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October 25, 2007



Ahem, the War of Northern Aggression.

Patrick R. Sullivan

According to Paul Krugman, he should be running for the Republican Party nomination:

One of the themes in Conscience of a Liberal — based on reading a lot of political science research — is that the “values” issues are much less important than claimed, while race is much more important. In fact, a lot of the supposed switch of religious/values voters to the GOP is really just the switch of southern Whites — they don’t call it the Bible Belt for nothing.

And I think the continuing front-runner status of Rudy Giuliani confirms this thesis. On values issues — well, he’s had about as many divorces all by himself as the entire Dem field. But there’s never been any question about his willingness to crack down on you-know-who when they get uppity.


In somewhat related news, Dr. Watson is no longer merely a noun, he's now a prickly retiree.


Doesn't matter..In his own mind, Biden is still a sage. Come to think of it, compared to his colleagues in the "greatest deliberative body in the world", he is. *shudder*



Those of us from border states may still refer to it as the "civil" war whilst bemoaning the loss of our culture.

Odd trivia: The City of St. Louis has no control over the St. Louis City Police. Whenever they want a pay raise or other changes in working conditions, they must seek and receive permission from the state legislature.

Why? Seems that the urban (urbane?) areas of the state leaned heavily abolitionist. The rural areas wanted to maintain some control over the jackbooted thugs who might otherwise threaten their privileges.

Snark aside, what culture was lost deserved to be lost and consigned to the dustbins of history. Gracious hospitality and sweet tea remain, more than a century after the war.

Ralph L

Why didn't he just say "poor and stupid" instead of A-A? He may be clean, not so sure about the other two attributes.


Make Biden go away? At least he's amusing, unlike Ron Paul, or Chris Dodd, or Hillary.

Rick Ballard

PM Jmax rollcall


Thanks for the reminder, Rick.


Since Mark Dayton retired earlier this year, the battle for the stupidest, male Senator has been up for grabs. Always a contender, Slow Joe knows you can't depend on merely being tone-deaf on all matters racial, you have to grab headlines in order to rise above the competition. Where better to show your stuff than before the WaPo editorial board?


Alright, Walter, in the interest of hospitality, we'll call it the War Between the States.

For all who still think Bush is an idiot child leading fools, read 'Chickamauga'.

Mike B

Krugman is a lowlife anyway.




This little girl from Illinois is giving us a run for our money. Everytime we pull ahead with a comfortable lead, she comes right back.


at least he didn't say macacca.

otherwise he'd be thru.

seriously: if a gop'er'd said this he'd be victimized nonstop by the msm.

hit and run

On the men's side, Evan Barnes of the US Naval Academy is leading with 30% of the vote. Second place has 13%.


When is the election over? Friday?

hit and run

These finalists will be placed on the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award ballot for a nationwide vote beginning October 17 and concluding November 21.

Ralph L



GMax' daughter Jessica Maxwell is competing for a scholarship. Hit the link above and vote for her as often as you can.

Other Tom

The extraordinary thing about Biden is that he has been in love with the sound of his own voice for over thirty years now, and he's still waiting for everyone else to appreciate his wisdom. He never recovered from being hailed as an up-and-comer, a man on the move, a fellow to keep your eye on, when he got elected to the Senate at the age of thirty. I honestly think he actually believes that one of these days the American people are certain to recognize how badly they need him in the White House. Nothing will ever convince him otherwise.


Biden took the place of better qualified women or minority in law school in the bad old days

Ralph L

I think H&R has the dates wrong at 10:14.


Link hit.

If plagarism were a disqualifier for Congress, it would be a better place.

Charlie (Colorado)

when is enough enough?

When he's a Republican.

Charlie (Colorado)

While we're vote-begging, my friend Shelley could use some more votes.

John Cole

Well, what Biden said may not be politically correct speech, but without any doubt there is a lot of truth to it.

If plagarism were a disqualifier for Congress, it would be a better place.
That depends entirely upon whom they are plagiarizing from. I could see that playing copycat to people like Churchill (Winston!), Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, Scoop Jackson, etc., could be fabulous for the Congress and the country.
hit and run

Ralph, my dates came from here

These finalists will be placed on the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award ballot for a nationwide vote beginning October 17 and concluding November 21. Fan balloting, available on the award’s official website www.seniorclassaward.com, will be combined with votes from coaches, media and sponsors to determine the recipient of the award.

I hope the date's not wrong. I've based my entire strategy on it!

hit and run


Or the dog gets it.


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