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November 19, 2007



Here is her resignation letter to the Pres.


Rice was supposed to be his thing.

It got him elected.

Killer Bean Forever


One can't help remember that Newsweek's early profile of her, focuses on her Jimmie
Chu shoes and less on her prosecutorial record. Novak is an odd character; avidly anti-Castro, but sympathetic to China's
ruling classes (a legacy of his Korean War
experience). Interestingly, he was a strong supporter of the military in Vietnam; his memoirs focus on his experience with Col. John Paul Vann; the one officer, Moyar, suggest you shouldn't put too much stock in. Intensely anti-Israeli and supporter of every Arab princeling to come down the pike (which led him in large measure to his opposition to the Gulf War and the Iraq War. Which makes his role in the Plame fiasco seem ironic. A supporter of rigorous intelligence measures, who often used his scoops to promote the out of favor dissident in the 'intelligence community'. David Sullivan in the SALTed 70s, Bob Baer in the Clinton 90s. One recalls his previous minute of fame was as a footnote to the story of Redford "Candidate" as someone who saw him as immature and not ready for the big leagues.

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