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November 16, 2007



He's in it for the wrong reasons.


Thankfully, I watched the Mavs beat the Spurs in a good ole fashioned Texas spanking. Thanks to Elliott, I was able to see I chose wisely.

I just heard Mark Davis, WBAP, Ft.Worth/Dallas, tell Tom's joke about the bear. Is he reading here? Or is Tom listening to WBAP on the net? Hmmm...

Rick Ballard

Vote Jmax


Edwards is descending in Iowa and Obama is hitting his stride. Hil remains stagnant in Iowa.

Tom Maguire

Or is Tom listening to WBAP on the net?

I am not; maybe it is a "Great minds" thing (in contrast with a "Fools think alike" thing, natch.)

Ralph L

Someone may have told the Edwards that the hormone treatments to produce their younger children likely brought on her cancer, a twist of the knife. As if her OB/GYN wasn't nervous enough.


You both have great minds. If you've never listened to him, I suggest doing so.


But what about our TORTURER-IN-CHIEF???! Will he GET AWAY with his CRIMES?! Which DEMOCRAT supports IMPEACHMENT!!!!!


I'm not so much interested in impeachment, as much as I'm interested in an honest look at that fat bitch from Illinois campaign finances.


TruthIsHere must have been in the rubber room for the past 200 years and just excaped. Didn't learn anything about the constitution, but excaped. A few more phony Impeachment post and they'll have him back in the looney bin soon. How did 48 million people become democrats and stupid at the same time?


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