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September 05, 2007



Larry Craig decides to un-resign!

Can't wait for the speech.

Think he'll give it during Petraeus' presentation?


Probably neighbor was trying to warn Mr Albrecht away by shooting high, and the musician, Mr Albrecht unfortunately was 6 foot, 5 inches tall.

Second, since Mr Albrecht was 6 foot 5 inches tall and crazed with drugs and alcohol, he probably was able to really bang hard on the door, shaking it and scaring everyone and making them fear for their lives.

The neighbor didn't have to wait for the door to be tore down and then to be grabbed by the throat by the drug and alcohol crazed 6 foot, 5 inch musician to shoot.


Did he have microwaved popcorn with his drinks ? Inquiring trial lawyers want to know.


Set up:
Musician (translation: creative guy, the type loved by progressives, and the New York elite) shot by neighbor (translation: Texas red-neck, despised by the progressives and New York elite).

The truth? The New York Times, once again, is jumping on a story and twisting the facts and its presentation to further its anti-gun agenda.

Conclusion: This is agenda journalism at it's "finest."


Well the story sites ' heavy drinking'
Just about any other drug would have some effect with heavy drinking...
It's 4am in the morning so who knows what happened?
It's wierd that the neihbor asked who it was and Carter didn't say ' hey it's me..that B**tch locked me out..'
( all drunk guys say that so don't flame me )
The guy was blacked and had no clue..
But with the violent behaviour i'm guessing there is more to this story..and it's not a stop smoking drug.

hit and run

That story really hits close to home for me.

My parents' home where I grew up that is.

Why, what did you think I meant by that?


If evil big pharma warns against mixing alcohol with prescription drugs, and the consumer fails to heed the warning, who should we blame?

Big pharma? Right?

God forbid anyone is held responsible for their own behavior. Couldn't be the alcohol--must be the drugs.


Other than maybe waiting for the door to break, the result would be much the same at my house. A drunk Madman screaming and pounding on the door at 4am has a reduced life span. Tough, don't get drunk and scare your neighbors. They might shoot and ask questions later. This just affirms the new Texas law in my opinion.


It would be interesting to know how many armed robberies, home invasions, and murders this law has prevented, versus the number of unfortunate deaths such as this one. Another research topic for John Lott?

Of course we don't know for sure what this guy would have done had he gotten in the house, so it's a bit speculative to classify it as "unfortunate."


I just don't understand the neighbor with the gun. If someone is banging and kicking your door at 4AM, and he continues after being warned, why would you fire a warning shot?


I quit smoking without any drugs or booze or anything like that. I just gained 25 lbs is all. I also have a gun and would probably consider using it under those circumstances too.

My mother had a problem with the booze but the poor woman never kicked in doors. I did have to take the car keys away from her more than once however. That pissed her off.

Once upon a time people did not expect someone else to be responsible for everything bad that happened to them.


If someone pulled that stunt with me I'd unload granny's double-barrel and go back to sleep. This must have been a transplanted Texan.



When I was living alone in my first apartment, I had one of those middle of the night visitors who came banging on the door and yelling at the top of his lungs, drunk. Scared me big time and I realized how vulnerable I was, especially with no weapon. I called my Mom in the middle of the night and asked her to stay on the phone with me until the banger went away. She asked me if I had any red pepper. I did. So she told me that if he did break in, throw the pepper in his face and run like hell.

I sat all night with a claw hammer in one hand (the only weapon-like implement I had) and my can of ground red pepper in the other.

Turned out the guy was harmless and looking for his friend, who had been the previous tenant of the apartment.



My ex gave me a shotgun and said if anyone tries to get in, point it and shoot. A shotgun makes you and instant marksman.


Terrye, you ex sounds like my Dad. The first gift he gave my Mom was a shotgun, but I always thought it was so she could join him Skeet shooting. Hmmmm.

And hmmmm, the first present my future husband gave me was a coffee pot. It was my first clue he planned to be around in the morning. I don't drink coffee, so I didn't own a coffee pot. :) The second present, BTW, was a 4-slice toaster. A real romantic, he was. NOT.

Annoying Old Guy

The reporter can't even get the name of the band correct. It is not "Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians". There is no "the".

Ralph L

The neighbor must have been pretty scared to ruin his own door like that. Was he trying to quit smoking, too?


Republican debate tonite at 9:00 PM

I plan to live-blog. If anyone cares on which thread, let me know.



Well my ex gave me a cow. No kidding. And yes, I milked ol' Georgia. I also grew much of my own food and canned it, and split wood for the big stove. That husband of mine didn't want me getting fat and spoiled. Always looking out for me he was.

My Dad was an Okie, but then so was I. The first gift he gave my Mother was a an old car he had to teach her to drive.

He tried to teach me how to drive too, but that turned out badly. I still remember him red faced and yelling "Next time kill the dog!" after I swerved into oncoming traffic to dodge a mutt.



Pick a short thread, for those of us on dial-up (probably just me, dagnabbit).


Sue, this is a short one, but it's the most recent. I don't want to muck it up if people want to keep having a conversation. If no one says anything I'll do it here, but I won't be the least bit offended if people say move back a few. It's one of those things where I can't quite tell if it is an annoyance or not.


Here is fine with me, but I'll follow you wherever you go. I enjoy your live blogging and wouldn't miss it.


First, Fred's commercial. Short, sweet, to the point. We need protection and unity and something else I forget (which does not bode well). Fred is taking a lot of heat, but he is still likable altho my partner says when ever she sees him: "Too old, too old".

Britt Hume in Durham NH on an ice rink where they throw out fish when the first goal is scored by the home team. We will watch for a perch or a cod.

Wendall Goler has on a fabulous tie. The women in the audience are overdressed it would appear.


Why do I doubt that this was anything other than alcohol related...hmmm. Seems to be a persistent effort to tie in other drugs when a few beers does the job just fine.

As I'm from Texas, I'd say he did the right thing... considering it was 4:00am.


Poor Fred. I think it was a mistake to skip tonight's debate. They are beating him up in a humorous sort of way. And I'm laughing with them. Not good, when Fred might be my 2nd pick.


Here come the candidates: McCain and Romney get the biggest applause. No surprise there.

1. Re: Thompson - he's in 2nd or third place - who has made the smart move?
(dumb question) Huckabee says he gave up his slot on Leno for Fred.

Ron Paul says he welcomes Thompson in the race because Paul is the anti-war candidate.

McCain says we are up past Thompson's bedtime. NH voters expect to see you. He quotes Mo Udall (for about the 10th time)

Romney says: "Why the hurry?"- we've heard that too. He's pretty gracious about Fred.

Guiliani says he likes Fred and he's done well playing his part on LAw and Order, but Rudy prefers the real thing. (Good line I haven't heard) It comes down to experience and he trashes the democrats who have 3 candidates who have not run a city state or a business.

2. Illegal immigration. Romney did not stop Cambridge Sommerville or Leeds (no such place in MA) and he had illegals mowing his lawn. Romney says governors are not responsible for mayors. Romney thinks we should reduce federal funding for citys that are sanctuary cities. He disagrees with Rudy's amnesty.

Quotes Rudy who protected illegals. Rudy clarifies executive order, which says that police should report illegals. Rudy says he had 400,000 illegals and so he had to do something intelligent. And the intelligent thing was to allow illegals to report crimes against him.


I noticed that McCain has changed his position completely on immigration (wonder why that is). Ha, like he is believable now!


McCain accuses Romney of flip flopping on the issue. He says no one is for amnesty. He says they came up with a plan that failed because the people have lost confidence in the government because of katrina, and some other things. (may I suggest pork)

Huckabee once called legislation on immigration race baiting, and says some of the legislation is racist. he wants sealed borders. The government has ignored borders. We should outsource to fed ex and UPS because they know how to track things. He's not mean spirited because they want to come here to love America.

Tom Tancredo who has made immigration the centerpiece of his campaign, immigration is the most serious issue and blames his colleagues for their silence. He thinks the other candidates are about rhetoric and they are ignoring the fact that it is about the Rule of Law. (applause)

Duncan Hunter: How will you make a fence work -? " It's the law - it's a good fence and you can't get over it."


Hunter is right!



My thoughts exactly. McCain is spinning. But all of them, but Tancredo are spinning on immigration.


To campaign Carl:

Re: immigration - law enforcement says crimes are more violent, we can't communicate with illegals, they don't follow rules. What are you going to do with the illegals who are already here. INS is understaffed, what will you do about that? And how can you not call it amnesty?

Rudy says you turn it over to ice. We have to stop illegals from coming in - we need a technological fence and an ID card. Once we can secure our borders we can deal with legal immigration.

McCain says amnesty is not forgivenessn but the plan calls for lost of things, fines, deportation etc, which is not forgiveneess.He was in Baghdad when 128 green card holders were re-enlisting.

Romney - the Z visa let everyone stay for the rest of their lives. So it was amnesty. No where to keep them out unless you close down the sanctuary cities.

3. Family values: larry Craig makes it difficult to be the party of family values.

Brownback: Craig needs to stay resigned. Republicans were good to put it in the ethics process. he thinks it is good for the party to stand for family values. we need to rebuild the family (what does that mean?)

Duncan Hunter: Craig should resign. When republicans have problems the people leave. when democrats have problems like this they make them the chairmen of committees.(So far the line of the nite)

Romney on abortion: He'd like to leave abortion up to the states. we have to have concern for 2 lives, the mother and the child.

Huckabee - any difference between romney and rudy? He wants a human life amendment which defines beliefs (YIKES)Talks about the monirs in Utah - we don't know their fate. (I think it is pretty safe to say we now know their fate)

Rudy - Thompson says VA Tech tragedy would have been not as bad if students had guns and NY was never safe. Rudy says NY was safe, gives pretty good statistics. He changed NYC from the crime capital in America to one of the safest cities in the country. States have a right to decide their gun laws.


Sue, I would also include Hunter along with Tancredo. Unless I've missed some earlier comments, I have always considered him conservative and anti-illegal immigration (am I'm wrong?).


Rudy cont. The focus of the law should be criminals.

Ron Paul thinks passengers should be allowed to carry guns. No he says, he was misquoted. The airline not the government should set the rules. We give too much power to the feds. Emphasis should be on personal responsibility. (not sure that answers the question) he gets big applause.

C.Carl: Re: gay marriage - should there be a constitutional amendment - no from viewer - we are the live free or die state:

Brownback - this is a foundational institution. (What does that mean?) Marriage rates have plummeted where you allow gay marriage - (that makes no sense)

Oh I see - when you take the sacredness out of marriage, no one wants to marry. (so I guess gays can't be sacred or something)



I don't know but he did help build a fence in San Diego, so he has some history with immigration that is for stopping them coming here illegally.

I like Hunter. I just can't get past the Hillary! factor. Someone has to have the star quality to beat her. Someone. Anyone. I'm beggin'...


Yes Jane, I think you ending statement was correct. If you allow anyone to marry, no one will (seems to be a proven point in other countries). Just why do people get married anyway? What is it that keeps them together? Rhetorical questions anyway...



I like Hunter. I just can't get past the Hillary! factor. Someone has to have the star quality to beat her. Someone. Anyone. I'm beggin'...

Me too, but I've seen the future, its Florida 2000. 2008 is going to be ugly!



Yes, I am also sorry that Hunter did not catch on with the electorate. Looks like choices will be limited to the best available (to beat the Democrat candidate) - as always.


Ron Paul is a serious nutjob. And people are applauding him. Am I alone in this thought?


The women in the audience are overdressed...

&some of the men are severely underdressed.

My goodness. I thought these were the "serious" voters who are so much more qualified than the rest of us to decide on our next president. I'm not impressed.



They lost me when they cheered Ron Paul. I hate the way we choose our candidates. It should be done on one day. Those of us in Texas never get to decide who the presidential candidates are.



Thanks for the live-blog.

Ron Paul is scary!!


Ha... (Ron Paul) Sue, I think you have him down pat... He does add to the comedy of the event though. Sorry, I don't take these debates seriously...

Rick Ballard

Am I alone in this thought?

No. I'd toss Tancredo in for a little unbalance though. Kucinich makes them look almost, not quite, but almost, sane.


Hillary is the revenge candidate. i don;t think that many people want revenge.

back: To McCain - tell us why Rudy is not experienced. Mccain says he admires Rudy, and he takes unpopular stands, and was against the Rusmfeld strategy and says the surge is working, he knows war, - you don't manage, you lead.

Rudy - he respects McCain and would support him if he (Rudy) wasn't running. he isn't running on 911 but rather his job as mayor of NY. Before that he was the 3rd ranking official in the Justice Dept.

Mitt, re; the war. He wants troops out faster than Hillary. "The surge is apparently working. If it is we can bring our troops back over time. when we move to a support role we will be doing that because the surge has worked."

Do you see that support phase in 2008?

If the surge is working it will be as soon as possible. we don't pull back troops until we know the surge is working.

McCain - the surge is working the surge is working, not apparently, but working.

The big debate will be in the senate if we will surrender or succeed. THE SURGE IS WORKING. (applause)

Paul is for getting out. What about the bloodbath if we get out in a hurry? "the peopel who say it will be a bloodbath also said it was a cakewalk. Why believe them?"

He would leave completely. There is no reason for troops on the Arabian penninsula. The policy is wrong. we should mind our own business. (Huge appalause)

So you are saying we should take our marching orders from al Qaida?

NOOOOO we should take our marching orders from the constitution.

Brownback: We need to have a political surge (quoting Tom friedman - oh dear) We need to recognize that this is 3 groups (the Biden plan)

If you do that, how do you keep the kurds from aligning with turkey, the shia with iran?

Brownback: How do you do it now? (he lost me)

Huckabee: quotes the NIe estimate: should we continue the surge? We have to continue the surge because we broke Iraq and now we have to fix it. (YUK) we have to leave with honor. (Boy he has a hopeless attitude)

Ron paul: American people didn't go in, a few neo conservatives hi-jacked our nation:

Huckabee: We are one nation

Paul: when we make a mistake, the people have to correct the mistake. We've dug a hole.

huckabee: Our honor is more important than the Republican party! (YEAH)

Paul: It's time we came home

Hunter: we have troops watching us. They have had incredible accomplishments - attacks down 80%, civilian casualties down 74%. when iraqi battalions are ready our forces can rotate out. Victory is the right way to win.

No matter how long it takes?

If you think we are gonna be there for a long time you don't understand the determination of the troops.

Tancredo - can Petreus change your mind?

We are at war with radical Islam and Iraq is a battlefield. We have to disengage as the police force but the war will not end with our departure. Radical Islam wants to destroy the US so we can't leave.


I would include Tancredo for the stupid actions to be taken in Iraq...but come on, Kucinich makes all of them appear ultra sane.


As nutty as some of these guys are...



Yes Ann, not what you will see during Democratic debates unfortunately. Cowards all...except for the sounding of retreat...



Thanks for live blogging.

Oh I see - when you take the sacredness out of marriage, no one wants to marry...

It is an attack on the family one of the keys of the Marxist program.

Stanley Kurtz has some thoughts



Wish I had your flair...(and linking ability).


The US is not up to having a President Duncan Hunter; its ashame. I like him.


Ah, tax cuts.... Yes, spending is the problem - at least McCain says so (not like he has done that in the past).



It is a great article linking the 19th Century polygamy movement, marriage as a foundation stone for democracy, and the slippery slope that Lawrence represents. The WS has done a very good job representing the position of those opposed to "same sex marriage".


question for Romney: How can we bring an end game and get a victory for us and Iraq. How would you end it? He reiterates how offended he was by Romney's comparison of his sons and the people fighting.

Romney: Nothing compares. (not a great response) this not about broken pottery, this is a global battlefield. He now says it looks successful. The key is a global strategy which is on his website.

Romney is going to wait until the Petraeus testimony.

4. Presidential power and the war at home.

Romeny - you say we should wiretap mosques. Would you do that without Ct approval? "No. Our focus has to be on prevention and we need good intelligence. We will do whatever it takes to protect people. The most impt civil liberty is my right to be kept alive.

Re; torture - waterboarding. Tom tancredo says we need to keep it in context - he would do what is necessary to protect this country. The president's responsibility is to keep the country safe.

Mccain: Has Bush over-reached? He tells an old anectdote about the damage to America's reputation, and it's an excuse to torture us.

Somoene says: they don't need an excuse.

Rudy: How long would you keep open gitmo?

We can't close Gitmo because no one will take those people. There is a reality that the liberal media try to avoid. The idea of fighting a war when the discussion surrounds when we will retreat. The objective should be an iraq that will help us win the war on terror.

Hunter: Are you prepared to hold suspects at Gitmo indefinately?

Yes. We've sent people back and they have shown up again against us. If anything we have been too liberal with the release of terrorists. They get taxpayer paid prayer rugs, they live in a place where no one has ever been murdered and no democrat can say that about his prison.

Brownback would not give his VP as much power as Cheney, but he wants a team.

Re; Taxes and spending: A big deal in NH. 6 have signed the pledge. 2 have not - Mccain has not. Why?

He stand on his record. He opposes tax increases. he says we let spending get out of control. He will veto every pork barrell bill. (applause)

Why did you vote against tax cuts? My record stands on its own. I voted against tax cuts because there was no restraint on spending.

Brownback - are you persuaded? We are already taxed to the max.

Rudy: You raised fees and fines, and won't pledge not to increase marginal rates? As president you pledge to uphold the constitution, and you can't let groups tell you what to do. i intend to lower taxes.


Thanks RichatUF,

Not that I need convincing... talk to Jane...


Ron Paul: Lost habeas corpus, national id cards (like SSN's aren't de facto national id's), ...blah, blah, blah...the FBI had "all this information of people training on airplanes"

Wow! It almost looked like he was going to cry. I wish he would have so I could have made fun of him


Romney: In your first year you raised fees and fines, on the blind among others and they called you "fee fee". They raised 260billion in fines but lowered taxes (the blind be damned I guess - they can't read this). he's going to lower tax and someone pays zero - I missed who.

Huckabee: Supports the fair tax, and wants a 23% sales tax. the rate would have to be 34% to work. How does he respond?

The panel did not look at the fair tax proposal which empowers everyone. Everyone is afraid of the IRS. It eliminates the taxes on productivity.It's the best way of getting rid of lobbyists.

Paul would eliminate the IRS, CIA, FBI, medicare, etc. Where would you get our intelligence?

Paul: Before 911 we spend money and they didn't catch anyone. we need intelligent people interpret information. We are not supposed to sacrifice liberty for security.

C Carl: You can only lead family values by example. He doesn't have a strong family.

Rudy: He talks about his job - he ignores his private life. Bad answer. This private life did not affect his public performance.


Yeah I need convincing but not right now because I'm kind busy!


I hope Jane does read it and consider the downside effects of the judiciary creating a "same sex marriage right" without the backing of the people.

Paul: We sould be talking to Iran, back off...he claims to be a constitutionalist, but he does appeal a great deal to "international law"...Iran not a threat to Israel [shaking my head]


Heh, sorry Jane, don't want to interrupt your live blogging... Did not mean anything all that negative. Hey, we all have our own beliefs... Thanks for the live blogging...

Kucinich makes them look almost, not quite, but almost, sane.
4 years ago I noted that Kucinich's main accomplishment was to make Al Sharpton look statesmanlike. (Yikes!)


Thanks for the liveblog--I'm watching and you're catching different things. Like say, Wendall's tie. I'll agree that it's better than Mitt's, but that's a low standard. OTOH, I would really like an introduction to Mitt's tailor--that fabric and that cut are amazing.

Sue, you know, I liked Ron Paul a lot more before I actually heard him in full.


I'm picturing Sharpton responding to Kucinich and visa versa...heh. Sounds like a Fox special to me.


A scenario:

Iran has nukes, no longer cooperates with the UN. Rev guard attacks increase. Some economic sanctions but won't allow force. The leader is making threat. What would you do.

Ron Paul would ask Congress what to do because he has no power. He would back off. It's a scenario we should not discuss. Israel can take care of itself.(big applause)

adding to the circumstances - Israel says - we will act if you don't.

Tancredo: hedges and then says we cannot back away - political correctness is going to get us all killed.

Hunter: Need to use precision weapons, have to isolate if you have to strike, and worry about nukes. Look at the pattern of Israeli's with syria and Saddams weapons. You can't allow them to have a nuclear device. ground forces

Huckabee: When a president is elected he has to balance between the constitution and his character. So in short, no answer. Next.

Brownback: We are facing much of this today. it's Khomeni's policy. You have to ask for the authority for something.

Rudy: we can't look at Iran in a cold war analysis. The real risk is that they are going to give nuclear material to terrorists. Iran cannot be allowed to go nuclear. he quotes Mc Cain's position. And you want an element of surprise. Talk with missiles pointed.

Romney: we've exhausted all options. we are dealing with a nation that talks about genocide so they can't have nuclear weapons. Romney gets democrats on board. Meet with allies. work with arabs. Make them know that we mean business.

McCain: we cannot allow iran to have nuclear weapons. we can do a lot of things - UN will not act effectively. Hypo i closer to reality than we appreciate, iran is arming Hezbollah, supporting Syria, hurting soldiers. we work with our allies but in the end it is the US that will make the deicsion. I would employ some of reagan's methods.

The end.



I'm opposed to the judiciary creating any right. I think we as a society are nuts to discourage gay marriage. As I always said, that battle will be won in the boardroom.



Didn't mean to interrupt the live blogging and thanks again.


I think Mc cain won (as does the crowd apparently) and Rudy came in second. I think Mitt had a bad night.


Thanks, Jane. I missed parts because of phone calls so I really appreciate you filling in gaps.

The people in NH focus group think McCain won the debate. They were also disappointed by the debate. I think it was the best one so far. Hard questions. Some spin and twist but pretty good for a crowded field.



Unfortunately, the battle seems to be waged in the courts rather than the legislature. That is a BIG problem for society. The battle is for the continuation of society as it has been decided for many centuries. Changing long established marriage rules may have consequences greater than expected (as already seen by other countries).


Thnx, Jane!



I think we as a society are nuts to discourage gay marriage.

I suppose the comparisons to the collapase of marriage in Europe (or even within the African-American community wrt the Great Society) do not take into consideration the affects of the welfare state. However, the slippery slope of Lawerence wouldn't stop at "gay marriage" and will bring us back to polymagy and various other social groupings defined as "marriage". This is what the assult is-to redefine marriage to things it does not mean-it is not over benefits and technical points of contracts. And redefining marriage as it is understood in the West is another assult on democracy.


Well Jane,

I wrote a couple of paragraphs describing the gay marriage issue and deleted it. It does seems silly to try to convince someone over the internet...heh.

Thanks for the live blogging...


...redefining marriage as it is understood in the West is another assault on democracy.

I've made this point before here, and I understand it's not popular, but the biggest threat to marriage in America is the willingness, even eagerness, to divorce when things become difficult. Seeing my gay married friends is far less distressing to me than seeing my kid's friend cry and scream when the "wrong" parent comes to pick him up. Or the kid who brings cash to school so that my 4-year-old will be his friend--it's how his divorced parents relate to him, after all.

I know it's not the right answer for everyone, and I'm not trying to impose my views on others. I simply have little patience for those who would prevent others from being married before addressing the crisis in existing marriages.

Anyhow, today's my ninth anniversary with She Who Makes An Air Conditioner A Necessity Even In These Fall Nights. We wouldn't have made it this far without a great deal of patience and forgiveness on both sides. I'm off to celebrate.


Thank you, Jane.

Great work as usual!


Ah, I see Walter, you just want to expand the problems rather than fix the current ones. Ok...

"...ninth anniversary with She Who Makes An Air Conditioner A Necessity Even In These Fall Nights."

Well, Walter, in case your wondering, later in life you will need even more AC.



McCain can win every debate from now to election and he still does not stand a chance! Well, maybe the media will continue to give him a boost.


Rudy drives me nuts. Me me me, I I I. For Pete's sake, he is the former Mayor of New York City, not the King of the Universe.



Thanks for the live blogging.....you make it very enjoyable.



Thanks for the live blogging.....you make it very enjoyable.



Thanks for the live blogging.....you make it very enjoyable.



Thanks for the live blogging.....you make it very enjoyable.



Thanks for the live blogging.....you make it very enjoyable.


Heh, Rudy does have a way with words, doesn't he... can you say egotistical... Hey, don't you know that New York is the center of the US?


Excuse me for changing the subject from the debate for a minute, but have you all seen this disgusting bit from Schmucky?

Chuck Schumer slams troops on the Senate floor


Has anyone been over to FRED08.com?

Is it me or is that a bad picture of Fred?


I agree with the comment above that Romney seemed off tonight. But here is an interesting post by Dan Riehl, who spent his debate time tracking the People Meter:

Why Iraq And Romney Won The Republican Debate



I have been fuming over Chuck Schumer all afternoon.!!! I wish he and Murtha would go to Iraq and face real men.

Romney was the most polished but I agree he was off and did not look comfortable with his answers on Iraq or terrorism.


The rethuglicans don't have a chance in hell of remaining a political party in 2009 let alone winning in 2008. Poor delusional justoneminuters. Oh well, on the positive side ... you wont see it coming.


I think Tancredo is as much of a kook as Paul is, and that is saying something. His immigration stance is a sensible as his suggestion that we bomb Mecca.


I've made this point before here, and I understand it's not popular, but the biggest threat to marriage in America is the willingness, even eagerness, to divorce when things become difficult.

Hear Hear! The people in my inner circle with the strongest marriage are gay. They are also the best parents. I'm sure its just a coincidence, but really.

Maybe they just try harder.

What I can't figure out is why anyone, particularly someone who is into 'family values" would deny a child "married parents". It just doesn't make sense to me. I can only guess that those who oppose gay marriage think those children are worth the sacrifice - for the good of the het's kids - and all that.

I've always thought gays should come up with their own name, like "kerfluffle" to define their marriage. Then they should do it better than the straight population so they can't help but serve as a role model to straights. I'd love to see that.

Rich, Deagle, I'm not about to change my mind about the gays. There are nice gays and jerks, just like hets. Some are role models and some are idiots, just like hets. They go thru a hell of a lot to do something brittany spears, the het, does on a ten minute whim. I respect your opinion that gay marriage will do bad things to society. I don't share it. I think you guys would be better served trying to strengthen het marriages than trying to deny gays. Physician heal thyself and all that.


Anyone know if Libby filed an appeal for his convictions?


Yes, he has. cboldt knows.

When the government can no longer tax us for the money to pay for drugs for hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and atherosclerosis, they will force us to 'work for food'.


Medication as a modality has taken advantage of a quirk in the theory of knowledge. What other modality can test a placebo effect in an era when such testing is required for the 'gold standard' of knowledge?

The effect has extensively warped medical practice.

Rick Ballard


Great comment. Marxism's attack on the family via marriage succeeded when no fault divorce was enacted. We just haven't hit the bottom of the slippery slope as yet and I don't think that gay marriage marks the finish. You're correct about the 'end' (legal recognition) being achievable by a simple change of appelation but that's not the "true" end, is it? At least not for the howlers epitomized by the Mike Rogers type scum.


Extensively, and oh, so wastefully. Unconscionably so.


Check out the mirror in the closet. A little light helps.

hit and run

Jane, your liveblogging is a joy to behold. Warms my heart this morning.

Almost as much as this:

Today the US President will visit the National Maritime Museum to view the bell. It could be construed as an act of symmetry, given if Howard loses the election, this week would be the last time he and Bush see each other in their respective roles.

This was obviously apparent to Bush, who arrived in Australia in a chipper mood.

"We're kicking ass," he told Mark Vaile on the tarmac after the Deputy Prime Minister inquired politely of the President's stopover in Iraq en route to Sydney.
It was the George W.Bush show.

His defiance on Iraq is growing. He implied that those who argued against the war in the first place had no role in the current debate.

Now, Mr. President, come back to the states and do the same, and take names.

Cecil Turner

Fred's video is a lot more compelling than the reports on the debate (thanks, Jane . . . reading the highlights is a lot less painful than watching). His laundry list looks to be something like:

  • government spending
  • judges who interpret the Constitution instead of legislating
  • Terrorism and clarity on national security
  • Social Security
  • energy independence
  • education
  • health care costs
  • enforcing immigration law
Loved the ending, and the fact that gay marriage wasn't on the list. Clear winner: Fred!

. . . you guys would be better served trying to strengthen het marriages . . .

The term "het marriage" (or similar) remains my primary objection to calling gay unions "marriage." But can't get real excited about it, as long it's proffered as a legislative issue. Judicial fiats are objectionable (as are certain unnamed political pundits who see it as the primary lens through which to view government policies).

hit and run

Anyhow, today's my ninth anniversary


with She Who Makes An Air Conditioner A Necessity Even In These Fall Nights.


We wouldn't have made it this far without a great deal of patience and forgiveness on both sides.

I hear ya. I can't tell you how much patience I've had to exhibit. You just don't realize how much time it takes to be chewed out properly for some folly you've done. It's a true test of endurance. And it is most certainly a well-deserved exercise, one that mrs hit and run seems extraordinarily well-suited for.

We were made for each other!

I'm off to celebrate.

I hope you took her with you.


gays should come up with their own name

That solves it for me.

Minor quibble though ... "for the children" is a little tired. There are lots and lots of single parents but nobody is suggesting we eliminage marriage altogether so that "everybody's equal" and can address the problem that way. (Subtle point alert).

Domestic partnership and/or civil unions seem to be working in the Netherlands ok. There is no majority oppisition to that like there is for "redefining" marriage. Resistance to redefinition is more likely because people just have an innate concept of traditional marriage. They're "born that way".

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