a huge rolling snowball, and it will be hard to stop. It has insinuated itself into pop culture, and is now an article of faith in the enterteainment industry. Certainly within a year or two the lapel ribbon-loop du jour at the Oscars will be something related to global warming.

Jeff Dobbs



I'm enjoying it, Jane.

Rick Ballard


I enjoy your reports - I can't watch it without an emesis basin the size of an Olympic pool.


Voting for the war disqualifies someone for president "Mike Gravel"

Hillary: "Not Guilty, Bush lied"

Richardson - you want to give legal status to 12 million people - why is this not amnesty?

He can't divide families or build a war between 2 countries (sheesh) wants more patrols, earn legalization, learn english, pay taxes, embrace american values, and penalize employers.

why isn't that amnesty? "Because it sets standards." (I don't get it)

Jeff Dobbs

Biden "Speaking Truth to Power!"

I LOVE that guy


Oh good, cause I like doing it. But unlike H&R I'm into the wine so you take your chances.

Biden wants something else, and he thinks it is practical. He doesn't want a fence by voted for it to stop drugs.

Obama voted for a fence. Should we also build one in Canade (chip shot to TB guy) 'we are a country of immigrants and laws'but let em all in. we need secure borders so I guess it stops at the 12 million.

WOW only Gravel thinks english should be the official languate of the US.

Obama objects to the questions. Sheesh


A question designed to divide us, Obama!
We can't be divided in a debate where people are trying to choose a candidate.


Why, if English is the official language, does that mean the government can't pay for translators in hospitals?
I'm all for ballots being printed in English only.

Jeff Dobbs

But unlike H&R I'm into the wine so you take your chances.

Oh you're still way ahead of me on any substance.

I'm just sitting here hoping Gravel will start a fist fight.


Edwards just gave the camera "Blue Steel"

Jeff Dobbs

And why the snot are Gravel and Kucinich on the fringes. Not ideological fringes, the fringes of the stage.

Come on CNN you want ratings, you gotta pimp these two fine upstanding gentlemen.


I think Wolf has let Kucinich speak one time.


Hillary parses - English is a national language but not official language so we can have interpreters paid by the govt. Dodd whines that the question is divisive. Sheesh what a bunch of babies.

Edwards on honesty and healthcare. Are Hillary and Obama being honest about the costs of healthcare. "It doesn't matter because we are all so wonderful to have a plan on healthcare'. (My gawd I bet they had a pact going in that no one would disagree about anything)

The truth is that they are all lying, apparently.

Obama thing John's plan is as pretty as his hair, but Obama thinks he can force the insurers to charge less and forgo profits (yeah that should work - not)

Hillary is thrilled that they are talking about Universal healthcare, but now she is convinced they can do it ( I guess like getting gas prices down when the democrats take over) she is going to save enough money to make healthcare free. (Mine just went up again)

Hillary says they will all abolish the tax cuts.

Richaradson already got rid of junk food in schools so he's in.

Jeff Dobbs

Kucinich!!! Give me my socialism....

Jeff Dobbs

Clinton quoting Barry Goldwater....you don't have to be straight to shoot straight


Don't judge people based on who they are--

--Hillary Clinton


Oh gawd these people are such bloody wimps. "teacher teacher pick me, pick me'. It's better not to watch. Hillary is the most manly person on the stage.

Kucinich rejects it all. You can't have premiums, co-pays or deductibles, you have to have socialized medicine.

for profit health is very bad and the audience agrees.

now we are on to the gays. hillary was DOn;t ask don't tell bad? 'It was a transition policy' (as I recall it was a complete and utter cop out)

Let the gays in and judge them on their conduct - and she quotes Barry Goldwater (you don't have to be straight to shoot straight) and she reiterates the lie about her husbands policy being a first step.

biden - Peter pace is wrong. he's been to Iraq and no one in the holes of Iraq (I kid you not) ask if you are gay. We are breaking the military. Show of hands - everyone wants to get rid of don't ask don't tell. Richardson would make something a hate crimes law (no gays in the military I guess) and he wants civil unions too.

In NH they have civil unions. Should we allow gays to marry Edwards (didn't he just say he doesn;t like gays?) "It's not the federal govts role but we have to stand up against intolerance. The job of the president to lead".

Other Tom

More wine, Jane, more wine!

I'm headed out for din-din preceded by Martinis. Then more cowbell...

Maybee, does Hillary tell us how the hell else we're supposed to judge them?

Jeff Dobbs

She didn't say it, but I think she meant party affiliation.

Jeff Dobbs

Dodd, how would you reduce the price of gas......carbon tax?


This is really disappointing.
The answer to everything seems to be about how bad things are now, and they will change things by not having things be bad anymore.


What will they do with Bill Clinton (who the hell cares? Why is this an issue?) Hmm I bet to ask Hillary.

Richardson wants to make him middle east envoy. Obama wants to show his strengths and Hillary is just fab too. And Bush is bad bad bad, and bill was fab fab fab, so we will not lead with our military, we will let diplomacy fix the middle east and darfur.

Hillary just giggles like a school girl - fake fake fake.

She needs to use past presidents to heal the damage Bush did - does that include Bush? Apparently not.

Senator Dodd, how will you reduce gas prices (hell Hillary said it would be done now)

"The problems are profound and require strong answers (none of which he apparently has so he will talk about global warming.) BY 2017 he wants 50mpg and a carbon tax. But what would you do now to reduce the price of gasoline - give a rebate from profits or invest in new technology.

Gravel - I'd raise the price of gas.

Edwards - we need to find out what is happening in these oil companies, so we need the justive department to investigagte, change the anti-trust laws, and in the short time, stop subsidizing oil and gas companies (I don't see the lowering of prices there)

Richardson would give the states to do price gouging investigation which he doesn't think is happeneing. He would ask people to conserve. (Sheesh)

Biden would reduce the price of gas by taking away the subsidy (how would that work) invevstigate, and raise gas miliage.


"It(global warming) has insinuated itself into pop culture, and is now an article of faith in the entertainment industry".

Just tell them it increases their sex drive,makes them more beautiful and enhances the effect of drugs,they'll be burning tyres in Hollywood in a trice.

JM Hanes


You definitely have a future in live blogging!

In the props department, I'll give 'em to Biden for agreeing to show up for the Fox sponsored debate. Yeah, it's pandering, but in a good way. I'll also give Hillary props for raising her hand on the GWOT question last time arround, without hesitation or looking around for concensus. Sounds like that's going to be as courageous as anybody is prepared to get.


John King has seen surprises, I have definately not seen any surprises. Is that an indication of the problems at CNN?

Oh gawd now larry king is coming in - he thinks it has been a strong presentation. My gawd it's been a bloody joke.


I think the candidates have been forceful, but their answers haven't been especially substantive.
Why give Kucinich the question about rebuilding the military?

Jeff Dobbs

How disappointed would you be to be one of these citizen question askers ----- and Wolf throws your question to Kucinich (unless your question was about impeaching Bush)


Obama, who just voted against funding the troops, said we need to ensure the troops always get what they need when they are in the field.


The asker's cheeks are bright red. I think she's disappointed in the answers (non-answers)


OK, good for Obama. He didn't pander on the VA hospital of choice question.


Why do these wimps need such a long break? This is the audience paticipation segment. The reporter is about to cry because the questioner's husband is a soldier.

How do you plan to rebuild the militay - let's go to Kucinich. (Puhlease)

We should not rebuild, peace reflects our sstrength, war misuses the military. Kucinich would rebuild the military by cutting military spending (I kid you not)

Obama wants 100,000 more troops, (what for?)He wants to be dignified when they come home, which Bush has not done.

Senator Dodd, assures us that he loves the troops even tho he would sell them out in a red hot minute. He complains tnhat we are not listening to the transistions of the military (I guess he is referring to Rumsfeld) he wants to reassess soemtning, who knoww what.

Carol 's son James is in Iraq and wants to know why Vets have to go to VA hospitals. (good question) Obama says the NH VA is bad, (Hillary looks at him in wonder) but does not address the question - which is pretty much what he has done on every question, the VA must be perfect, and he will allow soldiers to go to other hospitals if the VA is bad. Richardson would name her husband a "Hero' and he could get medical care from anyone at any time, day or nite, the doc would be force to render hero medical care.

Senator Gravel gets his meds from the VA (and they must be numerous) and Why didn't Obama know about the walter reed scandal but it is Bush's fault.


I love you, Jane.


Bush has allowed the Iranians to begin nuclear programs and imprison Iranian-Americans--- Hillary Clinton

Jeff Dobbs

OK, I just threw up in my mouth on Hill's Iran question.

We need to talk, we shoulda been talking, Condi every once in a while flies somewhere...sometimes Cheney goes and he's just plain evil. Iran can't get the bomb, but I won't engage in hypotheticals if talking gets us nowhere.


I note that Obama and Clinton blame Bush for everything.

Re; Iran, how would you solve the problem? Would you use force or diplomacy and if diplomacy what would you do.

Hillary blames Bush, because we have allowed Iran to have nukes and that's Bush's fault. Hillary would be patient and diplomtic while making it clear that Iran can't have a nuke.

So what happens i f diplomacy fails - Hillary declines to answer and takes a swipe at Cheney, because we won't know about diplocay until she is elected.

Edwards, say that Iranians love america and the Europeans can giuve them nuclear fuel, and also incentives and if they don't do it they will give them economic sanctions - no military (Iran now supprts edwards)

Biden would do away with the policy of regime change, and declares Iran weak, so no problem. But if they had a missile he would take it out.

Question: How do you reconciled our security interests with pakistan.

Hillary - Mushariiff has not moved toward democracy, but we depend on him. Hillary wants to focus (whatever that means) it looks like she wants a consultant in the pakistani government. What the F?

Kucinich - would you take out bin laden?



Edwards at least gave a decent answer about Musharraf.
Everyone else seems to think a diplomat assigned to each ME country will solve every problem. Because diplomats can make other countries do ANYTHING we want them to.

Jeff Dobbs

I swear I thought Kucinich was going to say Bush should be tried in the ICC (when he was talking about Osama being tried there, he said "anyone who has violated international law that cause innocents to be killed"


What would you do about Darfur?
We're not going to engage in these hypotheticals-- Hillary Clinton

Jeff Dobbs

Richardson's gonna boycott the Olympics in China over Darfur...


h&r, I think that's what his emphasis on the ANYONE was. I think that's what Kucinich was saying.

Rick Ballard

"OK, I just threw up in my mouth on Hill's Iran question."

See!! I told you so - Compazine could make a killing marketing the stuff as the "drug chosen by 97.6% of those watching an entire Democrat debate".


I swear John Edwards just said if we paid for global primary school education, it would take care of Darfur.

Jeff Dobbs

Well, and it was particularly pleasant throw up. Deer sausage. Even better the second time!


Oh dear, Hillary's husband tried to kill bin laden wihtout lots of collateral damage but it's a weighty responsibility and the moderator is being mean to ask it.

Edwards is worried about taking out Mushariff, because there is radical Islam in Pakistan (I'm shocked that Edwards has heard of radical Islam)

Now we are on to genocide of black people which is clearly a bigger threat than genocide of Iraqi's - how animated the candidate are. Biden wants to go in "tomorrow" stop talking and act!!!!!!

Use military force for Darfur? Hillary needs clarification? She refuses to engage in hypotheticals Wolf"

Richardson would not use force. he woluld use more UN peacekeepres and economic snactions (so I guess more rape) and threated China with not going to the Olympics (Our new Jimmy Carter has spoken)

Dodd would not boycott the Olympics, because the president is the most important person in the whole world.

Edwrds would use the Olympics if necessary. but this is a pieve of a bigger puzzle because the US no longer has moral authority (huh?) and now he wants to open a school for the whole world. Huh?

Obama thinks closing GItmo would fix darfur/ Huh?

These people must have been drinking wine too.

2 people - Richarsona and Edwards want to cancel the olympics. We don't need another military involvement.

Biden says 50,000 more people will be dead by the time the rest of them get around to this. (Bill, they are black)


I'm in love with this questioner. What is the definition of rich?

Jeff Dobbs

$400 hair cuts.....


I don't think Obama is answering this all that well, talking about spreading out the benefits of our economy. He forgets that's what plenty of hard-working people fear of the Democrats.


Now we are down to the personal agendas.

Brian Sealander is concerned about the elimination of tax cuts - and what the definition of rich is, by income level.

Obama - over $250k a year - then apoligizes for the next 5 minutes. he wants fairness. (and i am completely convinced that if he is president I will have no SS at all)

Edwards - what's a rich person ? "I use 200k a year" and I plan to give college to everyone. Yippeee! Tuition and books paid for - but they must go to indocrination U and hear the progressive message....

Oooh a hair salon guy wondering about deficits. Are they looking to income or spending.

Once again, Richardson reminds us for the 400 th time that he is a governor. He wants an amendment, and says he will get rid of earmarks (yeah right) he wants to let insurance companies have cost controls - huh? He wants to grow the economy.

Kucinich says we should get out of the war. Oh please.

Ooooh an earmark question - would they vow to veto bills with earmakrs - sheesh ask them to do something now. Dodd will discourage but not be blanket. IOW "no". He's an ass, get bent.And now he will talk about the chinese for some reason.


Oh. Gravel just told Hillary she balanced the budget by raiding Social Security.

Jeff Dobbs

No direct global warming questions?

That can only mean one thing.

Gore must run!


Edwards' first priority when he takes office: re-establish our "moral authority" in the world.


Is Richardson a governor or something? I had not heard that.


These people are losers. It's amazing to watch Hillary lie. Ask her about gas prices. The dot coms are not coming again Hillary, the terrorists are.

Kucinich is still against the war.

Biden concedes earmarks. (He needs longer pants)

Ivy - who I would never want to live next to - what is your top priority inthe first 100 day.

Edwards: Go on a world tour and concede everything to everyone .

Clinton: Bring the troops home

Obama: Bring the troops home and healthcare

Richardson: Give the teachers a raise (as long as the teach the indoctrination U)

Biden: End the war in iraq, diffuse the war in Iran and diffuse the war in Korea.

Kucinich - end the war now!!! Reshape the world for peace, get rid of all our weapons and all trade, Become a communist

Gravel: Make other people help me

Dodd: Restore constitutional rights in the country, whatever they are.

The end.


Well that was fun. There wasn't a moment of hope in the entire thing. Democrats are just boring.


We'll have to see how it goes. The Dimmies ran on "everything is bad, but we can magically fix it if elected" in 2006. Now Congress is held in abhorrence, and sinking every day. Do people really believe that just because someone says it is so it is? Well - other than cycloptic and semantic?

Jeff Dobbs


Ethanol boom may fuel shortage of tequila

Mexican farmers burning agave fields and replanting them with corn



Here is what bothers me. Hillary promised that if the democrats took congress gas prices would go down. I want that on every billboard in the nation.


And ever since they took control, the economy has started to slide. I wonder what that means?


The Dems wanted Congress so they could change everything. Now they are saying, oh, Congress can't change everything, but a Dem President could.

Their plan seems to be to make America sound as awful as possible, with the promise that a Dem president would make us not-awful. Which would work, of course, because they'd stop talking about how awful the US is.


Kucinich - end the war now!!! Reshape the world for peace, get rid of all our weapons and all trade, Become a communist..
Loved your commentary jane but in all fairness..Kucinich said to get rid of all Nuclear weapons( see that way only Iran and north korea has them..feel safer?)
Dennis is a freak....The Spirit of JFK is dead, as the democratic party runs over itself to exit iraq, perhaps maybe one canadate could show leadership in the world.
I am so embarrassed for our party.....


Anderson Cooper is asking Richardson (who is, to me, quite endearing) about genocide in Iraq if we leave.

His answer is there is a civil war in Iraq. It's best for us to withdraw, so we can re-focus on other things. No answer on genocide, per usual.

I don't donate to political candidates, but I would donate to the first person advocating withdrawl that actually addresses genocide when we leave.

Jeff Dobbs

but I would donate to the first person advocating withdrawl that actually addresses genocide when we leave.

If we leave before the Iraqis are trained and prepared and equipped to defend themselves there will be genocide.

How much you donating? You want an address? A paypal account?


Are you advocating withdrawl, hit and run?

Jeff Dobbs

You just said address it. I said if we leave there'd be genocide.

I advocate not leaving to avoid it. I typed fast to be first.


Jane ,Wonderful!

"Biden: End the war in Iraq, diffuse the war in Iran and diffuse the war in Korea".

Is that still going? It was on when I was a kid,doesn't make the news as much these days.

Jeff Dobbs

Oh shoot, and I read too fast. You're right. No, not advocating withdrawal.

I wouldn't have made that mistake if I had been drinking.

I Blame Bush



Time to change parties and end the embarrassment.

Democrats are spineless wimps. Personally I think Biden won the debate, in terms of the most genuineness. Hillary's mendacity was just so loud and clear. Only someone who pays no attention could be pro-Hillaary.

I reiterate. Democrats are complete unmitigated wimps, with no ideas, no plans and cowardice in their hearts.


A Democrat in the White House will restore your will to drink.


They should have asked them about this,Putin rattling his sabre,


"A Democrat in the White House will restore your will to drink."

But ban it on health grounds.

Other Tom

Could Mark Twain himself have invented this? A plaintiffs' lawyer who lives in a 30,000 square-foot mansion, gets $400 haircuts and gets $55,000 for delivering a speech to students about poverty, who earned half a million as a consultant to a hedge-fund operator, says he is going to re-establish America's moral authority before the world.

If this clown didn't exist, Al Capp would have created him.

JM Hanes

Bravo, Jane! Live blogging with Attitude!

JM Hanes


"Because diplomats can make other countries do ANYTHING we want them to."



If you are going to have to suffer these debates,get stocked up

Jeff Dobbs

A Democrat in the White House will restore your will to drink.

My will to drink remains completely undimished.

But ban it on health grounds.

That's why it's good to have friends who make moonshine.

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