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August 10, 2007


hit and run

Or as Taranto now would riff...

Daisy Duke gets doggess-slapped


I hate to say it, but I disagree with the trial court ruling. I've seen that commercial far too many times (even the Tivo button can't always win) and I've gotten the impression that Shatner was endorsing a value/number of channels proposition rather than a technical feature set.

But, then again, I'm one of those fools who believe Consumer Reports when they claim that there is no essential difference between gasoline brands, vodka brands, as the technical standards for HD, vodka, and gasoline essentially make the products fungible.

On a side note, the first week of my two-week camping trip was finally written up.

Good times....

hit and run

Dude, Walter, that is awesome.

"What it’s really all about is finding a time and a space to come to know the Lord better,"

That sounds so simple, yet...


Thanks, HnR! Wish we could'a stayed for the whole month. On the brighter side, I've heard that the gardening actually went faster when the young'uns weren't helping.

I can't understand how that is a logical conclusion, though.

We also got to experience a "surge drill" at Wall and Broad (not my photo, but apparently so common that they don't cover 'em anymore). Very impressive to tourists and the whippersnappers. (Ask me about our experience with race/class bias WRT NYPD pursuit of quality of life crimes.)

Now if I can just find our mentions in the gossip columns from the next few days in the Hamptons, I'd feel better about my son rinsing his sandy handprints off of my camera in the Atlantic.

hit and run

What about your experience with race/class bias WRT NYPD pursuit of quality of life crimes?

I'd feel better about my son rinsing his sandy handprints off of my camera in the Atlantic.

Heh, July 21st marked the 10 year anniversary of me and a couple of buddies from seminary climbing Mt Huron in Colorado. On our way down, we slid down an ice field. Pretty fun. One of the guys lost his camera on the slide.

Bummer. It was a nice camera. And some good pics on it.

And one pic where we set it up on the self timer and all, well, we were facing away from the camera, and, uh, well, gee, I um, we, yeah, had dropped a certain piece of clothing.

Surely someone found that camera, developed those pics, and it'sthat one is posted somewhere out there on the internets.


More likely the archeological find of the year when the glacier finally melts 20,000 years from now.


After reading the court's decision, I'm less concerned. I hadn't realized that this decision evaluated a preliminary rather than permanent injunction.

The Daisy Dukes were just unfair competition (plus ca change from my bachelor days). And the question about how much deference the viewing public gives Shatner's interpretation of logical thinking can still be fleshed out at an actual trial.

For my money, so long as the NFL Sunday Ticket can't be seen on cable, the two products cannot be considered equivalent. But that is another suit; one that I'd like to see DirectTV lose.

Great picture of the mountains. Next year we do the Eastern Sierras and west coast, but I've years to go before I can take them up something like that. But isn't the internet wonderful?

I'll save the details 'til Tom does one of his police brutality or NY quality of life posts (of course, that means waiting until the NYPD actually do something controversial, but it can't take forever). Let's just say that people riding in a big-body Benz get cut a bit more slack than the average homeless guy.


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