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November 15, 2007



Oh brother! This is pathetic. It is the first Dem debate I've watched.

Tom, Tom, Tom . . . it is very troubling!

Rick Ballard

Cool. Three Liveblog Night.


I'm still ticked off at the double talk on Pakistan-what the hell, I've been drinking and I could dig up and link when Pakistan tested nuclear weapons....



it is very troubling

Yea-The Wicked Witch of New York and the 6 Empty Suits.


Bill Richardson?????

Ohmigawd! Where to begin? Right now, David Gergen (David Gag) is bloviating.

Tell me again, how Conservatives are lost in the wildnerness? Anybody?

I don't think so.

Ralph L

Edwards thinks we can end this alleged profiling
He wants everyone to fly nude.


I must have watchedf a different debate, Hillary sounded whiny to me, Richardson and Obama sounded the fools.


It just never caught on with me.


The Clinton Machine has some work cutout for them after this


That mom's been in the news before. She's a semi-professional Reid shill.


Dan Riehl asks if this was another planted question?

CNN rolled out a Catherine Jackson to ask a question about Iran given that her son served three tours in Iraq.

Now when have I heard that before? How about in May. Thank you Harry Reid.

"My son was in Iraq three times," said Catherine Jackson of Las Vegas. "I thank God he's home now. Enough is enough. We need to bring our troops home." Reid spokesman Jon Summers said Move America Forward was mischaracterizing Reid's position. "It's their right to make their feelings known, but most Nevadans agree with Senator Reid that it's time to change course in Iraq," he said.


I think Wolf was terrible.

The standing ovation for the anti-war mother and son made me sick. Especially, today when the Congress is trying to stop funding for...Winning!

Did you notice that there was no leadership for America, no positive message, watching that debate was like reading the Daily Kos...stomach turning!

I am sure the media tomorrow will be anointing her the victor...but of what of?


Did anyone see a President on the stage that won't get millions of American killed right here in the good ole USA? Nannie staters and idiots. DK should quit embar ass ing himself.


The message tonight:

Bush must not be reelected.

Something tells me he won't be.

But it doesn't look like any of them will be succeeding him if they continue this tripe.


He'd never win, but I think Biden would at least be a sensible President.

On immigration, how ridiculous is it that they want to punish employers that hire illegals, but let the state give them driver's licenses. How does it make more sense to have the private sector be more responsible for law enforcement than the government?


Mornin' scrappy. Sighted the plover?


Ace of Spades HQ Blog had the best comment on last night's debate by far:

UPDATE: [Dave in Texas]

Don't watch this in HD.

Trust me.


I'm not sure I was fully conscious but it really seemed like the worst of all the debates. The candidates said nothing interesting - the questions either were not interesting or were not really answered (like my favorite - how will you unite the country? Answer: work with Chuck Hagel - yeah that should do it), I didn't even see the big win by Hillary that was reported - probably by Hillary supporters.

It did seem the audience was packed with Hillary supporters. I wonder how they did that and when it will come out.

Blitzer as much as anyone gets the blame.

Tom Maguire

He wants everyone to fly nude.

You are confusing his proposal with Bill Clinton's. Edwards wants us to fly over the Two Americas with love in our hearts.


What is with the TV anchors standing and prancing up on the stage to ask questions? Besides the obvious, Ego? I prefer the way FoxNews questioners do it - OFF the stage.

Soozahn Malveaux is a dhimmi shill and should just team up with Olbermann.

Campbell Brown has class, but will soon be obscured at CNN.

As to the Democrat candidates, lord help us all!


Talk is cheap and there isn't an actual accomplishment among the entire bunch excluding Richardson. He runs a state and is the only one remotely qualified for the presidency. This is simply disgraceful for the Democrats, and a disaster for out nation.


The thing that bothered me most was their utter inability to say that Iraq is going better, that there has been success.
They are supposed to want success MORE than they want withdrawal, right?

Patrick R. Sullivan
Bill Richardson - a good night...

Were you watching the same debate as I? I thought he might have been drunk, the way he wandered around and over hill and dale in some of his answers.

What was really scary though, was the earnest faces on the audience members.


Definitely not a win for anyone of them. When Biden looks the best you know you are in trouble. Wolf trying to get headlines out of the debate was forcing the issue throughout the night. No major comment on Hil's big flip flop on driver's licences and the house is packed with Hil supporters. Truly a faux debate.


HEH!"It might save time for the person who wasn't planted in the audience by CNN for yesterday's Democratic Debate to identify himself. Hugh Hewitt (who stopped by this week's episode of PJM Political) once dubbed CNN "The most busted name in news", and it sounds like they may have been busted yet again.


Few watched it. It was 100% phony baloney, but it will give the Rep nominee (provided it isn't McCain) great fodder for the general election. (See Dean Barnett's article in the Weekly Standard and see what a losing issue immigration is for the Dems.)


You are amused, and I'm frightened. The narrative appears unstoppable. Do you think being busted stops them?


Is there any wonder why they wouldn't appear on FOX; Can't plant the questions or control the message.

Rick Ballard

"The narrative appears unstoppable.

Just as the A component of AGW as causation appears undeniable. Just as Howard Dean appeared to be unstoppable at this point in the '04 primaries. Jay Cost has a sharp piece on the navel gazing of the political punditocracy. I agree with him and would go farther - the news nitwits aren't even looking at the change in composition of the probable electorate.

I was looking at the demographics for OH, PA and MO and noted that in all three the percentage of unmarried above the age of 16 shifted very significantly between '00 and '06. It appears that in '08 only 50% of the potential voters will be married while in '00 the percentage (in those states) was about 54%. The unmarried are significantly less likely to vote than those who are married and those who are married now give a slight edge to Republicans (true only since the passing of the Yellow Dogs).

I know, kinda boring - but very important in message crafting and strategy. Especially when the Dems are still flogging Yellow Dog "class war" themes that are deader than a doornail.


Ok I could provide all the links, but the info is popping up all over the blogs as this issue is being fisked out.

The Muslim gentleman is the PRESIDENT of the Islamic Society of Nevada

The Diamond Girl

She is a naturalized citizen who was illegally brought into the country at age 6 from Mexico by her mother.

She was an intern for Harry Reid.

She is a member of the UNLV campus group supporting the Dream Act.

As to the lady from the union

She was a union official that Obama must have known because the transcript shows that fact was not revealed in her introduction but was noted by Obama in his response.

More is being revealed each hour on the net and CNN needs to address why they allowed all this to go on since they should have fact checked their advance placed audience members at least as well as TNR did Beauchamp.


"Immigration questions largely focused on a short song and dance designed to allow Hillary to walk back her support of Spitzers' license plan after her team twisted his arm to drop it. None of the candidates offered or were asked to clearly describe how they would handle illegal immigration.

But that position reveals a major miscalculation on immigration as the big issue in the coming presidential election. Remember, how the talk was that the Republicans had lost so much in failing to get comprehensive immigration reform? Dean Barnett argues in the Weekly Standard that's wrong. He maintains that the Democrats' support of it, along with drivers licenses and educational and other benefits for immigrants is their Achilles heel.

Here are some astonishing poll figures he cites in support of his argument:
A quick example: In the rather important state of Ohio, the Quinnipiac outfit polled Ohioans this week on whether they supported the idea of giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. The answer won't surprise anyone who's paid attention to the immigration debate, but it has stunned the Beltway class. 84 percent said it was a bad idea, while a whopping 11 percent thought it was a good idea. [snip]

Senator Clinton had no idea how unpopular her semi-position would be. Indeed, the entire Democratic slate of presidential aspirants still doesn't grasp the visceral reactions that illegal immigration elicits. Here's another nugget from the Quinnipiac Ohio poll: 61 percent oppose giving a public school education to the children of illegal immigrants.
The "debate" was staged, stacked and the format and questions were idiotic, but the answers will provide the Republican candidate with an unending supply of powerful campaign fodder, including Hillary's for it , against it tapdance.

Barnett assumes Hillary will get the nomination (and McCain won't), for he concludes that the Republican nominee will be a hardliner on immigration "something that will put him squarely in the middle of the electorate."
The Democrats had to pull their punches; while some of them may be against the drivers' license idiocy, they're all pro-amnesty and they all supported McCain/Kennedy. In other words.... all the Democrats can do is squabble about what quarters of the Titanic each candidate gets to occupy."



More support for Dean Barnett's view:
"An anti-illegal immigrant sentiment is taking hold in the Houston region, according to a new Rice University survey showing that most white residents in Fort Bend, Galveston and Montgomery counties favor punishing employers who hire undocumented workers. The survey, released Thursday, reflects how contentious the illegal immigration debate has become and provides a fresh glimpse into regional attitudes about a subject that's increasingly becoming a major presidential election issue"

http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5309623.html>Titanic II



I have been deep in research mode all day and their is a ton of stuff breaking almost by the minute on those plants from the peanut gallery

Multiple links crossing between several of the plants themselves and also Harry Reid and MechA and lots of other stuff.

No time for details or dozens of links now, will be sending you email as soon as I get it all organized

CNN has a whole lot to answer for here almost every one of their plants have been found out on the net and many blogs are ripping the data apart by the minute.

The only one not showing up is almost a ghost on the net but the others are hip deep in data on them.


Driscoll says if the only non plant would just identify himself it would save the rest of us a lot of time and trouble.


You needn't email me, Slim--I blogged it already. Doug Ross is the most detailed--all 6 "undecided voters" were Dem operatives.


Obama has now called on Clinton to not 'Swift Boat' him.


http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2007/11/cnn_uniters_not_dividers.html Not Dividers



Believe me Doug has only a portion of the story and a few of his details are wrong. He and I have discussed it.

r m flanagan

Over at Josh Marshall's Cass Sunstein has had an earnest piece about the net creating thoughtless uniformity at least among the kossack inclined. So I thought I'd check out the scene over here and found it gratifyingly similar to my last visit. Nice to know that my lot aren't the only ones who
validate Sunstein's thesis.

I still think Tom is a reasonable human being altho the lengthy spelling out of Obama's name seemed a bit minor league.

Stay well

r m flanagan

Try again. I just posted and it was swallowed by the great post swallower in the sky. At TPM Cass Sunstein deplored the net's creation of parallel universes of
self reinforcing contributors. At least on the left. So I thought I'd see whether diversity was flourishing over here.

Glad to see that my lot aren't the only ones
who validate Sunstein's thesis.

From the past I remembered Tom as a reasonable seeming human being whose first principles were the opposite of mine. Not much to go on in this post altho I thought that the lengthy spelling out of Obama's name was a bit minor league. Still no harm done I guess.


You left off stay well the 2nd time around.

And I find it humorous that you think we all walk in lockstep. The only issue that all of us agree on is Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson are charlatans, Larry Johnson is just plain stupid, John Kerry can't handle the truth, and the Kos kids/swampettes can't handle dissent. After that, it's wide open on every issue, from immigration to abortion to gay marriage to Rudy, Fred, Mitt (though most of us agree McCain is not our first choice).


I agree with Sue 100% Always. On everything. We all do.


In Vino Veritas

I agree with Sue 100% Always. On everything. We all do.

Posted by: boris | November 19, 2007 at 10:28 AM


Well, there is more we all agree on, but I didn't think someone who wasn't here regularly would understand the references to JMax.

r m flanagan

Interesting. I posted a comment. It disappeared. I posted a second comment. It appeared AND so did the first one. Now both have disappeared. Strange.

r m flanagan

Now there all there. Just as boring as when
I first posted them.

Stay well.

r m flanagan

Damn. Should have been .... they're.... Don't want to reinforce your assumption about leftish illiteracy. Even Kossacks can spell.


Gee, I've never known a post to disappear here, never mind miraculously reappear. Those Kossacks have magical powers.


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