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November 05, 2007



Osidian wings. Is it like wings for angels or something ascending into the sun like that song? Wings on dead people is bad, like, damned. So, is it a Luciferian blog or a person who just likes the song(it's okay because it's been saved, unlike Madonna's - the gypsy who worships the Karballa, like in Lucifer - Pay Ronnies song)? I guess they're saved too.


Climateaudit.org, in mid-century retrospect the most influential blog of the early 21st Century, is holding up well in the Best Science Blog category. Steve McIntyre has the most important idea of our time well in hand and is leading the effort which diminishes carbon's role in climate change.

The WaPo has an article about each candidate's attitude toward global warming. Fred Thompson is the only one with the correct attitude, but, as usual, frames it so well as to appear unserious. This issue is going to boomerang bigtime next year, as hoi polloi starts to feel the chill. We're cooling, folks.

Rick Ballard

A resounding second to Kim's suggestion to cast a vote for Climate Audit.

AGW is a more massive fraud than the thieves at Enron could ever have conceived. The GW part occurred for a bit, to be sure, and there is little question that man can affect local climates (see rabbit fence - albedo) but the correlation between CO2 concentration and "warming" is spurious - as the leveling and now dropping of "global" temperatures since '98 fully attests.


I did my part for Climate Audit.


Not sure what the "criteria" are for being on this boardwalk of popularity?

I don't read many of those blogs, except Betsy Newark on occasion.

I certainly enjoy JOM and several others where the content is better. Maybe this is just an award based on artwork and interior design. Hire an interior decorator, win a blog award?


Climateaudit.org is now in the lead. The politico article predicts trouble for Republicans about global warming. We now have one year to see who can win the informational race to see whether the electorate knows we're cooling. It's going to be mind-boggling.

Rick Ballard

Congratulations to Climate Audit and the Van Der Galien Gazette.

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