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July 01, 2007



The paraphrase Mrs. Edwards was struggling with doesn't sound like Kierkegaard or Nietzsche to me. Could she have been thinking of Rosie O'Donnell?


John Edwards doesn't have a Chinamen's chance at getting elected.

What makes me curious, is WHERE DOES HIS MONEY COME FROM?

Is it possible that the Madison Avenue types, smelling future business, FUND him, now?

Edwards hasn't tapped Joe Trippi's database. Let me tell ya! What's that? Howie Dean really did raise $40-million from poor people. He did it because he promised those hard on the left "that he would kill Bush."

All Dean did was terrify the elite insiders in the Bonkey party. So, in an attempt to toss him out, well; Wesley Clark was brought in. Kevin Drum's blog lost altitude. And, gained anger from those who decided they didn't have to stop by.

The Bonkeys really do have a problem made much worse that what's gonna happen to the GOP.

One thing I've noticed is that Bush, who loves secrets! Got ahold of McCain last January. And, cooked up this scheme of an immigration bill. It was supposed to make McCain a front-runner, believe it or not.

Bush has 16 months, or so, left to scramble. Or? He can take one long hiatus of a vacation. There are lots of duds in the senate, now; who are viewing themselves as "the car that didn't explode."

And, the young turks? Well, there's something to be said about politicians; and families of the ultra rich. After the rich man dies, they can't get to the lawyers fast enough. To discuss the "estate."

Currently? It looks like McCain's the loser. And, it looks like John Edwards is caught in his stall. (Funded by people who have an interest in keeping enough candidates around, so their own businesses grow. It's not all George Soros. Because even Soros isn't stupid enough to fund John Edwards.)


Mrs. Edwards seems like a nice lady and I’m sorry that she has cancer. Beyond that I don’t understand the theme or narrative that Edwards is offering.

Bush and Cheney ran on the theme that “Help is on the way”, for the military, for education, for overburdened taxpayers. John Kerry ran on the theme of “I could possibly win”.

What is the theme or vision of an Edwards Presidency? Would people vote for him just because he doesn't like Ann Coulter or Fox News?


"$400.00 haircuts for everyone!" Hmmm, needs a little work.


Two America's. His and everyone else's.


He's channeling fetuses again metaphorically--using the death of a child and his wife's illness to insulate him from scrutiny. What a despicable weasel...and weaselette.


"Halp" is on the way ... Was John Gigolo Kerry's theme ... up on his nomination stage.

MikeS: Did Kerry's salute fool you? Did you not listen?

Bush and Cheney ran on "competence." While, people in 2004, were more frightened of Kerry. So Bush picked up so many extra votes, you could call 2004 a "blow out" election.

It's what went to Dubya's head.

The man's not that good at making business decisions. And, Paul O'Neill, in THE PRICE OF LOYALTY, had to grapple with why Cheney was behaving as he was. (Which came as a surprise, to O'Neill.) Then, he decided the problem with Cheney is that he was an "ideologue" too.

Bush has been cut off from having a good staff; because Bush doesn't tolerate opinions that are different than his own.

Took a bit of time for this crap to catch up. But for now? His legacy is gone. Ann Coulter calls him a nincompoop. And, I just call him Jimmy Bush. Ain't gonna go anywhere but down.

As to his plans to take McCain UP to new heights, seems the edge of the cliff came faster than those old men, thought. Because the Immigration Bill wasn't only "sick" ... it died. And, it's changed the way things go in in the senate cloakroom, as well.

We may even see changes in the makeup of the senate by the fall? Otherwise? The senators know that they got themselves in a heap of trouble. Before their dates for re-election rolls around. Believe me, it would have been better to be caught naked, in a fountain, with a whore. And, drunk.

But the old media hasn't been able to recognize a story even when it comes onto their screens with flashing red lights.


Rasmussen reports that as the immigration bill was sinking, people self-identifying as Reps went up one percent.

Think of that.I actually do not find it surprising. People opposed amnesty and figured out the Dems would have passed it and then some.

Rick Ballard

“It was Nietzsche or Kierkegaard who said you have to believe in something so strongly that you don’t acknowledge another’s point of view: That’s what real belief is.”

What Nietzsche said was:

"Once the decision has been made, close your ear even to the best counter argument: sign of a strong character. Thus an occasional will to stupidity." [Beyond Good and Evil]

She certainly exhibits a "will to stupidity". That or Col. Kurtz was her mentor in studying Nietzsche.


Carol: Before we dive into hypotheticals (the Edwardses may remain unelected to anything), let's answer a similar question with much more relevance to all of our lives: where did Bush's money come from?


Manys. Go answer your own questions. I don't have time for you. Everybody is entitled to an opinion. And, just running in a race doesn't cut ya the winnah's medal.

As to what John Edwards wants, is MONEY. And, it seems he not only taps other lawyers; but he's getting money from the very people who see him as a benefit, down the road. In other words? Someone's fronting him the dough he spends advertising "his and her's" wares. At some point he's supposed to make those that give grow richer.

As a business decision? It can fail.

"What a despicable weasel...and weaselette."

Sorry Clarice. But it's such a nice line, I had to repeat it.


The woman is obviously a saint,she is married to a guy who borrows her hairbrush,uses her tweezers,filches her night cream,face packs,hogs the hair dryer and is constantly asking her,"Does my butt look big in this".
A saint I tell you.


..and can she get him out of the bathroom???

Other Tom

A plaintiff's lawyer with a grotesquely nouveau house and nothing to do.


“It was Nietzsche or Kierkegaard who said you have to believe in something so strongly that you don’t acknowledge another’s point of view: That’s what real belief is.”

Heh. What would http://www.amazon.com/Tragic-Legacy-Mentality-Destroyed-Presidency/dp/0307354199/ref=sr_1_1/102-0656899-7679342?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1183332092&sr=1-1 >Glenn Greenwald say?


Isn't she praising exactly the sort of thing the Left are always accusing Bush of?


Coulter is the sort of thing that would make Hannible Lecter think about a good chianti with which to marinate her ugly mean spirited name calling mouth.

She could be a commentor here. No issues--glued to Fox Noise--all chanting in unison like the Jim Jones people temple, drinking large vats of People Juice.

Oh Look! See Hillary bring Bill to Iowa. See her crowds triple because Bill is there. But bill did such evil things with Monica. The people don't seem to care.

They come to see Bill and cheer wildly wishing he had stayed in the White House and then 80% of them wouldn't tell pollsters they hate Bush, they hate the Republican Congresspeople like the moron from Ohio that barely beat Hackett in a heavily Republican district heavily financed by the RNC and they hate the no oversite for six years Republican Senate.

What? You say bookends and toomb stones could provide better oversight than the nasty Tom Davis.III (can you imagine 3 of those little chiuauas runnin' around one one dias?

So pissed off because the new Chairman can cut him off? So pissed off because Waxman is exerting oversight he doesn't want to see as a rubber stamp for Rove?

And people are telling him to get used to being in an even smaller minority soon. Mah goodness.

They say Bill lied about Monica. Like Fred Fielding lied the other day when he wrote

Fred Fieldings Go Fkoff Letter

He attached Clement's conflict of interest opinion.

Who be this Clement? He be the SG--the Solicitor Genera of the Youtubenited States.

He is jokingly in charge of investigating the criminal firings of the US Attorneys by Rove and Cheney using the puppet lil Boy Bushie.

They aren't criminal because they serve in case you haven't heard the phrase ad nauseam at the pleasure of da Presseyduuunt (who doesn't lift a finger without killing people these days--no he diiiunt you say--but yes he did the Dover
Coffins say--they're really dead and rotting in there) but the Administration--and Bartlett have always said "No Not Gonna Show 'em--wouldn't be Prudent."

The firings are criminal because they were done when Republican US Attorneys who had experience would prosecute the Democrats that Republicans like Pete the Dominici his Holiness and Heather Wilson wanted prosecuted so their candidates could win elections that they didn't win.

Dominici has hired an attorney you say and Heather too. Why of course. Witnesses now hire attorneys in criminal investigations and trials. It gets expensive and right now the bus load of former DOJ employees have had to hire them. Two more resigned this week quietly. Rachel Brand say she having baby and women who have baby always quit their jobs. You never see pregnant women in the workplace. Me thinks Brand resigned for many other reasons than baby in her uterus.

Fred Fielding lied to the press when he said the White house had no personal involvement in the firing of U.S. Attorneys and no contact with Gonzales to fire them. Gonzales is the Attorney General who said he couldn't remember anything over 70 times to the SJ commmitee. I would have asked the question "Who dressed you today?"


'“But I like it when somebody expresses their view with clarity and force,” she said.'

I'll bet Ann Coulter will get a kick out of that one.


"Hannible" =Hannibal

Forget the quality,look at the length.

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