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June 26, 2007



Clarice your PDNFTT has failed. Give it up baby just like so many of your angry Republican base positions have failed. Were you surprised that the Dems took the house and the Senate? I bet it was a fun time at Casa Clarice that night wasn't it? Your DOJ tried hard to shape the elections with the US Attorney scandle and appointing inexperienced attorneys to prosecute dems. You Clarice,--they say you're some kind of Attorney--Monica Goodling and Kyle Sampson with zero litigation experience and in Goodling's case a law school most people wouldn't piss on in her background and her Buddy Rachel Palouse installed as US Attorney in Minnesota causing career people with solid resumes to resign-that's way kuelll ain't it babe? How did Rachel Palouse come to be nominated for the position of US Attorney? Clarice Ann Coultergeist is your idol isn't it?


Will somebody oil that tedious troll? It's making whining noises,going to strip a gear.


Instead of WD40, I recommend Troll-B-Gone.


Peter UK--Predictable and consistent--has no issue analysis; reads little so confines himself to calling names if he finds a position disagreeable every single time. Peter--Clarice issued you the order to PDNFTT followed by a lot of explanation points in the vein Paris Hilton would post in her diary. Why aren't you taking Cap'n Clarice's orders? I've never seen a post from you that isn't name calling. Any idiot can name call--but do you have any positions you can express or butress? I didn't think so.

You don't like the truth do you Peter. Your country elected Tony the Bush Puppy not mine. Are ya happy he's gone now?


This one really is a big girls blouse,whine, whine, whine,pursing its lips and stamping its little feet.One can see why the left has stopped breeding.



It must be getting lonely working the Media Matters boiler room. Do they pay you well, or is it like those ARCORN clowns that farmed out their protest sign carrier operation to a temp agency who only paid $6/hr.

And good job: ignore everything that everyone else writes; insult the long term posters here, some of whom have clip in national publications; and hog up the threads with book length posts that you don't even proof to make sure you closed your tags. Great way to wreck threads, hog bandwidth, and insult everyone here.

Make way everyone chch16...I want to be stunned by his/her brilliance



NRO The Corner:"From a Different Irritated but Fighting Hard GOP Senate Aide [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

The Grand Bargainers are playing "hide the ball." We are not seeing language - they are trying to move this thing through without allowing full review and debate. 373 pages thrown together yesterday - AND AILA, a liberal advocacy group, gets to see it before fellow Republicans? What a slap in the face...

Now - the Grand Bargainers are trying to roll through "tabling votes" to make some attempt to show strength in support of / or in opposition to various amendments to keep their deal "cobbled together."

When we get to cloture tomorrow - any Senator who votes in support of Cloture will be voting in favor of this sham process and against fellow Senators who are trying to shine light on this bill. There is no excuse for votes in favor of this process - it is undemocratic, it is unfair and it tells you everything you need to know about the strength of this bill if light is allowed to shine on it...
06/27 01:00 PM



attached photos

Oracle. The device. Two things taken out of the bible. Oracle is a company. It provides all the computer to run the phone company. Oracle is another name for the eye, Lucifer. So, the device is how humans are 'made.' Everything they are is taken and the effects would be a human. The oracle or eye wouldn't be there because they 'made' person is now a human.

Triple Cross. A spy at the CIA? This is where the spies are supposed to be. So, now that CIA is at DOD/NSA, should we be worried about a penetration? Green Berets and Fitz. Afghanistan war funding and the intelligence committee. His Harvard pal Chayes and the Green Berets. Fitz passed becuase he was told to. Fitz passed again because he wanted to. Fitz won't prosecute anyone in intelligence. So, we have treason and it's okay.

Russian intelligence agents won't go to work for other intelligence agencies because of the legalities. It's not allowed. So, it's not worth the time to try to hire them. CIA has the same answer when they get there.

Internships open;



attached phobos. Dman, I got it!




chch16, well, there was a <em> tag at the end of your comment, which is what started the long italic section, and you are one of the very few who uses <em> instead of <i> to do italics, so the evidence is against you. But, in any case, I just wanted to remind you (and others) to be cautious when adding tags, since it's easy to incorrectly close one, and an error makes other comments difficult to read.


MJM--Thanks. I thought I closed the tag but I appreciate any format/html feedback and will take extra care to try to close any tags. If I left it open, it wasn't intentional and was the result of an incomplete paste. I have no reason to want to make anything hard to read. I thought the em was closed, but perhaps I copied and pasted it incompletely. It not only makes comments difficult to read, I don't want to confer the difficulty on other commentors which it seemed to do when it happened (in ittalics). If there is a better way to do them with the i I'd be glad to.

**Do you know why you're required to keep signing in when it says you're already signed in so often?**

The Pansieassed Little Pussies Award goes to:

Peter UK & RichatUF a tie!

Peter UK using the name calling mommy taught him when he was 6 to try to keep the guys from beating him up on the play ground. Very very spiffy:

"big girls' blouse" yadayada--again a mental midget who knows nothing about issues is positioned her to call names like a child.

Another panssieassed pussy name caller:


whose neurileptic medication isn't high enough in mg. with his delusional boiler room shit and lol deingning to denigrate someone who has completed training where Richard@UF's ass couldn't gain admission into the door let alone stay in. $6/hour yadayada boiler room yadaya Media Matters.

Long term posters who have clip in national publications have them only in right winged publications and that's not particularly impressive and who cares?

I didn't start any insulting. I posted on issues and pith brains like you can't respond on the issues. Every post you make is some bullshit school kid attempt to name call. That's why you won the Pansieassed Pussy Aware. Wear it on your dress proudly.

However Media Matters nails the Fox liars every day. So does Keith Olbermann and they do it with clips showing them lying juxtaposed to the truth.

RichardUF has no facts and does no reding and has a pith brain so he resorts to name calling, projections, and delusional thinking as the only things he can post.

Again, I'm closing tags; I'm not hogging bandwidth and your pith brained rhetoric has no issue focus--just name calling and more name calling and projecting crap about fictional jobs, etc.

Doesn't it get old? How does Maguire put up with your childish bullshit instead of substantive posts?

Looks like your president and the faithful who rubber stamp any crap he spews out are going to screw up immigration even more than the Monica Goodling judges with no litigation experience and the stupidly logjammed applications process thanks to Chertoff Insecurity and DOJ.

It only takes 10-15 years now.

June 27, 2007 NYT
***Gitmos Across America***

'Toughness is the watchword in immigration policy these days. When you combine the new toughness with same-old bureaucratic indolence and ineptitude, you get a situation like that described by Nina Bernstein in The Times yesterday. She wrote about how the boom in immigration detention — the nation’s fastest-growing form of incarceration — ensnares people for dubious reasons, denies them access to medicine and lawyers and sometimes holds them until they die.

Sandra M. Kenley, a legal permanent resident who had high blood pressure and a bleeding uterus, died in a rural Virginia jail after not receiving her medication. Returning home from a trip to Barbados she was locked up because of two old misdemeanor drug convictions. Abdoulai Sall, an auto mechanic, had no criminal record, but was still seized during an immigration interview. He had a severe kidney ailment and he, too, complained about not getting his medicine. He got sicker and died in another Virginia jail last December.

Sixty-two immigrants have died since 2004 while being held in a secretive detention system, a patchwork of federal centers, private prisons and local jails. Advocacy groups and lawyers say that the system not only denies detainees the most basic rights but also lacks the oversight and regulations that apply to federal prisons. Instead of fixing this broken system, the Senate bill that is lumbering toward final passage — after surviving a crucial procedural vote yesterday — is overloaded with provisions that will make it even harsher and more unfair.

One of the worst amendments comes from Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina. It would impose mandatory detention of all people who overstay their visas. It’s a huge overreach that threatens to swamp the detention system, filling already-strapped prisons at great expense and inevitably leading to more abuses and deaths. And because it takes away the power of officials to decide who poses a genuine threat and who doesn’t, it would undermine efforts to catch and deport the truly dangerous.

The cells would be full of people who shouldn’t be there: asylum seekers, the elderly, pregnant women, the sick and those ensnared in paperwork mistakes. Children, like the kindergartners in inmate scrubs walking the halls of a federal detention center outside Austin, Tex. Day laborers, like those in suburban Brewster, N.Y., whose arrests were hailed by a mayor who spoke proudly of his community’s “zero tolerance” for people unlawfully playing soccer in a schoolyard.

The country already detains some 230,000 immigrants a year, at an annual cost of $1.2 billion. Under the current immigration bill, it would build tens of thousands more beds to hold detainees. And it would need many more — Guantánamo Bays across America — if Mr. Graham’s zero-tolerance vision is fully realized.

Noncitizens are subject to our laws and to being deported if they do bad things. But this doesn’t mean the country must detain or deport everybody, or relinquish basic decency or even basic sense to achieve some imagined ideal of toughness."

Another Republican Griles #2 at interior sentenced to prison getting double what the DOJ requested because he continued to lie in his plea allocution seen crying and sobbing like a typical pansie wanting lol probation instead of having his ass hauled into the BOP where he can get in touch with his inner DOJ.

He has been told he won't be able to bring his fuck buddie Abramoff flunkie Italia Federici who also pleaded guilty and is headed to federal prison. Italia was the leader of (lol talk about an oxymoron) Republicans for Environmental Advocacy. Now she can be leader of "Stand in line for the phone white bitch" at her new home @ BOP.

Why do Republicans cry like babies before they're sentenced to months?


chch16, though I think your comments tend toward start-your-own-blog overlength, I certainly didn't mean to imply you might purposely not close a tag.


The only thing useful about chichi, is to demonstrate the lunacy of the lunatic left.

It is on display here.



I'm absolutely appreciative of any time you take to educate me. Just as all caps is considered shouting, I don't want to be all bold, all italics because it is hard to look at and detracts fromyour message. I'm not that good at html, and some places you post use different conventions or home brews, so I'm happy to learn and glad to get any feedback. I don't have a way to go back and look at it, but if you say it's so it's so and thanks much for the help.


I cannot believe Barry that there can't be cooperative debate on issues. We all know that in the House and Senate and in political groups that there has been this "at each other's throat polarity," but strange as you may think it the term "liberal" that has evolved into an epithet curiously means different things to different people.

I have a number of friends who are some flavor of conservative, and we have dinner and debate all the time--we don't end up throwing glasses or callingeach other names. We enjoy debating. I don't understand why the scorched earth mentality means if someone takes a position you have to call names.

Maybe what I've always thought was trite where one Senator gets up and says "my distinguished collegue from wherever when he or she can't stand what the person just said does serve a comity purpose after all.

I don't mind being called this or that or someone saying I'm working somewhere lol for $6 an hour or that I'm uneducated or whichever but doing it and nothing else gets in the way of exchanging ideas.

I'm smart enough and know enough people to know that there are a lot of disagreements within the Republican fold, and we both know that there are debates within the West Wing on Iraq, on the Immigration 20 something amendments being considered now, although Cheney seems to trump them.

I'd like to say that one of the uggliest scenes I've seen in a long time were the pudding heads standing behind Ann Coulter cheering every burp from her mouth on Chris Mathews' Hardball who is not as some of you have characterized particularly "liberal".

Coulter is a great example of a media savy business woman who knows that whatever she says outrageous sells books (to pudding heads with little political education who have an impaired ability to think. The sad part is that the kids cheering behind her don't realize this. She's the ultimate narcissist, and her stupid statements help her, but not Republicans.


Sounds like a frigging parrot,"Chchch,who's a pretty boy then".Somebody forgot to put the cover on her cage.



Continuing his consistent worthless shitferbrains drivel. Of no consequence and typical of why the Republican Conservative Movement is in rapid decay.


Does anyone know where Coulter got her sex change operation and what his name was previously?


Then why respond?

abad man

Hi, I lurk a lot, but don’t usually post. I freely recognize I am out of my league, and this is off topic troll feeding to Chichi, but he has some problems with his medical knowledge and this thread is about dead.

The efficacy of Tamiflu is subject to some debate. Most of the articles he linked to(I believe since his links did not work) reference cases of Avian flu in Viet Nam that did not respond to Tamiflu. Tamiflu belongs to a class of drugs that are anti-viral by inhibiting virus replication, similar to some antibiotics. Even in the best of circumstances these drugs do not provide a 100% cure rate, and timing is an important factor in their efficacy. They have to be administered within 48 hours of onset of symptoms otherwise their use is discouraged as the damage is already done. In the cases in Viet Nam whether or not the Tamiflu was administered within 48 hours is in dispute. Further conclusions on the drug’s current and future use are under discussion as well as dosing amounts that may change its overall efficacy. For now though, Tamiflu is thought to be a viable, probably the most viable, treatment option available.

Like any drug, resistance can occur, but this is not of utmost importance from a public health perspective. Right now no vaccine exists for the avian flu so if a pandemic occurs tomorrow the question is what can be used to mitigate the damage. The worldwide mortality rate for the avian flu is running around 66%. Just for arguments sake, if Tamiflu could reduce mortality by even 15%, a dismal efficacy rate, that would still reduce overall mortality by over 10%. Looking at mortality statistics from the 1918 pandemic of 50 to 100 million worldwide and a mortality rate of about half that of the Avian Flu, tamiflu would result in 10-20 million lives saved during the course of a similar Avian flu pandemic. Not too hard to see why the WHO and the CDC still recommend stockpiling the drug. I think they might actually analyze data as opposed to spewing anti Bush screeds. And since you are so concerned from a cost –benefit, world wide mortality reduction, and proven efficacy standpoint, you should complain about the DDT ban, and help stamp out a real problem like malaria.


"Does anyone know where Coulter got her sex change operation and what his name was previously?"

When you have yours,what are you going to be?

abad man


Trying to keep the posts manageable. Are you implying you are a health care professional?

On Health insurance you neglected to mention that one of the least responsive and most miserly insurance companies you will ever deal with is Medicare. What happens when Medicare finds it is spending too much money on health care? Medicare’s (in reality congress’) solution is to cut reimbursement to doctors. That is why many doc’s refuse to take Medicare patients, it is next to impossible to meet costs with the reimbursement, but you already know that from all of your years in medicine don’t you?

And Sara is right; the military health care system, the closest thing in America to socialized medicine, severely constrains what care you get, how that care is given, and when you receive care. The overall care is good, once you get in to the system, but you give up a lot of choice, and patience is a must. And if you as a provider do not like dealing with insurance companies to schedule tests, get certain meds, or get reimbursed, (i.e. paid a competitive wage), buy a gun, as you will be shooting yourself under socialized medicine. But again, you already know that from all of your years in medicine don’t you.

Finally I do not know any practicing physician willing to talk about health care reform without including tort reform in the same breath.

If your grasp of law is similar to your grasp of medicine, I can see why you are treated with derision by the regulars here.



whose neurileptic medication isn't high enough

Since your so SMART, I chalk it up to a typo:
neurileptic->neuroleptic...next time insult me by saying my anti-psychotic is a few mg's short

And this...

you make is some bullshit school kid attempt


does Maguire put up with your childish bullshit instead of substantive posts


...no facts and does no reding...

Is that another typo? Its been while since I've done a reding....

You're the one using vulgarity and hurling insults...and your posting do have the patina of a boiler room [or if you prefer "seminar poster", like a "seminar caller" on talk radio, but applied to blogs].


Stobo Blobo


Again, no one counters any of my arguments...whine whine whine blah blah blah blah blah blah...

If you were a reasonably intelligent person, you'd understand that no one here cares to counter any of your "arguments" to your liking because they don't consider you a worthwhile debate partner, either because they deem you to be a disingenous, disruptive troll, or because they consider you to be a highly obnoxious, immature, insecure, attention-starved, self-important, mentally ill moron who is as capable of following logical thought as OJ is at finding Nicole's killer on the golf courses he patronizes. Or both.

If you knew the true depths of your stupidity, you'd become an agoraphobe due to the shame.

Stobo Blobo


@ Stobo Blobo--Again rather than offer facts to counter me, you're calling names and casting aspersions and one form of childish name calling is for people to flame by reaching into the little of DSMIV that they've heard of in everyday culture.

LOL 'you call me names instead of offerings facts to counter me wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!'?! What do you estimate your emotional age to be?

I have standards, you know. It's against my religion to misuse my time attempting to have substantive debates with narcissists who are too stupid to realize their own condition. Would you like to take a stab at what I am getting at here, or would you like me to s-p-e-l-l i-t o-u-t f-o-r y-o-u?

Your obliviousness is comical, but unfortunately it's also very tedious.

Stobo Blobo


The only thing useful about chichi, is to demonstrate the lunacy of the lunatic left.

It is on display here.

True dat!


Chi Chi is a mindless entity of pure ego,she picks up her talking points in the fever swamps then spews them out here,irrespective of relevance or logic.Doesn't really matter the whole exercise is about her.Kind of Paris Hilton without any of the redeeming attributes.

Stobo Blobo


Chi Chi is a mindless entity of pure ego,she picks up her talking points in the fever swamps then spews them out here,irrespective of relevance or logic.Doesn't really matter the whole exercise is about her.Kind of Paris Hilton without any of the redeeming attributes.

True dat!

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