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October 27, 2007



Sheesh--they didn't roll out Elizabeth to take this on? Elizabeth whose illness makes a response to all attacks seem so wrong?


No, Elizabeth shouldn't have bothered with it either. TM's right--it's a stupid story without any substance, and few would have even noticed it but for the heavyhanded response.


I realized Edwards was a class act when he started molesting a poor guy who lived near his new house. John Edward's poor neighbor 

Patrick from Chapel Hill (really Durham)

The reason that Edwards' campaign is located in a "posh" (it would be merely nice in LA or NOVA) section of Chapel Hill is that it takes 30 minutes to drive 2 miles in the "poor" sections of Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill has grown like a tumor in the past ten years. The specific site was chosen because it's convenient to highways, doesn't take all day to reach, and is close to Edwards's house. A house that, by the way, isn't in a poor section of Chapel Hill either. Imagine that.


All the more eason for Edwards to hace left the story alone without making threats, doncha think?


I just love this. I was getting ready to post a comment on how I had followed a few of the links and the thing that struck me was how clueless those who posted to support Edwards seem. Then I come back here and what do I see but a clueless post from what appears to be an Edwards supporter. Just about all of the support appears to deliberately miss the point (benign interpretation) or attempt to distract from the subject (malign interpretation), but in any event they display a particularly obdurate cluelessness that is rapidly becoming the hallmark of the Edwards campaign.

Patrick from Chapel Hll, I watched the video, and I didn't think it was any kind of hatchet job, it was merely comparing (once again) Edwards' words and the actions of his campaign. I don't care why his HQ is in a New Urban setting. He *could have* demonstrated his words by having his workers drive those extra few minutes and put his HQ in a less 'posh' space. Why didn't he? The answer *seems* to be that NO ONE THOUGHT OF IT, just like evidently no one thought of the blowback from hassling a grad student journalist. Crabbing about the piece is just one more 'shoot yourself in the foot' moment for the Edwards campaign. As Casey Stengel famously said (about the Original Mets), "Can't anyone here play this game?"

What kind of president would a man make who self-evidently can't even keep his campaign from acting like clueless twits? It's not like this is the first instance, is it?

Now, try to change the subject again and prove my point.


Edwards probably figures that the pre-primary season is where we "get the kinks out".

If they keep this up, they will never even get to primary season.

capital L

I don't like Edwards, but I do like Chapel Hill (unfortunately I live just across the border into dreaded Carrboro now). Thus when I see "posh Chapel Hill," I have to chuckle. Chapel Hill has some really nice and admittedly expensive old properties, a very old university, a ton of apartments of varying quality, and about 20 bars. There's really nothing particularly "posh" about it.

David Fletcher

The problem Edwards has is the same problem that conservatives have when they get caught in sex scandles. You can't carry the air of someone who is fighting poverty and then have your office at the Ritz. Just like you can't be a gay marriage opponent and solicit BJ's in an airport bathroom. It is all about hipocracy.


Those danged "scandles"


"John Edwards says if he's elected president, he'll institute a New Deal-like suite of programs to fight poverty and stem growing wealth disparity. To do it, he said, he'll ask many Americans to make sacrifices, like paying higher taxes. Edwards, a former Democratic senator from North Carolina, says the federal government should underwrite universal pre-kindergarten, create matching savings accounts for low-income people, mandate a minimum wage of $9.50 and provide a million new Section 8 housing vouchers for the poor."


Nothing doing until he promises private jets and carbon offsets to go with them.


As a mere one-lawyer's-income family, we could not afford Chapel Hill OR Carrboro.

To downscale, Edwards would probably have to HQ in Durham. Not likely.


Oh--and offshore tax shelters like the ones he used.

Ralph L

Jorg, I won't defend Edwards' campaign's actions and tone-deafness, but Patrick is correct on the geography. There likely wasn't enough empty modern office space in (much) less expensive towns, such as Hillsborough or Pittsboro, and Durham would be darned inconvenient to Edwards' home. He could always fire up the 'ol helicopter, though. He would have done better to find something near the airport. Chapel Hill isn't that fancy, it's way overpriced for the rest of the state.


Yeah,"It is all about hipocracy."
Edwards is obviously going for the illiteracy vote.


Once again we see clearly the sense of entitlement that Democrats have that they should be immune from media criticism. I did not say UNFAIR criticism, note, but ANY criticism. Student journalists don't return their love? Only a Dem could utter such crap without choking on the hypocrisy.

By the way, if you haven't watched the video report in question, it is quite balanced and not at all a smear job. But that doesn't jive with the Dem's ideas about media coverage: Republicans must always be criticised, and Democrats must never be, or else you're a toady and a hack.

That goes double when the reporter is from one of the "victim classes" like women, students, or minorities that Dems feel they own - when these types wander outside the rules that the rest of the media willingly follows, the aggreivement of the Dems is truly righteous.

Ralph L

Or the pear-shaped, which is a much bigger bloc.


Well it seems to me he lives his life like a scandle in the wind...

Silky Pony should go back to brushing his hair.


Haircuts! What about haircuts? If the Breck Girl is gonna wipe out that income disparity thing, shouldn't he be assuring everyone of their "right" to a $400 haircut? Seems only fair.

Really, this guy is not even going to make it to Iowa with a snowball's chance. Sheesh.


HEY!! It is a stupid story, ok? 'Nuff said. If we all ignore it, it will go away... off to wherever stupid stuff goes, when it goes away!!

The real question is about George Bush's wealth, and all his cronies money. Or, rather, Mitt Romney's money! How did HE get so friggin' rich anyway?

Jeez, keep your eye on the ball, people.


Are you blind or dumb? That bitch couldn't even hack it on Entertainment Tonight, let alone a real news outlet.

Her "story" consisted of:
-factual inaccuracies
(most affluent of all? Really Babbs? Any research to back that up?)
(so everyone is split? Right down the middle, eh? Did you talk to anyone other than those two guys?)
-flawed logic
(Capitol Hill, where all the other candidates are, is more affluent than Chapel Hill)
-focusing on a trivial inconsequential details
(why not do real coverage of the candidate's policies?)
-offered no new insight
(we already know where Edwards is based, tell us something new. Some putz quoting Jay-Z doesn't count as insight.)
-using two non-authoritative sources as her representation for... everyone in Chapel Hill?
(Why not talk to a bunch of students instead of just two? Why not talk to someone who actually works for Edwards? Why not talk to someone who knows financial stats about Chapel Hill vs. D.C. where other candidates are headquartered).

Worst of all, she blatantly lied to Edwards camp about her story and her intentions to gain access. In the real world, you can't do that. It's unethical and sources will never deal with you again. I bet she even knows the kids she interviewed, which is also completely unethical. I'm not pro- or against against Edwards, but I am pro-journalistic integrity in a world where sensationalism, infotainment and fake sources grow more and more -- the same kind of crap she is peddling.

Now, I have no doubt she and her pussy-whipped professor are embellishing the situation to gain publicity. I'm sure Edwards campaign was shocked at her lack of journalistic integrity as they are used to dealing with REAL reporters -- not student reporters who lack ethics -- but Babbs and Tuggs are the ones exaggerating and crying about being "threatened." BS.

She should've gotten an F on that piece of shit. Her professor should be ashamed. What a loser that guy is.


She sounds like virtually every other "real" journalist on TV..At least she didn't phony up an exploding gas tank in front of the hq.

Rick Ballard

Is it true that Edwards has his first ambulance on display in the rotunda of his mansion?


My pick between John Edwards' campaign, a UNC journalism professor and a graduate journalism student is, uh,...um....


JorgXMcKie: Then I come back here and what do I see but a clueless post from what appears to be an Edwards supporter.

I hope you weren't referrng to my post, as I am as close to being an Edwards supporter as that gun-totin' neighbor of his is. But I'm not so blind an opponent of Edwards not to see a frivolous story for exactly what it was. Though that point was just a premise for the main point, which is that the Edwards campaign should have ignored it.


The Edward's people could have issue a simple statement regarding the location.

All the same, this lady does seem interested im politics. I wonder who she is flacking for.


The Edwards Campaign in a nutshell-

"My wife has cancer, again."

"I'm more charismatic than Howard Dean, and he almost won the nomination."


davod--Let me take a wild stab at it. She's a journalism student who's soon going to be hunting for a job and figured this spot would get her visibility. She's Flacking for herself.


judging by the surprising number of 'kill the messenger' posts, it probably is fair to say that Edwards daughters are posting on blogs.

Sad when a lawyer has to get surrogates to argue that his fifteen minutes aren't up yet.

Criteria for being president? Be elctable in your home state.

Criteria for being a veep? see above.


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