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November 14, 2007



Spitzer just caught the warys,TM

richard mcenroe

The key words in your peroration, Tom, are "Democrats were running away..."


c.1440, from L. perorationem (nom. peroratio) "the ending of a speech or argument of a case," from peroratus, pp. of perorare "argue a case to the end, bring a speech to a close," from per- "to the end" + orare "to speak, plead" (see orator).

Automated Case System (ACS),,,,,,,,,,,


Spitzer was using the driver's license issue to keep his illegal efforts ginst Bruno off the news cycle.


See that Spitzer's 70% favorability ratings, when he took office as governor, are now in the 30% region.

Toss in the state police helicopter scandal and there are even rumbles that Spitzer is done, dead meat, finished. If he doesn't get state paid residency as a convict, he will be out on the street at the next election.


Spitzer was using the driver's license issue to keep his illegal efforts ginst Bruno off the news cycle.

It might have had the opposite effect - at least outside of NY. Spitzer is become a household name, and that's a bad thing for him I think.


Spitzer has become a household name.


Yes, Jane, you are right - he has become a household name. I think he's about to become even more famous due to the insistance on paying NY sales tax when ordering on-line!

Dems love their taxes, except when THEY have to pay them!


Spitzer got the warys on the sales tax proposal, too , and has withdrawn it.

http://www.syracuse.com/newsflash/regional/index.ssf?/base/news-23/119508115376420.xml&storylist=state>Warys Strike Again

hit and run

Spitzer, dude, embrace the Costanza Principle.


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