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November 15, 2007



The Navy should head for East Pakistan.


Well, I sure the stories for tomorrow's papers have been written. I just don't know what they say....

Now, I wouldn't vote for any of these libs, but with her competition, I don't see had Hill can't get the nonimation no matter what she does or says


The Dems had anticipated campaigning for a year on how terrible things were in Iraq. Instead, now the big issues are immigration and health care.

Polls suggest that popular opinion runs decidedly against Dem plans to accommodate illegal aliens and against "government run" health care.

The problem for Hillary and her rivals is that their base didn't get the word yet.


The liberal press appears to be turning on Hillary. Both ABC news and The Nation have not so nice pieces on her today. (Instapundit if you want the links.)

That said, I'd be shocked if she imploded tonite at the debate. In fact I'll be shocked if she doesn't win it.


How long until Bush is accused of putting off victory in Iraq to boost the Republican in the 2008 elections? It will be the October surprise.

Ralph L

the percentage of uninsured motorist fell by 16%
No, it fell from 33 to 17%, which is almost a 50% drop. Don't get sloppy with your math just because everyone else is. You could say it fell 16 percentage points, but not 16%.


The "insurance" argument is bogus. Insurance is issued to cover vehicles, not persons (or particular classes of people operating particular vehicles...you know what I mean). Unless New York or New Mexico require people to show proof of insurance to get licences (even if you don't own a vehicle?), the argument that issuing licences will increase coverage is nonsense. There is nothing (besides the fact that its illegal, like the presence of the illegal immigrant in the country in the first place, or driving without a licence) to prevent illegals with licences from driving unregistered or uninsured cars. If I were an illegal the last thing I would want a licence for was to drive a car--hell, I'm already breaking the law--why make it easier to get nailed for it.


Running out of adjectives for the Breck Girl? Doubtful.

But, if anyone is running short, my personal favorite is



Will you be around tonite for the debate?


Regarding tonight's debate, maybe one of CNN's panelists can ask Clinton and Edwards what other positions of theirs would be subject to change should their policy proposals poll poorly enough.



Absolutely. I hope there will be some fireworks, but, like you, I fear Hillary will perform well and again make the others look like pretenders.



Will you be blogging? I've got a dinner engagement and at best I will be late, if at all.

Darn! I really want to blog this one.


Cancel, Jane. We need you!



I'll liveblog (and be happy to do it) should Clarice's entreaties fail to sway you.


Great Elliott, thanks. I'll join you at some point if I can. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs so I know where you are.

I've got a dinner engagement and at best I will be late, if at all.

::grin:: We promise not to be wondering what you are up to if you don't show at all. Promise.


Oh you would be so disappointed. Tonite is Auntee meets the boyfriend nite.


Embarass him.


Awww...shucks. How about we don't believe you and make up something anyway? ::grin::


I'm all for that. Make it hot and scandalous. Imagine I won a mud wrestling bout. Take it from there.

hit and run

Imagine I won a mud wrestling bout.

I admit that I do that. But only on days that end in 'y'.


Wolfie: I'll get everyone in, we have a lot of time:

Damn, where is the remote-thanks Elliott

"...blah, blah, blah...a positive agenda...blah, blah, blah"

Mike G in Corvallis

Hmmm ... 14,000 of the state's 150,000 illegal immigrants obtained licenses, and the uninsured accident rate fell from 33 percent to 17 percent. Additional factoid: There are approximately 1.2 million licensed drivers in New Mexico. So there were about 1,350,000 people, licensed and unlicensed, on the road. (I'm assuming that there are relatively few unlicensed citizens driving, which seems plausible.)

So  if  the newly insured illegals are the cause of the drop, that means that about one-thousandth (0.1 percent) of the drivers were involved in one-sixth (16 percent) of the accidents! (Note that many illegal immigrants do not read English, have never taken a driver-ed course, and have never passed a driving test.)

Conclusion: Illegal aliens driving in New Mexico are DANGEROUS!

steven davies

Wow there are so many unlicensed drivers on the road.
I think that they have to pass some drivers license test first.
Isn't that right?!?

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