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November 10, 2007


Rick Ballard

You wanna talk about whether more deck chairs should be forward of the first stack? Can it wait until this stop to take on ice is over?

If we have to talk about it, wouldn't a trade for Mankiw make more sense? He doesn't start kicking off his shoes at 8 and he's a Pigovian - not all that far from DeLong and the Times could claim "balance". Herbert's safe though - he's set decoration. What he doesn't know hurts no one.

You're talking about people who read the Times, for crying out loud. What difference does it make?

Patrick R. Sullivan

I would be entertaining to read DeLong on Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, alright.


How has the New York Times managed to pick Bob Herbert out of the 75 million liberal adults in America? It is a mystery.

75 million?

Hmm, we've got a population of 300 million. Seventy-two percent - or 216 million - are 20 years of age or older (detailzzzz).

According to a recent 2007 poll, 35% of Americans called themselves "moderate", 36% "conservative" and 26% liberal.

Twenty-six percent of 216 million is 56.

Yeah, he's qualified to write for the Times.

Although I think that the 36% figure needs more attention than Herbert's output. Hell, that 35% segment as well. Another post for another day.

And try posting this over at the Professor's site. Good luck.


Rick Ballard

I sure enjoyed that DeLong quote, Patrick.

QandO chimes in. "Bob Herbert: Shameless Hack" isn't very original but it's sure accurate.

We could do a test:

Which of these is not like the others?

"David Brooks: Shameless Hack"
"Gail Collins: Shameless Hack"
"Maureen Dowd: Shameless Hack"
"Thomas L.Friedman: Shameless Hack"
"Bob Herbert: Shameless Hack"
"Nicholas D. Kristof: Shameless Hack"
"Paul Krugman: Shameless Hack"
"Frank Rich: Shameless Hack"

It's a trick question.

Hack Trick Chimes

Itsa trade. Like spying. Hot stove cooking up news, like right now. The chairs are up front while the Titanic takes on ice.

Tricky trade, go ask Plame.

Overstocked; they never tell you the combination of real estate, bonds and other(see risk taker investors).

It's the economy stupid. Start rumor Saudis are selling debt. Its usually bonds, so have the group confuse everyone with the combination that no one knows, except, maybe, the risk taker investors. Bonds being sold and the Can $ is going to 1.15 and then to 1.50, like oil, but in US$. Go figure.

Kos Sacks. I wouldn't call Kos that cos someone may feed on his balls; the FSB already knows the Director talked to the deputy guy who ran like Haiti, but I doubt itsa tade for Haiti and Joe being monitored by the NSA arranging the President's departure. Atlanta is in Georgia.

Yesterday was 11/9 or 9/11 depending on where you are, but tomorrow is 11/11 where you are; so is Jack's CTU really in that mall in VA? I don't know, but you can probably shop.

USIP, I'll poor a wine spritzer. It's gullible and will never fall, but may wary the Kos Sacks.

Speed dating was invented where?

Rick Ballard

Good Lord - I can almost understand that. That LitCrit class on Finnegan As A Young Man wasn't a waste of time after all.


Maybe it was the third drink with dinner that did the trick, Rick.

Hei Lun Chan

How about Herbert and Krugman for Delong and a non-pale pundit to be named later?

bio mom

Please, can we get rid of Frank Rich?!

Patrick R. Sullivan

The comments section on this at Delong's is priceless:

I adore Bob Herbert, and am shocked that anyone would think to so denigrate his work and efforts. I have no reasonable words to describe how upset I am with such an attack by Brad DeLong.

Shame, shame, shame.

[Bob Herbert wants to claim that the word "recession" means something other than it does: don't expect me to be happy with this. Bob Herbert wants to claim that the CPI does not include food and energy costs: don't expect me to be happy with this. Bob Herbert wants to claim that statistics showing that inflation rates have been low are "flimflam": don't expect me to be happy with this.

He should care enough about accuracy to do better.]

Posted by: anne | November 10, 2007 at 03:50 PM

Poor Anne, now that DeLong has banned all the people he was losing arguments to, she only has him to shower her affections on.

Patrick R. Sullivan

I think I know the identity of the next guy to be named persona non grata by DeLong:

I've always been of the opinion that the federal government's economic policies should always be based on my personal sitaution. After all, I am more representative of the country as a whole than anyone else. They should just index the price of Golden Grahams at my local Safeway to keep track of the cost of essential goods.

In the meantime, I am doing everything I can to improve my situation by posting comments on how the government needs to look out for me more. Eventually, with enough of these comments on various blogs, we will have a Democratic Congress that will solve my--and by proxy, all of our--economic problems.

I'm glad that this one lone columnist has the guts to stand up and criticize the President for his failings in a paper whose readers aren't always receptive to such radical ideas.
Posted by: Neil November 11, 2007 at 05:02 AM


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