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November 23, 2007



When government can no longer tax us to pay for the drugs to treat hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and atherosclerosis, it will tell us to 'Work for Food'.

hit and run

I was sent to the gym at the behest of the Vice President.

Policy Response

33 percent of U.S. adults are classified as obese

Minorities? Females? Education?


Everybody knows the good guys lost.........

The drugs are created for what lucifer does to humans. (Obesity is because they clone like lucifer).

Phony intelligence or twisted

hit and run

mrs hit and run said there were these crazy reports.

Well, actually, the direct quote was, "these reports are sofa king we todd it".

Well. That's the quote phonetically speaking.

Policy Response




Opiates. Opiate of the masses. Quit, it's worse than crack.


I noticed that the report refers to "leisure time" physical activity. Of course, college graduates "work out" more. They are more likely to have sedentary jobs. Someone who spends the day working construction is highly unlikely to go jogging afterwards.


I was sent to the gym at the behest of the Vice President.

Karl Rove told me it was your wife that sent you...

hit and run

Well, she says she was merely suggesting that I go the gym.

But I'm reading between the lines...Do these jeans make me look fat?

Cecil Turner

Hey, just noticed John Dickerson begging for a tell-all from Scott McClellan over at Slate (and accusing him of covering for his compatriots). Talk about self-parody.

hit and run's wife's memo

To: [redacted]
Re: hit and run's jeans make a splash!

The sight of hit and run in his jeans has the IC all spun up for obvious reasons. As you know, he's gone to the gym before, and is willing to go again, but frankly I am embarrassed about the last go-round.
Please advise me on how to proceed.




Hey Saggy, it's not the jeans that are supposed to be low-level.

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