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November 02, 2007


Tom Bowler

The study ignores the impact of Iraq war coverage, which has been incredibly slanted towards the Democratic position.

What other topics was the press looking at with McCain? His controversial position on Iraq—supportive of a military buildup–got more coverage (15%) than candidates’ generally did for the ideas about the war (6%). But his heroic biography, including his story as a former Vietnam-era prisoner of war and third generation soldier, got less coverage than the overall (4% vs. 17% generally).

Notice that it's a given: to be in favor of winning the war in Iraq is controversial. It's controversial largely because the press has been in full 24/7 PR mode in opposition to it.

Actually, I think it's going to come back and bite them. The question is whether or not a large enough segment of the public comes to realize they've been misled on it.

Tom Bowler

Misled by the press, that is.


Our own Just One Minute is a FINALIST for the 2007 Webblog Awards in the Best of the Top 250 Blogs

Go Vote today!

Serenity Now

I voted for JOM and Cute Overload. Dunno who all those other bloggers are ...

hit and run

You can rest assured I will vote at every chance allowed, JOM is certainly the most deserving blog in that category.

I would stongly contend that JOM should have also been a finalist in the Best Online Community category...


OT - Here's proof positive that Democrats cannot comprehend audio and or video. I wrote to Feinstein when she signed the infamous "Rush Censure Letter" - her office responded today -

Dear Ms. (Enlightened - real name REDACTED :o):

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter regarding Mr. Limbaugh's derogatory comments about members of our Armed Forces in Iraq who are critical of the war.

Americans are very divided in this war as you know. I do not believe that our peoples in uniform should suffer the bombast of Mr. Limbaugh. And the letter by 40 Senators says essentially that no soldier in Iraq is a "phony soldier."

Thanks for writing. Best regards.

Sincerely yours,

Dianne Feinstein
United States Senator

Should I reply? I'm tempted to respond in kind - ignorance is bliss ya know - and update her to the fact her "letter" now makes her and 40 other Democrats look like the true idiots they are....not to mention the abuse of power they displayed for naught -




Enlightened: Yes, tell her what an idiot she is and cite this: latest fake hero :

“His resume read like a military awards manual. The Purple Heart is given to soldiers wounded or killed in battle. Richard David McClanahan claimed to have three of them. Then there were the Silver Stars. He boasted to have three of those too, more than military legend Audie Murphy. But it was all a lie.

Now, McClanahan will have to spend 34 months in federal prison. McClanahan, 29, of Fort Worth, is one in a small-but-growing list of fake military heroes prosecuted nationally under the Stolen Valor Act of 2005. The measure seeks to penalize people who either distribute phony medals or fraudulently claim to be decorated veterans.

At a sentencing hearing Thursday in Amarillo, McClanahan conceded he made “terrible choices” and acknowledged that he “disrespected this nation and the uniform I wore. I take full responsibility. It was wrong, and I knew it was wrong when I did it,” he told U.S. District Judge Mary Lou Robinson. “I have no right to ask for forgiveness. I tainted this country with my irresponsible actions and for that I’m sorry.”

He was later led out of the courtroom and placed in immediate custody.”


Ask her why she didn't donate to the marines along with her 40 other democrat morons. She is of course a kajillionaire based on earmarks to her husband. It's the least she could do.

Is it just me or has it been a bad few weeks for the moonbats? Too bad it's not a year from now.

Can we talk Tom into putting a link for voting on the side of the page? I spend half my day looking for the Jmax link lately - well maybe not "half".

hit and run

I spend half my day looking for the Jmax link lately - well maybe not "half".

Jane, the next time you post, put the voting link as your URL.


Right now you just have the typepad comments link.

See, when you can't remember the voting url, just post something and there it is!

Or, if not, just look for one of my posts....that's what I've done (click my name to vote)!!!



OK, I WANT to send this back to her - SHOULD I??

Dear Ms. Feinstein:

Apparently you misread the Limbaugh transcript, or perhaps the audio version you utilized to refer to his “phony soldiers” remark as “derogatory” was not operating properly.

Mr. Limbaugh did not ever qualify his statement of “phony soldiers” with the following words: “members of our Armed Forces in Iraq who are critical of the war”.

His remark of “phony soldiers” was in answer to a caller who spoke of “real soldiers”. The caller did not utter the above statement either.

You are mistaken and the other 40 Congresspersons that signed the letter were also mistaken. You apparently took the word of a misinformed, non-profit, partisan, political watch dog group, instead of doing your own fact checking of the incident.

As a result, you and 40 other Congresspersons displayed an absolute abuse of power in the attempt to “censure” Mr. Limbaugh – a private citizen engaged in his Constitutional Right to Free Speech.

Unfortunately for you, the 40 other signatories of the letter, and the rest of the 110th Congress, (the lowest rating ever, even rated lower than the President), the results of your attempt to stifle a private citizen BACKFIRED when Mr. Limbaugh auctioned the letter, and matched the amount, and donated to a Military Charity that he has supported for years, to the tune of 4 Million dollars.

Unlike you and your husband who have benefited mightily by the defense contracts you have unethically steered to his companies, Mr. Limbaugh has indeed supported our troops for many, many years.

The only recourse you have at this point would be to match the funds Mr. Limbaugh has, to show in fact that you and the other signatories of the letter do indeed “support our troops”. Mr. Limbaugh has repeatedly requested Mr. Reid, the letter’s author, and the co-signers to show their true support of the troops, since the letter was written. I can’t imagine what the delay might be.

While we wait, I would suggest you personally take the time to fact check something before you make misinformed statements. Mr. Limbaugh would be happy to discuss it with you personally on his show. He would be happy to provide you with the transcripts, and the audio so that you can check for yourself exactly where in this smear campaign Mr. Limbaugh ever said:

“members of our Armed Forces in Iraq who are critical of the war”.


stomp the donkey

Your letter to DiFi is priceless. I suggest you send it.

hit and run

Enlightened, it appears to me you received a form letter to your first letter to the Senator.

I would think that if you sent that second one, someone would pay attention.

But you could always pull what some of our sales guys did in our tracking program when they felt managment wasn't reading their call reports....they started putting in random cuss words to see if anyone would catch them....when they didn't, they started calling management names....and then....they just laughed anytime someone said 'you better finish your call reports or you'll be in trouble...'

Come on, call her something bad...let's see if they read it...

::grin:: just kidding. kinda.

hit and run


Came out for warmups pregame and can't go. Would need to leave now if I were going to make it to the game tonight.

It's official. The hit and run and family will not be able to participate in Jmax's last regular season game as a UNC Tar Heel.

princess hit and run got sent home from school today with a snotty nose and low grade fever.

mrs hit and run pulled a "it's for the children" reprimand on my intimations that I might go to the game anyway.

She's right, of course, she's always right, gametime temps will be around 50, maybe down to 45 by the second half....

Where the bleep did all that Global Warming go? What the bleep good is Global Warming if it's here today and gone tamale? I won't forget this Global Warming. Next time you come to me needing something, you can bet your sweet bleep I'm gonna tell you where you can bleeping stick it.

Oh, Go Jmax!

Beat the Cavaliers!!!!



You are brilliant assuming I understood you correctly.


I love the letter. I doubt she replies but I would certainly send it on principle.

Mukasy has the votes.

hit and run

Jane, you are brilliant if you decipher what I said...

Heck, you're brilliant even if you didn't.


hit and run

hit and run jr just sidled up to the laptop and asked, "are you voting still?"

I guess I am now!!!!!

Crack that whip!


I have a question for those among us who understand outer space. Shep just reported that tomorrow, at the space station an astronaut has to go out to a long arm and repair something. There is the potential of electrical charge which could, if things go badly, burn a hole in the astronaut's glove.

Shep said that would be a death sentence.



Enlightened: I was out for a couple of hours, so just saw your letter back to DF. The caller was talking about those who ARE NOT REAL SOLDIERS, which is what Rush shortened in the next breath to "phony soldiers." It was implied that he was saying, "you mean phony soldiers when you say 'not real soldiers'?"

I think all the translations of this conversation miss that the caller was talking about those who "are not real soldiers."


Space is a vacumn. The astonaut is only able to go outside of the space station because he is in a pressurized suit. A hole in the suit would result in immediate loss of pressure and death. Although I seemed to have read somewhere death would in fact not be immediate.


A hole would depressurize the suit wouldn't it?


Sara - Exactly! This whole smear was because some reject at Media Matters can't comprehend the spoken word, and as usual inserts what he wanted to hear for what was actually said.

Rush merely inserted "phony soldiers" where the caller was saying:

"They like to pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and spout to the media."

Amazingly, Dianne Feinstein (or whoever answered my e-mail) pretty much spewed the same Media Matters crap. Not that she would cop to the truth - she can't stray off the Dem playbook regardless of how stupid she appears.


According to Ace, both Schumer and Feinstein WILL support Mukasey for AG.


She's voting for Mukasey which gave Schumer cover to do the same which means Mukasey gets out of Committee and will be the next AG. And it exposes the fact that the waterboarding objection was a mere partisan play.
She's not as bad as many in her party.


Hey - Did you guys see this? Did we already know who curve-ball was? Why am I remembering "curveball" as being Chalabi? Jeez. I need to step away from the bar I guess....



So if the suit is unpressurized does that just mean a lack of oxygen or something else?


Enlighted, that's because the CIA and DOS led the media to think Curveball was a Chalabi plant when in fact he had nothing to do with him. When years later a Commission report came out saying that NO ONE reported it.


And am also imagining things when I say it looks like Tenets stink is all over this "curveball" muck up?


Oxygen loss is the first part. Check out the link in my URL(thanks to HandR for the tip), lots of sort of neat stuff if you're thinking of jumping off a spaceship. . The astronaut might last 2-4 minutes before the vacumn effects would kill him, but would probably pass out first.


OT:The stupid David Szady's last big bungle is hitting the govt in the keister:
http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2007/11/aipac_casejudge_ups_ante_on_go.html>Sazdy's last stand


Sorry Url didnt show up. Try this



Thank you very much!

Rick Ballard

"So if the suit is unpressurized does that just mean a lack of oxygen or something else?"

Here you go, Jane. Size of the hole in the glove counts but I think that the suits both self seal (to a certain degree) and can "seal off" extremities.

Laura - split your link into two parts. I can get the site but not the actual page.


WOW! I had no idea.


Does this work? Aerospaceweb


Sorry Rick, just click on my name. I must have fat fingered the html link on the last one.
I didn't really until I read aerospaceweb.

Rick Ballard


Here it is.

I'm still working on how the circuit is completed. There's something about "arc to ground" that seems to be missing.

hit and run

Dude, THEY'RE IN OT!!!!

It's 0-0.

Jmax has played every single minute of the (so far) 96 minute game.....

Nail. Biter.

(live stats here)


Hit you are so cute!

hit and run

UNC wins in a shootout following OT!!!

Casey Nogueira scores the winning goal....

Holy moly.

I am so very disappointed not to have gotten to see Jmax play -- and to have met Gmax.

Hit you are so cute!

Thank you. And just imagine if Gmax could have confirmed that with an in person account!

Holly Garza

When does the voting end for JMax? She's tied for first, but they list her second.

hit and run

Voting ends Nov 21.....

It is truly a marathon.

hit and run

Sorry, I said shootout, but it appears, Ms. Nogueira scored during play in OT. The box score was misleading because it didn't update the 0-0 score, but the game winner was during play.

BY THE WAY...this was #4 Carolina vs #6 Virginia.

VA wasn't some rollover opponent. This was big. BIG.

I should be passing Ralph L about now on my way home, waving and honking and cheering, waking up the kids as they try and nod off in the back seat after a long night of cheering on Jmax with 3783 other fans in Chapel Hill...

Yet, here I sit, kids fast asleep, refreshing websites, imagining what Gmax is doing right now in celebration.

Congrats, dad.

Just please don't tell me Mia Hamm was there tonight. I just couldn't take it.


I voted for JOM cause I think this is a good blog and I think it has not received as much attention as it deserves. I love the tone of I'll read this so you don't have to. That really connects with me.


I Heart JOM and voted --


If you are out there - Instapundit has a link up about a Hillary Fundraiser - sposored by Troutman Sanders

Troutman Sanders Public Affairs Group LLC out of Georgia...didn't this group show up as connected to William Jefferson's Atlanta, GA - Jimmah Carter connections?


The other poll out on media bias indicated on balance Fox was the most FAIR and BALANCED -- I have always contended that Fox appears super biased because it's so in contrast to the Democrat Department of Media AKA mainstream Media.

Fully 59% of all stories about Democrats had a clear, positive message vs. 11% that carried a negative tone. That is roughly double the percentage of positive stories that we found in the media generally. Just under a third (30%) of the front page stories examined were neutral.

You know what this means? An all out Lefty Jihad waged against the media - because if ANY respectable outlet begins to realize they're Dem Tools and makes the connection in devastating circulation revenues and attempts a correction?

Vilified by the lefty blogs.

So newspapers wrote their own obituary, too little too late, the people Newpapers sought to pander and affect all this time buries them....I say you get what you pander too.

Ralph L

Hit, you'll never pass me--I've got a V-8 in my Cadillac. Sorry you missed the game, but think of all the Friday afternoon traffic you missed.

I put this on the last thread too late: someone tell Rich he should substitute "elision" for "elation" (euphoria) in his review before he publishes it elsewhere.


That doesn't mean we're going steady or anything.


Mike Gallagher got a hold of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's 2008 strategy.

Well here you have it American taxpayers, the Dem plan for you!!!!

1. Putting Republicans on the defensive
2. Aggressively targeting ethically-challenged and accountability to Washington
3. Continue our work bringing change and accountability to Washington
4. Strongly supporting our Democratic candidates.

So there you have it sports fans - it really speaks to most American's problems dontcha think?

Well, 2, 3 and 4's a proven BUST! - Murtha, Harry Reid, Alan Moynihan, Mel Martinez, William Jefferson, Diane Feinstein's Defense Bill husband, Pelosi's son etc, etc.... HEH!

Pelosi's only goal is to DO NOTHING for Americans, but really, really work on INCREASING that DO NOTHING she's soooooo good at!



Here is their #2

2. Aggressively targeting ethically-challenged Republican incumbents


Really good to know they have ideas and tax paying citizens in mind, isn't it?


ts--reminds me of my days on a school board. I was trying to get the members to focus on our fast deteriorating fiscal situation and the fear that we would have to close our doors and the "charismatics"wanted only to discuss making ours the best school in the universe. *ACK*



Isn't though? In my city, I learned out on a business lunch a few weeks ago the city had come up a with a brilliant initiative to subsidize paint jobs and windows and roofs of homes of homes or multi-residence that meet a historical age criteria....that covers um about 98% of the homes in the area they are talking about including 4 exclusive areas that acted as movie backdrop and Doctor's homes.

I was stunned, that the city would take upon themselves to allocate ALL city persons tax dollars to improve the property values of RICH people homes (and for that matter ANY person's home) on the taxpayer back - the city is big and about 70% in the city wide area aren't 60 years old.

SO it was no surprised when I read this week that the City is soo hemorrhaging, due to foreclosures and less property taxes they expected...their emergency plan saves the city slave but cuts are NEXT!
(I'll be the LAST person to shed a tear - they're liberal good old boys time club that have screwed the good people because they're are green capitalist)

Meanwhile, many restaurants are thriving and boutiques we've never seen are popping up.


Here's a graph showing your summary data...http://foreignobjectdamage.blogspot.com/2007/11/heres-table-covering-data-posted-over.html


"So if the suit is unpressurized does that just mean a lack of oxygen or something else?"

The inside of the suit would assume the same,pressure,oxygen level and temperature as outside the suit.This state is inimical to life which is why astronauts wear the suits.The effects on the body are horrendous.Without being gruesome the best analogy is mercury expanding in a barometer in low pressure.


Well they are 5+ hours into the 7 hour project and so far so good.

Over cast

'Enlighted, that's because the CIA and DOS led the media to think Curveball was a Chalabi plant when in fact he had nothing to do with him. When years later a Commission report came out saying that NO ONE reported it.'

Chalabi wasn't liked by the spies in development work, like Afghanistan. He was passed over because of 'women' issues. Plame looked better than the others here. They used their 'accidents.'

DOS is complaining again. DOS(CIA) complained last time and the Japanese left Iraq. CIA is cimplaining again and Japan is leaving Afghanistan (navy). There appears to be planning here. The last complaints about working in dangerous areas goes back to agencies that are not paid 35% more to work in areas that have US and UN sanctions and special congressional and presidential waivers. You take the job or you have to leave. The complaint about psychiatric benefits goes back to CIA. This is how they keep their jobs, use the psychiatrist to do the spying in a safer way(intelligence is all psychiatrists in the end) and wind up their spying near the end of the career(kill the assets) and get better benefits.

The issue about curveball really is the spy in Iran they had to pull out when larry leaked Plame was an Iranian spy just before they got the desk at state. He had to be pulled. The Plame Iran game was really Jordan , where Foley was killed(see term limits Foley). She tried the same thing with Canada and Uranium( it's all really there), but she was known from Ames and her IIPA violation that got everyone leaked. She was mopping up her 'assets.'

Plame is selling her book and Wolf shook her hand and thanked her for her service to the US. The other guy went on about this and said she is the same as the troops. They're not. I think it's time for Wolf to die!!!

The suit appears to be reference of Satan's device. The problem and complaint is that if the UFO(creation of Satan, device) won't make cars, but will clone and make a suit that can be worn(you can use lucifer stuff with it); this is a problem. If one goes back the UFO being a power unlimited source it makes more sense. That we are capitalists and should make things rather than just order them; but there are communists, but that would just that the device is an opiate of the masses - a way to keep people down because they are stupid and want to make things and see things and hear things. It really never says they won't just order the cars, but it is a bad idea because of the messing with creation thing and the cloning.




If you let the air out of your suit, basically all of your cells which are in any way exposed explode. And the inside of your lungs qualifies as "exposed".

The point about a hole is that if it's small it will take some time for the air to whoosh out the hole, so if you plug it fast enough you won't die. But on the other hand, the hole also make a nozzle of a jet, and so the place where the hole is will be moving violently, which make it much harder to plug the hole from the outside. Something like a plug that's floating inside the suit that would get sucked partially out the hole and then stuck is about the best bet there, or some sort of compartmentalization which will seal off the part of the suit with the hole in it.


Well he made it. Sheesh I was on the edge of my seat all day! What a way to go!


More good news: North Korea due to begin disabling its nuclear program on Monday. (AP)


Even more good news..US Military deaths approach peacetime levels:

http://sweetness-light.com/archive/crs-stats-show-troop-deaths-at-peacetime-rate>Military deaths

Soylent Red

North Korea due to begin disabling its nuclear program on Monday.

And rebuilding it in Syria on Tuesday...

Hi all,

So much going on here today. NC has a winner in the foosball. Letters to Senators who probably can't read. Spacesuits. It really is no wonder this place is one of the best. God knows I like it here a lot.

Back on topic:

Let us not forget that this is coming from Hah-vahd. I don't know for sure but it seems to me that these people would be biased in favor of finding less of a leftist media bias. That is to say, would the researchers recognize leftist bias if they saw it, particularly WRT a darling of the Left? Or would they be swayed by believing their own BS?

I seriously don't know the answer to this. Maybe someone more informed on such things could enlighten me.

OT again:

I have started the process of going completely native down here in AZ. I have purchased my first pair of cowboy boots.

Finally, I have learned a new word down here that I would like to promulgate among those who engage in political discussion.

The word is takfeereen (tock-fuh-reen). It is an Arabic word that loosely translates into "one who has turned away from society", but involves a connotation of the person being a POS, like a Charlie Manson. It is coming into currency among people down here and in Iraq as a replacement for "jihadist" or "jihadi", which imputes a sense of religious legitimacy on the object. There is an analogue in Pashtun as well but I don't know it yet.

Since words have meanings beyond their definitions, I'm advocating the use of takfeereen in the general discussion to everyone who will listen. It's a worthwhile bit of psyop everyone can participate in.

Soylent Red

Oh! I almost forgot...

For best results, read Over cast's posts out loud in a low, gravely voice. Preferably in a darkened room. While smoking a cigarette.



Cool. I'll take you up on joining the psyops division and begin using the word immediately.

They wear cowboy boots in Arizona? I didn't know that. I guess I've never thought about it much but I don't think of Arizona as cowboy country.


Soylent!! Takfeereen it is--It's meshugah where I come from..but count me in on any scheme you come up with.

Soylent Red

I don't think of Arizona as cowboy country.

AZ has a thriving cowboy culture once you get outside the population centers. Tombstone is right up the road and later next month I'm going to go to a "Western Heritage and Music Festival". Doesn't get much more cowboy than that.

Unless the thing is really about Plato and cathedral building and so forth...

count me in on any scheme you come up with

Start brushing up on your Persian, Clarice.

When I get my pirate radio station up and running I'll let you be my PM drive time personality. That'll really mess with 'em.

Incidentally, are you any relation to Marty? I've had "Young Frankenstein" ("He'd have to have an enormous schwanztucher!") playing in the background all weekend, and that guy was a damned comedic genius.


Watch this



Tombstone is right up the road and later next month I'm going to go to a "Western Heritage and Music Festival". Doesn't get much more cowboy than that.

I just figured AZ went the way of CA as far as cowboys are concerned.


No relation to Marty,Soylent. I suppose I could read Persian recipes , reminding everyone of the food which is no longer available--or slipping in code words in the Chello Kebob directions.



Let's use it on Hillary, in a debate, about licenses. Senator Clinton, if we adopt Spitzer's licensing scheme, do you have any concern about legitimizing takfereen or is that something you agree with?

Great to see you Soylent. What on earth do they have you doing in Arizona?



I'm on dialup. It won't load until this time next week. What is it?


Jess is currently on top. Click on my name if you need the link to vote.


BTW if you aren't reading DOn Surber, you should be. His latest:

Gallup: 79% think Rudy can win
November 3rd, 2007 by donsurber

56% of Democrats think he can beat Hillary


I saw that, too, Jane. It's early, but those figures are amazing.

hit and run

Remember, Daylight Savings, Fall Back...that's an extra hour of voting everyone is expected to put in tonight.


Could Jmax have a bigger booster than Hit?

hit and run

Jessica just hit 31%!

Wow, just wow...


'alveoli' - exploding.

Scare self diving, pull BC cord for emergency ascent and hold breath.

The point of the new word would be the no religion. The terrorists have found out there ain't no heaven and there ain't no hell. Dying is stupid.

Hillary? She's part of the sexist US aid cult that will only give loans to females outside the US. NO MALES.

She's dating someone?

Oh ya, pashtu. I think us spies study this because the GRU used to in Afghanistan. Maybe it's considered sacred because of the sexist(lesbian, kinda)development worker spies in Afghanistan. She believes this, but, personally, I don't think she is that smart.


I meant U.S, not us. I'm not, but Plame can't prove it.


Sue -- I got it at Don Surbers

You won’t see this on TV tonight
November 3rd, 2007 by donsurber
An Iraqi victory parade. The video.

--in An Albar


Thanks Top. I'll watch it Monday when I have access to broadband.

The word is takfeereen (tock-fuh-reen). It is an Arabic word that loosely translates into "one who has turned away from society", but involves a connotation of the person being a POS, like a Charlie Manson.
Soylent, do you mean the word usually anglicized as takfiri? It's a very interesting word. Is the term that Muslims use for those people who claim that Muslims who practice differently aren't really Muslim. A Christian analogue would be fundamentalist protestants who believe that Catholics aren't Christian. A Jewish analogue would be ultra-orthodox Jews who believe that converts to reform Jews aren't Jewish. What's interesting is that Christians and Jews would call these people zealous, and mistaken or misguided, but still admirable for their zealousness. Muslims, on the other hand, think that there is nothing admirable about them, and takfiri is an insult.

As a Christian, I have to note that Jesus had a few choice words about takfiri-ish behavior, and he didn't mean them as a compliment, either.


--Thanks Top.--

You betcha Sue...and I'm still ticked I can't find that article on the CIA spokesperson saying she was free to print if she labeled it fiction...I think it was way back in January and I KNOW I linked and blockquoted.


You proud of the rigorous debate here on your highly insightful comment section, Tom?

A nine percent gap over a five-month study - explicitly of presidential primary candidates, - excluding all media coverage of all other Republican, Democratic, liberal and conservative figures, has become "proof" of the liberal media.

Anyone who uses a critical brain for ten seconds, however, could come up with more third-factor variable skewing than I have fingers to count them on.

Just for a few - the study itself ascribes the coverage gap to the earlier declaration of Democratic candidates by a month.

- The well-documented current unpopularity of the Republican party in general and its chief executors in particular could explain the favorability gap as *frontrunner* bias, or to put it another way, *golden boy* bias.

- This fits rather better with this conclusion from the same study:

Only one other candidate did nearly so well–then Republican demi-candidate Fred
Thompson. Like Obama, he offered the possibility of a wild card figure whose entry might reshuffle the dynamics of the race in new ways. In all, 46% about Thompson
carried a clearly positive tone, while more than half (51%) were neutral. Almost none,
just 4%, was negative

This fits a lot better with a "frontrunner/new product/ momentum pile-on" bias than a "liberal" bias.

I hope to see these guys do similar analyis of coverage of George W. Bush III in 2002 and 2003 - and you to put its findings in a similarly prominent position.

PS: the avalanche of negative MSM coverage of Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid was probably "forced" on the media by "the plain facts", right? Whereas the positive coverage of Obama - which, if you read the study, explains "virtually all" of the favorability gap - is an example of "liberal bias", right?


This fits a lot better with a "frontrunner/new product/ momentum pile-on" bias than a "liberal" bias.

glasnost got his talking point email and marching orders it appears...Pile On is the new Dem Black.


You know things are looking up in Iraq when stupidjuce commenter is reduced to downgrading pre- Iraqi Freedom conditions in Iraq:

TenguPhule Says: If the violence ever really ends in Iraq, it will be because we killed every last man, woman and child there.

Otherwise, it’s just business as usual.

November 3rd, 2007 at 8:56 pm

What? I thought it was kites, rainbows, lollipops and sugar houses in Iraq before we invaded! And " it will be because we killed every last man, woman and child there."Hyperbole much? at stupidjuice? Hilarious.


the avalanche of negative MSM coverage
The LA Times' 5-part front-page investigation of Reid's crooked land deals?
The 60 Minutes interview with the Syrian dissident who started crying when asked about Pelosi legitimizing Syria's dictator?
The Time interview with the 'insurgent' who said he was considering giving up until he heard Reid had said the war was lost?
The constant editorializing about how none of the 3 Democratic front-runners to serve as President in a time of war have ever worn a uniform?

If anything, a study during primary season should obscure press bias. The press doesn't need to praise Hillary! to the skies until Obama flames out.

Soylent Red


Same word, different spelling. Monday a.m. I'll have the Pashtu equivalent.

And yes, to Muslims it's not a compliment. The instructor who counseled us to start using the word mentioned that it suggested "backward a**hole" to most Muslims.


Hey Glasnost, Groseclose and Milyo didn't convince you so we thought we'd run Hahvad past you. Didn't think for a moment it would be an ad hom.


Glasnost should read the part about removing talk radio from the stats and seeing the results.


Glasnost should read the part about removing talk radio from the stats and seeing the results.


Forgive my thinking that post was so important, please.


check out Capt Ed's column today--comparing the front page WaPo coverage of a 25 year old conviction of someone in the Thompson inner circle (a guy who did a lot with his life after some youthful misdeeds) with its coverage of Hsu.


Carryin' in two and a half coupla keys.


This seems to be what Soylent it up to these days:

Soylent Red

what Soylent it up to these days:

No Clarice, those guys are AIT soldiers. I'm billeted about a half a mile or so from where that course starts, so I hear all the racket they make.

That being said, what they are doing is called "convoy live fire" training and I have done it at every place I've been to so far. Sort of the Army version of a drive by shooting. At Ft. Sill I touched off 120 rounds in about 90 seconds. Great fun.

Here they mostly just have me reading a lot and scribbling on maps. And running.


Sounds like something out of the Dangerous Book for Boys. Smooches, Soylent.


Sounds like something out of the Dangerous Book for Boys.

Love that book! We have the American edition but I plan to buy the original British edition too. I want to learn about conkers, among other things.

Looks like they are also making it into a movie

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