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November 08, 2007



And his letter to the cat's owner, a relative of his, really gives a picture of the man's emotional warmth and empathy for others, doesn't it?
Oh, well, save the birds, kill the cat.


And I thought it was a slow day on the internets!


What a jerk. He knew the cat belonged to his widowed sister-in-law and he goes ahead and fires a SHOTGUN at it, just to "sting" it for doing what came natural to it. I wonder what he would've said if his sister-in-law fired a load of birdshot at the bird feeder--just to "sting" the birds for making a racket while feeding? I suppose it never occurred to him that he was to blame for the cat's behavior by putting up a bird feeder and drawing them all to one spot? Most people who want to draw birds to a feeder while protecting them from predators do something like: put the feeder on a pole with a wrapping of aluminum so cats and squirrels can't climb up. That's what normal people do, anyway.


The killer rabbit was supposed to be an alien attacking and there were no seals in the water.

Domincian Republic? That's Dodd's area. Maybe they were going down there to do a coup like the ones in Georgia and Haiti?

I was over at Chris Dodd .com and got banned by the NSA or some foreign intelligence service!!!!! I got cable, so it's all supposed to be okay.

All's I was gonna' say is:

Sonia seems popular. I never worked in telecommunications, but you ever wonder who Dodd worked for when he was in Peace Corps? Maybe CIA? There were no five year(IIPA) counter intelligence laws when he was in Vietnam or while he was in the army, maybe, NSA? Plame's dad was NSA, Air Force. Joe's dad was a 'diplomat' in Spain where he grew up.

I want to buy a new cell phone, but they have voip phones in Europe now, so maybe I'll wait until they come out! Noel, Merry Christmas sales!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick R. Sullivan
how great is it that Mr. Peanut is no longer President?

That would be seconded by the people trapped in our embassy in Islamabad in 1979, while a mob torched it. And some who came very close to being roasted to death while they waited in the vault for a rescue that never came, thanks to Zia Ul Haq's refusal to even take a phone call from Carter in the hours of the siege, might have gone even further. From Yaroslav Trofimov's 'The Siege of Mecca':

The Pakistani government's monumental failure to help people trapped in the American embassy--all 137 of whom could have died in that vault--did not seem to cause any offense in Washington. To the contrary, President Carter and Secretary of State Vance rushed to publicly praise General Zia for his troops' supposedly stellar behavior. "President Mohammed Zia immediately dispatched Pakistani troops to protect our personnel and property, called to extend his personal apologies to me and to the American people, and insisted that his government would pay for all the damages," Carter later wrote in his memoirs.

Americans personally involved in the ordeal had a different opinion: "Shit. They didn't do shit," U.S. Navy Commander Charles W. Monaghan told a Washington Post reporter about the Pakistani government after emerging from the burning compound. Carter's praise for Zia, in particular, produced cold fury among the survivors. From then on, every time the marines in Islamabad had a beer, they made a point to curse their president and commander in chief.


The story stinks,Carter could have scared off the cat by firing into the air.Still I suppose the cat was grateful he didn't gnaw it to death.


Maybe Hillary can take a contract out on the next "first pet" when it is no longer needed for photo ops. Ship it off to Plains, GA instead of paying the neighbor kid to toss Buddy's play toys into the street day after day...that took forever.


Still thinking about this moron.

Birdshot is meant to kill birds--a single pellet should kill if it hits the right spot. Why would this idiot assume that an aimed load of birdshot fired at a cat wouldn't kill it? Could it be because the nitwit owned a firearm and discharged it at living creatures without knowing what affect it would have if he hit something? How irresponsible is that?

My wife tells me that Arthur Schlesinger, in reminiscing over presidents he knew, basically came out and said that Carter is just a mean man. Firing a shotgun at and killing his sister's pet, just because it was looking at birds, seems to bear that out.


He's mean and sanctimonious and his family always looks miserable and unhappy.

He's mean and sanctimonious and his family always looks miserable and unhappy.

I like that summary very much.

It may seem like nitpicking, but what steams me is the Presidential notepaper in combination with the casual use of the "&" instead of "and" in the note. He can't be bothered to write two extra letters as he informs his relative of the death of her pet at his hands. But by golly, he can make sure he reminds her he's a former President!

Ralph L

He doesn't even apologize!


"Lamentably" is as close to apology as it gets. This letter is classic passive aggressive expression. There seems to me to be a lot of anger hidden between the lines.


The cat had a gun?


That rabbit was clearly intent on swiftboating the President and that letter should not be in the public domain. But, OMG, I'm glad it is.


I wanna know, and I'm sure Jimmy did too, where the hell the Secret Service marksman was.


I already despised Carter before learning that he had added "cat murderer" to his resume. I'm still eagerly awaiting my Carter Day of "Mourning." I won't go to the cemetery to pee on his grave when he dies, but only because I don't like standing in long lines.


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