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October 04, 2007


The Republican-controlled Florida Legislature had voted in May to schedule primaries for Jan. 29
So the NYT is suggesting that this is some republican dirty trick?!?

So the NYT is suggesting that this is some republican dirty trick?!?

Gasp! That has never happened before.


if you listen carefully you will hear the sounds of maniacal laughter coming from Texas. It's Rove again--the man is a genius I tell you; gone, but not forgotten.


The courts should stay out of it. As a practical matter, even if the top tier candidates stay out of Florida, the party cannot disregard the vote.


The primary system is a mess and this could happen as easily to Reps as Dems but, as usual, the greatest electoral asset the Right has is the Left. The major effect on the '08 will be depressed Dem turnout in Fl. As I understand the polling, Rudy does best in Fl of the frontrunners. If Fl is in the Red before the polls even open Hill might as well put on her Mets cap and sit the hell down.


Has anyone else noticed how quiet Howie Dean has been lately?


Howie Who?


The publicity will be good or Republicans. Mind you, the RNC has been saying it will do the same to states` who do not follow its guidelines.

What I cannot understand is why the DNC would want to deny representation to some states when you are trying to find out who would best represent the Dems as the presidential candidate.

You might end up with a candidate and no voters in a portion of the country.

hit and run

Geraghty shows off the republican and democratic convention logos

Two observations about that dem logo

Since the city of Denver sits east of the mountains, this view is looking west. The red sky would then seem to represent a sunset…a fine bit of symbolism for the democratic party, if you ask me.

And two, look at 08. It doesn't look like a zero next to the eight. It looks like letter O.

Even if it is zero eight, the emphasis is certainly on the zero…another fine bit of symbolism for the democratic party, this one offered whether you asked or not.

Or, perhaps is the DNC brass trying to signal their preference for an Obama nomination?

hit and run

Not sure if anyone pointed this out...

Obama ditching flag lapel pins

Obama says he doesn't like how the pin has come to represent patriotism in America.

Obama said, "I had heard that some were questioning my patriotism. I find that questioning the very height of inappropriateness, so let me dispense with any questions on that matter: I have none."

Oh shoot, that second paragraph may be some editorialization on my part all mixed up in there, here's the actual quote:

The senator told TV-9, "I decided I won't wear that pin on my chest, instead I'm going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great. Hopefully that will be a testimony to my patriotism."

He went on, "These days, it's not what you do that matters, it's what you say. I can damn well talk a good game -- but I am not about to back that up by walking any kind of walk. Now, I would like to talk about a talk I gave five years ago talking about how bad it would be to invade Iraq rather than just talking about doing so. I believe that if we can talk about the talks we gave in the past, it will make this country great."

Crud, how did another paragraph of editorializationism get in there?

Rick Ballard

Hussein talked you into it?


Katie Couric's moving speech obviously got to him. Next thing we know, he won't refer to the USA as "we".


I think the notion of primaries may have run its course. I'm voting for smoke filled rooms again--with people who aren't fruitcakes. The game plan for some time has been run up as much money as you can and buy Iowa and NH and hope everyone will fold under the "inevitability" of your nomination.

Here's what's good about having the candidates picked by pols--not one would have picked Carter . Not one would have picked Kerry especially not if they knew he was running on his military record.


"These days, it's not what you do that matters, it's what you say. I can damn well talk a good game -- but I am not about to back that up by walking any kind of walk.

Just wow -- after years of leadership training and calls for integrity and this politician turns it on its head. Its not walking the walk, its talking the talk that really is important!

I agree Obama. For you, its really all about talking a good game.....Go Sit on the Bench.


Ok, when you saw Wilson angles to replace Domenici on Drudge and Politico, didn't you think of someone else?


I think the notion of primaries may have run its course. I'm voting for smoke filled rooms again

You, me, and my Dem Dem Dem Mother-in-law agree. There has to be a movement in there somewhere.

Sometimes I think the way to get rid of primaries would be through a taxpayer's revolt. Taxpayers shouldn't bear the expense of an election that everyone is not allowed to vote in. In some states, only those registered to a party are able to vote in that party's primary. The state shouldn't pay for that, the party should. they should reimburse each location for the cost of running their private election.


When LaFollette pushed for primaries it was to wrest control from the party wiseguys and return ist o the voters. Do you see that in the primary process today? It's a money consuming bonanza for consultants, staffers, spinsters.

Instead of "trying to get money out of politics" thru the stupid CRFA, why not cut out primaries? The candidates will have to raise half as much money.
Let the active party members in each state pick their candidate.
Spare us.
And with campaigns running non-stop --I bet voters will like a break.


I believe there is a Presidential Debate next week moderated by Chris Matthews, again. In light of his recent comments, I hope at least Fred comes up with some good lines, defending President Bush and Scooter Libby.

Chris Matthews

Like: I understand you wrote a book about how important it is to listen! Wish you would have learned how to do that ten years ago.


WOW! Don't you feel great when you are so outraged at an
injustice and then Clarice Feldman writes a terrific article on it?.

Makes you feel like you are not alone. But when RUSH reads
Clarice Felman's terrific article on his show, well, then you have hope!



We elected the right goddess, that's for sure.



Which article did Rush read? Can you link it or tell me the subject matter?

hit and run

Just wow

I apologize. I sneakily snuck in my own interpretive remarks attributed to Obama, in the blockquote and all. I tried to give enough warning that they were my own...but I don't want to really mislead someone to thinking they are actually Obama's. Afterall, he does enough stupid things that I really don't have to make it up for him...


Thanks!..Here it is:http://www.americanthinker.com/2007/10/are_members_of_congress_accoun.html>Congress

hit and run

Afterall, he does enough stupid things that I really don't have to make it up for him...

Eh, scratch that. I'll still make up stuff about Obama. It's fun.

OK, I see the conventional wisdom of Hillary being the runaway nominee is being challenged by more than a few people (see Jay Cost, Bill Kristol, Rush Limbaugh) but … I'm still in the She Can't Be Stopped mode.

So, with that bias, I present a dramatic interpretation of this headline:

Obama hopes to surprise Clinton in Iowa
-- headline, Associated Press, October 5, 2007

It is entitled, quite predictably and unoriginally:


[Setting: September 16, 2007, The 30th Annual Harkin Steak Fry, Indianola, IA]

Obama: I hope to surprise Hillary Clinton right here in Iowa. And not only are we going to hope to surprise her in New Hampshire, Tom Harkin, we're going to hope to surprise her in South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico, and we're going to hope to surprise her in California and Texas and New York … And we're going to hope to surprise her in South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan, and then we're going to Washington, D.C., to hope to surprise her in the White House! YEEEEAAAARRRRRHHHH!!!!

Harkin: Um, Obama, do you think you'll be able to get past Secret Service.

Obama: Of course. The Secret Service serves the President.

Harkin: Well exactly, I mean how do you get past Secret Service without her knowing you're coming. You know, to surprise her.

Obama: But, I meant I would be the Presi…

Harkin: Oh come on. Really? You don't really think that you're going to...

Obama: But I think I have a chance….I mean, there's hope that…

Harkin: You've overdosed on audacity, son.


The editor says he updated it to include the information that I erred in saying the Article 32 hearing had taken place and the IO recommended all murder charges against Wuterich be dropped. (I don't see the update here. But then we're having IT problems.)


HEH--Hit! Guess all that after beer stuff hasn;t dimmed your revolutionary fervor.

hit and run

Oh, the revolutionary fervor is fevered.



That was a great article--original reporting, explanation of complex interlinking cases and legislation, and reasoned advocacy.

On the off-chance that you're still interested in Murtha-related corruption, the WaPo did a piece on a no-work contract given by one of Murtha's pet charities to an AF official.

My initial take is that outsourcing payroll for temporary help isn't that unusual. But it is unusual for someone to take $26K from a charity and do no work for that charity. Particularly when his office (even if not him personally) decides how much money to give that charity. The quote from the charity stating that he was supposed to be working on a project is at variance with his statements that he was never given a project.

The 'charity' involved is a subsidiary of Concurrent Technologies. We discussed it here before the 2006 elections.

hit and run

Sorry to only be able to hit and run, wish I could stay. Also, sorry for the length of this comment, I thought about editing for brevity, but determined that in the interest of complete openness, I should not.

Please scroll on by if you are uninterested, and accept my apologies.

A couple weeks ago, I hinted about something having to do with Mark Steyn. I wanted to give him a chance to respond before commenting further here. He hasn't, so here it is.

Oh and don't worry. I've no doubts I could take him; and would cheat to do so if any doubts were to present themselves.


From: hit and run
Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2007 8:20 AM
To: Mark Steyn
Subject: I Demand Satisfaction

Dear Mr. Steyn,

This comes to you from an unabashed fan, and one who holds you in the highest regard.

However, we appear to have a cyberspace situation that involves both you and me, for which resolution must be found.

Please allow me a moment to explain.

You may be aware of, if not know personally, Clarice Feldman. She is an attorney and a writer for American Thinker. She is also a frequent commenter on Tom Maguire's Just One Minute blog. She, more than perhaps any other, followed the Valerie Plame kerfuffle and Scooter Libby trial. This is where I met her, online. I have also been commenting there for some time.

I have used my wiles and charms in an attempt to secure her cyberspace affection. In fact, I have done likewise with several commenters on that blog. Kids, marriage, Just One Minute success, in that order, are the proudest accomplishments of my life.

There is another person who comments on Just One Minute, who goes by the name of Jane. Like Clarice, I have pursued her to win her affection.

In fact, I have on more than one occasion witnessed Clarice and Jane vying for my requited love. This has led them to declare their intent to mud wrestle to see who will have my undivided affection.

So far, so good. But…

There have also been occasions where they have squared off and challenged one another to mud wrestle for another's affection.

And this is where you come in. For you see, you are that other man.

I must, as a matter of honor, stand before you and declare: I Demand Satisfaction. Or, to use a phrase Clarice employed in her article after Libby was found guilty, echoing a line from the HBO series Rome, Mark Steyn, I Call For Justice!

Specifically, I demand a mud wrestling match between you and me, at any time and at any place of your choosing. The loser of this match will disavow any affection for Clarice and Jane, and the victor will be free to experience their undivided affection and witness their wrestling match for his.

I look forward to your response.

hit and run on Just One Minute


LOL. And he hasn't responded? LOL. I can't believe he didn't respond. LOL. I'm sorry. Lol. I. Can't. Quit. Laughing. LOL!


LOL!!! I can't believe he hasn't taken up your challenge.
Walter, thanks for the kind comments.I've been watching Murtha's many peculations, but feel I'd rather concentrate on the fact that he defamed Marines who were in the thick of it, and so far his colleagues have been silent. I don't know how the court case will wash but I want it to.
What irritates me most, is that I know many fine young people--very well educated and terrific, like our own Soylent--who volunteered for this difficult service out of love for their country, only to be bashed by the elites in the press, academia,the Hill, and Hollywood.As in the run up to WWII,and during the Cold War, when the going gets tough the elites get traitorous.


**wash but I want it to END UP WITH A VICTORY FOR WUTERICH************.



I believe the protected bubble of the Senate chamber is the same reason Rush has invited Harry Reid on to his program.

Even if Reid were to say it on the Sunday talk show circuit he may have issues even though Rush is defined as a public personality.


Rush isn't going to sue Reid for defamation. For one thing this kerfuffle has driven up his audience numbers. (Fox's are up, too. CNN and MSNBC, the megaphones for Media Matters have seen an incredible dip in audience as this nonsense continues.)


I'm in! I'm in, I'm in, I'm in. Where ever it goes, I'm in.

And I am oh so flattered!

Soylent Red


Clarice that was just fantastic. Every time I come up on this blog I am reminded at how very out of my league I am.

And oh my... What an uncharacteristically strategic sportf*ck of Murtha,coming from a Marine of all people. Paves the way for John Q. Public to regulate factless grandstanding from politicos.

It all warms the cockles of my heart.

OT- Having fun down here blasting away at hated OPFOR and cardboard haaji. Learning all the magical life-prolonging benefits of a thing they call "covering fire".

Today another LT. avoided the migrating tarantulas, but got bit by a rattler today.

LT is in the hospital. Snake will be fine.


Soylent,PETA will be happy to hear that, darling. Out of your league? HAH--No one who remembers Friday Night Live could ever say that. You lead the pack!

Holly Garza

I miss Friday Night Live.

And I'll join the chorus. Brava Clarice. Your AT article is excellent.

hit and run

Long Live Soylent!

And before I go to bed -- Holly, sooooo good to hear from you here. I hope YOU are doing well....

hit and run

I think I better understand Obama's position vis a vis the flag pins today.

You see, I got a nice little case of poision ivy from working in the woods last weekend. One particulary troublesome spot is on the middle and ring finger on my left hand.

It got to the point that it was excruciatingly annoying with my wedding ring on. Scratch, scratch, scratch...

So, I took off the ring last night before bed and went to work without it today.

All this time, wearing it, it had become a "substitute for true love and committment" in my marriage to mrs hit and run.

In fact, paraphrasing Obama, "My attitude is that I'm less concerned about what I'm wearing on my lapel ring finger than what's in my heart. I show my patriotism love and committment by how I treat my fellow Americans wife. I show my patriotism love and committment by being true to our values and ideals wedding vows."

Yet, when I said this to mrs hit and run, when she thought about the seemingly inevitable midnight downtown pizza run with the guys tonight that seems to always involve hitting a club or two before the pizza, she said, and I quote, "Stuff it. Put the thing back on or else."

[VIMH: Or else what?]
I ain't stupid. I caved long before we got even remotely close to the else.

[VIMH: Um...]
Fine. Whatever. I am stupid. But I ain't THAT stupid.

Oh, and no pizza run tonight. Drink, dice, happy b-day neighbor, check email, and holy smokes, is my daughter really gonna be up in a few more hours.,.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




Ditch the star in the elephant's eye. It looks like Bluto just whacked him one.


Or he got his front paws in the firepit, and Clarice whacked him.


Democrat grabs reporters wrist, demands camera turned off when reporter confronts her about her earmark


In off-topic Fitzgerald-related news:

During the run-up to the Libby trial I mentioned a court case wherein Fitzgerald sought, and received, a conviction for obstruction of justice when the defendant refused to testify before a grand jury.

Well, he's using those famous cross-referencing provisions in the sentencing guidelines to argue that the defendant deserves life in prison as a result. After all, the guy could be covering up multiple acts of murder.

At the time, I recall making the suggestion that the imposition of life sentences was a logical extension of Fitzgerald's approach.

I didn't think he'd actually do it, though.

Even Andy McCarthy disagrees.

Here's an article by Josh Gerstein of the NY Sun discussing the case.


Fitz lacks all perspective. Doesn't he?

Well, he's using those famous cross-referencing provisions in the sentencing guidelines to argue that the defendant deserves life in prison as a result. After all, the guy could be covering up multiple acts of murder.
But life in prison isn't the usual punishment for multiple murders, right? So the convict is supposed to be obsequiously grateful that Fitzgerald didn't ask for the death penalty, right?

Not so fast. Had he not obstructed would he have been acquitted on the other count? If not then this is an end run around self-incrimination. And what is sufficient or insufficient about ten years, Andy.

Probably I should familiarize myself with a few facts before opining.



Oddly enough, were he to have testified truthfully that he, not Osama, had conceived and implemented 9/11, he would have received no jail time. Fitzgerald gave him immunity.


there may have been a chance this would be believed if they hadn't used Wolfson -- if his lips are moving --- you know the rest

[Mark] Penn-Blackwater link puts HRC on defense

Hillary Clinton found herself defending her chief strategist Friday after The Associated Press reported that the public relations company Mark Penn runs had helped prepare the chief of the controversial military contractor Blackwater USA for his congressional testimony.

“Mark Penn did no work on the Blackwater account,” Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said Friday afternoon...

Like Jammywearingfool says....Penn can "Sure. Just provide all you phone records and emails to investigators and that'll clear everything up."

Waxman can subpoena them!

and like the Clinton admin's extensive use of Halliburton

Further complicating matters for Clinton is that Blackwater's first contract with the federal government actually wasn't under the Bush administration. It was in 1998, according to company officials, when Clinton's husband was in the White House...

I suppose the immunity was to get around the 5th amendment and Fitz was double-crossed? Is the 5th Amendment the suicide sidenote of the Constitution pact?


I liked 'a temporary assignment based on a relationship that has concluded'.

Move on, ignorant masses, move on.


Nah, Fitzgerald wasn't double-crossed. In the good old days the Feds put quite a few of the Mafia hangers-on away on contempt charges for refusing to testify. As Andy mentioned, it's usually good for one or two years.

Even Susan McDougal did her time on that basis.

I support the criminal contempt charge and conviction. The obstruction of justice charge and the cross-reference to unconvicted offenses seems a bit over-the-top to me.


It's not the first time that Fitz has tried to get in sentencing what he couldn't get from a jury after a trial.


I can't decide if it is better or worse that Fitzgerald actually charged him with the underlying crime, though the defendant was acquitted.


I expect if you asked people on the street they'd say it was worse.


Wonderful article clarice! It's about time someone held Murtha accountable.
IMO- Dems will make a big mistake if Hil gets the nomination. They just hope all the independents and republicans have amnesia about her. We on this blog have razor sharp memories and know what she has done and will do.


Thanks, maryrose..


My little spoof on Wesley Clark's appearance (the "Clark Doctrine") with Tucker Carlson is at the American Thinker today.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Tom Lifson missed it earlier (I had sent it Thursday); but was able to get it on before the story got too stale.

I cannot believe a man of his pedigree (Rhodes Scholar, valedictorian at West Point et cetera) could recommend something so silly.



Says something about Rhodes scholars--again..Overreaching creeps many of them. Thank you--it was a fine contribution.

Joe Wilson--even his ifs, ands and buts are lies:
"Columnist Robert Novak said Saturday Ambassador Joe Wilson did not forcefully object to the naming of his CIA operative wife, Valerie Plame Wilson, when Novak spoke to him prior to the publication of a column that sparked a federal investigation and sent White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby to jail.

“He was not terribly exercised about it,” Novak said.

Instead, Wilson focused on not being portrayed as simply an opponent of the Iraq war. Wilson also stressed that his wife went by his last name, Wilson, rather than Plame, Novak said.

Novak forcefully defended his handling of the column and the legal wrangling that surrounded the special counsel investigation in a seminar on the CIA leak case at the 2007 Society of Professional Journalists Convention.

“It was an off-hand remark to a question I asked in an interview I requested,” Novak said. “This was not a conspiracy in the federal government to go after Valerie Plame Wilson.”

http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/novak-wilson-did-not-forcefully-object-to-naming-of-cia-wife-in-column-2007-10-06.html>Forked tongue


Anyone peeked to see what the Empty Wheel and the swamp have to say about their guy Fitz? Are they proud of him using his special techniques on someone other than a Bush administration official?


“He was not terribly exercised about it,” Novak said.

I've always had the suspicion that this was either a sting with - (a) Wilson knowing that his wife's name/position would be revealed and he could claim victim; or (b) Corn seizing an opportunity to claim that Wilson was a victim and then Wilson climbing aboard once he realized the opportunity it presented.

Novak's description of Wilson's reaction sure supports one of those two explanations.

Corn's role in this has never, for me, been adequately explained. Opportunist? Or player?

I'm looking forward to Kenneth Timmermann's next book where he examines the CIAs attempts to undermine the Bush Administration's policies. Plame has to be in there.



Instead, Wilson focused on not being portrayed as simply an opponent of the Iraq war. Wilson also stressed that his wife went by his last name, Wilson, rather than Plame, Novak said.

HAH-- I am not low level, I have important, important hair


I've always had the suspicion that this was either a sting with - (a) Wilson knowing that his wife's name/position would be revealed and he could claim victim; or (b) Corn seizing an opportunity to claim that Wilson was a victim and then Wilson climbing aboard once he realized the opportunity it presented.

The last straw came when Dr. Rice, in a June 8 appearance on Meet the Press, told Tim Russert: "Maybe somebody in the bowels of the Agency knew something about this, but nobody in my circles." That was a lie, and I knew it. She had to have known it as well.


A call to a senior official in the administration elicited the suggestion that I might have to write the story myself. I took the remark to heart and called David Shipley, the editor of the op-ed page at the New York Times. He immediately offered me fifteen hundred words to tell my story.

Still, I hesitated, in the hope that pressure from journalists would force the hand of the administration. But two weeks after the Rice remark on Meet the Press, with my name now openly circulating among the press, it was clear that sooner or later my anonymity was going to be sacrificed on the altar of the story. (332)

In late June, the story began to spin out of control as journalists started to report speculation as fact. At this point I was warned by a reporter that I was about to be named in an article as the U.S. official in question. (3; emphasis mine)

I called the staffs of both [intelligence] committees and volunteered to brief them about my trip and findings. I ended up briefing them separately within a few days of each other in mid-June, disclosing what I knew to the appropriate oversight bodies.

A week after those briefings, I learned from a journalist that my name was soon going to be made public. I finally decided to write the story myself, and called back David Shipley at the New York Times to accept his offer of space on their op-ed page. (419)

This has always been about Joe Wilson lying and getting busted lying.


I think Corn (perhaps with Sid Viciou's help, concocted this; Matthews who was pissed and Shuster who is even nutsier carried the ball.



Your post on Hillary's connection to Blackwater jogged my memory. I watched some of that hearing and thought I recognized Eric Prince's counsel sitting behind him.

If you google video search of the blackwater congressional hearing you will see her. I could be crazy but I think it is Beth Nolan former White House Counsel to Bill Clinton.


Interesting Hillary connection to Media Matters, also:

Clinton Connection to Media Matters


Bad Link, sorry!



Thanks for that interesting information, Walter.


Thanks for that link Ann...that is interesting. Clarice you should blog it.



Do you think it is Beth Nolan?

Also, has anyone looked at the recent comments section on JOM?
Who is bride?


Steve Gilbert's been doing a lot on Media Matters tax exemption, I passed the link on to him. C


The Judge's decision in the case to which Walter directed our attention may be portentous, as she will also be sentencing Conrad Black. While Black was convicted on four counts, he was acquitted on the RICO count, which I believe was the most serious against him.


Now that the Haditha case has fallen apart; A.O. Scott of the Times, in a review of the
Venice film festival, throws a shout out to
"Redacted" The Pfc Steven Green Yusufiya
incident as a Haditha like incident. Not unlike the approach taken by that NewsWeek
profile of 'brave' antiwar films. EW flags
"the Kingdom" as exploitative use of images, Abu Ghraib restagings and Gitmo
recreations; ala "V for Victory and this
season's "The Unit. more on that later; the skys' the limit. Apparently one can't bring up situations that suggest Paul Johnson or Daniel Pearl's fate, even if it has a happy ending. the jihadist observing the prey from a balcony; too reminiscent of Munich massacre footage; the handiwork of our new best friend Abu Mazen financial handiwork.
The opening scene the attack on ARAMCO'sAl Rahmah's housing compound was exactly like the 2003 attack.(I was reminded of that reading Bob Baer's Delenda est Wahhabi declamation; Sleeping with the Devil) The ringmaster Muqrin something or other;an American CCC trained Saudi prison guard met his fate at the hand of Saudi National Guardsmen after a fashion. After the details behind the Johnson decapitation came to light on Al JAzeera. Isn't it interesting how the most savage of AQ ringleaders from Abu Tunissi,the butcher of Tucker & Menchaca in Yusufiya, to the
slaughterers of Yazidi to Nick Berg's own
executioner, Zarquawi along with his protege
Ayub al Masri have all gone to their makers
Riyadh attack. Some have complained that the
Mogadishu/Team America/Bad Boys 2? confrontation is undermined by the pledging
of vengeance by the young Saudi girl, which
echoes the bad faith in which the FBIsurvey team conducts their mission. But onealmost gives them that out.

'Rendition' coming down the shoot, their take on the Maher Arar case they'll ignore the role of current Ron Paul aficionado Michael Schuer in the program. Focus on the
poor Egyptian victimized by the CIA. Interestingly, the fact profile suggests a real life parallel of sorts. Mahmoud Abou-halima,an Egyptian born NY cabbie (1987 Amnesty candidate) and 3/26 WTC plotter was married, to an American woman, with the last name Weber; had he been rendered who
knows what would have turned out.A similar
fact pattern occurs with another Egyptian
national working at the FDNY who optained
the WTC blueprints

Back to the 'Unit' who seem to toiling in the same marxist/islamist parody about 'Six families running the country" and how a rogue CIA/contractor faction is willing to
torture Delta operators,in a secretprison,
ala East Bloc facilities revealed by Dana Priest frame the Unit's other operators, in order to cover up the murder of detainees
(Calling Mary McCarthy; actually there's a character like that in the episode)A similar scene emerges in another recent novel "Orpheus Lost" where Gitmo comes
to a near future America off Boston's Rt. 128; by way of private contractors and a family is ripped apart by erroneous pattern
analysis and members are shunted off to camps in Iraq and the Australian outback.

One of the L&O spinoffs didn't dissapoint expectations, by taking a supposed skeptic' s view of a Rachel Corrie/Mohammed Al Dura
propaganda incitement, but surrounding it with speculation about Mossad agents, tied
to a polonium poisoning plot.


Steve Gilbert needs to

Especially the comment section by: quotecritter


Who is bride?

Posted by: Ann | October 06, 2007 at 10:18 PM

bride is a spambot


from Gateway pundit link - commenter

Katie Barge, the Director of Research at Media Matters, formerly presided over opposition research for Senator John Edwards' unsuccessful 2004 presidential campaign.

Katie Barge was Research Director at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee until she resigned the post in November 2005 when under investigation as to whether Maryland Republican senate candidate Michael Steele's credit report had been illegally obtained. [1]

Previously she had been research director at Media Matters for America. Barge "brings a wealth of research experience to Media Matters for America from the range of research positions she has held on presidential, gubernatorial, and senatorial campaigns.

Still coordinating with media matter though:



from Gateway pundit link - commenter

Katie Barge, the Director of Research at Media Matters, formerly presided over opposition research for Senator John Edwards' unsuccessful 2004 presidential campaign.

Katie Barge was Research Director at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee until she resigned the post in November 2005 when under investigation as to whether Maryland Republican senate candidate Michael Steele's credit report had been illegally obtained. [1]

Previously she had been research director at Media Matters for America. Barge "brings a wealth of research experience to Media Matters for America from the range of research positions she has held on presidential, gubernatorial, and senatorial campaigns.

Still coordinating with media matter though:




Have you seen http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/06/world/middleeast/06haditha.html?_r=1&oref=slogin>this from the NYTs?

By the time the Marine Corps announced murder charges against the infantrymen, 13 months had passed. Evidence vanished, witnesses evaporated and memories paled.

oops, double post

Sweetness and Light has quite a bit up and notes Rep. Louise Slaughter of New York and the fairness doctrine....she was a big HSU recipient no?

Also, from gateway...

According to author Joseph Klein, Democracy Alliance has also "received significant support from some of Hillary Clinton's most important backers including Susie Tompkins Buell and her husband, Mark Buell,

...Democracy Alliance members report that their organization "advises Democratic donors on where to spend their political contributions" and, in so doing, "steered more than $6 million to [David] Brock's group" -- Media Matters -- between 2004 and 2006.


Standing behind Brock was John Podesta, a former chief of staff in the Clinton administration and the head of the "progressive" Washington, DC think tank, the Center for American Progress. In 2004 Podesta provided Brock with office space for his fledgling enterprise. Soon after, Media Matters received over $2 million in seed donations from a roster of affluent donors including Leo Hindery Jr., a former cable magnate; Susie Tompkins Buell, a co-founder of the fashion company Esprit and a close ally of Senator Hillary Clinton;

wasn't there a SusieTB and a HSU connection made?


I saw that, Sue and thought Gateway did a fine job of it..



I won't be unhappy if I never see another trailer for Rendition, but, after your positive review, I'll watch The Kingdom.

Have you seen Eastern Promises? It's not for the faint of heart and it's not, strictly speaking, a spy movie, but it is, in my view, a very fine film.

Also, have you seen The Sandbaggers?* I cannot recommend this late '70's drama focused on a directorate within Britain's Secret Intelligence Service highly enough.

*Link contains major spoilers if you read past the FAQ page's first answer, which provides a good overview without spoiling any episode. Don't be turned off by the mention of John Le Carre as the show's POV is quite different from what you'll find in Mr. Cornwell's standard fare.


I don't do this very often because of how I value my privacy on the web but I will reveal that the quotecritterguy mentioned above is one of my 100 or so alter egos on the blogsphere.

Also in a frenzy of no where near full disclosure I will tell all I am working with Flip in a lot of ways on the Norman Hsu issue.

There is one lady here is is well aware of that aspect of my interests.


wasn't there a SusieTB and a HSU connection made?

Posted by: Topsecretk9 | October 06, 2007 at 11:13 PM

There have been multiple MSM news stories related the the Hsu issue that also have her name included in the same story, but so far there are no direct links beyond them attending one or two fund raisers together in different capacities.

Hsu has shown up as bit players in some of her originated events.


... full disclosure ...

In some sense, aren't we all just manifestations of a collective subconscious? The quotecritterguy and slimguy link is only a hidden glimpse into a deeper reality.



I mentioned it over at EW and it appears that Fitzgerald will not be getting unqualified support. In fact, the bloom may be off the rose as EW has a full post on her discovery that Fitzgerald is opposed to some of her legislative priorities.

Thanks, Elliott. I hadn't noticed that the cases were before the same judge. Since the 'terrorist' was convicted before Black, he should be sentenced fairly soon.


"Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning." "Think That bridge will be there and it'll be there. It's a beautiful bridge and it's gonna be there"


I seem to have developed the habit of inserting myself into complex issues of the day over the years where I have a chance to impact the situation by doing a lot of heavy lifting into research behind issues.

I have gigs of data backed up of efforts I have been involved with.

Some of you will remember that back a while ago I was doing research around the Foley issue and was working with GTL who revealed the blogger behind the StopSexPredators website in that political smear job.

There was a lot of real connection of the dots going on there and a lot of the same players are showing up in the Norman Hsu issue that are running behind the radar.

The tools are showing up on the web to make things easier.

Tracking is a matter of the normality now since so much shows up on the web.

It is all about taking the time to pick up the links and put it all together.

There are many resources out there I have bookmarked that give the initial take off points and then start throwing all the data points into the search engines to expand the context.

There is a whole web of interconnected groups, 527's , and all sorts of other entities on the left that for most seem to be independent, but that is a wrong impression to take.

If you automate an open source full search you will be able to build a social network diagram that explains a lot and shows how they are all interlinked and related.

Each may on it's own seem like a small player, but they are a part of a larger agenda of death by a thousand cuts.


Oh Sue...Walter is right.

Pour yourself a long, cool one and chuckle, chuckle, chuckle when you read this Emptyhead hilarity

So it may surprise you that I think Patrick Fitzgerald uses the wrong approach in his editorial lobbying against the shield law before Congress. Mind you, I don't think his intent is wrong--I find the shield law flawed on several counts. But his argument doesn't admit the problematic context in which leaks currently exist.




Curiouser and curiouser.

Turns out the defendant in the obstruction case is related to the Holy Land Foundation case. And he's also been a liberal anti-Israel professor at an elite university.

Talk about your memes coming together.

I think Fitzgerald's wrong on this as a matter of policy. But this guy's no Libby. I wash my hands of the matter.


The spambots sure show up at curious times.


FTR -- I am talking about the one word weirdos like "bride", "drug" and "toy" spamming the heck out of all the comments sections in TM's archive.


What I want to know about the HLF foundation case is the substitute juror the one who by some reports was the one who almost slept through the whole trial from the get go.

If that is the juror who is refusing to vote or deliberate the issue it would be understandable, because that sat there and still missed the whole trial.

A simple second stringer who never thought they would be called, or whatever your choice of motivation.

I am smelling a retrial after a mistrial.


I remember well the night I revealed the fact that GTL was evidently lurking here and the reaction when he popped up to interact with the posters here.

What followed was at best described as shallow to say the least.

Some of the regulars had a very good chance to explore the whole implications of the processes involved but chose to go in another whole direction.

GTL and I got trashed in an active thread that was forever so wrong, by some of the best of the best here and it was a sad mistake.

He had the data and the connections were made but it was all ignored.

For me that was a low point of JOM and I withdrew for a long time but came back because I know it is a great resourse.

BTW I will reveal the whole thing about what GTL was the mysterious questions about.

It was simply a drink available at Starbucks which went by the name of Greeen Tea Latte.

The key link here is when GTL had that served to him as a proof of his insider knowledge to the owner of the StopSexPredators blog as a remote pucker factor for that non excusable twit resource.

Your mileage may vary.


The blogger that GTl exposed is active today with another blog and proudly links back to the blog from the Foley days, but today as back then he/she is a proudly cried supporter of John Edwards.

I wont link the blog to give them the traffic and I doubt many here have an interest of reading gay blogs to start with.

But if you gotta do what you gotta do you have to go a lot of places that are less than pleasing.


"spamming the heck out of all the comments sections in TM's archive"--Someone posted a ton of camera equipment for sale in one of the archives.


'Queen & Country, the MI-6 graphic novel by Greg Rucka is supposedly based on the Sandbaggers. The lead, is the closest to a female Jack Bauer. One 2002 edition was suspiciously neocon, it centered on an Egyptian AQ terror plot with chemical weapons tied to Iraq and the Sudan His hard cover adaptations are not surprisingly chock full of Anti-Americanism of the
"Halliburton controls the world variety" The first of which predicted the London bombings, a year before they happened. And didn't blame it on Amish street protesters or hunting enthusiasts; but on a Wahhabi splinter group of the Kashmir loving HUM. In the end, the heroine actually kills the Saudi preacher that was responsible The second, informed by the moonbat stylings of former Ambassador Craig Murray; their respectable version of Joe Wilson is more critical of the Uzbek government and the UK
then of AQ itself.
MI-5 used to be good, but by Season 5 it's descended into morally equivalent plots; the
Americans are false flagging an Iranian in order to provoke a war; the Syrians are misunderstood. MI-6 would frame a fellow agent, for a assasination in order to take over the sister agency in a DNI type takeover. The Russian Mafia, is taking over the NHS's privatized hospitals,(shades of Eastern Promises). and the old Princess Diana conspiracy. An erroneously detained
ex Gitmo resident is none the less plotting
an AQ hit. 6' would do a "David Kelly' on a
to prevent an all to candid Secret Service memoirist. Season 6, (thankfully preempted by A&E's Horatio Caine marathon) became a parody of itself with a military coup waiting in the wings, militant antiIslamists
terrorists, and Mossad agents kidnapping innocent Saudi diplomats. TEhey're not even pretending to be on the right side anymore.


How does the Secret Service manage to be so closemouthed? No anonymous sources there, huh?


I mean the British secret service; SIS; MI-6, the one James Bond works for. The model for this is Tomlinson, who like Agee before
him revealed every MI-6 agent that had looked at him cross eyed;he figures in most Diana assasination plots, and David Shayler, the MI-5 agent who revealed an MI-6 assasination plot against Quadaffi, using Libyan agents, which turned out to be AQ like Ibn Al Liby, who was subsequently fingered by Bandar and Musa Kusa,at the early post 9/11 meeting in London with Deputy Near East Division chief and fellow
Michigan State alumni Ben Bonk identified the Libyan spymaster responsible for
Lockerbie. Shayler eventually lost the battle to declassify those particular details emerged as a consultant to the show MI-5, and a bonified Truther. Even though
Ian Fleming did not strictly work for MI-6; he was Naval Intelligence, sent to consult with the Americans on O.S.S. By the way, Tara Queen is the character's name in the
above referenced Q&C graphic novel ,Get it.


"David Shayler, the MI-5 agent who revealed an MI-6 assasination plot against Quadaffi, "

Shayler wasn't an agent, just another office boy like Loopy Larry.
Incidentally ,Shayler now believes he is the Messiah.No wonder Western intelligence agencies are going to hell in a handcart,they are full of Marxists and nut cases.



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