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November 20, 2007



Heh heh heh.
TM- I think the Joe McGinnis book about the Kissels is out this week. I remember you posted about them a loooong time ago. Will you be reading?


Here is a Kissel memory prod:

AP) - HONG KONG-A U.S. woman jailed for life in Hong Kong for murdering her wealthy investment banker husband says the author of a book about her case has distorted the facts, a report said Friday.

Nancy Kissel, 41, has been tightlipped since her imprisonment in September 2005. During her sensational three-month trial, the court heard how she fed her husband a sedative-laced milkshake before bludgeoning him to death with a metal statue from their Hong Kong apartment.

And another:

41 year-old Mrs Kissel has been imprisoned since September 2005, after being found guilty of her husband's murder. The story goes that Mrs Kissel's alleged affair with a TV repairman was discovered by her husband, who then asked for a divorce. Mrs Kissel was subsequently convicted of killing her spouse by bludgeoning him to death with a metal object after lacing his milkshake with sedatives. Mrs Kissel has always claimed that she acted in self-defense, and is currently preparing for her appeal.

Mr Kissel's body was found four days after his murder, in a storeroom close to the couples' luxury apartment. Mrs Kissel had apparently wrapped the body in a sleeping bag and plastic film, rolled it up in a carpet and, three days after the murder, asked four Chines workman to move it. When later interviewed by police, the workman said that the carpet 'smelled of fish'.

The book is "Never Enough", and I can't say it is high on my to-read list.

EY: Because seven ate nine! Get it?

Did Earnest Youngster watch some Hannah Montana while babysitting, by any chance? I think Miley told this one to Billy Ray in the Jonas Brothers episode. I'm sorry to admit that I have seen that one enough times to remember the jokes...


Old joke, PL. I first heard it on "Little Monster At School"...


Porchlight, my granddaughter told me the same joke two weeks ago. She is a Hannah Montana fan, and has a crush on one of the Jonas Brothers.

I think you have the right theory.


It is an old joke, it's just that I'd seen that episode over the weekend and again just last night. So it was on the brain (or lack thereof). ;)


I think Miley told this one to Billy Ray in the Jonas Brothers episode.
The writers are on strike because 6 figures isn't enough for them to type out jokes they remember from junior high school? 'Seven eight nine' - which came first, the chicken or that punch line?

Hei Lun Chan

The egg came first. The logic as I remember it is that a chicken comes from a chicken egg, but a chicken egg doesn't have to come from a chicken.

hit and run

EY: You are so not going to blog this.

If I had a nickel for every time mrs hit and run said that...and the VIMH, too...I could, uh, well, I would, um, see it would mean that I should....ah, crap I got nothing.

[VIMH: Nothing? You drag me into this and you got nothing?]
Well, money doesn't grow on pleas, now does it.

[VIMH: You were right, you got nothing]
Including you.

Rick Ballard

Don't forget to Vote Jmax before leaving this evening.


During Jr. High the teache asked the class 'Which came first the chicken or the egg?' and then called on me.

I answered 'The rooster - but he left right afterwards'

and got sent to the Principal, the school psychologist, and the guidance counselor for my insight.

~ twitch ~

good times...good times


Rick Ballard

Today is really your last chance to Vote Jmax. She has a decent lead - help make it a landslide.


A. Why did the chicken cross the road?

B. I dunno.

A. To get the Chinese newspaper. Do you get it?

B. Well, um.....no.

A. Neither do I. Neither did the chicken. That's why he crossed the road.


A good one for anyone under five is to tell them you only have nine fingers, then count them in front of the victim, putting one syllable on each finger. Since seven takes up two fingers, the child is dumbfounded when you get to the end of your fingers at #9. Try it, you'll like it. I'm convinced there is an absolute age, around 4-5, where the ability to see through this is expressed.


This one works better in audio:

There were 3 French cats that lived on the edge of a lake.

The lake froze and the cats decided to walk across it, but unfortunately the ice broke and un deux trois quatre cing (phonetically - sank).

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