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November 16, 2007



Mitt one the bluest state. How?


One is the loneliest number.


Mitt does look and sound presidential. The problem is that he appears smooth and slick, Clintonesque rather than Reaganesque.


Get him a $600 haircut. No, I'm serious.

Other Tom

I think the only one who stands a chance against the vile harridan is Rudy.


When Bill hears that harridan stuff he may decide to spend more time at home.

I think the only one who stands a chance against the vile harridan is Rudy.

I agree. I'm not a purist - I want a Hillary Slayer. I don't think Romney is that guy.


Please arrange for Romney to be COO.


Bring on Rudy!

Other Tom

I don't like Romney one bit. And I've thought Thompson, in addition to being the third-worst actor I've ever seen (Audie Murphy, Chuck Norris) is a rather bumptious oaf.


OT, Fred is the only one willing to articulate the skinny on Plame.


IMO Mitt, McCain, and Huckabee would not be effective in the current environment.

That leaves Rudy or Fred. Fred would need the wisdom and popularity of Reagan to pull it off. Rudy has demonstrated toughness and the ability to counterpunch. Rudy prolly has a strong deterrence factor when it comes to going negative. In less partisan less nasty times that would count against, but as it is ...


Either one with Cheney as VP works for me.


I'm expecting Romney to replace Cheney.


I'm expecting Romney to replace Cheney as COO.


A Fred and Rudy ticket would cover a lot of regions. I'm sorry you feel that way, OT--Fred writes his own stuff and has written fantastic material on social securiy, immigration, federalism, taxes--much more substantive stuff than any other candidate.

I fea there's a lot of October surprises to come with Rudy, I am sorry to say, but as vp he'd do a far better job watching over the bureaucracy. He's been there.

Other Tom

Clarice, I'm afraid ol' Fred would be absolutely skinned alive in a presidential campaign, and I don't like his chances in a fight against Carville et al.


Really,OT. How?

Federal prosecutors on Friday accused Rep. William J. Jefferson (D-La.) of soliciting bribes in two alleged schemes that had not been previously disclosed.
Rick Ballard

Last chance to Vote Jmax

On a Sunday.



Yes please vote. I am in Chapel Hill and its Caolina Blue sky and a high in the 60s. Great day for a soccer match. I will post results when able.

And thanks for the assist Rick, you have been a trooper.

Rick Ballard

It's been a pleasure, Gary.

The Dark Lord speaks:

The conventional wisdom now is that Hillary Clinton will be the next president. In reality, she's eminently beatable. Her contentious history evokes unpleasant memories. She lacks her husband's political gifts and rejects much of the centrism he championed. The health-care fiasco showed her style and ideology. All of which helps explain why, for a front runner in an open race for the presidency, she has the highest negatives in history.

He concludes some good 'open letter' advice to the Republican candidates, which some will be able to follow better than others.

The piece on Romney is OK, as far as it goes. It would be more interesting if the author could identify an instance where Romney acted (as governor) against a position which he espoused as a candidate. I've never considered the President to be a strong conservative and I recognized "compassionate conservative" as piffle from the moment it was first uttered. I still supported (and support) the President and I've been extremely pleased with the fact that he has not acted in a manner contrary to the positions that he took as a candidate. He's not a Bubbavane spinning to every poll and he has returned dignity to an office dishonored by his predecessor.

I would much prefer to hear about whether Romney maintained the positions which he took in as a candidate during his tenure as governor. Otherwise we might as well focus on McCain's "evolution" on immigration or Giuliani's numerous "evolutions" on upickem.


Well the only position I am aware that Romney deviated from as governor was a promise to stop paying cops overtime to work at construction sites. MA law currently mandates that foolish requirement. And the only reason I recall that is because Amy will not vote for Romney under any circumstance for that reason.

There could be others, but I pay less attention to state politics than I do national politics.


I am not sure where to post this:



I really wish I hadn't read the comments on the Rove article. The Kos losers seem to view it as their mission in life to go over and foul up the comments section of anything he writes. Ugh.

Meanwhile, on the Kos piece, it's nothing but "Great column, Kos! You rock!

To be expected, I guess.


Sorry, the story is above the comments.

Love this part:

In that case, police reported that a naked woman ran from Celis' home to a convenience store, claiming she had been in a hot tub and groped against her will. Celis quickly followed her into the store, wearing a bathrobe. He flashed a sheriff's deputy badge from a nearby county and told police at the store that he would take custody of the woman, police said.


VP. Rommey would be a great one. Dick? We all know Dick is bush's 'Satan' and is never leaving. He's excepted under the non executive thing. He has to take care of weird Plame shit and the One World thing Bill had everyone buy.

Hillary is gay, bisexual, not just Bill so get used to it. KOS was paid by her to blog. She got him the job like Bill got Carvelle, Clinton's 'lucifer' and why you're screwed for generations, his job at Time Warn Her. Rove? Gay?

Hillary and the dems gave you nice things like seeing and hearing and bodies. So, when dems start having strokes, heart attacks, painers and accidents; Americans knew what they were doing. Japan - early indicator that dems are going to screw foreign countries again. Foreigners can't forget Bill and the dems.

KOS comments: 'Homo war America blog' and all the new ones coming out at memeo. KOS gets a job and we have to put up with this. Wait until Hillary is in the White House. FDLrs will have you doing the macarana.............


Ann, that was a very interesting article that must somehow have been lost by the MSM. Thanks for posting it here.

Other Tom

Clarice, I think Thompson is slow-witted and hugely under-prepared. He just strikes me as a sloppy thinker on his feet, notwithstanding some nice position papers. I could be wrong; I haven't seen that much of the man. But the phrase "all hat and no cattle" keeps coming to mind.


Wow. That piece is devastating for Romney. I have never really been on the Romney train and the post really drove it home for me that Romney cannot be the nominee.


I think the only one who stands a chance against the vile harridan is Rudy.

It's a shame that there is no perceptible difference between the two then.

But of course, polls indicate that Rudy does as well, or as poorly, as any other Rpeublican against the Democrats.


Well, I think you may be wrong. I think he just is well southern. I think he's the best communicator with a deeper sense of how average people think than any candidate on both rosters. But we'll see.


OT,Here's an interview he did today on ABC on taxes.



Clarice, I agree with you on the Southern part in regard to Thompson. I commented on this some time ago on another thread.

Some think that his slower delivery of words indicates a slow intellect, a lack of energy bordering on lethargy. I probably would think so too, if I didn't known some extremely intelligent Southern folks who just talk slower than many of us.

I have also stated here that I would endorse Thompson, Romney or Giuliani. I find Huckabee to be amusing, but unsettling somehow - and I really don't think another Governor from Arkansas running for President indicates good karma.

McCain is problematic for me in too many ways to name. But, all of this said, I would vote for almost (I stress almost) anyone who opposes Hillary Clinton, who I believe will be the nominee. She has the biggest and most ruthless machine behind her - who needs a majority of the primary voters when you have that? I am only half joking.


I saw that this AM. He won't play the game. The reporters don't know what to do with him. They try to reduce to the interview to a soundbite or two, and can't.

How cool is that?


I think it's very cool, and I agree I'd never vote for a southern governor again--ever.

He has seemingly thought thru all the big stuff, doesn't care about the small stuff and isn't into stupid gotcha crap.
And he looks real unlike everyother top runner.

Rick Ballard

"I'd never vote for a southern governor again--ever."

Except for Bobby Jindal, of course.

I'm convinced that the swing vote in '08 will be women under 45. I'm not about to pay for polling splits, so I don't know how that segment breaks between Romney, Thompson, Giuliani and Clinton. Does anyone feel that Clinton has any edge with women under 45?


Rick - maybe she does have some appeal to women under 45. I have a 40 year old daughter who is for her. I qualify that, however, by saying my daughter is a political nincompoop (really, uninformed in every way). She is a long time school district employee, so tends to lean liberal because her work mates do. Hmmm - wonder why that is? grin.

I think there are a lot of women over 45 who would very much like to see a female President. Hillary is not that woman.


How many fundraising scandals is this for Clinton? She has people close to her organization getting indicted or copping pleas left and right and all you get from the MSM is-----crickets. Abramoff was in the featherweight category compared to this stuff.


My 30 year old daughter gets her 'news' from Jon Stewart. I found that out this weekend. However, on the good side, she is not a Hillary fan and will 'probably' support Obama, though she really can't tell me why.


Hey, Pofarmer! long time no see.

Okay - I finally got some free time from the granddaughtes and watched the ABC/Stephanopolis interview of Fred.

It reignited my interest in Fred. I thought he slapped Georgie back a time or time (or maybe more than that).

I really like the man - Fred (not George)! So, I am gonna be one of those people who are not traveling for the holiday (since family comes to me) and I am gonna donate to the man on the internet.


Well, I'm under 45, and I'd say 80% of the voting females I know are liberals under 45 and will be voting for Hillary in the general (though possibly not in the primary). A couple of them can't stand her, but they'll still vote for if she's the nominee, because they're loyal Dems. I would say that the majority of these women are politically unsophisticated, if not totally naive/uninformed.

I suppose those that vote in the primary might pull the lever for Obama or Edwards. But I don't think many of them are primary voters - they're just not that plugged in.

I'd love to have the opportunity to vote for Jindal someday.


You guys are scaring me about your daughters.

I make my twelve year old daughter listen to RUSH in the car when he is on and take her to every patriotic thing I can.
(Sean Hannity Freedom Concert, Historic Places, etc.) She is a girl scout and her silver award is about helping the military.

All that said, I know she will probably be a liberal. As sure as, the fact, that she will probably sell every antique it took her father and I to collect in a life time. :)

Do I have any hope?



Tarheels 3 UNCG 1

A beautiful day and I watched
the match in t-shirt and shorts.

Its now down to the Sweet Sixteen. Next weekend is a rematch of last years final with the Heels taking on the Irish of Notre Dame. Should be a great one.

Three more days of voting. Marathon is almost over.


Hey Ann. I have two daughters, two sons. You never know where they will be politically years from now.

Religion and values seemed to stick with them (we're Catholic and they're Irish/Italian) so they are very family oriented. Politics, surprisingly is a much different thing. I find that spouses, friends, work mates, etc. play a part above and beyond family. But, I qualify that with their own, overall political awareness.

All four of my children are basically conservative Christians. However, the one daughter hasn't yet reconciled her "values" with what she sees as her "politics." I find that more a result of ignorance, peer pressure, and career group think more than anything else.

Rick Ballard


Are you in a Blue Plague state? The battleground will be OH, PA, MO, CO, maybe FL, maybe AZ. I anticipate that NY, CA etc. will follow The Beast so I suppose I should have been more specific.

If it doesn't cause too many problems, I think it would be interesting to hear the "why" about Miz Clinton from the women under 45 - perhaps asked at Thanksgiving. I know that it can be like nailing jello to the wall but I'm curious as to whether there is a specific issue not tied to the MSM "general malaise" idiocy which might be floating around.


I don't know, Ann - I worry about my daughters, too. Chances are they'll be liberals, given the lefty Austin public schools and the social circles they'll be traveling in.

Then again, I'm not much of an example. I had a little Young Republican blip in high school (went to see Reagan speak during the 1984 campaign, a major thrill), but after they got through with me in college it took me until 2000 (age 30 or so) to come to my senses. My dad was very patient with me - I'm so happy to have his political guidance now, since we're the only two conservatives in the immediate family (my mom is center-left and my brothers are far lefties).

Hell, I'd love to keep all my parents' antiques if at all possible. :)


Rick, no, I'm in Austin TX, so the voters here won't have any impact in either the primary or the general. And most of my other female friends and family are in Midwestern blue states. However, I am traveling to CT on Friday of Thanksgiving weekend for my 20th high school reunion (geez I'm really dating myself here). I suspect politics will come up with my gal friends there - but again, these folks will be all blue staters.

However, I'll quiz all the ladies in both places just to get a feel for the Hillary sentiment, such as it is.


Thanks Centralcal,

Its very interesting, my husband comes from a large conservative Catholic family. His four brothers are republicans and his two sisters are liberal.

His youngest sister went to Williams and Mary and is now getting her PhD at Berkeley. She is constantly trying to tell my daughter and her cousins how evil President Bush is and that her Republican parents are crazy.

Makes for lovely holidays!



My two sister-in-laws are under 45. They are voting for Hillary because (they think) she is a woman. When pressed, all I get from them is "Why am I not voting for her?" There is no logic or debate because I am crazy.

The sister-in-law at Berkeley is getting her PhD in Anthropoly. Go figure! The other sister-in-law just does what she is told by miss smarty-pants.


Thanks, Porchlight!

You give me hope. My husband is very patient, too.


My nieces and nephews, 4 of them age 25 to 31 will vote for the republican nominee. Well the youngest probably won't vote and won't have a clue unless someone tells her what to do.

My 81 year old mother is surely in the tank for Hillary. I'll ask her on Thursday.

And now for my politically incorrect jab of the night: The men of my generation who seem to like Hillary also seem like spineless wusses for the most part, or completely uninformed but want to show they are feminists. I'm a feminist and I wouldn't vote for Hillary if she paid me - well, she would have to pay me enough to never have to work another day, so it's really no contest. And then I'd be more inclined to lie, take the money and pull the right lever.

Oh that Hill - she surely brings out the best in us!


I think young women tend to be more lefty in their voting because (a) they pay less attention to politics, economics and foreign affairs, and (b) are too often encouratged indeed rewarded for emotive behaviors and (c) almost all media directed to women (mags, features, etc) are of the suck your brains out genre.


"The men of my generation who seem to like Hillary also seem like spineless wusses for the most part, "

Love that!

My husband works with a very liberal design firm and everyone is voting Hillary. He, too, gets the annoying question of why wouldn't he vote for a woman, His answer: "Is Hillary a woman?"


"I know that it can be like nailing jello to the wall..."

Rick asks "why" about Hillary? Well, I asked already, and don't have to wait for Thanksgiving.

Truthfully, Rick, she couldn't give me a really coherent answer. Instead, she asked me, "so, what's wrong with Hillary?" very adamantly. I realized that she truly knows very little about any of the candidates positions. So, when I responded with my conservative litany (which made her eyes gloss over) I saw little response.

One good thing, however, was when I said that Hillary is basically a "Socialist," only then did I get any emotional (negative) reaction.

All in all, I really think that the less informed women (or men) are, the more they go with "the flow" of their own personal, professional or familial environment. They are, somewhat, malleable.

Lord, this all sounds so - I don't know. But, the sad fact of the matter is, many of our voting age adults are not very well plugged in to the political process or the ramifications of their choices on their own life and livelihoods.


You nailed it Clarice. My gal friends laugh at me because I won't have glossy magazines in the house - I cannot stand them. They encourage the shallowest and most illogical thinking imaginable.

The worst ones are the ones directed toward moms - scaremongering about the latest "danger" to kids is their bread and butter. Honestly it makes me ashamed of my sex, that women - even educated women - will fall for this crap so readily.

Album 9

Cheap smokes, discount lighters and Leonard Cohen 'Everybody Knows' it's important to listen. 'Transient habits take on the darkness.' 'It's an addiction out of control,' damage. Clinton had this bliss for you and your family.

People are already blaming the Japanese for Bill and Hillary's next terror. Yes, it was NY. All those PMs had heart attacks, maybe it's the 'bicycles. I think Americans see whaling as an indicator. Maybe another PM went home without a job; they said no to the refueling before he left.

Group think was a Master's Program study regarding CIA.

Stephenopolis had a lady friend and so did Bill: We're still friends(she didn't want to die).

The rumor is Kennedy was shot for the same reason Bill was impeached. He was 'using' the future; Catholics, everyone forgot and we got all better. Look at the 60s and 70s. Then it was Republicans for twenty years. Why would it take another 20? Because we're not going to recover this time. I guess it's really evolution, but everyone seems to get sick. Who's rich?

Rommey made education for vets free.



We would love to hear a man's point of view.
Do you know any spineless wusses? ........

Snorty, snort, snort :D


I think it would be interesting to hear the "why" about Miz Clinton from the women under 45.

My wife (a cradle Democrat raised in the Bay Area by parents who fled Utah to join the beatnik movement) is adamant that she would only vote for Hillary! if she were running against Mitt!.

Like me, she respects the fact that (for whatever reason) she didn't divorce when it was the easier choice.

But she refuses to consider her because:

  • She's concerned about the people with whom Hillary! surrounds herself.

  • Hillary!'s opportunistic bid for the New York Senate. She's from Illinois/Arkansas, so her desire to run was unlikely to be motivated by a sincere yet heretofore unsatisfied interest in the welfare of citizens of New York State.

  • Fundraising scandals and related implications of corruption.

  • She lacks charisma.

  • Overwhelming sense of entitlement--sure, she's smart, but lots of us are smart. She exudes a subtle aura of condescension.

  • She doesn't care enough about her pets.

I don't know how typical her opinions are, but she's an educated professional under 45 who regularly votes and resides in one of your target states.


"suck your brains out genre"

I agree Porchlight, Clarice nails it, again!

You should see the ones directed at young girls.


Jessica 31%
Ill Lassie 27%

Hope everyone voted, today.


The fact that the scandals don't sink her candidacy is scary. Aren't people even curious about it? The elephant in the living room. Good thing she didn't say "macaca"

Rick Ballard

"Do you know any spineless wusses?"

Not for long.

I think I'll put that on my Thanksgiving list. 'Course it might be a shortcoming. I've never been able to get within shouting distance of the "suffer fools gladly" admonition although I possess a sufficency of the patience mentioned above. At least enough patience to engage in Socratic dialogue long enough to assess capability and probaility of a positive outcome.

Thanks, Walter. Those are all pretty much 'Q' issues which cannot be remdeied by Miz Clinton. The antipathy towards Mitt is intresting. I have him as 3rd out of 4 (with only McCain lower) re 'Q' but that's a male view.


Maybe someone smart eill start a different kind of magazine directed to young women.



I wonder about the antipathy toward Mitt, also.
Especially, if your choices are Hillary or Mitt. Is it just his religion?


I can see it now. CLARICE, a new hip magazine for young girls. I would order a hundred and pass them out.


Some optimism, which we all need:


Click on the video, its a must see, listen, learn moment.

Some smart republican candidate should hire this school for a commercial.



Really, what about articles on why spending all your (or your parents') money on clothes and makeup is stupid.
What courses you should take to be really prepared for college.
Why majoring in womens studies (or anything that ends in "studies") is easy but stupid if you haven't a trust fund to live off of.
How to evaluate health scares.

How to make your own pizza for pennies.

Why you only need two pairs of heels and one bag for your first real job (the wonders of taupe and black)

But I can't imagine who'd advertise in a magazine which didn't encourage dumb behaviors and spending habits.


from Drudge -


Hahahahaha!! it pays to act like an idiot.



Maybe we have a business oppurtunity for JOM women and men.

Our new mag would include:

How to marry a man, not a spineless wuss.

Don't sell your mom and dad's antiques... they maybe worth something.

How to pick a President.

You are on your own...The FBI and CIA are stupid.

Feminism is not what they told you.

The MSM will not tell you the truth.

Our Military is GREAT!

Global Warming is a hoax.!!!!

George Clooney is cute but not an Intellectual.

This is fun, I could go on and on!



I saw that and immediately thought we should write a letter to Fox and tell them we thought the Katrina coverage alone, should have canned the guy.

Hire Mark Steyn!! Hire Hit and Run!!. Hire Clarice!! They have so many choices.


Geez, Mr. money above there is certainly a bore.

Wake up everyone, it's almost Thanksgiving!

Rick Ballard

Only three more chances to Vote Jmax.


Ann an' Rick,

As you can tell from her Hillary! views, she eliminates people based on personality factors before considering the candidates' positions on issues. You could summarize her view of Mitt! as "He's just too slickly packaged. As was said about Oakland, there's no there, there."

Myself, I can't but help thinking I'd put him on top if he'd just run as a technocrat on his record in Massachusetts.

It concerns me more than a little that he is willing to completely change his opinion of, say, abortion because of a single emotional experience, then change it back years later after another enlightenment. As President, who knows what type of positions he'd support once he gets fully briefed on the arguments. And then speaks to someone with a valid, yet probabilistically rare, deep emotional experience.

I'm also less impressed with his time at Bain. I've yet to see definitive proof that a restructuring has actually succeeded over more than a five-year period. As a group, consultants are impressive--impressive at getting people to pay large sums to be told what they should (and may) already know.

But just as my problem with Rudy! is rooted in his sometimes failure to accurately assess the character of those with whom he associates, I give credit to Mitt! for choosing competent appointees. And he's still on his first wife.


Oh to keep this on thread, JMax is a VERY conservative young lady. She most definitely will vote for someone other than Hill. Since she is coming back to Texas after graduation, it will not be in a state thats in play.

Rick Ballard

So far the informal survey has Centralcal's daughters offsetting each other - net 0, Sue's daughter - Clinton +1, Porchlight, 'not Clinton' +1, Ann,'not Clinton' +1, SILS, Clinton +2, Jane's nieces, 'not Clinton' +4, Walter's wife, 'not Clinton' +1, JMax 'not Clinton' +1.

Clinton - 4
"not Clinton" - 9

"the sad fact of the matter is, many of our voting age adults are not very well plugged in to the political process or the ramifications of their choices on their own life and livelihoods."

It has ever been thus. That's the reason that the Founders were cautious about universal suffrage in the beginning and were very careful about the selection process for the Senate. Even with restricted suffrage, the first hotly contested election (Adams/Jefferson 1800) was a mud spattered brawl with the objective of swaying the ignorant - just like 2008.

The Democrats bet on al Queada and a recession may pay off yet but it's no sure thing. If the Sunni sheiks stay bought then we'll see heavy withdrawals under "Mission Accomplished" banners beginning in March. If the economy makes it through June without dipping into negative territory then "recession" isn't going to be a legitimate term to use prior to the election. That won't stop the Dems, of course, but there's no 'Bubba bubble' to bust at the moment, either.


There's no one running who has a commitment to principles that would prevent them from shifting position. Romney's flexibility has to be weighed against the certainty that Clinton will be fighting from the sewer for the entire race. It's going to be a very ugly election and we'rre just fortunate the she's got a freight train of baggage behind her. That and she's 'C' level (at best) in hiding her glaring shortcomings as a human being.



Oh, I'm voting against Clinton 'less Ron Paul is the Republican candidate. And if he is, I'm changing parties anyway.

Since '96 (yes, I'm one of the few who really, really, liked Bob Dole), I've voted against the worser candidate. I'd like to be more enthused.

I think I'm with Sara on the religion thing. Regardless of whether or not the church is theologically sound, I've not met an adherent who is other than a genuinely good person.

After all, we've been able to see past our differences on consubstantiation, why should Mitt's beliefs on matters that similarly lack day-to-day effects affect our view of him?

Rick Ballard


I think that Hugh Hewitt's support clears a lot of the religious ground for Mitt. I wish that someone high up in the SBC would come out favorably, perhaps they have and I've missed it. Outright opposition by the SBC would be damaging but if it doesn't occur then I don't think that there is a real downside for him regarding religion.

I was referring to conservative principles above rather than adherence to credal principles. There ain't no Burkeans running. It appears that Romney did not abandon positions taken as a candidate after he was elected (the OT issue was dependant upon the legislature).

I would have no problem voting for Mitt.

Bill in AZ

Rick, put another "not Clinton" mark for my daughter - heh heh, she sent me a picture of her and Ann Coulter after Ann's recent talk at USC.


What? No Moroni? The list of people who swear they saw the tablets is conspicuously ingrown.

Read the Articles of Faith of the Latter Day Saints. What do you find objectionable?

Despite theological differences between fundamentalist belief and Mormon belief, I doubt the divide is politically critical.

Who among us has personally found Mormons objectionable? They do community as well as anyone.


Hee, and then there's the Code of the Fujians (or Fukians). Very interesting reading. Them that mainly contribute to Hillary.


Take away the Vitalis, and Romney doesn't look so slick.

hit and run

Its now down to the Sweet Sixteen. Next weekend is a rematch of last years final with the Heels taking on the Irish of Notre Dame. Should be a great one.

You coming back for the game? Shoot, I don't know that we can make a Sunday noon game. Oh, and just to be mannerly, if you and the family wanted a home cooked meal while you are, if not in my back yard, in the field just behind it, you are cordially invited.

hit and run

Oh wait! It's on Saturday...

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