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September 09, 2007



Have been appreciating--finally--knowledgeable writers making comparisons between Marxism and Islam--and I do mean all of Islam.
Osama Bin Laden Transcripts... Sounds Like A Leftist! is from a blog linked to from Real Clear Politics.


PUK, Undoubtedly the agency's diversity program required hiring foreigners with no background for key jobs. Even morons should be represented.


Michael Scheuer is a fraud. Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity continue to have him on their shows and its laughable but sad.

Clarice, What's the chance of President Bush nominating Ted Olson on 9/11/07? Wouldn't that be "Hell To Pay". I miss his wife, Barbara.
Did you know her?


I didn't know her. But she was best friends with one of my friends and she is sorely missed by those who did know her, Ann. Maybe that would be a bit hokey to appoint him on that day, but he would be a good choice IMO.
(And using the Sheehan example, he would have "absolute moral authority", I suppose.)


Comparisons of OBL comments to liberal Democrats comments.




Reading the Michael Scheuer piece and I'm still stunned that this guy was the head of the OBL desk. Will look at the WS piece in a little bit. I wanted to throw my computer throw the window when I read the first paragraph of the Scheuer piece.



Have been appreciating--finally--knowledgeable writers making comparisons between Marxism and Islam--and I do mean all of Islam.

This is an interesting book that may serve as a good jumping off point.


"no background for key jobs."

Ah! It's the diabolical cunning of the Agency,"Grain management - needle in haystack"

The main point is that the CIA is a funding sink like all bureaucracies,if funding can be claimed a department will be set up,a budget set ,staff and offices acquired,no different than the Soviet Commission for Brown Boots(left) These organisations will churn out reports that no one reads,or if they did would not have the knowledge to verify the information.The only time anything surfaces from these money pits is if they provide a newsworthy soundbite,or the ordure hits the rotating,then the peals of "Shock horror,why weren't we told", resounds through the media and the polity.



Great article at the Weekly Standard that you pointed out.

-moreover this paragraph raises a few questions

As part of its mandate, the OIG assessed the quality of the CIA's counterterrorist "analytic products," that is, its studies of bin Laden and al Qaeda, in the relevant period. It found that "important elements were missing." It seems that when facts were gathered, "discussion of implications was generally weak." But facts were not always gathered. Indeed, "a number of important issues were covered insufficiently or not at all." In a conclusion unquestionably bearing on Scheuer's tenure, it found that there had been no "strategic assessment of al Qaeda by CTC or any other component" and that "no comprehensive report focusing on UBL [Osama bin Laden]" had been produced in the period running from 1993 to September 11, 2001. In other words, in 1996, after Scheuer was assigned the job of countering Osama bin Laden, he never bothered with the first and most elementary task of intelligence tradecraft: assembling and evaluating the known facts about his principal target.

1. If Scheuer is as ignorant of basic facts why does he still have a platform from which to shape public opinion?

2. In reference to the Iraq War, if the work on OBL [UBL] was as shoddy as this and the work on Iraq was just as incompetent why is it that the left as an article of faith rejects the notion that Iraq could or would provide assistance to al Qeada?

3. If there are as big of gaps in our knowledge of al Qeada (and Iraq) why is that the millions of pages of documents that have been captured in Iraq sit untranslated and unexploited in warehouses in Dubai, Bahrain, and Baghdad?

And a note on the Scheuer piece at the Daily News: he cannot believe the things he says. He called for an "invasion force" of 500K in Afghanistan and that al Qeada is better equiped today. I'll have more on this later today, but the article is incompetence from beginning to end and its not even internally consistent.

For example, the recent arrests in Germany of a cell planning bombings of US targets. On his watch a cell was discovered that at one point was watched by the BND [and the CIA for part of its history] in 1998 in Hamburg. This cell used one address and had at its height 26 members. 3 members of this cell travelled the world, eventually ensconded themselves in Flordia, and launched the 9/11 attacks. The current group arrested in Germany was spread over 5 cities, about 10 in number, and was discovered using survaillance techniques that would have been prohibited in the pre-9/11 environment, and had been watched for about a year [if the press is to be believed]. How exactly does this make us "less safe" and how exactly is the recent arrests testimony to "incompetence" of our political leadership or our strategy in the GWOT?


Your questions are right on. Re the untranslated docs..If you recall, Robison was translating and publishing them and the Dems cooked up some objection and that was stopped. The real answer, I think,, is that they provide real evidence of our "allies" and others (figure others out) who were working with Saddam.

We are in a do-it-yourself mode re intel now. The CIA is idiotic. DIA is better. DoD the best.[You can tell that, among other things, from the whining from there to the front page writers at the WaPo about how DoD has set up a parallel intel op] CIA functions at all because the clown show is allowed to work on diversity quilts and undercutting the Administration and the war while outside contractors (the good guys who fled the CIA's sinking ship) are providing whatever info the CIA gets.



BTW, Gabriel Schoenfeld is brilliant. You can bank on anything he writes.


Thank you Rich for the link to the KGB book. Had not heard of it but will get it.
Am just finishing "Outrage" by Scaroborough (am way behind all of the folks here) but it really made my hair stand on end.
Have read Hayes book "Connection". He has given a fair account (in an article at WS) of reasons the captured Iraqi documents have not been processed. For one thing--some of them gave a description for building a nuclear weapon and had to be pulled from the public domain from reporting of our "friends" at the NYT.


Scheur one assumes picked up some Arabic in order to read the various jihadi publication
but he's much less qualified than Reuel Marc
Gerecht who only made it to a mid level Paris post before he quit in '94; frustrated
over the lack of operational authority. Cannistraro had some more experience (Jiddah, Tripoli, et al) but his expertise led to whitewash the character of the Gen
Intellig/ISI picked cadres picked to lead
the mujahadeen. And we know "Scary Larry's"
expertise level. Bob Baer seems to have pitched himself as the expert that seems to
tolerate Iran; from his previous post. Mike Baker seems a good bet; Olbermann favorite
Jack Rice well what do you think.

On the earlier point about the Hamburg cell; if Atta, Hanjour and maybe one other
had been snatched and 'rendered' before the
"Invasion of Manhattan" had proceeded, they
would have likely postponed and/or fallen through with the operation
Now the Washington Post, frontpages todays coverage with a struggle between Petraeus and his superior CentCom chief Fallon, who seems less sanguine on the surge, like his
boss JCS Chief Mullen. However the real story is with Newsweek's profile of Petraeus's team, which confirms the hunch I had about Lt. Col. yingling and his part in the Kaplan book. As I suspected, Petraeus's
top aides are Col.H. R. McMaster theprevious
3rd ACR chief and author of the Vietnam era JCS policy study; Dereliction of Duty and Pete Mansoor with assistance from Col. Michael Meese, Ed Meese's son. McMaster they'll be plenty of time to do retrospectives on the war. Now is not the time.


Fashion Companies Nothing But Spats For Hsu


galaster"some of them gave a description for building a nuclear weapon and had to be pulled from the public domain from reporting of our "friends" at the NYT."

Yes, that was the pretext for shutting down the independent translations--the only translations that were going on. I say "pretext" because I do not believe that for a moment.


Sara, Capt Ed is right..that is obvious from the NYT' article. OTOH, don't look for any biggies to fall--they'll put the onus on the "little people", the peons they hired NOT to vet.


Mark Steyn asks: Where’s the War?

Six years on, most Americans are now pretty certain what they’ll wake up to in the morning: There’ll be a thwarted terrorist plot somewhere or other — last week, it was Germany. Occasionally, one will succeed somewhere or other, on the far horizon — in Bali, Istanbul, Madrid, London. But not many folks expect to switch on the TV this Tuesday morning, as they did that Tuesday morning, and see smoke billowing from Atlanta or Phoenix or Seattle. During the IRA’s 30-year campaign, the British grew accustomed (perhaps too easily accustomed) to waking up to the news either of some prominent person’s assassination or that a couple of gran’mas and some schoolkids had been blown apart in a shopping centre. It was a terrorist war in which terrorism was almost routine. But, in the six years since President Bush declared that America was in a “war on terror,” there has been in America no terrorism.

In theory, the administration ought to derive a political benefit from this: The president has “kept America safe.” But, in practice, the placidity of the domestic front diminishes the chosen rationale of the conflict: If a “war on terror” has no terror, who says there’s a war at all? That’s the argument of the Left — that it’s all a racket cooked up by the Bushitlerburton fascists to impose on America a permanent national-security state in which, for dark sinister reasons of his own, Dick Cheney is free to monitor your out-of-state phone calls all day long. Judging from the blithe expressions of commuters doing the shoeless shuffle through the security line at LAX and O’Hare, most Americans seem relatively content with a permanent national-security state. It’s a curious paradox: airports on permanent Orange Alert, and a citizenry on permanent ...well, I’m not sure there’s a homeland-security color code for “Gaily Insouciant,” but, if there is, it’s probably a bland limpid pastel of some kind. Of course, if tomorrow there’s a big smoking hole where the Empire State Building used to be, we’ll be back to: “The president should have known! This proves the failure of his policies over the last six years! We need another all-star Commission filled with retired grandees!”



Have read Hayes book "Connection". He has given a fair account (in an article at WS) of reasons the captured Iraqi documents have not been processed. For one thing--some of them gave a description for building a nuclear weapon and had to be pulled from the public domain from reporting of our "friends" at the NYT.

I have and it was an eye opener. The book was a worthwhile read and is a good reference. I also have on my reading pile the self-published book of Robinson et al right here inside my computer. I've read some portions and hope to have it finished in the near future.

The link to "The World was Going Our Way" is the second [the first was "The Sword and the Shield"] book based on the Mitrokhin Archive. He orginally came to the US but his archive was refused and he got a more welcome reception in Britian. The documents that have been shared with the US are still classified and there was a court case to get them released under the FOIA. I am unaware of how the case has proceeded but the documents dealing with Italy have have been investigated fairly well in Italy [Michael Ledeen has some good stuff about this in his book].


Chinese Gangster "Shrimp Boy" Chow Comes Clean on Hsu

Raymond "Shrimpboy" Chow, an associate of democratic donor Norman Hsu, says he turned his life around after his bust for running a child prostitution ring and dealing heroin.

Gateway Pundit has a picture of the guy holding his "Certificate of Honor" "that was awarded by San Francisco city Supervisor Fiona Ma. He was given the award by the city of San Francisco last year." Plus more of the interview.


Robison was uncovering all sorts of links between Saddam and terrorist organizations and OFF players IIRC when the NYT popped up with nuclear plan giveaway story and the Dems bitched until the Administration cut him off.

In the meantime the docs sit untranslated in Qatar like the Ark in Raiders of the Lost Ark.



Robison was uncovering all sorts of links between Saddam and terrorist organizations and OFF players IIRC when the NYT popped up with nuclear plan giveaway story and the Dems bitched until the Administration cut him off.

Interesting. IIRC, Miller was looking at the connections of WMD proliferation and the OFF program when she got shived in the back by NYT, Kristof et al.

My preferred formulation:

al Qeada+Supernote+AQ Khan = Oil For Food

Gotta go, there are some black helicopters hovering in my backyard


Here's one of the pieces Robison wrote on the translations.
http://www.americanthinker.com/2007/05/more_evidence_of_saddamal_qaed.html>Now you see it, now you don't


By Ken McCracken

One of the articles of faith for those pining for America's defeat in Iraq is that the success of the tribal awakening movement in Anbar province cannot possibly, ever, be reproduced anywhere else in Iraq.

We should believe this, I suppose, because every leftist who starts blogging is instantly granted divine insight into the complexities of Iraqi politics, thousands of miles away. You know, the same people who have been telling us we have already lost in Iraq.

Well lo and behold, perhaps the Juan Cole wannabes don't know a damn thing about Iraq:

The tribal movement begun in Anbar has spread throughout central Iraq, as thousands of Sunnis have either volunteered to join the Iraqi Security Forces or formed local defense groups under Iraqi government and coalition auspices. These "concerned citizens" groups springing up throughout central Iraq have not been previously observed on this scale in the country. They permit U.S. and Iraqi forces to hold territory they have cleared more effectively. The volunteers who make up these groups, recruited and deployed in their own neighborhoods, have incentives to protect their families and communities. They are not independent militias, however. They are partnered with Iraqi Security Forces and coalition forces.

The Baqubah Guardians, one such group, recently helped the Iraqi police in that city fight off al Qaeda insurgents until coalition helicopters arrived. The Taji Neighborhood Watch association searched hundreds of homes for weapons caches. Iraq has hitherto lacked a local policing initiative, relying instead on national and regional models. The concerned-citizen groups are filling this gap while the U.S. and the Iraqi governments work to expand and improve the Iraqi Security Forces that many of these volunteers hope to join.

I am sure the defeatocrats will explain this away with all the expert authority they have displayed thus far. They need to. They have bet the whole farm on defeat, and so they need to chant to themselves "keep despair alive!"

Plus from The Astute Bloggers:



Seems the world is beginning to wake up. Too bad our dem leaders and their nutroot handlers don't see it.



Britain halts immigration

Tens of thousands of immigrant workers will be forced to learn English before they are allowed into Britain under a plan Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to announce tomorrow in a speech to the Trades Union Congress in Brighton, informed sources revealed yesterday.

That's very interesting, Sara. An obvious move to anyone with a survival instinct, but probably easier to implement given the universal nature of English than it would be, for example, in Sweden or Italy. If England is able to do this, and other countries could follow, it's something that could be a defining historical moment.

That's a pretty big "if," though.


I want to wish all the Grandmas and Grandpas of JOM a very Happy Grandparents Day.


Well,thnx, and to you, too. Didn't even know there was one today.

Here's the link to the McCracken piece Sara cited.


Clarice, excuse me again for screwing a link. I'm taking codeine cough medicine since my cold has turned into nasty bronchitis and it is making me high as a kite. Well anyway that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. ::wink::

I have a Grandparents post up HERE with a link to the founders page and a couple of the winning videos. More at the founder's link.


One of the articles of faith for those pining for America's defeat in Iraq is that the success of the tribal awakening movement in Anbar province cannot possibly, ever, be reproduced anywhere else in Iraq.

And for a breakdown on details of what is happening...

Kilcullens Article

This was already linked in another thread (the article is at Small Wars Journal) but I'm putting it here just in case anyone missed it. If you don't read anything else before the hearings this week, read this.

He mentions that even shia are approaching us to help rid themselves of shia extremists.

Sunni against sunni extremists. Shia against shia extremists. Iraqis against extremism, period. A sea change.



Not a bad idea, but most of the people who have been trying to kill Brits in England have not only been English speakers, they were born there. There might be some of that horse and barn door thing going on here. I have heard or read somewhere that Sarkozy is talking about doing something much like this in France as well.


"Tens of thousands of immigrant workers will be forced to learn English before they are allowed into Britain under a plan Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to announce tomorrow in a speech to the Trades Union Congress in Brighton, informed sources revealed yesterday".

This is, to put it politely,complete and utter balderdash,once people enter the EU,they are free to go anywhere within the EU.The Human Rights act specifically bars sending back those who are at risk in their home countries.
Armies of human Right lawyers are on the case,all on the public purse.
The Immigration Service has not a clue as to how many and where illegals are.The entry procedures are backed up to Doomsday.
Finally,where pray,are the English lessons to take place on a ferry in the English Channel,or in those camps our friends the French are building on the coast?
Sorry, this is BS for Former NuLabor's
Paymasters the Unions.
Oh lucky America,you got only one Clinton,so far,we got two.



Maybe they have had enough. It happens. If AlQaida keeps killing Muslims it might start happening in other places as well.

For instance, the Lebanese have gone after extremists as well.


The problem with the left is that they hate Bush the Man so much, they forget that Bush the President is the face and representation worldwide of America the Great and Powerful. When Bush made his trip to Anbar, they looked at it as a political photo-op and never saw the import and genius of the trip. They don't get that by Bush coming and having a sit down, however brief, with the Sunni sheiks, he was saying, "we are listening to you too." And they certainly didn't get the import of Bush making Malaki and the Central Gov't. figures come to meet him there as a major move toward a unified Iraq where all voices need to speak as one as far as national identity is concerned. They can have their local politics, just like we do, but before they do that, they need to cement their identity as Iraq the country.

I think they are getting to that point, however slowly. It seems Iraqis are now realizing that the American soldier isn't there to conquer them or to protect them from other Iraqis but that we are all in this together to protect Iraq from those outside who want to do harm and destroy the gains made since the departure of the iron control of the Sunni Baathists.

BTW, I saw somewhere in my travels around the blogosphere this morning that Michael Moore now admits that he is a Marxist. I'll try to find the link. It was a French interview.


In the Iraqi polity, tribes’ rights may end up playing a similar role to states’ rights in some other democracies.

Good link, Syl. (The Kilcullens Article.) Thanks for posting it.


Reading the comments below the Kilcullens article that Syl linked to, the question "What does winning look like?" was raised, followed by the statement that "We cannot win in the conventional meaning TO US of winning, which means subjugation of the loser."

I think this whole idea misses the point. If we end up with Iraq as an ally, we've won. When the people there see us as a friend, as I think most of them do, the politics can go their own way, and we're still far better off than we were before taking Saddam out. Just as Germany and Japan go their own way today, we get no advantage from having once subdued or subjugated them. The advantage is in the friendships that have replaced prior enmities.

When the Democrats booed and disrespected Maliki when he came to visit, while understandable when you accept their malicious intentions, it was a disgrace.


When I was in college back in the sixties, I was on my way to class one day, when a passing student grab me and said, "aren't you going to the sit-in?" I asked what they were protesting with said sit-in? The answer was, "who cares, its party time and an excuse to skip class."

That is my impression of the left and the nutroots today. The majority of them have no idea what they are supporting and really don't care. It is what their friends are doing and its cool, in their limited world.


I said I'd be back and H&R would have approved of the beverages, but he would be disappointed with the "needless to say" aspects of this evenings events.

Anyway, I'm incensed about Scheuer's op-ed in the Daily News and thought I'd offer a response.

Its both bloodthristy and submissive, grandiose and minutia. It is telling that he ran the UBL desk for 3 years as al Qeada gained in strength and stature and just the other day he was quoted positively by his supposed arch-enemy. He is quoted by today's media for his supposed expertise regarding al Qeada and Islamic Terrorism today without any interviewer asking the tough questions of where was he prior to 9/11. His column is a tour-de-force of cognitive dissonance and Schoenfeld's column is a good starting critique but doesn't go far enough.

Michael Scheuer was head of the desk tasked with tracking UBL and under his watch al Qeada metastasized into the global threat they now pose. He begins his column by deploying that ever easy weapon-rhetoric-by accusing US political elites of lieing to the American people. It would be useful if this indictment were consistent but it is not. It would be useful if his policy prescriptions were consistent but they are not. Granted his column only runs 640 words, but he was taunted by his arch-enemy and couldn't be bothered to produce a better work.


Bob Grenier seems to be the station chief mentioned in Newsweek's Bin Laden hunt piece who was always in a hurry; but never to authorize operations. He's like the eponymous "John" who was Bob Baer's boss in
Beirut, who was always polishing hs wing tip shoes and would never allow recruiting
of assets without a polygraph. A fictional
but very realistic snapshot of this type of intellocrat can be seen in the works of John
Weisman, particularly Direct Action; Set in 2003; it relates the story of a Gerecht like
former agent turned private contractor who uncovers a massive attack directed by
associates of Imad Mugniyah (this was a year before Imad, served as Southern Lebanon Hb coordinator, despite the hide bound agency's attempts to block him at every turn. It's a typical roman a clef, which the author saids is based on real persons. Among the mysteries it uncovers
is why Tenet ws removed in the fall of 2004
and replaced by Goss (The IG report travels
similar ground)

Scheur's a piece of work really, according to the NY Daily News. If he had read of the British experience in the North Western Frontier he wouldn't be so cavalier about suggesting the insertion of 500,000 troops we didn't have into the region. Malakand,(where Churchill was baptised by fire, along with the future commander of British forces in Mesopotamia; Aylmer Haldane,) the Black Mountain Expeditions, the Mohsud expeditions, the Buner raid where future
S. African commander 'Bobs Roberts earned his stripes) Hell, if he'd read Kipling, or Conan Doyle, or Henty he'd have more of clue. He seems to be the Middle Eastern equivalent of Angleton, who's been through the "Wilderness of Mirrors" so often, he doesn't know which way is up. I mentioned Baer earlier; he seems to have morphed from
a stead fast foe of AQ and Iran's ambitions to the point that in Sy hersh's infamous
flawed column on Lebanon and the not yet emerged Fatah al Islam; he seriously suggests that Hb can protect the Maronite christians. His roman a clef "Blow the House down" was Angletonesque in it's intricacies. In it he suggests that 9/11 was carried out by KSM who was working with
Iran; supported by a neocon money bag son of a CIA man; those infamous trading puts
emerge in this theory.

Good help seems hard to find for Osama; One can't believe Zawahiri would allow the local
equivalent of the Loose Change's Dylan Avery to shape his broadcast. I know Wifi's
probably scarce in Chitral or Malakand, but
that was really embarassing. And I don't mean to the Kosers, the Huffers and the Depleted Uranium crowd; who aren't that far apart from Josh Marshall & Yglesias nowadays


Here's a bit of good news:
"CAIRO - The Islamists had expected to make unprecedented gains in Morocco's parliamentary vote Friday.

Even though political parties based on religion are illegal, the officially nonreligious but Islamic-inspired Justice and Development Party (PJD) was predicted to become the largest bloc in the 325-member chamber, as it had gained support by campaigning to tackle corruption in the north African country's government.

Instead, the PJD garnered only about five seats, for a total of 47, and came in second, behind the right-leaning and secular Istiqlal (Independence) party, which won 52 seats in the lower house of parliament, according to preliminary results released Saturday.

The surprisingly low showing for the PJD was a blow to the party's long-held strategy of taking a carefully measured path to power in a region with a history of harsh crackdowns on Islamist political groups on the verge of electoral success.

"Islamist parties and governments are watching very closely the Moroccan elections. Moderate Islamist parties in Algeria, Egypt, Syria, and some Gulf countries will have to be part of any reformist agenda in the region," wrote Abdeslam Maghraoui, visiting associate professor in political science at Duke University in Durham, N.C., in an e-mailed response to questions. "



When I was in college back in the sixties, I was on my way to class one day, when a passing student grab me and said, "aren't you going to the sit-in?" I asked what they were protesting with said sit-in? The answer was, "who cares, its party time and an excuse to skip class."

That is my impression of the left and the nutroots today.

Let's get this clear right off: Sara i really respect you and your views..
I'm not going to pick a fight with you..
But are you F**cking kidding me? :)
I'm your age..and we damn well knew what the sit-in was all about. I hate going back in time but Johnson was bombing everyone in sight...my friends, my neighbors, were killed..
we were in a wierd unwinnable war. ( who gives a sh*t how vietnam goes?) I was drafted.. my uncle was blown up at firebase schueller...And i was shot down in a C-119.
and what was the sit-in about?
It was about a waste of american lives..
I love america..and my son is serving in the Marines in Iraq..But Sara..as much as i love your opinions..the 60's were different than today..That was a stupid war that made no difference in the world politic...
Before you flame me sara...I'm sorry i'm blogging while drunk...Alot of memories comes flooding back and i noramally just blog here with jest and try to be cute..
( just like Hit and run) but the 60's were intense and 55,000 brothers and sisters paid the ultimate price for the USA. I look upon my body and see what the price was for bad policy....We can't allow Iraq to become Vietnam...


Blockquotes are from Scheuer's op-ed...

The moral cowards governing us today have handed Afghanistan to Bin Laden. Instead of sending a half-million troops to that country, sealing its border with Pakistan, annihilating anyone who fought us, and then coming home, President Bush listened to then-CIA director George Tenet's promise that bribery and a few CIA and U.S.Special Forces officers would win the war.

Scheuer is a bit too bloodthirsty here with his call to send 500k US troops to annihilate all opposition in Afghanistan and he seems to forget that Afghanistan is a landlocked country surrounded by countries the US has cool relationships with. He also seems to forget that the Soviets deployed at the height of their occupation about 450,000 and they were worse off not better. I'm curious where this notion comes from that if UBL were captured or killed it would somehow win the GWOT. Did Leninism end with Lenin's death? And his picture that Afghanistan is somehow "controlled" by bin Laden today seems to ignore the work of Bill Riggio and others that point to difficult, but steady progress. Afghanistan was, prior to 9/11, in the throes of a 30 year civil war, foreign interference, foreign occupation, with millions of people straddled among all their borders especially in Iran and Pakistan. And Scheuer's prescription is annaliation, but the US with NATO allies are doing the thankless and difficult work to make sure Afghanistan doesn't slid back to terrorist haven that it was under Michael Scheuer's watch.

On balance, Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are more threatening today than on 9/11. As the July National Intelligence Estimate reported, the core of Al Qaeda is rebuilt, aiding Iraqi and Afghan insurgents, and preparing attacks in the United States. Worse, the proliferation of Al Qaeda-inspired, homegrown groups in the West is accelerating, as we saw last week in Germany and Denmark.

It is laughable that he would point to the recent arrests in Germany and Denmark as indicators that al-Qeada is more dangerous today than before 9/11. Where was he when the Hamburg Cell, generally unmolested, planned, plotted, and executed numerous attacks on US interests including 9/11? Where was he when imams preached "Death to the Great Satan" in the Finsbury Park Mosque in London, or for that matter, when anyone wanted a bin Laden quote all that had to do was wheel over to al-Fagih's office also in London? This was on Scheuer's watch and it was his task to keep tabs on UBL, but I suppose he couldn't be bothered because tracking OBL's associates in Germany and his mouthpieces in London is too prosaic and not as bloodthirsty as sending an invasion force of 500k into the land ocean of Central Asia.


Scheuer identify's the big lie:

They say Bin Laden, et. al are primarily motivated by their hatred of America's freedoms. Not so. The impact of our policy is the Islamists' core motivation and a glue of unity for that ethnically and linguistically diverse crowd.

I offer UBL's 1996 fatwa, 1998 fatwa, and his headscratching 2007 rant. Is there anything in those statements that indicate a willingness on OBL or his movement's part to not engage in terrorism against the US and our allies. OBL stated the 'duty of all Muslims is to kill Americans-military and civilian- where ever they are found where ever it is possible to do so'. He tried to procure and produce WMD for his plots. He killed other muslims to get to Americans. Which US policies would make someone [and by extension his movement] have an eliminationist hatred and what adjustment in those policies would channel this hatred into their own countries? Scheuer answers ruthlessness and "oil independence". I'm dumbfounded that Scheuer has a PhD and is a 22 year veteran of the CIA.

He also trots out the "ethnically and culturally diverse" card and I provide a counter-example (though it is not al-Qeada). The Charlotte Hezbollah cell was rolled up prior to 9/11. Some of its members were convicted of marriage fraud [among a rather long list of other charges]. I leave it to the reader to figure out the “cultural and linguistic diversity” the Hezbollah Cell had to bridge in one of the major cities of the American Southeast.



Keep your powder dry until tomorrow, when we are going to need your anger.


Don't Question His Patriotism! [Cliff May]
MoveOn.org, it seems, is questioning the patriotism of Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq. Tomorrow, the anti-war group is running a full-page advertisement in the New York Times under the headline: "General Petraeus or General Betray us?"

So they are implying that Petraeus has betrayed the country — that he is a traitor. And what is the nature of the betrayal? That he refuses to accept defeat at the hands of al-Qaeda and Iranian-backed militias in Iraq.

Pete Hegseth of Veterans for Freedom wants to know who in Congress and which candidates for president stand with MoveOn — and which believe that such slander of America's military during wartime is beyond the pale and must be denounced in the strongest terms.


Hoosierhoops, perhaps you should stay away from the keyboard when you're drunk. The point wasn't the validity of the sit-in, it was about the sheep who attended. And for the record, with a husband who did 4 tours in Vietnam and who came of age in the sixties, as I did, I think I can distinguish between those who knew what they were talking about and why from those who just went along for the ride, which were many.

I neither indicated what the sit-in was about or whether I attended, so I don't know what your rant is anyway.


Rich--when you have time--would you let me know if that download book "The Big Breach" by Richard Tomlinson is credible? His story seems intriguing.

That means reducing U.S. intervention in the Muslim world, keeping policies essential to U.S. security and unloading those that undermine it — like energy dependence on the Saudi and other Gulf regimes. This will start to deflect Islamist and Muslim ire onto their main enemy, the Arab world's Islamofascist rulers. Second, we must ignore international opinion and apply overwhelming military force on Islamists and their abettors whenever necessary to defend America. This will cost Bin Laden much of the popular support generated by some current U.S. policies.

So to make peace with the Islamists means "reducing US intervention in the Muslim world" on the one hand, but also "ignoring internation opinion" and "applying overwhelimg military force on Islamists and their abbetors" on the other. It is curious the US ignored international opinion and applied overwhelming military force in Iraq, much more "culturally and linguistically" in tune with the Saudi and Egyptian core leadership of al-Qeada, and Michael Scheuer responded with "Without a doubt, in the war against al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein was one of our best allies." Whatever the connection [it seems that neither the CIA's Iraq group couldn't be bothered with producing any products regarding Iraqi terrorism, nor Scheuer's group couldn't be bothered to produce any products examining the potential for state-sponsorship of al Qeada's activities], it seems unlikely the Hussein's Iraq, a country the US routinely coup-plotted against and bombed, would have made a good ally. And isn't this part of the Egyptian problem-the US turns to nominally secular dictatorships to keep the oil flowing and the peace-and its these governments that the Islamist movement is seeking to displace.


Rich--Please pass on the Richard Tomlinson thing. The guy's a nut case as far as I can tell from his "Princess Diana" death theories.

My apologies.


Air ball. Air ball.

Tomorrow, everyone you see tell 'em the War in Iraq is over and the globe is cooling. Tell 'em with a big smile on your face. Watch 'em laugh.


Dr. Paul Williams: Media Alters Bin Laden's Message




Does anyone know anything about Dr. Paul Williams. What he says seems a little too Tom Clancy for me. Is he legit?

Barry Dauphin

Osama forgot to mention that Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame tried to save the republic.


So if the good Doctor Doubleyays lob from three point land is nuthin' but net, maybe we haven't heard more about Libya's extra pounds of yellowcake and Khan's sewn seeds because the bitter bakery hasn't seen the harvest, yet.


Oh, Barry, you beat me to it. I was going to title the link for my last comment:

"Joe Wilson's a Bad'Un".


Via The Corner:

Don't Question His Patriotism!

MoveOn.org, it seems, is questioning the patriotism of Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq. Tomorrow, the anti-war group is running a full-page advertisement in the New York Times under the headline: 'General Petraeus or General Betray us?' So they are implying that Petraeus has betrayed the country -- that he is a traitor. And what is the nature of the betrayal? That he refuses to accept defeat at the hands of al-Qaeda and Iranian-backed militias in Iraq.
Pete Hegseth of Veterans for Freedom wants to know who in Congress and which candidates for president stand with MoveOn -- and which believe that such slander of America's military during wartime is beyond the pale and must be denounced in the strongest terms. ...



Does anyone know anything about Dr. Paul Williams. What he says seems a little too Tom Clancy for me. Is he legit?

I read it; I'm skeptical especially about the nuclear part [nuclear weapons decay over time, command and control, among other reasons]. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a wave of suicide bombings [or other mass murders, the DC shootings as an example] in the US, and he seems to conflate what a dirty bomb is and a yield producing bomb [interesting this was the only WMD threat that Scheuer pointed out as well; when Aum Shinrikyo bombed the Toyko subway in 1995 and spread around some sarin gas in Matsumoto in 1994 [among a long list of other chem-bio attacks] they managed to kill 19, sicken thousands more, and they planned and plotted as far away as Australia (and had an office in NYC). Focusing on the nuclear threat gets people irrationally scared, when its really chemical and biological weapons that will be deployed by terror groups]


M. Simon

Posted by: Clarice September 09, 2007 at 03:02 PM,

Channeling Schwarzkopf?



I started at IU in 1970, at the age of 17 and there was all kinds of anti war stuff going on. There was also all kinds of drugs and sex and rhetoric. Sara is right, there were the serious people and there were the kids who wanted an excuse to party and/or raise hell.

I even remember when students took the Dean's office by force. There were about 15,000 students on campus turning over cars and acting stupid. Pity the poor kids trying to get an education.

I think a lot of the nutroots today are like that. They just want to be part of something that they think is cool and exciting and on the edge. They do not want to think too much. Too busy stickin it to de man.


Wishful thinking on my part...I actually started at IU in 1969. Ah, time flies whether you are having fun or not.


Speaking of Scheuer I saw him on History's channel's doc on 9/11 conspiracy theorists. He was supposedly the voice of reason in regards to AlQaida being the villain on that day and not the Bushies.

Imagine how far out there the Loose Change people have to be if this guy thinks they are crazy.


If Scheuer was any good he would have caught bin Laden when it was his job.


Hah, Ralph Peters in the Post calls Schumer a 'Premature Iraqulator'.


Gateway Pundit has the lowdown on how Schumer's disgusting speech about the surge was modified between its Senate speech version and the version that appears on his webpage.

h/t Lorie Byrd.


I was just about taken in with that 2.5% tax idea when I came upon this comment ..

The ramblings, supposedly of bin Ladin (I bet they were written by someone else), talk about some low tax rate as a Muslim.

How much in taxes would a homeless unemployed goatherder in the US have to pay? He might qualify for a tax credit and actually make out better than his low tax rate as a Muslim. Certainly, there are other benefits the Democrats would make sure he could take advantage of in our welfare system.

bin Ladin, denounce Islam, which imposes a regressive tax system on you! Become an American!


Second video, ho. Is this piecemeal distribution an attempt to pinpoint the leak?


This is interesting.

FBI looks into disgraced donor's business

One investor said she made donations solely to stay in Hsu's good graces and knew others who did so as well.

"They knew they had to do it or they were out," said the investor, who asked to remain anonymous. "There were people who maxed out every credit card they had to give the maximum $4,600 in donations."

She said she opposed Clinton's presidential bid but gave money to her campaign anyway. "I can't stand the woman," the investor said.


Wow that is just fascinating. Hillary is running some sort of gulag election campaign - "Contribute or else". Hugo Chavez could take lessons.


Hard to feel too sympathetic to these investors:"Investors typically made at "

least a 6% profit in each 90-day period."

OTOH it is interesting that one says he brought this to the attention of Hillary's campaign in June.

With all the scandals about her husband's fund raising, a less arrogant person would have done more careful vetting.

I think this story is her Achilles heel.



"Contribute or else"

HILLraiser: Contribute or Pain!


Bullwinkle has the latest video of UBL ?

.. so this leaves us with ..

CIA officials said voice analysis of the tape proved it was definitely bin Laden.



I think that is Bullwinkle showing how he could make a tape.

I just thought I’d try my hand at a little MSM style trickery and see what I could I do. It took me longer to locate the audio file than it took to make this video.
Rick Ballard

"least a 6% profit in each 90-day period."

That's actually not unrealistic for a well run factoring operation. I've seen 90 day (no recourse) rates of 12% against major retailer receivables. I think that we will find that the "receivables" are largely imaginary which would make this a classic Ponzi at the "investor" level.

Those unfamiliar with 'factoring' can brush up here.

I wonder if the focus should be on Clinton's consumate venality or her incompetence in selecting capable staff? Or should the be on the massive extent of her ignorance?

Rick Ballard



It's a calculation. She knows most people can't stand her, and therefore that her only chance is to raise a lot of money like Bill did to turn it around in '96. She also knows what Americans Coming Together did to raise and spend $70M in '04, only to end up with a chump-change $750K slap on the wrist years after the fact. Not even one person was brought up on anything resembling a charge of any kind.

Like Don Corleone and her husband before her, she has enough layers of insulation between her and the really dirty stuff that she knows none of it will ever actually get to her personally. And of course, it's all for the good of the country anyway.

I think Bush should wait for the right moment and appoint a special prosecutor. Unlike the deadline-constrained senate investigation of '97, that's the ticking time-bomb that would be able to get her even if she gets elected.


Sue: I know, but it was pretty funny, especially the "Update".


Neo Colonialists. Well, since it looks ike we financed all the coups in the Stans and some other Pacific Isand Nations I really am not interested in mentioning and paid out big bucks after the coups, maybe Bin Laden is trying to work there. He's trying to say he understands neo colonialism and we all know it's bad. It's really not what he's good at, but dictators are usually the anwer when the US wants to run a country until they don't anymore and then it's these coups, so the blogging media is actually way ahead and Bin Ladenmight find some agreement on the neo coloinial issue. Bloggers go after this real fast and MSM doesn't which is why bloggers are for dictators until the ICA isn't, then we arem unless it was a democracy before the dictator and we financec the desutruction of the country's democracy and put in a dictator, in which case we're not for the Dictator, but the democracy, but policy says pay off the dictator and some decide they won't, but everyone agreed it's okay about all the cash, so we're missing out on opportunity and so is the country 0 military aid instead of other aid and it's all cash anyway; so the policy end really can't support the coups because we're going to ask for the removal of the dictator and restore the democracy we took away; but most NGOs will say stick with the CIA here and they pay off big and even after the restoration you have a solid realtionship to funding from USAID and they pay off big; but it's really neo colonialism and Bin Laden really has no expertise here and needs to hire someone like Plame to give him some advice.



Sorry, I should have known you knew that. And yeah, I LOL.


Well this is interesting - Petreuas has not uttered a word and in his introductory remarks Lantos declares he doesn't believe him.


Is anyone watching the General Patraeus HANGING!

I am outraged that a man of honor has to sit in front of these asses. Are they even going to let him talk. Where are the Republicans!!!
Stand Up and tell Lantos to SHUT UP!


Neo, take the red pill please, and use spell check please. Except for that professor who spent time in Azerbaijan;
no one argues there have US directed
coups in Central Asia; and besides a
veteran KGB man like the late Aliev
didn't need any help in that. Would we have picked such a fellow as Karimov, the human
lobster cooker for Usbekistan


I believe the vote to put him in charge was unanimous. How quickly the wroms turn these days.




Rick Ballard

I wonder if the Dems will give Bin Laden the opportunity to question Gen. Petraeus? It would be a worthy gesture of respect toward one of their party leaders and chief strategist.


This is such an embarassment! Let General Petraeus TALK! Why does he have to sit and take this outrage.


Senator Lantos sounded like Bin Laden! He called General Petraeus practically a liar.


Isn't it typical that the mike doesn't work. I just wonder if the average Joe realize what total traitors the democrats are - and that they are all being sold out by George Soros.


If I were Petraeus, I'd start my testimony with, "In all due respect, ladies and gentleman, you are full of SHIT!!!"


Seems the last time they tried this level of hatchet job on a member of the U.S. military was with Ollie North. They should take a lesson on that. As I recall, the Congress critters didn't look so hot when that was all said and done. Bunch of #%$#%@^%#


Chris Matthews just said Lantos is the highlight so far in the hearings!

God Help Us!


While there is a break in the action, I'll slip in that Jane Wyman, Falconcrest star, Oscar Winner and First Wife of Ronald Reagan, died today at age 93. She was also the adopted mother of Michael Reagan, well known conservative commentator and talk radio host and Maureen Reagan, who died of cancer in 2001 and headed the RNC under during her father's presidency.


General Patraeus just said he wrote the report himself and it was not cleared by anyone!


202-2243121 Congressional switchboard. Call Congressman Lantos' office and let him know what you think of his performance today. Be polite.


Okay I just called Lantos and said I was disappointed, found his speech ugly, un-american and really quite disgusting.

They thanked me for my call.

With all the scandals about her husband's fund raising, a less arrogant person would have done more careful vetting.

I think this story is her Achilles heel.

Remember way back when the cattle futures scam was made public? It is quite obvious from the details of the transactions that the only way that she could have possibly made that money is by taking it away from one or more other Red Bone brokerage customers, and the only question is whether it was money that those other customers were bribing the Clintons with or money that they simply stole with Bone's help and Jim Blair's help.

At the time, and periodically since, I've tried to decide whether I believe that the money was given to the Clintons or stolen for the Clintons. Ok, on the bribe side: as a corollary of Occam's Razor, I always am prejudiced in favor of the explanation which does not require people to commit crimes, or the explanation with the less-serious crimes. Accepting $100,000 in bribes is clearly less-serious than stealing $100,000. But then the problem is that having listened to never-had-a-real-private-sector-job Hilary! parrot marxist talking points, I also wonder if maybe she doesn't actually believe that everyone involved in private enterprise is inherently a thief, so it would be an excuse in her mind that stealing from cattle futures traders would be ok since they stole that money in the first place. (For those claiming that the Rose Law Firm was a private sector job, well, as far as I can tell the only law that she ever practiced there was representing clients at the public teat. So while technically private sector, it still would not give her any first-hand experience with the difference between honest and dishonest business practices.) I'm completely willing to believe that a crooked lawyer could be so clueless as to lack any appreciation or understanding that other people are not crooked.


Well, that's two of us, Jane.
Maybe it's time for Joe to jump:
Lieberman Urges Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi to
Denounce Moveon.org Attack on General Petraeus

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-CT) issued the following statement in response to the Moveon.org ad attacking General Petraeus in today’s New York Times:

“The personal attack on Gen. David Petraeus launched today by Moveon.org is an outrageous and despicable act of slander that every member of the Congress — Democrat and Republican — has a solemn responsibility to condemn.

“General Petraeus has served his country honorably and selflessly for over thirty-five years. He has risked his life in combat and accepted lengthy deployments away from his family to defend our nation and its citizens from its enemies. For this, he deserves the respect, admiration, and gratitude of every American — not the disgraceful slander of Moveon.org.

“It has been widely reported that Moveon.org has worked closely over the past months with many members of the Democratic Party in coordinating their efforts to derail the strategy that General Petraeus has been leading in Iraq.

“I do not know whether the Democratic leadership was consulted in any way or informed by Moveon about this personal, political attack on General Petraeus. That is not the point. The point is that when partisan political attacks which have already divided and weakened our nation in many ways are directed at a non-partisan, non-political commander like General Petraeus, everyone has a responsibility to shout, “Stop. Enough.”

“As a member of the Senate Democratic caucus, I therefore call on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to denounce Moveon.org in no uncertain terms for its vile attack on Gen. Petraeus. General Petraeus deserves no less.

“Regardless of our disagreements on the way forward in Iraq, the claim that one of our most decorated and accomplished soldiers — whom the Senate unanimously confirmed in his command — would "betray" his country is an insult to the honor of all of our brave men and women in uniform who are fighting today in Iraq.

“As we debate our Iraq policy in the days ahead, we should leave no doubt that Democrats and Republicans stand united behind our troops and the commander who is leading them. We must reject the slander of this brave soldier and patriot.”


cathyf, it may be simpler--both Clintons are sociopaths.


I just hope the public wakes up. You know this is starting to remind me of 1972, when I was one of the protesters. At the time I couldn't understand why we couldn't get more traction. It could have had something to do with the fact that we were a bunch of dope-smoking, acid dropping, albeit well-meaning hippies. But I think it had more to do with the fact that there was no middle ground and that we were all young and had given nothing to this great country we were so worried about. We had no sense of history, no tradition to rely on.

And when we thought we were going to take over the world, with George Mc Govern as our savior, the middle just went right, recognizing that we were simply wrong for the country.

SO again I wonder, is the middle finally saying "enough is enough"? Are people who don't pay attention saying "something is wrong here"? What is going on on the nightly news?


Petraeus's start by saying that he wrote his statement himself, without help from staff or Whitehouse directly contradicts Lantos and other MoveOn toadies.

I cannot wait for his answers to questions.

He reminds me of Justice Roberts. I predict he will acquit himeself well.


I hope the contrast kills the Dems.


Michael Yon had a fantastic Petraeus story in this dispatch: Second Chances. Scroll down to the bottom and read the last section, titled "The Ground Truth". I think he'll eat the senators for lunch. The only problem is that they are so dumb that they will have no idea just how pwned they are.


How do you call a Four Star General a liar with a record like this:


Petraeus's Decorations [W. Thomas Smith Jr.]
Gen. Petraeus's awards and decorations (too numerous to list all) include:

Defense Distinguished Service Medal

Two Distinguished Service Medals

Two Defense Superior Service Medals

Four Legions of Merit

Bronze Star Medal for Valor

State Department Superior Honor Award

NATO Meritorious Service Medal

Gold Award of the Iraqi Order of the Date Palm

Master Parachutist wings

Air Assault wings

Ranger tab

Combat Action Badge

French parachutist wings

British parachutist wings

German parachutist wings


Posted by: Neo | September 10, 2007 at 11:56 AM

darn those socket puppets

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