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July 26, 2007



I've seen a report that Jim Ronica is registered as a Republican, but that is now.

It is important to note that since Alren Specter was challenged by Toomey last time around, that Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has been telling his Democratic friends to register Republican for the primaries (usually April/May) and then switch back to Democratic for the general election. This maximizes their chances of getting somebody more friendly in the fall, and let's them reek havoc on the Republican adversaries.


Pennsylvania's an odd state in which to be a Republican. Arlen's been around forever, so Ronca could, conceivably, claim to be an 'Arlen Republican' despite giving donations to Democratic candidates.

Of course, Ronca didn't say that at the time.

Ralph L

"His work representing white-collar criminals, drug defendants and lawsuit victims"
Lawsuit victims = victims of lawsuits?
Wouldn't this pit him against the sharks?


They are starting the "Republican so disgusted with Bush He'll Vote Democrat" stories early in the cycle this time. Soon we'll be hearing again about the people joining political activism and protest marches for the first time ever because of Bush.
I wonder when someone will try to re-invigorate the reportage of the "Mortgage Moms".


I can't wait for the traditional"all the young folks are energized for this election meme.' Dems trot out that old canard every cycle to try to get more people convinced the dem candidate is inevitable.


Holding breath and counting to 100 again TM?

we will keep an eye on the FEC database and hope



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