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November 26, 2007



Quel photo!


I can't even support the killing of guilty puppies.


And another thing; have you ever seen an innocent cat?


All three of ours proclaim their innocence daily.


Purr fact.


This blog should find out more about Hubba Huma. NY Post, usually in the forefront of getting political rumors front and center, was late on this one, due to owner Rupert Murdock's support for Hillary.


I don't know why all the fuss about hubba habba Huma, she's got a nice look but there are gazillions of latin women that would put Huma out to pasture.

If you happen to like the smokin hot exotic look, head south. :)


But Judith Giuliani did have a job which ended up with the killing of dogs.

And everybody knows that Hill's a lezzie.

Maybe I don't understand what you're getting at here. Or, Just One Minute!, to coin a phrase.


Argh! I messed up the link to my Judy Giuliani profile. But I wanted to add I agree with LindaK. Someone needs to find out more about this Hillary story. Like husband like wife?

Robert Mayer

She may not have killed any puppies, but I'm sure she doesn't leave Rudy killing lots of kittens...


"there are gazillions of latin women that would put Huma out to pasture."

I will vote for the first woman running for president who makes out on national TV with Salma Hayek. I want that known now.


Wait a minute. They kill puppies when they make lesbians? How did I miss this?

Joe Schmo

I don't care if Hillary is getting it on with her or not. I would never vote for her no matter what.

From the looks of her I could see why Hillary would want her. Why she would want Hillary is the sickening thing. I'd rather, uh, nevermind.

Fat Man

Everything you wanted to know about Huma.

Fat Man

The previous link is NG, use this one/


I wouldn't pay much to see a Hilary/Huma film. I'd pay a lot to see a Huma/Jenna Haze film though.


Hey, long time no see. I'm not surprised to see that this site is as dead as I predicted it would be a year ago. You harbingers must be suffering from one helluva cognitive dissonance hanger over. Oh well that's what you get for drinking the KoolAid. LOL. And last.

Charlie (Colorado)

Thanks for dropping by, Sam. Don't let it be so quick next time.

Charlie (Colorado)

Oh, and look up "harbinger". It doesn't mean what you think it means.


sam was dreaming contentedly of quagmires in the Middle East, when he awoke drenched with sweat and infested with the thought "What if Tom is right about Iraq"? Coming over here is figuratively pinching himself. The Hell of it is, he's awake, and miserable.


All three of ours proclaim their innocence daily.


Hey Charlie - good to see you.

As for the rest of you.... I guess all it takes is a good lesbian story.



Poor sam. That writer's strike really stole his mojo.


Oh, and look up "harbinger". It doesn't mean what you think it means.

He's not gonna like what it really means, is he?


This is coming from the same newspaper whose reporter, Maureen Dowd, back in 1987
made much of a Kitty Kelley book; that alleged an affair between Frank Sinatra & Nancy Reagan. Which floated the October Surprise; which was an unspoken allegation
of treason, And any other number of insinuations against Republican candidates.


Harbinger : One that presages or foreshadows what is to come.

Doesn't surprise me one bit that the mental midgets that frequently this site would not understand sarcasm. Life must be hell for you folks. See in a few months losers.


Ah yes, the forces of evil stampeded in the Middle East. Six plus years of unprecedented worldwide prosperity. You're gonna miss him when he's gone, sad sam sack.

Hey, man, the globe is cooling, too.


Reminds me of the good old days of Huey Long's Louisiana (and it wasn't "Louisiana's Huey Long" then), when one candidate claimed that his opponent was
"a practicing heterosexual!". And won the lection.


When racing every way can be used to get the first rank.

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