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November 05, 2007


Patrick R. Sullivan

I'm just finishing reading 'The Siege of Mecca', about the takeover of the Grand Mosque in 1979 by extremist Wahabbis (and, no I'm not being redundant). Here's an interview with the author.

In addition to shedding some light on what Al Qaeda is really all about, the book allows you to relive those exciting days of yesteryear when, thanks to Jimmy Carter's fecklessness and stupidity, in a matter of a few months we also saw: 1. The hostage crisis in Iran, 2. The burning of our embassy in Islamabad, 3. The looting of our embassy in Tripoli, Libya, and 4...several other attacks on American installations throughout the Islamic world.

Not a happy read for the Bush Created a Terrorist Recruitment Dream for bin Laden crowd.

Other Tom

A couple of months ago when I invaded Crazy Larry's site I did so as a moonbat worrying over what the hell "our" strategy would be in the event of actual success in Iraq. All the regulars--who truly seem to be a semi-literate lot--rushed nervously to assure me that success was not possible, and that I was just falling for the administration propaganda. There and elsewhere (e.g. in the office of the Senate Majority Leader) good news is utterly unacceptable, and signs of it are a cause for panic.

And I am loving every second of it.


OT, our own agent provocateur



You didn't? LOL. I bet they ate you up over there. Poor soul worried about good news out of Iraq. I love it.


Y'all will love this:

The man who controls the House purse strings to fund the war in Iraq said the President’s “surge” was showing recent signs of success because U.S. soldiers have “run out of people to kill.”

“One of the reason we’ve had incidents of violence, sectarian violence go down is because they are running out of people to kill,” said the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Rep. David Obey (D.-Wisc.) at a National Press Club luncheon Monday afternoon.

Obey on Iraq: ‘We’ve Run Out of People to Kill’

Bill in AZ

"we've run out of people to kill"

heh heh - more like mookie finally spotted a tiny red laser dot aimed at something that would make his promised afterlife problematic...


Blackfive is right as far as he goes. Muqtada co-operated after being outplayed in the spiritual realm by Sistani. It is Canon Andrew White and Sistani who pushed most for the fatwah against violence promulgated by the spiritual leaders of Iraq in late August. It was Mahdi Army elements which violently and symbolically violated that fatwah and provoked Sadr into his six month truce. Since then, violence has nearly vanished, steadily.

In Sistani We Trust. And to Canon White we are grateful. Yeah, Petraeus was more than just the right man in the right place.

Jihad has moved east into the Northwest Territories. Could be al-Qaeda's last stand? Who are those guys, anyway?



From your link...

He accused President Bush of “manufacturing controversy” by vetoing spending bills that have been delivered to him above his original budget request. Obey said Bush was vetoing bills to boost himself in the polls by gaining support from his extreme right-wing base.

This is what I love about liberals. Their irony meter is turned off.

Rick Ballard

Congress strives desperately to earn even more contempt.

Boy, that Porkbusters BS sure had an impact...

Other Tom

Gee--and all this time I kind of thought "running out of people to kill" was the whole object of fighting.

Do these people have a clue of any kind?


Is that a trick question?


"“One of the reason we’ve had incidents of violence, sectarian violence go down is because they are running out of people to kill,” said the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Rep. David Obey (D.-Wisc.)"

Strangely enough,that seems to be the general pattern of wars,one side runs out of people who want to get killed,war over!


It's nice to see them admitting they've been using the difficulty of the war for partisan political advantage.


They have found their angle:

BREAKING NEWS: 2007 has become the deadliest year for U.S. troops in Iraq, according to an Associated Press count that shows at least 852 have died — the highest annual toll since the war began in March 2003. Some 850 troops died in 2004.

All fresh and new and ready to report this Tuesday morning.

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