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August 11, 2007



The yanks have been "a mere five games back" of the sox all summer.

Yeah yeah yeah 85 out of 86 times we choke, but don't bet the farm on it.

hit and run

Recycling from the A-Rod Thread, with slight edit:


THE SURGE IS WORKING: The Yankees are now withing 5 games in the AL East.

THE POLITICAL PROGRESS: Might Be Better Than Expected. Internal sectarian strife is put aside to defeat the real enemy. Clemens sticks up for A-Rod

THE MID SEPTEMBER REPORT: Will Be a Critical Benchmark in the Surge's Progress. September 14-16, to be exact.

DON'T FORGET: The August 28-30 Interim Report.

Posted by: hit and run | August 08, 2007 at 11:00 AM

ENEMY PROPAGANDA OR SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER?: NEW YORK - Last month, [Jose Canseco] the 1988 AL MVP told WEEI-Radio in Boston that in an upcoming book he has "other stuff" on Rodriguez, the New York Yankees slugger who recently became the youngest member of the 500-homer club.

Canseco said A-Rod was a "hypocrite" and "was not all he appeared to be," according to ESPN.com. But Canseco wouldn't say whether A-Rod had used steroids.

Posted by: hit and run | August 09, 2007 at 09:17 AM


And the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals are only 6 games back.

Of course, were they in the same division as the Red Sox, they'd be some 15 games back, but that's just the luck of the draw.

Repeat, baby repeat!

Hei Lun Chan

I like how Yankees fans talk as if the team has actually won something this decade.


I'll have you know the Cleveland Indians defeated the Yanks the day before and we are currently atop our division.


I like how Yankees fans talk as if the team has actually won something this decade millenium.


How about them Rangers?

I keed. I joke. We suck, mostly.


It must be comforting for a Yankees fan to see a young 21 year old pitcher. Because the combined ages of the Geritol Gang...Clemens, Pettitt and Mussina is about 115 years.

I never thought I'd see this day.


Speaking of Season of Fear I expect the Mark of Karl to go to work for Hillary. His sting has always been GOTV, and how better to get out the Republican vote?


Well, Rove's certainly not losing any time telling people what he thinks of Hillary. Some one may be remembering how Bill pre-empted Dole with his Chinese magic.

John Bigenwald

Boston sports radio is always about the Yankees, just as Chicago is always about White Sox fans talking about the Cubs... make of it what you will armchair psychologists..


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