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July 24, 2007



Your second paragraph is more on the mark.

I think Richardson managed to get through the debate without saying anything that significantly hurt his campaign, but that's because he avoided saying anything significant at all.

That might be a useful skill for a politician to have, but it isn't going to get you elected as president.


Richardson is waiting until the Gay Debate to step to the front. Fortunately, we have a publicity photo, although we hear that Hillary and Barry conspired against Joe Biden and he missed the bus.


He had a great laugh line.
The thing about everyone on stage being great in the WH....as his VP was cute. Sharpton's laugh lines used to be enough to get him coverage.

it is still the Governor's challenge to make himself stand out.
Given that this is only the 4th comment on this post all day, it doesn't look real good for ole Bill...
Ralph L

Capitano, they need to switch Hillary with Edwards. They're all too butch for Edwards, however.


Well none of them can complain that it doesn't show them in a good light.

BTW Rush had a parody today of Bill Clinton singing to John Edwards: "You're not Woman enough to take my Man."

Think about it.


Good grief, you can't make this stuff up.

Stephen Fox

I am glad to see so many are warming to Richardson's campaign. Richardson is my governor, and I have known him personally for 30 years. What Richardson has achieved vis-a-vis the New Mexico Legislature is remarkable, but I won't recite the accomplishments. I do want to see him elected President, but I am in no way connected officially to his campaign.

The so called "top-tier" candidates together, all 3 of them, have a collective resume still lesser in quality to Bill Richardson's! (Incidentally, Pollster.com determined very recently that Richardson
henceforth shall be considered in the "top-tier," based on his being the only candidate who has substantially risen in Iowa!) I am certain that Richardson's real genius and his strongest suit is in international affairs, and that will be vital (and I don't mean as just a future Secretary of State!), if we are going to even attempt to rebuild the shattered US image internationally, after six years of Halliburton-driven corporate kleptocracy. His debate skills have not been as honed and polished as the 3 lawyers in so-called "top tier," but that is fixable. His biography is great (Between Worlds: the Making of an American Life), and the new book on Energy Policy will be just as good.

Here is what I consider the bottom line: you don't have to be a Marxian or Hegelian or a Ph.D Economist to comprehend that our domestic economy is suffering and going to get worse resulting from the on-going international implications of the screwed up foreign policy of this administration, so thoroughly based on corporate needs and demands; as long as we continue to see appointments like Bush's trade negotiator Zoelick made over into President of the World Bank to replace "Wolfiewits," don't expect ANY major improvements in the last two years of Bush's tenure, especially in the trickle down economic realms which would improve the lives of individual American consumers.

Richardson has repeatedly made it clear that Congress should deauthorize the Iraq War, and that he personally would end it the first day of his Presidency.

My prediction: Richardson is going to win in Nevada, and he is going to do very very well in Iowa, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and California, I think winning in at least two of those states. May I suggest that you and your readers directly communicate to David Contarino and Amanda Cooper, his
Campaign Manager, and Deputy CM, or to Richardson directly through the email function on his NM governor website? These people are very open to new ideas,questions, strategies, insights, etc., and I encourage anyone reading to take the time to contact them by phone or by email, even if you have just one question on a policy matter, or want to tell Bill Richardson what YOU think.
If you wish, please google the title of my most recent major article, RESOLVING THE WORSENING CRISIS AT THE FDA, published at many websites in many nations.

Stephen Fox
New Millennium Fine Art,
217 W. Water St.,
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
505 983-2002


What was Richardson's response last night to the Darfur question?



I am glad to see so many are warming to Richardson's campaign.

I'm not sure you got the point of this thread.

I am certain that Richardson's real genius and his strongest suit is in international affairs
"International affairs" -- is that the new euphemism for ignoring it when the ChiComs recruit Chinese-American nuclear scientists?
Richardson has repeatedly made it clear that ... he personally would end [the Iraq War] the first day of his Presidency.
Has he also made it clear that he would end all street crime in America on the first day of his presidency? If not, why not?
hit and run

Stephen, do you know Tom Maguire, the "Culture, Arts and Tourism Planner for the Santa Fe Convention and Visitor's Bureau, aka the Silver-Tongue, Silver Fox"?

And have you had the pleasure yet of meeting Joe and Valerie Wilson?

I miss Santa Fe, though to be honest, when I lived in Colorado and would make visits to the Enchanted State, I stayed mostly in Taos.

Bill in AZ

I thought Joe Wilson was going to help out Bill Richardson.
Oh wait, Joe voiced his support for Hillary last week - that should take her down a few notches until she gets tired of his lies like Kerry and throws him under the bus. I supposed that could be considered helping Bill Richardson.

hit and run

Bill - good point!

I'm telling you, growing that beard was a sure sign Joe was going covert...


Mr. Fox seems to have been quite busy.

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