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November 09, 2007



"Overated"? Shouldn't that be "overate"?

Rick Ballard

Vote Jmax

We need a little cushion here folks. After watching the Weblog people treat online voting like King County election supervisors, I'd say the spread needs to go to 10% (two more points) to be sure.



Have you been able to figure out the actual point spread?

Rick Ballard


No. They are quite good at keeping the numbers relatively hidden. I don't know if 1% = 500 or 5,000.

The Weblog voting was different, you could track count rather than percentage. When the "polls closed" on the voting for the Weblog awards, Climate Audit was shown to be about 1400 votes up. The folks running the awards allowed votes to be cast and counted after the polls closed and now Climate Audit is second by 50 or so votes. Sorta like King County, WA in '04 - or upickem under the Daley machine.

The Lowe's contest isn't like that at all but a little dedication to voting never hurts.

BTW - The possible Weblog fraud is directly tied to this "surge" event in the UK. The warmermongers desperately need a big "event" to keep the fraud alive. Allowing an "auditor" who has been instrumental in exposing the statistical garbage passing for science under the heading "Climate" to be rated "Best" just isn't allowable.

IMO - the best science blog last year was run Roger Pielke Sr.


The folks running the awards allowed votes to be cast and counted after the polls closed

WOw - did they announce that?

And who is running it?

Rick Ballard


They "allowed" it in the sense that their security could be gamed rather easily. There is definitely a chance that the system was gamed by both sides but I'm displeased with "after polls closed" problems. One of those little cable thingys on the back of the computer could have been pulled - that certainly works on my computer. Accidentally, mostly.


OT - Off Topic

I found this article an interesting read; it's linked at RCP and is a book review, as you can see:


November 09, 2007
Kelo, Eminent Domain, & the Lust for Land
By Heather Wilhelm

Bulldozed: "Kelo," Eminent Domain, and the American Lust for Land
By Carla T. Main
Encounter Books, October 2007

Since the dawn of humanity, there have been a few classic, sure-fire incentives to get people to do all sorts of crazy things. Love is one of them. Money is another. And if recent history is any indication, another age-old ingredient for unhinged behavior will loom especially large in the American psyche and public debate for years to come.

The ingredient in question, of course, is land.


OT moonbat question:

Clinton came out for waterboarding - before he decided to oppose it. What he said is that people should act like Jack Bauer.

Is there any evidence that anyone was water boarded during his administration (except maybe Vince Foster)?


Depends on your definition of "waterboarding". Actually, he did something much worse---renditioned people off to places like Saudi Arabia and Syria for questioning by local authorities.



Can you point me in the right direction? Like his position on health care Bill is now saying Hillary is right, his support of torture when necessary was wrong. It's been demanded that I name names. Got any?

Don't waste any time on it. It's not worth




The aclu on http://www.aclu.org/safefree/extraordinaryrendition/22203res20051206.html>Clinton starting rendition.

Hillary and Bill's short term support of torture when necessary. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0907/6050.html>Politco>NYU on Healthcare program failure.


Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

hit and run

They are quite good at keeping the numbers relatively hidden. I don't know if 1% = 500 or 5,000.

I do. Well, I at least know that 500 < 1%

That is, the move from 30% to 31% involved > 500 votes.

How do I know that?

Did I mention that last weekend mrs hit and run was out of town?

Rick Ballard

Uh oh. Now we need even more votes for Jessica. (BTW - it's 31%-29% now)

The problem is that one IP producing multiple votes is far too easy to catch - and correct. It's not quite time for the "Can I ask a small favor" email to the top 100 names on your address list but a short reflection on the possibility is in order. If things get tighter, there's always prayer - and a brief chat with the church or synagogue secretary.


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hmmm. Handsome, witty, dutiful.....

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