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September 09, 2007



"And for your information media, during the first years of the war, lost its credibility and manifested itself as a tool of the colonialist empires, and its condition has often been worse than the condition of the media of the dictatorial regimes which march in the caravan of the single leader."

It might be pertinent to ask what business it is of a Saudi Arabian expatriate international criminal to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign country,is he a Democrat?

Kevin B

I think the Dems owe Osama a big apology.

Not only heve they failed to stop the Iraq war, Clinton failed to submit Kyoto to Congress for ratification and they keep promising to up tax rates instead of cutting them to his preferred rate of 2.5%(plus jizzyah).

The least they can do is send him a bottle of Grecian formula.


Osama a conspiracy theorist? Who would have thought...


"The least they can do is send him a bottle of Grecian formula."

He already looks like a 2000 thousand year old greek.


His speechwriter--surely Adam wh9osewhatz, the California goat herder, has apparently learned his history from Oliver Stone and current events from Kos.

Still--only 2.5% in taxes...mnn..OTOH thru/out the Arab world 13th centurey economic and political structures insure that my 2.5% would be a great deal more of my total income than 50% in the US is now.

Barney Frank

I predict a draft OBL for VP movement from the Soros gangs and an eventual Obama/Osama ticket.

Obama can move toward the center while Osama keeps the nutroot vote on the plantation, by promising to take the planet back to the middle ages therby cutting our CO2 emissions to near stone age levels.
And if that still isn't enough he can always saw Bush's head off.


Was the Soviet Union democratic and capitalist?

Yep, the guy sounds like your average Bushbashing left wing anti war proterrorist profascist denizen of the DU.

Notice how on one hand he says that all of us Americans are to blame for Iraq and yet at the same time the whole world was against the war? Circular logic. Dead giveaway of leftist thinking.

And what is it with reclusive secretive millionaires railing against capitalism?


Bush in Anbar, Osama in a cave. Case closed.

The best part of the tape is that WE got it first.


Maybe Brian DePalma {sp?} could do a biography of Osama. George Clooney or Tim Robbins could play him.

I see that the propaganda film Redacted got best director award in Venice. Of course.


Love the idea of the O/O ticket but don't you have to be born in the US to run for VP? However, if Obama is disappointed that his Democratic water carrriers have failed to implement his strategy, perhaps he should run for the senate in a blue state. As a sitting Democratic Senator he would be immune from prosecution of 9/11. Unless you are unfortunate to have $90k in your freezer, it's impossible to get indicted. He could surely unseat Harry for majority leader.


Whoops, I mean OSAMA. How could I have made that mistake???



Yes, we did it first. What do you think that means?


Off Topic

Ok folks this is the ice breaker story I have been looking for on Hsu.

Go read it, it's pure packed with info to stroke the flames.





"So you've seen the latest message from our favorite goat-toucher Usama bin Laden. In it, he criticizes Americans for reelecting, instead of punishing, Bush, as well as harping on Democrats for not securing a retreat from Iraq. He also mentions global warming and praises Noam Chomsky, the patron saint of the left.

It was at this point, I thought I was listening to Keith Olbermann. That's when it dawned on me. Bin Laden isn't just a terrorist. He's worse. A liberal!

So, when one political party shares a war-time agenda with the guy who's trying to end your civilization, isn't it time to stop renewing Bill Maher's contract? I mean, if Usama wrote these sentiments on a job application, he could land a spot on the View.

You know, I didn't realize bin laden was following US politics that closely. He must watch the Daily Show. But the whole thing seems like Usama's latest video dating offer to America's left. "Lonely, bored goat-herder, into Jihad, mass murder, and figs, seeks fellow 'Progressive' for long term relationship. I enjoy long walks in the desert. And goats. Lets end western civilization together! (AND YES, THIS IS MY REAL BEARD!)

But there's a hint of desperation to all this. UBL is no longer calling for America's destruction. Now, he's begging us to leave the middle east. Which means, he's running out of hummus. It's clear he would love to call things "even" and check into the Yemen Hilton for a nice bath.

Just remember: only a man who's losing it quotes Chomsky. Usama's on the ropes. Let's keep him there. Until he's at the end of one. "


Ralph L

Osama thinks badly of mass murder and cares about humanity and the environment. Isn't that good news?



I haven't a clue what it means beyond the fact it was unexpected and startled them.

I am assuming we got a digital copy, not the 'real' thing.

And there's a message to al Qaeda in the fact we announced we had it before they had a chance to present it on their sites. It may not be the first time we've gotten it first. I don't know. But the fact we announced means that we wanted them to know.

But I STILL don't know what agency or entity actually had/got it nor whether they got it 'directly' or were given it by an outside group/entity.

Lotsa unknowns.


This is the money quote:-
"despite their horrific and blood history of murdering humans."
Obviously Bombers and Headhackers Incorporated does not regard the Kuffir as human.


Yep. Osama sounds just like the democrats twisting facts and history to suit himself and he even accuses the US of the same crimes his people are committing today in Iraq.


Then again if you are in two minds about Sharia law.


From what I have gathered the OBL tape was digitally transferred through a number of food chain websites to cover the tracks (or so they thought).

Because of all the number of times unpacking it and repacking it with a new encryption code they messed it up a bit resulting in the freezing of his image early in the final tape.

My understanding is that the version we got doesn't have some of the "post preduction" stuff from the final released version.


Maybe Brian DePalma {sp?} could do a biography of Osama. George Clooney or Tim Robbins could play him.

Well maybe Tim Robbins, he is tall enough and kooky enough, but my vote goes to the Envirokook Ed Begley, Jr.


My understanding is that the version we got doesn't have some of the "post preduction" stuff from the final released version.

But the one WE saw was the al Qaeda final version, right? I mean I don't want them to figure out just where along the chain we got access which they might if they see the one we got.

BTW, I read the 'ice breaker' story and it looks like Hsu was running yet another ponzi scheme. I bet those sending him money thought they were involved in some business venture and I also bet that not one of them had a clue they were contributing to Dems.


Well maybe Tim Robbins, he is tall enough and kooky enough, but my vote goes to the Envirokook Ed Begley, Jr.

I go with Alan Alda, he's got the right skin tone compared to Mr. Ed


and stranger still, chose him for a second term, which gave him a clear mandate from you

ruh roh, the nutroots won't like this, Osama is validating the Supreme Court decision and the recounts.

I see a tiny window for lefties to disassociate themselves from Osama's missive.


oops, sorry wrong election! :)


I bet those sending him money thought they were involved in some business venture and I also bet that not one of them had a clue they were contributing to Dems.


He has been bundling for 3 years, his Ponzi scheme last less than 9 months.


"Sultry and sophisticated. You may not realize it but I am talking about how gray hair will soon be viewed. Grey hair used to be seen as a problem because it reminded people that were aging. Nowadays we all live much longer and the likelihood of most of us turning gray is greater because of it.

As the world veers more towards an environmentally green future new designs and innovations are being made to accommodate the new , ecological views of the people. Architecture and the ways in-which we produce energy to fuel our homes are all changing and so will fashion. This is because fashion creates where money flows by picking up on trends and having the vision to see above the crowd to where we will all be headed next. the money and trends of the future will be green and not gray.

Dying hair uses nasty chemicals. They are unpleasant and cannot be good for the environment and possible could be detrimental to health over time.

Many advert campaigns now feature the more mature model, usually with flowing locks of gray hair. These models, far from looking decrepit, look fresh, confident and even sexy. As more and more of these adverts flood the market gray will be the color to sport along with more natural, easy going hairstyles that evoke a feeling of freedom."


Don't let unsightly GREY HAIRS spoil your Jihad,get that stylish eco-friendly Warrior Look.
Why let the goat crumbs spoil the look of your beard when you are trying to impress teenage recruits.
Don't look as if you have just crept out of a a cave in the Hindu Khush after living on canned figs for three years.
AQ,Made from pure Natural Bat Shit.


Clearly from the story, someone ratted out a bank statement to the NYT.

Now just think what the FBI in tandem with the FEC can dig up with a court order.



How was the surfing last week?


Alan Alda isn't tall enough at 6'2". Need someone closer to Osama's 6'5"

And here is why I love the Internet, there is actually a website called:

Famous Heights.com So have fun and make your picks.

Rick Ballard


Check out Paul Su/AOpen America, Inc. It's the correct Paul Su (per addresses) and AOpen appears to be a real company with sales of about $17 million.

It wasn't a Ponzi scheme.

Heh - Windansea - did you note that Hansen has "set the code free"? At least some of it.



I have to agree and am still waiting to see how all this shakes out.

But Hsu sending checks/wires to some of his bundled donors will need some explaining down the line.

From my understanding SuitablyFlip blog picked up on some of those names because the local NYC election code requires the bundler in city elections to be identified and that is how they got on their trail.

I hope they change the federal law so that the bundler has to be identified if it went through them.

Just think, bundlers are like PACS without all the paperwork.


There is just too much turning up here.

We have Hsu who has been declared bankrupt in two countries and just a year or two later came up with enough scratch he put together with evidently a massive return on equity to start spending money on stuff like 18k bucks political dinners!

We have a guy from Pakistan (small potatoes) who left the country after the Feds indicted him.

We have a guy from India under the gun for bankruptcy in two countries and with all sorts of financial violations still breathing outside of a crossbar hotel.

We have a foreign national from Japan being waved past the Secret Service at a money raiser by Billy Boy and questionable money running from there.

And this is all outside the last go round with the funny money stuff.

Oh and remember the Gala out in Hollywood by Paul to raise money for Hill & Bill.

Right now I am working the download FEC latest data base picking up all who donated to the same places as Hsu and cronies did withing a few days time frame.

It's a lot of data to sort out and consolidate.

I am trying to reverse engineer who he bundled for.

Common threads

Same time frame donors

Spread across the country for multiple races

Multiple job description/address changes to make it harder to chase them down.



How was the surfing last week?

we had some nice waves from Henriette, she did a nice pirouette in front of the bay so it lasted for 3 days.

Heh - Windansea - did you note that Hansen has "set the code free"? At least some of it.

yep, I've been missing in action here due to my fascination in AGW denialism

mucho mas at Climate Audit



I hear Hsu tried to commit suicide.

Yeah, I bet he did.

As for who gets to play Osama, Moore is too damn fat.

How about Sean Penn on stilts?


Barney Frank - I think you pretty well nailed it! Obama/Osama sounds like a ticket made in liberal heaven.

I can hear the Oprah promo's now for the two of them on the couch with her. The adulation and rapture from the audience (newly increased by the jihadi's in our midst that were pretending to be "moderate"), simulcast in English and Arabic.


How about Sean Penn on stilts?

nope, he has thin lips


Rasputin was tall and had that whole bearded wild eyed manic thing going. Hard to kill too.

But, alas, he is not available. However, a certain part of his anatomy is.

{This post is a tribute to PUK, it just seemed his sort of thing}


That link from PeterUK yesterday, explaining how the one and only time it's allowed for the faithful to use hair-dye -- namely, to make the infidels think they're all young and verile warriors -- was an interesting window to some of the other loser-like comments. Obviously, we're "kicking ass" over there.


Hey - anybody watching Fox News right now. I went to go have a smoke on the patio, Geralda (barf) is on and as I walked by I see all these protesters(?) - 9/11 Truthers - Neo-Con haters waving signs and shouting in the background.

Am I missing something (no, not Geraldo), but something else?



That is what those special effects guys get paid for. I think Sean could really get into that character. All anger and angst.



Maybe he is still in the land of Oz. I heard earlier today that their demonstrations were very disappointing. They only had a few thousand people and they had to draw on the save the whale people just to bring in bodies. A sort of generic demonstration.


No Terrye, I don't think so. Maybe. It is the "Geraldo at Large" show - appears to be live outside the Fox studios. Haven't these idiots seen their hero - UBL - proud as peacock feathers in his latest video over 9/11?

Weird. Crazy. Nutroots.


oh no - they are not in OZ. It is live in New York. Is this the latest attempt to try and silence Fox News?

Hey - don't get me wrong. I can't stand Geraldo. But, while I might join in a protest over his illegal immigration nonsense, this is about "9/11 Truth" and "Neo-Con madmen."

Kos kids must be bored in New Yawk tonite!


Here's the link, from JihadWatch.


Well, now the cops have arrived and are hauling folks away.

So there, Jane. You are not the only one that can live blog. Tee Hee!


Well, things are quieting down now. It appears that NYPD rounded everybody up - no permit to protest.



How have the Kosidiots reacted to the new UBL video? I don't want to wade through their site to see for myself.


PaulL - I can't bring myself to go to DailyKos, but over at HuffPo you would hardly know UBL has been in the news at all.

I haven't read the comments, but I figure they are in a state of denial that he agrees with them 150%!


Well, not on the tax thing, centralcal.


Via The Belmont Club: One Step Ahead

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

Fugitive political fundraiser Norman Hsu was behaving erratically as he fled the Bay Area on Amtrak's California Zephyr, at one point stripping off his shirt and shoes, before paramedics were called to take him off the train in western Colorado, passengers said Friday. ...

Hsu boarded the train in Emeryville about 7 a.m. Wednesday, Amtrak said, two hours before he was to have appeared in a Redwood City courtroom in connection with his grand theft conviction. He had touched down earlier that morning on a charter jet flight to Oakland, his lawyer told prosecutors. Amtrak said he boarded the Zephyr with a ticket for Denver. ...

Alberto Dee, 21, who boarded the train in Truckee, said Hsu "freaked out" when Amtrak personnel approached, and was roaming a train car "without shoes and no shirt. ... I thought he had a suitcase full of crack or meth." ... Another passenger disembarking in Chicago, who declined to give his name, said Hsu appeared disoriented and was having trouble opening a door on the train. ... Dan Roberts, 57, a furniture maker from Grand Junction, said Hsu had been sitting up on a stretcher on the station platform and appeared to be moving.

More from the NY Daily News:

The train's conductor said the two-time fugitive looked like an elderly man with dementia, and that's why he called 911. He had no idea Hsu was a high-profile Democratic fund-raiser who made hefty donations to Sen. .Hillary Clinton and other pols - while on the run from fraud charges for 15 years.

Hsu was taken to a hospital, where he was under FBI guard.

Hospital staff also didn't immediately recognize him, but someone eventually plugged his name into Google - and called the FBI. At the hospital, a police source heard a doctor ask: "Do you know where you are?" Hsu replied: "Yes, I'm in a hospital."

It's unclear when he'll be released. "It's up to his doctors, and we haven't heard anything yet," said Heather Benjamin, a spokeswoman for the Mesa County sheriff's department. Once booked, he'll be allowed visits only from attorneys and family. "This is a really unique case. Security will be very tight," she said.


I wonder what happened to Hsu, and where exactly has he been all these years?

This should have legs, but I wonder if it will.


So was Hsu was on some kind of drugs? Surely not suicide drugs, since he could have done that at home (wherever that was), and it obviously didn't work anyway. I'd find it hard to believe anyone tried to poison him, so to me it's quite a mystery what ailed him on the train.

Still, he doesn't seem sophisticated enough to have been some sort of Chinese gov't bagman. Very mysterious at this point, but it's good to know there are others who know exactly what's up.


Hsu's Attorney Brosnahan Is Big DNC Donor

By Marooned in Marin webblog

James Brosnahan, attorney for Hillary Clinton's disgraced sugar daddy Norman Hsu, has not just defended Marin's Taliban warrior John Walker Lindh. Brosnahan is also a big Democrat party donor. Contribution records from the Center for Responsive Politics' website OpenSecrets.org show Brosnahan has contributed in excess of $80,000 to Democrat candidates since 1989. $86,550 to be exact. His most recent contribution was $10,000 to the Democrat Congressional Campaign on June 29th of this year. He also contributed $2,300 to Barack Hussein Obama on March 19, 2007. There are two other big money contributions; another $10,000 to the Democrat Congressional Campaign in...more


It almost sounds like he had some kind of small stroke or something. After my Mother had her 2nd stroke in the frontal part of the brain, she lost all inhibition and we had to watch her like a hawk or she would start taking her clothes off anywhere. She did it to her Grandson when he took her I-Hop for her favorite blintzes. While he was attending to the waitress and their order, Grandma took off her blouse and was working on her bra.

I've heard two stories regarding Hsu. One says he got food poisoning and another says he fell on the train and was complaining he couldn't feel his legs. Yet he supposedly walked off the train.


Clarice - re: the tax thing . . .

Point well taken.

Rick Ballard

It looks like early onset Arkansas Alzheimers to me. One minute you've got the brains to stick with some of the best cons and huslers who ever stole a vote and the next - poof - it's all gone and you need constant medical supervision.

Poor fellow.

Barney Frank

--Still, he doesn't seem sophisticated enough to have been some sort of Chinese gov't bagman.--

He spent ten or fifteen years flitting around the country with a serious felony conviction hanging over his head. His misfortune was to not have his patrons in the White house to assist his run for the border when he got caught .


"American spy chiefs were quick to name Adam Gadahn, the head of al-Qaeda's English language media operations, as the author of large sections of bin Laden's broadcast.

Last October, the 28-year-old "loner" became the first American charged with treason since 1952, for appearing in a succession of al-Qaeda videos under the guise of "Azzam The American", in which he condemned globalisation and made American cultural references.

He was charged in his absence, as he is thought to be near to bin Laden, almost certainly in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Gadahn, who as teenager reviewed albums for a metal music magazine, moved to Pakistan in 1998 and became an associate of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of the 9/11 attacks. In 2004, the FBI named him as one of seven al-Qaeda operatives planning attacks in the US.

The bin Laden video, timed to coincide with the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, shows the terror chief, his beard dyed black, condemning the "unjust" Iraq war and calling on Americans to "embrace Islam".

What surprised analysts was his use of the language of Left-wing protesters, which showed detailed knowledge of the economic travails of middle America.

Bin Laden referred to "the reeling of many of you under the burden of interest-related debts, insane taxes and real estate mortgage" and blamed "global warming and its woes" on "emissions of the factories the major corporations".

A former senior US intelligence official said: "It has Adam Gadahn written all over it." Mike Baker, a former CIA covert operations officer, said the tape left bin Laden with "the title of biggest gas bag in the terrorist world".

CIA officials said voice analysis of the tape proved it was definitely bin Laden."

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/09/09/wladen109.xml>Heavy Metal slacker,OBL's writer

My thought, too.


Well - hasn't Mr. Gadahn come a long way. Speechwriter and counselor to Mr. Big!

I bet he is the one that advised Usama to do a makeover too. I wonder though, if Adam won't turn out to be the weak link, the Achilles heel? Somehow the U.S. got the tape before Al Jazeera. Adam is probably a regular at Kos and DU. Don't know how good NSA is, but ... well ... you just never know.


welcome to the jungle



I went over to DailyKos after all and --SURPRISE!-- there is no mention of the UBL tape at all. None, zip, nada, at least that I could find. This is Markos's stated practice in full display: Ignore bad news and thus starve it of oxygen.


Just when you thought the Norman Hsu saga couldn’t get any weirder, a major Chinatown gangster shows up


Yikes, how did that happen?


Why is that Brosnahan was the one who went after Weinberger in order to stop the momentum shift in the '92 elections. Then he defended Esquire's pinup Suleiman Faris
aka John Walker Lindh. If Hillary gets in he'll probably get a promotion to the 9th
Circuit Court of Appeals. As many have said; they're not antiwar, then they're on the other side.

My local fishwrap (The Miami Herald)reacted to the tape by "Conrade Ogilvying"; he was the eponymous Oceanian war hero who Winston Smith had to 'memory whole' since he became an unperson. The pre September 11th anniversary op ed is bracketed by a column lamenting how America had been loved on 9/11
and we. . . yadda yadda. Another piece from former professional Palestinian grievances
counse. reporter Carol Rosenberg was on the explosion of artistic works related to Guantanamo Bay; what a surprise they all lean one way, except for Charlie Daniel's unpublished little dittie; it's America's
death/concentration camp as laid out by theTipton 3 in the "Road to Guantanamo; never mind that new evidence shows them to have lied about their professions of innocence; Murat Kurnaz's statements, leaving out his recent altercations with the law or the record of the 30 or so fmr. detainees detained or terminated for jihadi
activity after their release. One could get
angry but what's the point.


You know its been one hell of a week for the democrat party. Someone should write an article recapping the first week the majority Congress was back in session:











Then there was also the NJ Democrat Arrests, but I am tired of typing. Anyone want to add to the list?.

Someone needs to write this up for history
books and maybe a political campaign!!


President Bush drops in for a chat in Anbar Province.

Schumer called out as a liar on national TV and manages to p!ss off the military by claiming they had nothing to do with the improved conditions in Anbar.


Someone needs to write this up for history

you just did :)


Sara, what was the Hsu story you referred to?



How could I forget; good one!!

You have to see the cartoon at:



Clarice if you are talking about the food poisoning/falling, I can't recall the food poisoning source. I think it was speculative. The falling was a cite to this story that I saw somewhere on a blog:



No--I'm talking about this:"

Just when you thought the Norman Hsu saga couldn’t get any weirder, a major Chinatown gangster shows up


Oh, sorry, that is a link to Hot Air. I didn't realize it wasn't working.

Hsu and the Shrimp Boy; Update: Hsu’s business records show huge money transfers to other Clinton donors, says NYT




A closer look at the NJ Democrat corruption case
By Michelle Malkin • September 8, 2007 02:46 PM



Brian De Palma wins Best Director award at Venice with 'Redacted'

Sep 8 03:58 PM US/Eastern


God Help Us


Sara...from your link

Chow’s gang “Wo Hop To” finally won.

From the Sidewinder Report (2nd page)

The Wo Group

11. Thirteen triad organizations now belong to the Wo, including the Wo Hop To and Wo Shing Wo. The Wo triads are principally noted for their large-scale robberies and gangland-style killings.


More from Sara's link

“I guess he into a lot of financial problem back then and I loaned him some money,” said Chow. “And I help him with my knowledge and with my strength. That’s all there is.”

“I met him because he was in trouble, and at that time, I helping him out a lot,” said Chow. “The way he told me, I mean, he being extortion, he being a lot of people tried to hurt him.

Check out the 36 or so oaths Triad members take and the benefits they get. From Sidewinder...


2) FINANCIAL AID - when arrested by Police, he can rely on fellow members to provide financial aid for legal expenses and his family.


somehow I missed this at Hotair - link to ABC blotter

The latest puzzle: Despite funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into Democratic coffers, Norman Hsu is not a member of the Democratic party. In fact, records appear to reflect he isn't even registered to vote.

Hsu's name does not appear on voter rolls in either California, where Hsu lived in the 1980s and early 1990s, or in New York, where he lived more recently, according to documents and state officials...

...Details of his businesses remain sketchy. Upon investigation, many of his recent business addresses appear to be little more than mail drops, despite the thousands of dollars those companies reportedly helped generate for Hsu that bankrolled his donations.

Many donations Hsu harvested for his Democratic politician friends came from people who, like himself, were not registered to vote. Some political finance experts have noted the families did not appear wealthy enough to afford the big-money checks they reportedly wrote to Clinton and others.


and this in the comments at Sara's Hotair link

The hopital never called the Feds. It was the Feds who called them and told gthem they had a fugitive there
St. Mary’s spokesman Dan Prinster said Friday that the FBI contacted the hospital hours after Hsu was admitted and told officials: “You have a fugitive in your hospital, and we are coming to arrest him.” Hospital administrators, Prinster said, had not called police.

Now that's weird.


That Sidewinder Report is interesting. I see that the Triads with their base in Hong Kong are the money laundering triads.


--That Sidewinder Report is interesting. --

I know, I am going to print out what I can and read it.

OH - and in that Blotter report, they say

Hsu, reportedly a naturalized U.S. citizen, would have been eligible to vote, say experts, even after his 1992 conviction on a fraud-related felony charge.

reportedly -- as in, no one even knows his citizen status.



Not really weird.

If the FBI had checked purchases of tickets on AmTrack or had accessed for example his credit card transactions and saw the ticket buy, they would have gotten in contact with AmTrack to see where he was going and they probably called back with a heads up when the incident on the train happened. Then it was a matter of confirming which hospital he was taken to.


Actually, as I recall earlier reports, someone on the train or in the hospital recognized him and phoned it in. I doubt the FBI checked the Amtrack records. Besides, IIRC there is no I.D. required on trains.The reservation could be in anyone's name.


The grandkids just took the train from Calif. back to Indiana. The tickets were bought online by Dad in Indiana, they boarded at a stop that was little more than a bus stop. Amtrak says adults need to have ID, but, unless they asked for it once the train was underway, no one cared when they boarded. There was a conductor one car up who just pointed down to the entrance of the following car and the kids and their Mom got on, found a seat and the train left.



That could explain the delay to the arrest.

But unless he paid cash out of pocket , if the FBI got access to his accounts in their search it could have turned up.

I have not yet seen confirmation one way or another.


So, how much does the Hsu thing have to do with Clinton's deal with the Chinese back in the 90's? Are we still dealing with the same people?


So, how much does the Hsu thing have to do with Clinton's deal with the Chinese back in the 90's?

Certainly sounds like it to me. But don't worry, the media will ignore it.


Delerium, hum. Where's the YouTube?

Why didn't bin Laden make it a little more explicit that its the dam Joos who are warming the globe?


narciso, keep on percolating, there. You'll see the point when it's time. Nice catch about Brosnahan.


In case anyone's memory of the Clinton fundraising antics of the '96 election cycle is as fuzzy as mine, the (pdf) Summary of Findings of the Senate Committee of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs' 1997 Special Investigation in Connection with 1996 Federal Election Campaigns is a good one. It starts right off with an answer to the question some have raised as to what Hillary's motive could be for accepting dirty money she "doesn't need," and continues right through with a nice overview of our old friends Johnny Huang, Charlie Trie, James and Mochtar Riady, Pauline Canchankalak, those lovable Bhuddists, et al.

A good read down Memory Lane, brought to you by Fred Thompson and company way back when.

You know, I'd bet Dick Cheney is studying this Hsu case right about now, and from the memories of how the Senate's 12/31/97 deadline motivated stonewalling and stymied the entire investigation, they have to be considering the appointment of a special counsel, whose mandate wouldn't end in January of '09.


Lest we forget, Chinese money pre-empted the '96 election. There was a poverty to the political process that year.

R C Dean

The capitalist system seeks to turn the entire world into a fiefdom of the major corporations under the label of "globalization" in order to protect democracy."

He says that like its a bad thing. I mean, god forbid (excuse me, Allah forbid, apparently) that we should have voluntary associations thtcome together in a free market, or political systems that reserve ultimate accountability to the people.


RC, you've put your finger on the illicit relationship between Muslim radicalism and all those failed Marxists worried about 'corporatism'. It isn't just BDS that causes them all to ignore liberalism in favor of sharia. It can only be desperation at the root of such dissonance.

Rick Ballard

An examination of the functional differences between a mullah and a commissar or Iran’s Grand Council of Islamic Guidance and the Politburo explains much of the affinity. The left sees cousins - just as they did when Uncle Joe teamed up with Adolph to set the world aright.


Am I imagining things, or does Michael Scheuer just sound confused and dissonant in the Daily News, today?


He'sa a nitwit, kim--and always has been. Gabriel Schoenfeld has a fantastic piece in this week's Weekly Standard about him and the doofuses at the CIA who put him in charge of tracking OBL and left him there when he had neither the background, analytic skills or management talent to do the job.


Since Kim continues the (annoying) practice of not giving cites, I had to scroll thru the NY Daily News to find the story he referred to. Here it is:http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2007/09/09/2007-09-09_cia_agent_says_were_letting_bin_laden_wi.html>Scheuer as nuts as ever
In the process, I found this piece which shows a cast of our old nitwits from the CIA claiming Bin Laden lives in luxury. Pillar, Grenier, Cannistraro--"experts" without expertise quoted by news men who have no wits. (Story eminds me of those elaborate pre-invasion diagrams in the UK Times about the lavish accommodations in an impregnable Tora Bora complex which, it turns out unsuprisingly, never existed.)
http://www.nydailynews.com/news/wn_report/2007/09/09/2007-09-09_bin_laden_likely_lives_in_comfy_safehous-2.html>Same old dopes


Kim, I said "he". If it's a "she" forgive me, but it's an androgynous name and I've no idea.


How can you say Scheuer ia a nitwit with these qualifications?
"In 1986, Scheuer earned a Ph.D. from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. This school has earned an international reputation in the field of grain-storage technology, "

The man is as qualified for his job as bin Laden.


Steve Gilbert attacks the NYT and ACLU for misrepresenting the FBI program and reminds us that the ACLU's terror expert is hardly one. http://sweetness-light.com/archive/nyt-still-pushes-aclu-lies-about-data-mining

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