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July 10, 2007


Crunchy Frog

For a second, I thought I read "dredlocked", which didn't sound very politically correct...

How appropriate it would be is left as an exercise for the reader.

Rick Ballard

We need readings from our official JOMC Legal Haruspices (the illegals were deported yesterday); Does this augur well for the verdict on the counts already decided to have been 'Not Guilty' or, alternatively, 'Railroaded'?


Rick--I have no idea. Some entrail readers say a quick jury is an acquittal others say the opposite. We are talking about multiple defendants and counts and a jury which has been deliberating for 9 days so I think any prediction except that the prosecution certainly hasn't persuaded 12 jurors on two counts (whatever they are) is speculation.

With the jury at least partially deadlocked, it's worth reminding ourselves that there are 42 different charges on which they have to reach agreement - 13 charges for Conrad Black, 11 for Jack Boultbee, 10 for Peter Atkinson and 8 for Mark Kipnis.
Given those statistics, it's a wonder that it took them only 9 days to figure out that they're deadlocked.

(I keep waiting for one of these everything-but-the-kitchen-sink indictments to cause a jury to send a note to the judge that reads, "Can we find 'not guilty' on the grounds that reading all the way through the charge sheet constitutes cruel and unusual punishment?")

Carol Herman

Rowling is a Libertarian. There's lots of politics interwoven into her stories.

As to the deadlocked jurors, it's probably more "deadlocked," than not. And, probably what's at stake is that Fitzgerald's old methods aren't what they used to be.

From today's Steyn, it seems the defense attorneys are a bit more relaxed than the prosecution.

Ah, if nothing else, I've come to love MarkO, who doesn't post here, alas, anymore. And, I adore Cathy F. Interesting how in the ether of the Internet, we learn to love humanity. While it's in the courtroom that the lawyers have lost so much. There's so much out there that needs to be fixed.

Fitz got way more mileage in the press than Nifong did.

What hangs in the balance, now? What if Rowling kills Potter? No one else holds that pen. (Sort'a like waiting for Dubya to jazz things up with his veto.)

Cathyf, ya know, it's possible that it's Conrad's Wife's birthday party that brings some of the jurors more "together" than not.

Glad Mark Steyn's got the Macleans gig. Where he's been posting, fresh, each day. Here's his link. Fitz won't get far from his pen!


Carol Herman

Isn't there something wonderful to look forward to, here? Mark Steyn!

And, so far? This Chicago jury is split. According to mark Steyn there are 4-tense jurors. While the others are "relaxed."

And, again. According to Steyn's observations, today, the Fitz group are more up tight than the defense attorneys.

It would be hilarious, at least to me, if the jury that doesn't convict comes out of Fitz' home base of Chicago.

There's also a wonderful piece in Steyn's observations, that related to Salman Chase. I hope this little bit, heading onto 200 years of age, uncorks. And, springs to life like the best of wines. Where aging doesn't affect its good taste.

Seems to me that Robert Novak mistook his importance; and came up a dud of a book. Not so, Mark Steyn. Words await, ahead. Steyn's gonna be hard to beat. (Except by Rowling. Why did she kill off Serius Black?)

What's the wait, now? Another few days time? Gosh. At least these jurors have the hang of writing notes, down, a lot better than the DC jurors did. And, I do wonder how things will split, ahead. Hardly likely that a split jury ends up leading to serious jail time for Conrad Black, ya know? An interesting outcome could be that Fitz finally fizzles. Runs out of jail doors to open. I mean, what's the crime? Conrad Black's wife's birthday party?

Now, how does Harry Potter grow up?


Fitz was really hoping for a twofer with Libby and Black. Guess that isn't going to happen. Perhaps this jury doesn't want to believe the prosecution's star witness. I guess the fix wasn't in with this one and the he said/he said aspect could actually play out. You didn't have Russert's"I am absolutely positive we didn't discuss Plame"statement.

Other Tom

I'm gonna guess that His Lordship is f****d. Just because that's the way everything seems to be going.


I clicked over to Brian Ross's blog from Drudge on the latest AQ threat. I wish I hadn't.

A sample of the insanity...

http://blogs.abcnews.com/theblotter/2007/07/al-qaeda-cell-i.html>The Blotter

I think we should impeach bush and cheney now!!

If we don't get attacked,and the cell is not caught then that is more proof that this was all just another smoke screen by this group..

If we do get attacked,he should go anyway,because he did not protect us!!

Either way..He has to be impeached!!!!


I'm pretty upset with the way this news about a potential Summer attack is being handled. I think it is totally irresponsible. Malkin is calling Chertoff "Lettucehead" and I do not see how that can possibly be productive when it comes to potentially catastrophic terror attacks within the U.S. I'm sick of these personal attacks, especially by Miss Crybaby Everyone Calls Me Names Malkin who is the worst when it comes to this kind of namecalling. Others are also voicing their opinion that after Chertoff's immigration position they don't trust or don't care what Chertoff's gut tells him. Well, trust Chertoff or not, he is one of the closest to the intel and if his gut is telling him something, I think it would be a good idea if we all listen, no matter what position on immigration he took.

Carol Herman

Oh, Other Tom, somebody needs to be on the other side of the fence. I think "his lordship," Conrad Black at least has Mark Steyn in his court. And, it seems there are some jurors who must have been surprised at the testimony of the prosecution witnesses;

I just keep hoping for the best.

Just as I think Robert Novak's book bombed. Yup. Went the way of Immigration Bill. Came as a shock to some politicians that it's dead. And, it contaminated McCain. So something's working its way through the list of republican presidential aspirants. As I said, I keep hoping for good outcomes ahead. "THE GOOD" should win at least 50% of the time.



I read that Chertoff said it was gut feeing. WTF is a gut feeling doing in the vocablary of the chief of GDH. Doesn't he have experts he can call upon to assist his gut.


I thought this was an interesting story, since we had such a lively discussion of micro versus macro evolution some time ago.


Labs have witnes 40,000 generations, roughly 1,000,000 years of human evolution in E. Coli bacteria.

And what had the e. coli evolved into?.....................
E. Coli bacteria. Oh sure they go bigger or smaller or made micro changes for survival, but not a single macro evolutionary change has occurred over 40,000 generations.

The macro evolutionists have decided this is proves macro evolution.


"""Sara: Malkin is calling Chertoff "Lettucehead" and I do not see how that can possibly be productive when it comes to potentially catastrophic terror attacks within the U.S. I'm sick of these personal attacks, especially by Miss Crybaby Everyone Calls Me Names Malkin who is the worst when it comes to this kind of namecalling."""

I believe Malkin is calling him Lettuce head, not because of summer terrorist attacks, but because of his stupid statements on immigration. He feared we would not have lettuce so Congressmen Tancredo actually tried to send him a head of lettuce at Homeland Security and Homeland security TURNED AWAY THE LETTUCE PACKAGE out of concern for SECURITY.


So apparently a head of lettuce is more dangerous then allowing 20 million unknown foriegners to cross our southern border.

Chertoff had actually played down the chance of a terrorist attack and played up the fear that there would be no lettuce in our stores if we don't pass the immigration bill. So, yes, Chrtoff was certainly being a lettuce head.


JULY 2nd:
The diminished credibility of the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity
By Michelle Malkin • July 2, 2007 08:58 AM Update: Chertoff plays down report of imminent al Qaeda attack. Plays up shortage of lettuce pickers. And here’s more Chertoff finger-wagging.




By the way, Chertoff also suggested back on June 20th or so that those of us that opposed the immigration bill were racists and that we actually wanted to see illegal aliens EXECUTED.

Newsweek: Chertoff: ""I understand that some people think it's not tough enough. Maybe they want people thrown in jail for 10 years or they want people executed.""

So its a little late for Chertoff to be complaining. Don't start a fight you can't finish.


Wow, looked at that ABCNews link and read some of the comments. At least it's obvious who's watching thier news.

hit and run

High Noon, the Conyers hearing begins...

Go Joe Go!

If the witnesses testify in the order they appear on the website, Joe is leading off.

Oh, sorry, I mean, "The Honorable Joseph C. Wilson IV"


"Oh, sorry, I mean, "The Honorable Joseph C. Wilson IV"

How does one pronounce that,is it "The Honorable Joseph C. Wilsonive","The Honorable Joseph C. Wilsonif" or "The Honorable Joseph C. Wilson Iv"? We need to know, for the sake of protocol.

Other Tom

While I'm generally sympathetic to Malkin's politics, I find her personally insufferable.

Mornin', everybody.

hit and run

Well, for the sake of protocol, we may consider...

Wilson, Joseph C., IV


Wilson, Joseph Sieve

Other Tom

Oh, what exquisite joy I get from the following AP item:

"The Live Earth concert, Al Gore's sprawling worldwide effort to raise environmental awareness, wasn't a big television draw. NBC's Saturday-night highlights show was seen by 2.75 million people, according to Nielsen Media Research, or fewer people than watched the soccer match between Argentina and Peru that night on Univision."

But I guess in fairness we might note that perhaps Argentina v. Peru is a biggie. Hee hee...

hit and run

By the way, you did see that Live Earth couldn't even match the viewers for the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

This may seem counterintuitive, but that fact is evidence of people's fear of global warming.

How many more years can the Earth endure the warming before hockey players have to take up water polo because there won't be any more ice left?

We only have a few more years to watch hockey. Better make the most of it now, while we can.

Carol Herman

"Ice" and "Summer" don't seem to resonate, together, anyway.

While John McCain has joined Algore, in terms of fading away in spite of media coverage.

Goes to show what "media coverage" can do fer ya.



1. IMHO if we do get attacked by any illegal alien terrorist then I want Chertoff's head on a silver platter. The head of the DHS should be doing his job not giving his opinion on immigration issues. And Chertoff is most definitely not doing his job.

Personally I've had enough of that twit.

2. Harry Potter dies. So does Neville Longbottom.

3. Is it just me or is the Republican party becoming more and more irritating?


This is an open letter to Al Gore in respect to Global warming.Quite frankly Al old Pal I want some,the weather here is crap,bloody July and it is like late September,cold it has rained heavily for the last four weeks.
Now might say that Global warming is for those rich folks who can afford it whilst the rest of us need to reduce our "carbon footprint",which seems a bit shitty to expect a carbon based life form to do,are you sure you aren't a droid?
I've got to tell you Al,that my biggest "carbon footprint" is going to be at the Crematorium,about two weeks after the hypothermia gets me,so lighten up Al,be a pal,donate some of those "Carbon Credit" millions you have got stashed away.I put my central heating back on for the "Summer",you pay for it,OK?

Other Tom

Peter, you just don't understand, do you? The earth, like one's infant child, has a "correct" tmeperature, and when it rises above that level the earth has a "fever." By an absolutely extraordinary coincidence, the correct temperature for the earth just happens to be the one that prevailed when Al Gore was a boy.

Isn't that amazing? But such coincidences do occur. Who would ever have thought, for example, that Lou Gehrig would succumb to Lou Gehrig's disease?


Tell me what the "correct temperature should be"before we shovel billions and trillions into the maw of these idjits.
BTW, did you notice they are now calling it "climate change" not global warming? Probably because everytime Gore mounts one of these things, the temperature falls precipitously--Snow in Argentina this time.
Coincidence? I think not. I think Gaia is sending a message.

http://www.americanthinker.com/2007/07/global_warming_and_solar_radia_1.html>Traitor talk


Question dumb Republicans won't ask Joe Wilson:

1. Regardless of you entire Niger operation, you still believed Iraq possessed and would use WMD against the United States if we provoked him. You wrote articles to that affect after your Niger mission, is that correct.

2. Did your wife ever provide information to you that was not publicly available. Did she ever suggest she believed Iraq did not have any WMD? Did she tell you or her superiors?

3. Were you aware that Mr. Clark, President Clintons chief expert on terroism, believed and wrote a memo stating that if we go after Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, be will leave there and head to Iraq. Do you think Mr. Clarks memos to the National Security Advisor, such as this one, should have been taken seriously, or was he prone to fits of fantasy?

4. Did your wife support you writing the article in the New York Times knowing clearly that her identity would be undercovered since she was so closely associated with your trip?

Come now Mr. Wilson, your an intelligent man. You knew the press would eat this story up. There would be investigations, there would be hearings at some point in the future. By your own admission your wife:

1. Told you the CIA was interested in you going.
2. Wrote a memo to her boss recommending you.
3. Escorted and introduced at a meeting on the subject.
4. Attended your debriefing.

How is it possible that her identity would never come out?

Rick Ballard

For those awaiting the verdict - Mark Steyn provides an apologia (of sorts) for Conrad.

Since our haruspix seem somewhat reluctant to delve on this one I will boldyly predict that today will either be a Black day or a black day.

ION - The Haditha "case" continues to shed bits and pieces.

Bill in AZ

h&r: "This may seem counterintuitive, but that fact is evidence of people's fear of global warming."

Not counterintuitive at all - the Goracle blathered endlessly about hockey sticks and temperature charts during his Global Warming days. Folks just naturally wanted to see what it's all about.


Isn't that wonderful news about Haditha?
I think it's a tie as to which was Time's most outrageously false story? McGirk's Haditha or Cooper's War on Wilson With a Question Mark at the end.


Al,I have to tell you,you really piss me off,remember pissant "Thou ar't mortal"

Other Tom

Well, you pose a tough question, Clarice. After all, don't you recall Time's joint venture with CNN and the leftist Peter Arnett, wherein they concluded that the US had used sarin gas in a raid in Vietnam? The evidence of the outright falsity of their story was so overwhelming that they finally retracted it in disgrace.


Forgot that doozy.OT. Maybe we can get TM to run a contest as to which of these 3 Time outrages was the worst.


"By an absolutely extraordinary coincidence, the correct temperature for the earth just happens to be the one that prevailed when Al Gore was a boy."

Ah yes! The halcyon days of the Jurassic,when the Algoresaurs sunned themselves to bring their huge ungainly bodies up to ambient temperature.

hit and run

Anyone gonna watch Conyers hearing?

Anyone gonna live-blog?

I mean, I am just on the edge of my seat at the thought of hearing Joe Wilson.

Or a window-ledge.


I hope someone watches it and reports!

Here's Steyn on Black:
"With a verdict expected later today, it's worth reprising the ground rules as noted here an eternity ago:

a) If the jury convicts Black, Boultbee and Atkinson on the non-competes, that's a victory for the US government.

b) If the jury convicts Black only on Barbara's birthday party and/or the Toronto Street security video, that's a huge loss for the US government.

The non-competes are the cake. Everything else is thin and sour frosting.

After four months in Chicago, today will find me far away on a prior engagement in Continental Europe. If it is bad news, I'm sorry I won't be there to support my old boss, but I'm glad I won't be around for the high-fiving of the Fleet Street lads as they stampede off to write for the first draft of history. I'm often asked by pals from across the pond what I "really think". I "really" think what I've argued here since March - that Conrad Black did nothing illegal, and that he has been retrospectively criminalized by the government's narrative. "



Can you watch it on a website?

hit and run

judiciary website

I can't load it, 1) I'm at work. and 2) It uses real media, it would appear, which I can't run anyway...


Found http://judiciary.house.gov/default.aspx>it.

hit and run

OK, Sue, you got it running yet? Is Joe there yet?

I gotta know. How's his hair?

Is he still sporting a beard?

If so, that can only mean one thing.

He's going covert.


Yes, I've got it running, no, I don't see Joe, and so far all they are doing is tapping the microphone and saying hello, hello, hello. ::grin::


It kind of looks like a camera phone is being used to broadcast it. When Val testified, it was clear as a bell. I see a conspiracy somewhere...

hit and run

so far all they are doing is tapping the microphone and saying hello, hello, hello.

I think the hearing just hit its apex


Rove's messing with the audio again, isn't he, that devil?


Committee coming to order. Audio is okay. Visual is horrible.

Rick Ballard

"Visual is horrible."

Nah - Conyer's really does look like that.

hit and run


MILWAUKEE - Some Wisconsin brewers held their own version of the Boston Tea Party, spewing beer suds into the Milwaukee River to protest legislation they say hampers start-up breweries.

They staged their sticky protest Tuesday against a proposed update to post-Prohibition laws related to the blooming business of craft beermaking.

Why does the beer have to suffer!!!???!?!?!?!


Fitzgerald declined to participate. Conyers hopes he will change his mind at a future date. Wants WH to testify and not exert executive privilege. No response from WH yet.


Lamar Smith-TX, taking the committee to task for wasting time in a useless hearing.


Smith reminding committee of Sandy Burglar.


Sounds like the Reps are finally coming to life.


Smith discussing Clinton pardon of Rich.

Explains he was a fugitive from justice. Wife contributed to Clintons.

Discussing the pardons of the terrorists.

Asks democrats who failed to condemn Clinton to show Bush the same leniency.

Manufactured outrage.

Avoid becoming party of howlers by refusing to join the Bush bashers.


Mr. (sic) Wilson is being recognized. His credentials are being touted. I should say hyped.

First witness.

Testimony limited to 5 minutes.

(H&R, the visual is so bad I can't tell if he has a beard)

He is claiming, as fact, that Cheney ordered Libby to leak Val's status. He did not mention Armitage in the same breath as Novak.


Bush has now cast a suspicious cloud over his office.


No incentive for Libby to flip Cheney.


Will answer any and all "legitimate" questions.


Basically, everything Wilson said was straight off the pages of any left-leaning blog site. No facts, no mention of Armitage.

hit and run

From Byron on the Corner:

Former ambassador Joseph Wilson just began his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee by referring to one "I. Libbis Lewey." Wilson quickly corrected himself. Perhaps it was just a slip — they can happen in the spotlight — but perhaps, like "Hubert Horatio Hornblower" coming from the mouth of Jimmy Carter, "I. Libbis Lewey" is a term of art in some anti-Libby circles.


That's the forked tongue in action. I'm serious.


I'm going to lunch. I hope I get back before questions are posed to Wilson. ::grin::

The guy up now is boring, BTW.


A brave new world The Algoreistas can turn your life off.


"Fitzgerald declined to participate. Conyers hopes he will change his mind at a future date. Wants WH to testify and not exert executive privilege. No response from WH yet."

If Fitzgerald won't go near this,the WH should treat it like the wrong end of the toilet brush.


I suspect Schumer has a bone to pick with Fitzgerald. He's not the only one.

Other Tom

Oh God--I remember that "Hubert Horatio Hornblower" moment like it was yesterday. I can still remember the crowd (it was at the convention) sounding like a giant balloon with the air escaping.

A similar moment with that horrid stupe occurred during a campaign speech in Houston, at a time when Kenny Stabler had become the Oilers' QB. Carter wanted to ingratiate himself with the crowd by pretending to be a football fan, so he said "I'm just hoping that Kenny Stadler [sic] can turn things around." Another giant, embarrassed sigh from the crowd.


The White House has it cold. They are stonewalling hopeless investigations. The Dems are pursuing imaginary trails.

Rick Ballard

The culture of corruption appears to have claimed another low life Congressman. It's very odd that the Herald can't seem to print which party is involved. Probably a space limitation, after all, that "(D)" takes up a lot of room.

Other Tom

The Madness continues. From Bloomberg News:

"July 10 (Bloomberg) -- If one of the more extreme responses to global warming comes true, driving a sports car anywhere but on a racetrack might be relegated to history's dustbin.

"Fast, powerful cars within a few years may be outlawed in Europe, an idea that has been raised ostensibly because Ferraris and Porsches produce too much carbon dioxide. For those who abhor sports cars as vulgar symbols of affluence (along with vacation homes, furs and fancy jewelry), such a ban could be a two-fer: Saving the planet while cutting economic inequality."

How fondly I remember the "yacht tax" imposed by the Democrats. Everyone applauded it until it was discovered that it had a brutal impact on the yacht-building industry in George Mitchell's Maine. Whereupon the tax disappeared like a striped-assed ape.


I am watching this on real player, video is not too bad but they need more lights

EW reports that there are more thuglicans than dems present, and that they are drolling at chance to question Wilson


Joe has shaved the beard, hair looks fabulous


rethug member complaining that hearing was billed as looking at past presidential pardons, & none of the witnesses has addressed it.


woooo..sensebrenner sez waste of time, pres power vested in constitution, dems waasting time, 70% of the laws they've passed so far were to name Post Offices


Other Tom,
""Fast, powerful cars within a few years may be outlawed in Europe, an idea that has been raised ostensibly because Ferraris and Porsches produce too much carbon dioxide."

Sounds very much like Clarice's "Sumptuary Taxes".Of course fast limousines for the Nomenklatura will not be banned,they need the speed because of the terrorist threat.

hit and run

windansea, thanks!

You may not be as cute as Sue (I've never seen you in earmuffs) but I appreciate your work...


Joe wilson....'no question that Armitage,Libby and Rove were actively peddling Val's name"

I heard that too...

Val was protecting us all from WMDs, blah blah death threats blah blah


You may not be as cute as Sue

Of course not.


"Of course fast limousines for the Nomenklatura will not be banned,they need the speed because of the terrorist threat."
GoreIII's sister bailed him out with $20 K cash and drove him home on the very night of the Live Jive concert in her Mazzeratti.
You can't parody these people.


You may not be as cute as Sue

Of course not.

hey...the chicks in grade school dug me in my earmuffs


Wow. I thought this hearing was on the commutation of Libby's sentence. I am now learning it is another hearing on Bush misleading us into war.


Wow...again...this man from Florida is really indignant that Libby's sentence was commuted. He must have marks on his paper telling him when to stress words!

Crunchy Frog


"Why does the beer have to suffer!!!???!?!?!?!"

That's alcohol abuse.


Joe is trying to keep life in the civil suit, and hoping Fitz doesn't turn on him.


Bush hasn't lost his touch. Redstate says he timed the commutation for the 4th of July when BJ was scheduled to join Hillary! on the stump--therefore reminding everyone when the Dems complained (as they were sure to)of Clinton's scandalous pardons.

hit and run

In other hearing news...

Over at the Corner, Sara Taylor is getting bad reviews:

Over on C-Span 3 [David Freddoso]

I'm watching Sarah Taylor, President Bush's political adviser from 2005-2007, testify on the U.S. Attorney firings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. It's a total disaster. Leahy is just schooling her. She is dissheveled, inarticulate, bumbling — lots of "uhs" and "ums," and at times answers that appear to open the door to more questions unnecessarily.

And on the house judiciary website, it appears Harriet Miers will testify before Conyers tomorrow.

hit and run

Crunchy Frog:
That's alcohol abuse.

And if there were any justice, any at all, a special prosecutor would be assigned to investigate.


She should have used her Paperazzi,get 50 miles per glass out of those things.


PUK with the new EU Empire underway, I expect those sumptuary laws to return--Stripes on ones cravat, type of shoes, cars, every minor privilege given to the Brussels Sprouts will be fought over to the death and the source of plebe envy.


I can't watch or listen to anymore.


They all look like giant cockroaches, don't they, sue?

Rick Ballard

The Senate dipsticks don't look any better. Taylor gave some nice "and your equine transportation unit, too" answers to the Senate dweebs and received the contempt threat in return.

Should the President promise to pardon anyone cited for contempt by the Congressional Clown Corps? That would be a very entertaining move. He could always claim that "polls show" that 86% of the American people hold Congress in contempt, so it's manifestly unjust to cite just one.

hit and run

I can't watch or listen to anymore.

Who had 2:54 pm in the pool for when Sue would give up watching the buffoonery? Anyone?


I haven't researched executive privilege but I suspect Taylor cannot waive it for the President and Schumer is wrong:
"Some lawmakers said Taylor's decision to answer some questions weakened Bush's executive privilege claim.

"I think sometimes you've stepped on one side of the line and then not wanted to step on the other," said Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. "This broad claim of privilege doesn't stand up."

Some lawmakers..it is more accurate with a Yiddush type accent on the "some".


It's 1:54 here. ::grin::

I had to keep reminding myself which hearing this was. Presidential pardons. Which naturally lead back to the Bush lied, kids died meme.

Patrick R. Sullivan
Wow. I thought this hearing was on the commutation of Libby's sentence. I am now learning it is another hearing on Bush misleading us into war.

It got so bad even Joe Wilson couldn't take it. He had to correct Delahunt(sp?) that the vote on the use of force in Iraq was before the 2003 SOTU.

But you have to wonder about congressmen who don't seem to realize they're giving the game away and admitting Fitz's WAS a political prosecution.


OMG. I'm about to puke. Have y'all seen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sudw4ghVe8>this?


Looking at Congress,I think it is very lucky there aren't any head-hacking,spittle flecked religious fanatics with nuclear weapons and a death wish out there.I mean it would make all this look terribly inconsequential and self indulgent wouldn't it?


That should motivate the Sapphic vote,however what will beer drinking fathers of girls think of it?

Other Tom

I would bet everything I own that nothing Sara Taylor does, when she has been urged by the president not to testify, can be construed as a waiver of executive privilege.

Concerning Joe Wilson's civil suit, nothing--absolutely nothing--that he says before this committee, or before anyone else, can help him at all in his lawsuit. It can either hurt him, or it can have no effect. The one thing it cannot do is help him. I spent a good part of my (so-called) adult life trying to persuade clients of this simple fact, not always successfully. The best, most ironclad advice a lawyer can ever give, right up until the trial rolls around, is "say nothing." But it's harder than you might think to get them to act accordingly.

Without seeing anything the portly "ambassador" said, it is my fond hope that somewhere along the way he stepped on his Joy Unit.

hit and run

That should motivate the Sapphic vote,however what will beer drinking fathers of girls think of it?

Huh? What?

I can't get to YouTube at work. I hope it won't be too late by the time I get home in a couple hours.

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