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July 23, 2007


Rick Ballard

Maybe a sitcom would help? Something like "The Comissar and the Village Idiots" with an all knowing vindictive termagant determined to enforce rules to "make their lives better at any cost"?

It could work.


hit and run

As long as they don't introduce a blonde female CTU agent that people can compare to Val...


As long as they don't introduce a blonde female CTU agent that people can compare to Val...

The the blonde agent would wear a wig, that way she would have a super-duper disguise while on under cover missions.
Who could play Bill Clinton? suggestions?
Bill bob thortain (sic ) He could reprise his bad santa role.
how about Hillary? Kera Segwick? mmm. how about the bitch agent from Entourage?
The one that fought with Ari Gould and later fired Vince?
AG? I nominate James Spader from Boston Legal..No wait..William Shatner..perfect!
Any other suggestions?


Being anywhere near Jack Bauer seems to bring high risk if not death.

That said, it will be interesting if "24" manages to create a real contrast between their fictional President and Jack Bauer, and how a Hiliary Clinton president might act toward a Jack Bauer-like operative.

And while some have expressed displeasure at the notion of a "Flame"-like character, will there be a "Bill" type character and even worse, a "Monica" like character ? Of course, since this is "24", the three of them will probably by "gassed" while in bed.


From her IMDB page, she'll probably a Republican, since she played the evil
(is there any other kind) wife of a
Conservative Republican; who wanted to
ban stem cell research; repel gravity or
some such things. Last season, it started well but it caught up with byzantine sub" I
Claudius" type office politics, and the
Chinese appratchik; a little two much like
Surnow and Cochran's previous offering; La
Femme Nikita.


Sorry, Tom. Your analysis fails to take into account one vital fact: Jack doesn't have time to worry about the gender of the President.

The rest of us do.



Mr Ballard,
How about Catherine the Grate.


Another in a long line of leftist smears of our troops. The guy is obviously saying just what the liberals want to hear:



I know if I heard someone talk like that, it would be more then a verbal reprimand.
This giy would have a broken jar to take home as a souvenir.


Given that this is "24", the important unanswered question is ..

who the vice-president ?

I mean, Jack has had a habit of having a President for a day (24 hours) or less.


Everything is bad for Democrats.


It's true in Season 2; a nuclear plot masterminded by a Caspian Sea oil magnate;
deposed President Palmer, using his chief
of staff; to prevent him from launching a
ground and sea assault on three countries.
Not long after this, the President was incapacitated by toxic agent. In Season 4
an attack on Air Force One; forced another presidential succession; to prevent another nuclear attack. Season 5; the seemingly
inept but corrupt succesor failed to suffer a proper reckoning. In Season 6; yet another plot by the same PNAC like cabal brought the hawk to power.

With Spike TV casting an Iraq War veteran, as a heroic or antihero bank robber for good reasons in their 8 hr Kill Point series; ABC putting forth as part of
a scifi anthology: a Howard Fast? tale, set in Iraq; where US forces have shot down an angel; the insults never end.



I'm reading Sabotage. Chapter 6 is about the Wilson's. Scarborough does a really good job with the entire sordid event, up to and thru val's most recent perjury in front of Congress, Hayden's refusal to brief the republicans, but distributing talking points to the democrats, and Victoria Toensing telling hayden he doesn't know the law at the gridiron dinner.

It's good.

Patrick R. Sullivan

A guy for whom timing is indeed everything had Robert Novak on this morning. He only lightly touched on Joe and Val (What Nick and Nora Charles would have been like if they were uninteresting), but Novak had some interesting things to say about Presidents he knew.

The Novak interview is at about the 55 minute mark.

One thing I didn't know is that he met his wife when she was a secretary to Vice-President LBJ. He also mentioned that the kind of manipulation that worked for LBJ as Senate Majority Leader didn't serve him at all well as President.


You can't do the debates tonight, right? I'm sad!
The good news is, this isn't the gay debate. It's the You Tube debate, hosted by Anderson Cooper. Surely Anderson Cooper wouldn't be hosting the gay debate.



Thanks for reminding me. I just went to CNN to TIVO it and it's not listed. Is it only on YouTube.


Oh- and kudos to Tom Maguire for his strategy in making us embrace the challenge word. Remember when we all used to complain about them? Yet after the registration debacle, typing the word seems so fast, so easy!


That's weird, Jane. YouTube says it's on CNN at 7 pm. Maybe they are both trying to disavow it.


I liked registration. All I needed to do was to click on the login link and then click my magic wand. Or even better, keep a separate tab open with a short JOM thread, and click on the login link once, and after that, all I had to do was click on Back and then Login every time typepad logged me out.

Now I have to type in my name and email (and paste in a url to get my name in blue) every single bloody time I post. It's a wonder you don't see more posts from caqthyf and lord-only-knows what typos...


Poerline is live blogging the Debate


Aha! A magic wand, eh? I'll bet that's how you conjure up those marvelous posts, too.
My browser works with the "Remember personal info?" check box, so that's the closest I have to a magic wand. I'm good at entering the nonsensical verification word, as most of what I type is nonsensical.

Ralph L

I'm using IE7. It remembers the personal info sporatically, usually after midnight.

I watched some of first season of 24, none since, it was too over the top. They probably switch Presidents so she/he won't come to dominate the show like Bartlett did the Left Wing. Bet Sutherland has it in his contract.

Barney Frank

--Will this provide Hillary any kind of a tailwind?--

Only if she can use her plus-size bloomers as a spinnaker.

Ralph L

Doesn't Hillary! wear thongs?
Sorry if I spoiled anyone's dinner.


Ralph L,
They bought her one,but nobody has seen it since.


My son and I got obsessed with 24 one summer. We only could rent three episodes at a time, so we'd stay up 'til 2am watching them. The next afternoon, as soon he rolled out of bed, he'd ride his bike up to the DVD rental counter and get the next set of episodes.
Then, after about hour 19 we just wore out on it. I found myself obsessing with the heroine's lipstick. She'd be tortured and the lipstick would be off. She'd run around the airport and the lipstick was back on. All I wanted was to see the scene where she would be in the middle of defusing a bomb, and she'd pause to reapply her gloss. It's what I would do.


LOL Best comment of the day...
Yes, you did spoil my dinner. But remember she has to compete with Monica so all's fair...


Ralph L,
They bought her one,but nobody has seen it since.


Introductory Tuber:

Answer the questions!

Anderson Cooper: It's going to be unpredictable.

Followed by the out-takes and Joe Biden busted (surprise).


Q1: "How are you going to be and different [from every other politician]?"

Dodd: Lists legislative accomplishments. Uniter not divider.

Obama: desire for change among electorate. Need to change Washington. Influence of special interests must be diminished.

Q2: (for Kucinich) "Why are you a better President than Clinton or Obama?"

Kucinich: Voted against war and war funding. Wouldn't send any soldier to war for political reasons. Strength through peace. "Use the science of human relations and diplomacy."

Clinton: "United for change." Who's ready to lead on day one? 35 years of experience uniting people.

Obama: Change attitude of elected representatives not just parties.

Q3: Clinton's definition of liberal.

Clinton: Used to mean "for freedom." Now means "big government." Calls self "proud modern American progressive."

Gravel: Disunited. Attacks Obama over campaign contributions.

Obama: I disclose everything as required by my own legislation. That's leadership.


Q4: Who would be your Republican running mate?

Biden: Hagel, with Lugar as secretary of state. Accomplishments: Biden crime act. Public financing of elections.

Edwards: Hagel would be good choice. How achieve change? Fight big pharma, oil. Take power from them. Like I did as a trial lawyer.

Dodd video: About his hair. (Wilson should have endorsed him).


Mother Sheehan: Democrats are the party of war, slavery, and nuclear holocaust

posted at 4:46 pm on July 23, 2007 by Allahpundit

I feel … a strange new respect. What was it Maureen Dowd said she had again?

Ah, yes. Absolute moral authority:

The Democrats are the party of slavery and were the party that started every war in the 20th century, except the other Bush debacle. The Federal Reserve, permanent federal income taxes, not one but two World Wars, Japanese concentration camps, and not one but two atom bombs dropped on the innocent citizens of Japan — all brought to us via the Democrats.


Yeah! I forgot the democrat debate was on going:

Edwards: A better advocate for women than Hillary!?

More women affected by min. wage, to raise it to $9.50 an hour by 2012; I've got the strongest and boldest ideas...

Clinton: ...I went to China to advocate for women's rights (I'd be more impressed if she said KSA)...who would be a better advocate...isn't that a nice change


Gay marriage question ....

Kucinich-Yes...welcome to a better america in a Kucinich Administration


Richardson-would eliminate "don't ask, don't tell"...domestic partner laws...for affirmative action


Question: Why is it still right to use religion to discriminate against gay americans...from U-tube by a "reverend"

Edwards: I want to end discrimation...everyone on this stage will committ themselves to...

Did he answer the question...what did you not here

Edwards: Its wrong to deny any one their rights...

Anderson:What is the difference between the ban on inter-racial marrige and gay marriage?

Obama: Its the individual denominations to make that decision

Yikes, the debate is worse than I thought


Q5: Reparations for slavery?

Edwards: No. But other problems. Higher mortgages for blacks. "What we need is someone who will take these people on."

Obama: Reparations needed are investements in schools (big cheer). Bad facilities, unqualified teachers. Need to change that.

Kucinich, alone, is for reparations. "Inequality of opportunity." Repeats Edwards talking point about big evil companies. Adds defense contractors.

Q6: Did race and class affect response to Katrina? What if had struck an affluent community?

Dodd: Better response if it had been in a white-community. FEMA should have been prepared to respond to predictable emergency.

Richardson: Katrina response inexcusable. Get rid of red tape. Let people come home. No more predatory lending. The President has to care not just stage photo opportunities.

Q7: Race and gender in discussions about Clinton and Obama.

Obama: Talks about trying to catch cab in Manhattan. Race critical problem. "I do believe in the core decency of the American people." White House hasn't done enough. Need to close disparities in income and education in order to overcome racial problems.

Clinton: "I couldn't run as anything other than a woman." Proud to be running as a woman (big cheer), not running because she is a woman, but running because she will do the best job. Do what's best for America's families. Good leadership.

Cooper Q: Was wife right that Edwards would be better advocate for women?

Edwards: Doesn't want racist or sexist voters voting for him. Raise minimum wage to $9 by 2012. More women are in poverty, have trouble getting health care than men. Strongest, boldest ideas on women's issues.

Clinton: Respect for Elizabeth Edwards. Trip to Beijing in 1995. Voted to raise minimum wage. Great to be arguing who will be better for women.

Q8: Gay marriage. Allow it?

Kucinich: Yes.

Dodd: Civil unions, not marriage.

Richardson: Civil unions achievable, with marriage rights. Hate crimes act and revocation of don't ask, don't tell. Non-discrimination laws.

Q9: Why does Edwards use religion to justify opposition to same-sex marriage?

Edwards: "I feel enormous personal conflict about this issue." Doesn't support gay marriage but doesn't want to impose his faith on others.

Obama asked about interracial vs. gay marriage.

Obama: everyone needs to be equal under law and the legislation I've proposed on civil unions would do that. Denominations can do what they want as far as recognition.

Clinton video: Series of cue cards. I couldn't read the first one's but eventually it got around to discussing WMD's in Iraq. Cue Other Tom's list of quotes from Democratic politicians on the subject.


I can't watch it anymore...just can't do it


Halftime review: Obama is doing pretty well, especially with the crowd. Clinton is having a mistake free night. Edwards was going along very well until the last question, the agony of which was extended by giving the microphone to the minister who asked the question and who said he didn't feel it had been answered. I'm not sure how that exchange will play.

Q10: Darfur. How do you fix it?

Richardson: I've been to that refugee camp. I was asked when America would start helping. Diplomacy, UN troops, pressure on China, EU. No-fly zone option, but don't want UN workers need to get hurt. Have to care about Africa, poverty, etc. not just strategic interests. Need permanent UN peacekeeping force. "America needs to respond with diplomacy."

Biden: Should send US troops. "Where we can America must." We should do it now. We can save them with 2500 US troops.

Gravel: We need world government.

Clinton: Need to act instead of talk. Accelerating UN troops. Divestment, diplomacy, no fly zone. NATO no fly zone. American ground troops don't belong at this time. Need to figure out what we're doing in Iraq and Afghanistan.


I'm watching the pirate galleon head out in the bay, getting ready to shoot some fireworks after sunset

watching these panderers would make me ill

modelo #6 says hi

Rick Ballard

"I couldn't run as anything other than a woman."

A big husky lumberjack's shirt wearing, Harley riding, girl's gym teacher of a woman who will rule the world with Bill the Beard at my side... Oops. Would you like to hear my favorite Tollhouse cookie recipe?


RB lol

Barney Frank

Seems like the vast majority of the approved questions are there to challenge the ding dongs to establish their "progressive" bona fides.
Now in a less crackpot world the Repubs in their debate would field questions to establish their "conservative" bona fides.
Anyone think that is likely?


Q11: "How do we pull out now?" Wouldn't Iran, Syria, Russia move in? Don't we have a responsibility to the Iraqis?

Obama: Opposed war from start. As careful getting out as we were careless getting in. No military solution. Iraqi parliament shouldn't go on vacation. Phased withdrawal. Diplomatic surge.

Biden: Take one year to get troops out of Iraq. Need political solution. Mentions his plan for partition. Everyone is stealing my ideas. Not everyone will leave right away.

Q12: Why haven't Democrats ended the occupation? Politics before conscience? Fear of being blamed for losing?

Clinton: Democrats have tried to get Republicans to support timeline. No military solution. Iraqis won't pursue political solution. The Pentagon said I was unpatriotic. Republicans need to stand up to the President with us.

Kucinich: It's politics. "The Democrats have failed the American people." We can cut off funding for Iraq and use the money to bring the troops home.

Dodd: Need timeline in order to put pressure on Iraqi politicians. More diplomacy throughout the reason. We can't do anything about Darfur because of troop commitment in Iraq and lose of moral authority.

Richardson: "The lives of our troops are more important than George Bush's legacy." Bring them home in 6 months.

Q12: Asks Gravel about statement on Vietnam.

Gravel: Soldiers in Vietnam died in vain. "What are they dying for in Iraq?"

Obama: Soldiers have done everything asked of them. Clinton should have asked how we were going to get out of Iraq before we went in. I'll send troops based on sound intelligence and I'll tell the truth. Troops serving their country aren't dying in vain. Need better performance from their leaders.

Edwards: Troops aren't dying in vain. Iraqi parliament shouldn't go on vacation. Need to increase pressure on Bush.

Q13: Should women have to sign up for selective service at age 18?

Dodd: Yes. We need non-mandated universal national service.

Clinton: Yes. Doesn't support draft. Women have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Likes universal national service. Wants public service academy.

Obama: Yes.

Edwards: Yes. Mentions fighter pilot serving with wife.

Gravel: I ended the draft. George Bush can't invade Iran.

Q14: Arab nations treat women as second class citizens. Will they take Clinton seriously: (what a softball)

Clinton: I've met with people all over the Middle East, as first lady and as a Senator. Other countries have female presidents and they get taken seriously. It would be appropriate for a woman to be dealing with the Middle Eastern countries.

Q15: Will you meet with Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, (Cuba?)?

Obama: Yes. How are we punishing countries by not talking to them? Reagan and Kennedy talked to the Soviets? "We have the obligation to find areas where we can potentially move forward." We need to tell Iran and Syria that they have responsibilities if Iraq collapses.

Clinton: I'll promise vigorous diplomatic effort, but I won't let myself be used for propaganda purposes. I'll send envoys to test the waters. We need to know their true intentions.

Edwards: Yes as long as it's not simply propaganda.

Q16: When will we be out of Iraq if you are president? Who served in your family?

Dodd: Wants to get them out before he is president. Mentions national guard service and that of other family members.

Richardson: 6 months, no residual forces (unlike 50,000 under Clinton. Our troops are targets. Diplomacy will be more successful with troops out of there (I think that's what he said).

Biden: We can't get them out in 6 months. Need to protect Americans in Green Zone. 5-10,000 troops necessary for that. Need to send mine resistant vehicles to Iraq.

Clinton: 3-point plan to withdraw from Iraq. Brigade or brigade and a half a month can be withdrawn. Pentagon doesn't seem to have any plans. Need to get President and Pentagon to get to work because we want to withdraw safely and carefully.

Kucinich: We're not going to be in Iraq when the next president takes office. Repeats anti-war credentials. Bring troops home now.


Obama = President David Palmer?

Tom, the 60s are long over but pass that doobie on over here...


Q18: Favorite teacher?

Gravel: Teacher who realized he was dyslexic.

Obama: Fifth grade teacher, who had lived and taught in Kenya. Let him know that his overseas experience was beneficial.

Biden: High-school principal. Taught evil of abuse of power and of standing by and letting it happen.

Edwards: High school english teacher who taught him a mill workers son could achieve great things.

Q19: Would you get rid of No child left behind?

Richardson: Yes, it doesn't work. One size fits all. No teacher training, no help for disabled students. $40,000 minimum wage for teachers. Emphasis on science and math. Federal art program.

Biden: Mistake voting for NCLB. I believed in Ted Kennedy. Start over. Better teachers, smaller classrooms. Wife a teacher for 30 years.


Q20: Public or private school?

Edwards: All children in public school.

Clinton: Chelsea in public school in Arkansas. Didn't go to private school in DC because of press.

Obama: Private school cause best option for kids. Good public schools needed for all America's kids.

Biden: Catholic school.

Kucinich: Public schools.

Gravel: Both. Need competition in education system. Only 30% graduate from high school.

Dodd: (Didn't catch it. ) Need to get NCLB right. Accountability is important.

Q21: Planned parenthood question--what do you tell your children? Do you give your children age appropriate sexual education information?

Edwards: Age appropriate education.

Obama: Age appropriate so that children aren't at mercy of sexual predators.

Q22: about Al Gore. Does discussion about Gore hurt real candidates feelings?

Q23: Frosty the snowman asks about global warming.

Kucinich: connection between Global warring and global warming. Wind, solar power needed. New approach. Sustainability and conservation. Other candidates aren't green enough.


Q24: How decrease energy use?

Gravel: National sales tax.

Dodd: 50 miles per gallon by 2017. Corporate carbon tax to get away from fossil fuels. I drive a hybrid, use efficient lightbulbs.

Show of hands on private jets to get to debate (couldn't see for sure, looked like Clinton, Edwards and Obama raised hands).

Q25: Nuclear power.

Edwards: Opposed. Can't dispose of it.

Obama: We should explore it. No silver bullets. Fuel efficiency, cap on greenhouse gas emissions. Problem has persisted throughout Democratic and Republican administrations. I'll put national interest ahead of special interest unlike Cheney.

Clinton: Take away oil company tax breaks. We need innovation and technology. Agnostic on nuclear power, but maybe we can find a solution to waste problem.


Q26: Standarized voting practices and procedures.

Richardson: Paper trails with touchscreens. Same day registration, get Republicans to stop supressing minority votes.


I rewound the DVR during the break and Clinton, Edwards, Obama Richardson, and Dodd all raised their hands when asked whether they took a private jet to the debate. I couldn't tell about Biden.



You Rock!

hit and run

Raise the JOM mimimum wage for debate live-bloggers 10-fold!

No 100-fold!


Same minute registration--


Same minute registration--

that's just evil


Haven't you got an arena where this lot could fight each other to the death,one where you can release wild beasts to finish off the survivors,call it the Flavian Ampitheatre or the Circus Maximus?


Haven't you got an arena where this lot could fight each other to the death

Wouldn't be legal. But a chariot race might be practical.


OK,they'll have to draw lots for who is the charioteer and who is pulling the chariot.
It's for the horses.Mind you,I bet they would legalise it faster than sh*t off a shovel if they thought the winner could be president.


Q27: Would you be paid the minimum wage to work as President?

Gravel: Yes. We need a living wage.

Dodd: I couldn't live on minimum wage, but we need to increase it.

Edwards: Yes.

Clinton: Sure.

Obama: We can afford to work for the minimum wage because lots of us on this stage have a lot of money.

Richardson: Yes.

Biden: (missed it).

Kucinich: (missed it).

Q28: Cap on social security taxes at $97,000:

Dodd: Support raising level. Against privatization.

Obama: Important option on the table. Need to preserve social security. Need bipartisan solution like Reagan and Tip O'Neill got.

Q29: U.S. is going broke and Washington is doing nothing. Would you raise taxes or cut benefits?

Richardson: Bipartisan effort to fix it. Prevention of diabetes, stop raiding trust fund of social security. No politics, this is the safety net of this country.

Q30: Taxes.

Biden: Get rid of tax breaks to people who don't need it. Need more revenue. Take tax breaks away from people who don't need them.

Q31: Are Dems going to raise taxes?

Kucinich: No. We're going to get rid of Bush tax cuts. We're going to stop waging war. Mentions NAFTA.

Q32: Health care video bonanza. Alzheimers, diabetes, heart disease. Chronic disease, preventable diseases. Low cost drugs for disease prevention.

Obama: My plan provides universal coverage. Couldn't get a plan passed in the 90's because of special interests. President needs to fight special interests (huge cheer).

Edwards: Obama doesn't provide universal coverage, but it is a serious proposal. Need to mandate coverage. Millions suffering. Mentions three day poverty tour. 51 year old man he encountered with cleft palate who didn't have it fixed until he was 50.

Clinton: National disgrace. Need national commitment that universal health care is an American value.

Q33: More health care. The "Undocumented."

Dodd: Stem cell research. Get soft drinks out of schools. (I think he said he would cover the undocumented).

Richardson: Should cover undocumented. Prevention. No soft drinks in schools. More research.

Q34: The dynasty question. How will we get change with Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton?

Clinton: "I think it is a problem that Bush was elected in 2000." Running on own merits, proud of husband's record as president (big cheer). Diversity in democratic party. Any of us on stage better president that Bush or Republican nominee.

Gravel: Dems used to stand for workers. Clinton and DNC sold out to Wall Street. Please wake up.

Obama: Every question evidences cynicism about capacity to change this country. Who will fight the special interests? That's who will be nominated and I'm the best qualified in that respect.

Q35: Church and State.

Biden: Faith and Reason not in conflict.

Q36: Atheist worried Democrat will pander to the religious.

Edwards: Faith important to him personally. As President, won't impose his own faith on American people or base policy decision on it.

Obama: "I am proud of my Christian faith and it informs what I do." Believer in separation of church and state. Translate religious values into moral terms that all understand.

Q37: Gun control.

Richardson: Instant background check. Mentally ill and criminals shouldn't get them. Attacking poverty in inner cities is also important.

Biden: I wrote original assualt weapons legislation.

Obama video: lines from obama speech, with energetic music and lots of screaming supporters.

Q38: Tell us one thing you like and dislike about candidate to left:

Gravel: Like Chris Dodd. I'm worried about where the money is coming from.

Dodd: Like Edwards and wife. Nothing bad to say about him.

Edwards: Admire what Clinton and husband have done for America. "I'm not sure about that coat."

Clinton: Admire and like Obama. Seen tonight how ready the Democrats are to lead.

Obama: I actually like Hillary's jacket. I like that Bill Richardson has devoted life to public service. I don't like that he doesn't like the White Sox.

Richardson: I like all candidates. They'd all make great vice-presidents. Biden has devoted life to public service. Will be great secretary of state.

Biden: Been friends with Kucinich for 25 years. "Dennis the thing I like best about you is your wife."

Kucinich: Gravel showed great courage during Vietnam war.

So it ends.


NRO says Hillary was by far the best. But I'm watching a focus group and Obama is the winner--even those who before the debate were for Hillary--because of his charisma. Most are for an Obama-CLinton ticket--with him as the President.The focus groups also liked the question format


Bravo, Elliott!

I am a woman, and I am offended that poverty is a "womans" issue, that minimum wage is a women's issue. They are issues. They may be important issues. They are not women's issues.



You really did a nice job. I pass the mantle to you!

hit and run

Edwards: Admire what Clinton and husband have done for America. "I'm not sure about that coat."

Edwards REALLY gave fashion advice? No. Seriously. Edwards? Fashion critic.

Woo boy.

Of course he did.



I thought that Hillary did alright mostly because she didn't make mistakes. Edwards mostly strong performance was marred by the gay marriage question from the Baptist minister.

With respect to Obama, I thought his performance was far better than in the last debate, where he looked really awful. The talk about fighting special interests is what worked for McCain in 2000 so it's not too surprising that on a night when he was back to his charismatic self he carried the day. It also didn't hurt that his campaign's video was played at the end. It was very good, and I'll post a link to it if I find it online.


I loved it when Obama pointed out that they could afford to work for minimum wage because they all had money.

I can't help it, I find Biden endearing.


My bold prediction:
If Edwards starts tanking, he'll embrace gay marriage.


LOL. Edwards. The gift that keeps on giving.


I think we should all get together and back Mother Sheehan (she of "absolute moral authority")in her race against Pelosi.


Thank you all for the kind words.

Here's the Obama video that was shown very close to the end of the debate. It's first rate. It reminded me of an Arnold ad from the end of the recall campaign.


Obama's video was great, Hillary's was surprisingly bad. I say Obama has the better media people behind him, which means the world will like us again if he wins the Presidency.


Doesn't Elliott get a Purple Heart or something for that?



You did a great job, but maybe http://pajamasmedia.com/2007/07/vodkapundit_liveblogging_the_d.php>drunk next time?

richard mcenroe

Something like "The Comissar and the Village Idiots" with an all knowing vindictive termagant determined to enforce rules to "make their lives better at any cost"?

Well, it didn't work at Hogwarts...


sorry to go ot but a great read:

The Galloway Papers

The Conduct of Mr. Galloway

great stuff-

In particular, they make reference to the transcript of a meeting between Galloway and Saddam Hussein on Aug. 8, 2002. On that date, Galloway complained to his political master—the man he had saluted in public for his "courage" and "indefatigability"—that certain problems with oil prices were affecting "our income" and "our dues."
I would, I told him, be waiting to write a review of his prison diaries. The Senate subcommittee referred his "false and misleading" statements under oath (a crime under 18 USC Section 1001) to the Department of Justice in November 2005. Prosecutors in Manhattan (location of the banks through which some of the shady transfers were made) have also been handed the relevant papers. And the evidence adduced by the House of Commons must necessarily be considered by Scotland Yard, because it goes far beyond the damage done to the honor of Parliament.

Cherry Jones - oh gag! How sexist can you get?

When I was still in newspaper advertising, we could not use the name/word "cherry" in any connotation. Not as a girl's name, not as a description of a mint condition classic car, not even as a fruit in a pie.

Cherry, one of the most popular names for hookers, escorts and masseuses.


I think Cherry Jones is the actress's name. Perhaps her parents were sexist.


Clinton: Chelsea in public school in Arkansas. Didn't go to private school in DC because of press.

It just struck me that this makes no sense at all. Public schools wouldn't have to let the press in-- and they wouldn't, I'm sure. At any of the public schools my kids have attended, visitors were asked to register at the office. People aren't allowed to stroll the hallways or grounds just because they want to, or because they pay taxes.
I thought she did really well at the debate, but I can't stand that unneccessary lie thing she does. No wonder Joe Wilson supports her.


New York seem to have it's own Plame case, with lies out of the Governor's office in an effort to smear a political rival.

Wonder if the Governor will commute ? But that's too soon.


Chelsea Clinton went to Sidwell Friends School in DC. A private Quaker school.


She means the press political feedback. Another lie. The press strictly left Chelsea alone unlike their coverage of the Bush kids. The press was and is maudlin in their drooling adoration of the Clintons


Typepad won't let me post at all without a URL. I have to "borrow" someone else's.


Barbara -- just grab whatever is in the JOM url field -- triple click to select, copy, move mouse, click, paste. Just takes a few seconds...


Gitmo Redux...
So we release a terrorist from Gitmo and he continues in his terrorist ways..who would have thought that?
Armed intelligence agents cornered Abdullah Mehsud and three other men at the house of a leader of an Islamist political party in the southwestern town of Zhob, police officials said.
The one-legged militant was released from the U.S. jail for terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in March 2004 after he was captured in Afghanistan fighting for the Taliban.
He quickly took up arms again, and became a leader of militants in the South Waziristan region on the Afghan border, and was wanted for the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers later that year.
I wonder how small the font would have to be to fit that on a bumpersticker?


Great job...you're the man!
The press will always say that Hil is the winner ,NRO is in the Clintons's pocket. Hil looked old to me...just saying...


Getting them out for Hillary Clinton,the votes that is.


Clinton: Chelsea in public school in Arkansas. Didn't go to private school in DC because of press.

Sorry. That was supposed to be "Didn't go to public school in DC because of press." I think you're right, Maybee, that her portrait of public schools is almost certainly inaccurate. Some other things requiring correction:

Q10: Darfur. How do you fix it?

Richardson: I've been to that refugee camp...No-fly zone option, but don't want UN workers need to get hurt.

****but don't want UN workers to get hurt****

Dodd: Need timeline in order to put pressure on Iraqi politicians. More diplomacy throughout the reason.

****throughout the region****

Edwards: Yes. Mentions fighter pilot serving with wife.

****mentions [female] fighter pilot sitting with wife****


You did an excellent job, Elliott. Your corrections weren't even necessary, it all made sense.


I also want to point out that the numbering of questions in my liveblogging does not quite match up with YouTube. Questions 1-12 in my liveblogging are the same as questions 1-12 at the YouTube debate index. However, I mistakenly included a second "Q12" (the Gravel Vietnam question) so that is question 13 over at YouTube and my "Q13" is question 14 at YouTube.

YouTube question 14 includes an additional question (to Hillary about being taken seriously by Middle Easter leaders starting at the 3:45 mark) so that makes questions 15 and 16 the same at YouTube as in my liveblogging.

However, I then realized I had a duplicate twelfth question, and listed the next question as "Q18." That corresponds with YouTube question 17. From this point on, I believe that the question numbers in my list are one number higher than at YouTube.


If a woman can't get elected in France, what's to say it will work better in the more conservative America?

Edwards-Clinton 08.


Thanks, Maybee. What did you think of the format? It seems to have been generally well received.

I have decided that I didn't like it. Looking back, I am very disappointed that none of the top three (Clinton, Obama, Edwards) was asked whether they would provide health coverage to illegals. The Democratic base gets to see well respected figures in the party (Dodd and Richardson) support providing them coverage, while the frontrunners aren't put in the position of either triangulating or alienating either the base or swing voters.

However, I trust that CNN will learn its lesson and that no similar oversights will occur during the Republican debate.



I don't think this country is stuck at the point where electing a woman is a liberal thing. I'd really hate to believe that. The right woman could, and would be elected in this country. Hopefully Hillary is not the "right' woman in enough people's minds.


http://www.zombietime.com/hillary_sf_office_topless_protest/>These ladies could use some support.

Probably not safe for work, though really, more hillarious than anything.


However, I trust that CNN will learn its lesson and that no similar oversights will occur during the Republican debate.

I liked it more than I thought I would (my expectations were 0). The kinds of questions sent in surprised CNN, I think, and because the questions had been posted on YouTube, the question selectors had to include a fair representative of the kinds of questions asked. That transparency was good. I agree with you that it was still up to AC to decide who had to answer.

Making each candidate create and submit a YouTube video for the event seemed pointless, except as a PR push for YouTube.

Rick Ballard


If we could get a Thatcher type, she would be the next President. I just don't see any around at the moment. I'll take a look at Senators and Governors but no names come easily to mind.



I agree. I think conservatives are much more likely to elect a woman for the "right reasons", not just because she is a woman.

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