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November 21, 2007



Hair shirt.

hit and run

Careful, Tom.

I mean, this can only lead to one thing.

Word plays on Bush and Dick (Cheney).

hit and run

Well, I would never ever ever complain that Tom was putting up too many posts

[VIMH: Oh yeah?]
When did you learn to use html? Wait never mind.

Anyway, I hate to go off topic this early in a new thread, but I don't know which other thread I should use, and well, Tom did open the door with the "Perv" usage, I guess. But I vehemently deny that that is some sort of connection to me personally in what follows...

Did anyone see the Mark Steyn post on the Corner today?

For a start, the fragmentation of culture is not a purely musical phenomenon, but true on every front. David watches CNN, I watch the lesbian wrestling channel, disaffected young Muslim youth in Paris and Antwerp watch Arabic TV beamed in direct from the Middle East. That's a fact of life.

Now, is it just me, or does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that Steyn's interest in the lesbian wrestling channel may have been the result of some reader email?

Not that Jane and Clarice are lesbians, of course.



Is the devil we know safer than the devil we don't know?

Hope everyone has a nice turkey day.


This playing to the peanut gallery and the left. Why should we be interested in what Musharref wears or how he governs his country as long as he keeps Pakistan and its nukes out of the terrorists' hands?


This playing to the peanut gallery and the left. Why should we be interested in what Musharref wears or how he governs his country as long as he keeps Pakistan and its nukes out of the terrorists' hands?


Think of the masses yearning to be free. Or at least in the Army.

Smoke Tank.


This whole episode is not funny. They could have pushed Musharaf quietly thereby giving him some kudos with the Pakistani people for resigning from the Military.

Instead we have the whole world hearing the US tells him what to do.

Certainly helps Musharaf credibilty with the Pakistanis.

hit and run

I'm changing my url in my name.

The Jmax voting is over.

I wasn't around when it concluded, I assume she was still in the lead, maybe someone saw the standings late last night before they went offline?

Anyway, when will we find out the results, you ask?

Winners will be announced during the NCAA Soccer Championships, scheduled on December 7-9 in College Station, TX

Announced during the championships? Dec 7-9? When. I need a date. And a time (or timeframe, like "halftime at the 2nd game on Dec 8", or something)

I mean, this seems kinda like how in May 2005 Kerry "began signing" the Standard Form 180.

Oh wait. No it's not. Kerry's signing is open-ended with no end in sight. The announcement will be made no later than Dec 9.

But still. I want to know when.


"Climate change scare based on spreadsheet error"

See for the latest evidence of the Piltdown Mann's idiocy and dishonesty. His hockey stick is garbage, and it is still the graphic which has stampeded the herd.

We are cooling, folks. Maybe.


Today, I am thankful for Steve McIntyre. A reckless, and easily understood, collation error has been found in Mann's work, and I pray that this meme is simple enough to propagate to hoi polloi. Hansen's Y2K mistake was easily understood and the meme propagated very nicely. This one is also easy to understand. One column isn't lined up correctly with another.

Please let it be heard in Bali.



You have missed the point. Facts do not matter. The worship of Gaia is the new world religion worshipped and supported financially by most of the world's industrialized nations and taught as gospel in most schools.

Do the congregations of mainstream Christianity understand that their leaders have turned to Paganism.

The worship of other than the one G.d.


PS: I apologize for commenting on Kim's off topic post.


Off topic? All topics coalesce. For someone reason, davod, off topic posts are relatively well tolerated, here.


Just hit refresh on the page to get the latest results:

Jessica Maxwell (University of North Carolina) 30%
Ella Masar (Illinois) 27%
Lindsey Ozimek (Charlotte) 12%
Valerie Henderson (UCLA) 7%
Angie Woznuk (University of Portland) 4%
Kelsey Carpenter (University of Texas) 4%
Joanna Haig (University of Louisville) 4%
Stephanie Lopez (University of Portland) 4%
Courtney Hooker (University of California) 4%
Rachel Buehler (Stanford University) 4%
...and it's still letting me vote! Here is the url that I'm using.


Happy Thanksgiving! Glad JMAX won the online vote part of the contest.

hit and run

Huh, when I hit refresh, I get:

Women's Soccer

To vote, check the box next to your favorite candidates (you may select up to 3), enter the code shown in the graphic below and click the VOTE NOW button. You may vote once per day.

Voting ended Thursday, November 22, 2007.

No candidates listed. I tried in IE and Firefox.

Of course, I have no worries about Jmax winning, the lead when I last voted was insurmountable by my caluclation, otherwise I wouldn't have gone to bed, of course.

But I would absolutely LOVE to see the final vote tallies, and not just the percentages.



Thanks for the info.


Maybe I should just say they get ignored, instead of tolerated. Except when they don't. I get the feeling this community enjoys roaring off on a tangent, sometimes.


H&R, any explanation for Lindsey Ozimek's charge in the closing seconds?

hit and run

Here me roar!

Has everyone sent their text message?

Well? Have you?

Get to it.

Thanking The Troops [W. Thomas Smith Jr.]

The Defense Department today has kicked off a "Giving Thanks" initiative wherein Americans can text message U.S. troops between now and midnight (PST), Nov. 22, and thank them for their service.

Simply send a brief text-message to 89279, and you will receive a response from an active-duty servicemember.

Details here. Tell others.

hit and run

*Hear* me roar?

Or I am *here* and me is roaring?

Egg nog, it's what's for breakfast.

hit and run

I don't have an explanation for Ms. Ozimek's charge...but I suppose my guess would be that she had supporters lined up for the 11th hour charge, thinking that a concentrated effort could make up the difference.

But it would have taken a stadium-full to pull it off. Or two.


For someone reason, davod, off topic posts are relatively well tolerated, here.

Well, I'm sure that wouldn't be true if I could consistently figure out what the original topic was...

Have a great Thanksgiving, all.

hit and run

Have a great Thanksgiving, all.

Get stuffed, Tom.

Shut Open yer pie hole.


I'm thankful for TM, this site and all my online friends here, including Hit, of course (and the autmatic shut off feature on his chin saw). Smooches.

Rick Ballard


I, for one, am thankful that there is no automatic shut off on the H & R model chinsaw. It's much better that it run cheerfully amuck.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

hit and run

Self-promotion seems so wrong, on Thanksgiving.

So let me do this as minimally as possible.

I am thankful for American Thinker as a source of so much great information and so many wonderfully talented people.

And thankful for it as an outlet for my chinsaw...

Smooches, indeed.

::flips the bird::

(the turkey, the turkey, I need to turn the turkey!)


I had to flip the bird, too. I realized after the turkey had been in there for 30 minutes that what I thought was breast side up had a spine in it. It was quite the challenge, since I got a 25 lb bird for the 14 people at my house... (Turkey has never been my strong suit, since I don't really like it. My idea of the perfect turkey dinner is to eat the stuffing and gravy and throw the bird away!)


I flipped the turkey, on purpose - only 22lbs, with a bourbon molasses apricot glaze. I wanted it cooked on both sides.


It's the one meal I hate cooking. Luckily my DIL lkes cooking turkey.


I guess I'm a traditionalist. The only thing I "glaze" my turkey with is the 2 quarts of turkey broth that I reduced on the stove down to 1 quart. I continuously bathe the turkey in it, and it picks up that fabulous roasty flavor.

I found the weirdest thing in my turkey when I went to put it in the oven. There is this plastic pouch with instant gravy in it -- just put it in a saucepan and boil the heck out of it, and voila! gravy. I haven't decided whether to pitch it in the trash, or make it up as a separate batch. It's probably got gobs of salt in it... My broth reductions are actually pretty healthy.


Just sent you an email, have a wonderful Turkey day


My dad was in the grocery business. If your getting the roaring thing, a BAKER is considered a christian. Carpenter, etc.

Since Jane can't stop, the word play is supposed to be okay because we're all bakers, but rock stars, etc. choose lucifer and sell off their lyrics to the church who buys stuff like psalms. So, if you sing one of 'their' songs' they consider all their **** sold to Jesus. It's how luciferians have been ********** on christians and the church since they forced us to dream and sent us to their circus.

Like Maddonna, turkey.

Oh, just read the rest of the comments; it's all good stuff about the troops.


It's probably too late to add, but i found the best way to cook a turkey in my Grandmother's "New Delineator Recipes" circa 1929 -- it actually for Roast Chicken, substitute Turkey, but it produces the most juicy turkey ever

• 1 roasting fowl
• Stuffing (optional - I don't stuff a turkey with stuffing, but with onions, and a Simon & Garfunkel song)
• Savory fat or olive oil
• salt
• pepper
• flour

Wash, singe and draw fowl, rub it with salt and pepper inside and out, and stuff. Truss and tie the fowl. Grease it well with savory fat or olive oil, dredge with flour and place it in a hot oven (480 degrees Fahrenheit), to sear quickly so that its juices may not escape during roasting. After 20 to 25 minutes, when the skin is well seared, cover the pan, lessen the heat to 370 degrees and cook until breast is tender. If cooked in an open pan, as soon as the flour has been nicely browned, baste well, adding a little fat or water if necessary, repeating the basting every 10 minutes. Allow about 20 minutes to a pound for roasting.


Note - if you cover it even with tin foil you do not need to baste this turkey -- AT ALL. I swear, when sliced it's jut dripping in juice. And the flour/fat brown it to magazine quality beauty.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you JOMers.


First time I ever glazed the bird. The downside was it made the juices for the gravy sweet. I like turkey and I like cooking the meal - just as long as I don't have to also clean up.


Oh and another added benefit to that recipe (besides the prefectly brown juicy turkey without having to slave over it basting every other minute) is the pan is almost pristine. After I pull it from the oven I cut it on a rack over a pan and juice drips out for gravy making, but the pan is a snap to clean - the juices and crud aren't all backed on and the juices aren't as fatty.


God Bless all of you this Thanksgiving!

I want to thank each of you for making my life richer.

For those of you who have a family member fighting to preserve our freedom, you have my heartfelt gratitude and you are in my prayers.


A Happy Thanksgiving to all the Jomsters.
I'm specially glad that no one girl got the lowest percentage of votes on the JMax Vote.Gmax will be hearing from my lawyers concerning repetative strain injuries to my voting finger.


I agree, Jane, it's not the cooking but the cleanup. I'm very grateful for my sister-in-law's offer to host this year.

Well, the pumpkin pies and cranberry-pear tart and roasted squash and green bean casserole are all packed up, so we're off. Happy Thanksgiving, Tom and the rest of the JOMers! Thank you all for providing my favorite online reading, bar none.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We've been deep frying our bird the last 3 or 4 years, So quick and easy. Every bite is moist. Yum! Yum!


Natura Sound Therapy 3.0 Trial version.

'Every year hundreds of people are burned by oil vats in their homes. Please, put it in the driveway and make sure the vat is large enough for a Turkey.'

Local Fire Man union.


I hope all fellow JOMers are enjoying a great Thanksgiving. JOM has become my favorite spot on the net and I feel fortunate to have found both it and its remarkable denizens.


Ok, everybody, here's what you can do today to make next year's turkey fabulous. Throw the whole carcass into a big pot, add water, and simmer for the next 3-4 days. Don't worry about vegetables or anything, just the turkey. When everything solid (meat, bones) is starting to disintigrate, strain the stock out and freeze it.

Next year, defrost about 2-3 quarts and reduce it on the stove down to about 4 cups or so. Pour some in the pan when first putting the turkey in the oven. Pour the rest over the turkey when you baste. To make the most fabulous gravy ever, drain out all of the pan juices and separate the fat. For every 1 cup of drippings, use 2 tablespoons of flour and 2 tablespoons of fat. Using a wire whisk, whisk flour and fat and cook for a few minutes. Whisking continuously, pour in the drippings. You may need to add some seasonings, but probably not.

For the "stuffing" (dressing, really) reduce 3 quarts of broth down to 5-6 cups. When the turkey is about ready to come out of the oven, divide the reduced broth in half. For each half (2.5-3 cups), bring broth to a boil, throw in a stick of butter, and when the butter melts, turn off the heat and stir in a package of stuffing. Put it into a casserole dish, cover. Repeat for another batch. When the turkey comes out of the oven, use a turkey baster to suck some of the lean part of the drippings off of the bottom of the pan, and put one or two basters-worth on each of the stuffing dishes. Cover and bake in the oven at 325 for 30 minutes while you are making the gravy and slicing the turkey.


Holy cow, Cathy, I mean holy turkey. That is bigtime. I am not mistress of the carcass this year, but I might be able to cadge part of it out of my sister-in-law's freezer next week. Even if the stock doesn't last all the way to next Thanksgiving, it's still worth doing. My grandmother used to make a turkey soup with the Thanksgiving carcass that would raise the dead.


I would forget I had it in the freezer. :/


My carcass left with my mother. As always, it was her only demand. Turkey soup to follow.


Well I just checked - voting has ended in the Jmax race, but I see no announcement of a winner.

Bill in AZ

Thanks, all, for the great turkey tips that I can apply today. I "had" to go to the USC vs ASU game last night (I have a kid in each school so it was tough duty, especially since the youngest daughter is in the USC Marching Band). Turkey day is today.


A belated Happy T-giving Day. It was a good day as all our immediate family got together with the families of the rest of the Tarheels, took over a restaurant in town opened only for the private party and had a feast of enormous portions.

I gave and give much thanks to my online friends who so generously developed carpal tunnel syndrome voting for my offspring. We can now simply await the verdict of the sportscasters, coaches and sponsors to see if she is indeed the winner.

Big Game Saturday against the Tarheels. Interesting to note JMax played with and against two of the Irish in Dallas growing up. Both Lauren Karas and Keri Hanks are well known and great players. It will be a hard fought match, and here is hoping the Tarheels are one goal better.


My question is; 'When is Bush going to put on the uniform?'

hit and run

We can now simply await the verdict of the sportscasters, coaches and sponsors to see if she is indeed the winner.

Yes -- I had forgotten about the other aspects of the voting until Clarice brought it up yesterday. Hmmmm...

You know, Lowe's headquarters are a hop, skip and a jump from here........

Road Trip!

Now, I gotta do some internet research and make a few phone calls to see who I need to see when I get down there.

hit and run

'When is Bush going to put on the uniform?'

January 20, 2009 -- when a Democrat mistakenly thinks that winning the election would prevent Bush from imposing his Christofascist Heavenly Imperial Monarchy in Perpetuity (CHIMP).

He shows up at the inaugaration in uniform, orders all Democrats in attendance rounded up and frog marched out of the ceremony and flown to Guantanamo where they will be waterboarded before every meal.

He then takes the constitution and burns it.

And declares Dissent as the highest form of treason.

With a smirk.

When is Bush going to put on the uniform?
Ooooo yeah! Cause W is hot in uniform.

Definitely worth mud wrestling for!


"Christofascist Heavenly Imperial Monarchy in Perpetuity (CHIMP)."

Did you originate that acronym, HR?

You would be awesome at Scrabble.

hit and run

Why yes, yes I did.

And yes, I can kick mrs hit and run's, uh, I usually win when we play.

mrs hit and run's mother, on the other hand, beats me handily.



Definitely hot. Definitely worth getting in the ring for. (Altho at some point I think Clarice and I will have to admit there is some allure from the mud.)

Hey Cleo, did you ever answer the water boarding question over at Patterico's or are you still squirming?


I don't know if anyone else is following the Australian election - which is tomorrow, or today depending on how you look at it.

Howard was expected to lose to Rudd as of this morning, but has pulled back a bit on the eve of the election. Here is the current headline:

On election eve, Australia's opposition leader says climate change is No. 1 priority

I see this as a bellweather.

hit and run

On election eve, Australia's opposition leader says climate change is No. 1 priority

See, I agree with this.

I mean, it was 75 here yesterday. Today's high is gonna be 48.

Waaaaaay too much climate change for me.


It was 60 here yesterday, we had all the windows open.

Today it is 20.


"Hey Cleo, did you ever answer the water boarding question over at Patterico's or are you still squirming?"

I answered the second hypo as a test of Patterico's intent. As usual I got nothing back from the good prosecutor and quit playing his gotcha game.


I suspect facial palsy.

Last May, as the Anbar Awakening broke the horizon I tearboreded the cluckers at the Gilded Belgravia Birdcage.

Is TCO still banned at Patterico's?


Jane, Hell is freezing over at


Waterboarding is a smart bomb to the central nervous system. Google 'diving reflex'. It must be regulated; safe, legal, and rare, used only when time is of the essence. Otherwise, it will be improvised, and misused, in the field, by those who see it as a trial by water, a baptism post fire, to place the fear of God in the non-believer. And, of course, to garner invaluable and lifesaving information.


"I gave and give much thanks to my online friends who so generously developed carpal tunnel syndrome voting for my offspring."

My doctor says I may never be able to vote on line again.


Ask not what hand your country can give you; ask what hand you can give for your country.


It was more in the nature of a finger,but let us not go down that road.


Torture doesn't work.
Waterboarding works.
Therefore waterboarding is not torture.


Of course in bearded Spock territory; ala Richard Kelly "SouthLand Tales"; A dirty bomb struck Abilene on the 4th of July 2004; bringing about a police state
completed by the US Ident private security
corporation. The borders been sealed; even the piers in L.A. harbor are guarded by heavily machine gun posts.The draft was reintroduced and we invaded Syria, & Iran. A diversion of course since there are no WMDs in... Syria...scratch that. A rag tag group of Marxist agitators, plot against the ruliong class with not much success, for they inadvertently got what they've been wishing for on Daily Kos and Huff Po
message boards. It's actually much more ridiculous than even this summary sounds

In the real world; spoiled Mcclatchy brat
Bobby Calvan, last seen fuming that he couldn't get into a Green Zone checkpoint is whining that Hashemi and Maliki aren't behaving as responsibly as Harry, Nancy & the President do. Joe Galloway, wonders
why we still haven't impeached the criminals
Bush and Cheney (Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, water
boarding,illegal wiretaps, did I say Abu Ghraib already)This is my local fishwrap,
whose 'public editor' concedes they haven't
been writing enough stories out of Iraq, but
is diplomatic enough not to notice "Najaf
undertakers out of work' is too ridiculous
a story to take literally. It's like a real
life Monty Python sketch out here (With Terry Jones as the ghostly undertaker)

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